What Do Right-Wing Radicals, Alex Jones and Islamic Terrorists Have In Common? More Than You Think

patrioticamericansIt’s been said that terrorism is just a matter of which side you’re on and the difference between treason and patriotism is just a matter of dates.

These are both lines that attempt to add perspective, and debate, to certain events.  After all, wouldn’t England have called our Founding Fathers radical terrorists?  Yet we call them patriots and heroes.  I’m pretty sure their historic books reflect back on 1776 a little differently than ours do.

But looking at right-wing religious radicals, conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and Islamic terrorists—are they really all that different?

Before the Boston Marathon bombings, all I really knew of Alex Jones was he was a far right radical who always came up with asinine conspiracy theories.

But once I started seeing stories about some idiot who had all this “evidence” (which just turned out to be random photos from the marathon with anyone wearing a backpack circled) I really looked at who this guy was.

And the facts are, this guy hates our government.  He feels our government:

  • Organized the attacks on 9/11—killing thousands of innocent people
  • Was attacking religious freedom, which is why they went after the Branch Davidian church in 1993
  • Is using antidepressants to encourage people to commit suicide
  • Is working with the EPA poisoning our water supply
  • Wants to sterilize its citizens
  • Is working with other countries, and many powerful people, in some “New World Order” organization to control— everyone
  • Ordered the shootings in Colorado, Arizona and Connecticut to take away our guns as to continue their push for a totalitarian state
  • Used the two marathon bombing suspects as “patsies” to cover up their involvement
  • Uses the media to control American citizens

I’m going to stop there, though his list of ridiculous theories is seemingly endless.

But looking at what he believes, it’s obvious he loathes the United States government.  You know how disgusted you have to feel about someone, or something, to believe that they would order the killing of over 20 elementary school children just to pass stricter gun laws?

The disdain you would have to have for someone, or something, to believe they were capable of something such as that is immeasurable.

But he calls himself a “patriot.”  He believes his hateful fear mongering makes him a “devout Constitutional American” citizen.

Well, let’s look at what many Islamic terrorists think of our government.  They:

  • Have a strong distrust for our government
  • Believe that we order the killing of innocent civilians
  • Feel we’re working with other nations to control —everyone
  • Think we orchestrate terrorist attacks against ourselves to justify our attacks on them
  • Believe that our media is controlled by the government to manipulate American citizens

Again, there are more, but I’ll stop there.

So on one hand you have a person who claims to be a “Constitutional patriot” and on the other you have Islamic terrorists who have orchestrated the murder of thousands of Americans—both sharing very similar beliefs about our government.

But let’s not forget the right-wing radical religious “patriotic Americans” either.  What do they believe our government should support?

Well, many of them believe:

  • Our government should be based on theocracy
  • Abortion is murder
  • Women aren’t provided the same rights as men
  • Contraceptives are immoral
  • Sex outside of marriage is a sin
  • Homosexuality is wrong
  • Same-sex marriage goes against God

And let’s take a look at what many Islamic radicals believe:

  • Government should be ruled by theocracy
  • Abortion is murder
  • Women don’t have the same rights as men
  • Contraceptives are immoral
  • Sex outside of marriage is a sin
  • Homosexuality is wrong
  • Same-sex marriage goes against God

And let’s not forget how many of these right-wing religious radicals also share the same strong feelings of distrust and disdain for our federal government, similar to those of Alex Jones and Islamic terrorists.

It’s just ironic to me when there’s so many people in this country who claim they love it—yet seem to loathe so much about itThey claim they support our Constitution, yet oppose the government which it created (and grants powers to).  They say they love America, yet seem to hate Americans.  Individuals who talk about the greatness of this country, then support conspiracy theories which believe our government has perpetrated horrific acts against its own citizens.

Two groups who claim to be nothing alike, the “Patriotic Americans” vs. “Terrorists”—but are they really that different?

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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