When Fascism Comes to America, It Will Be Cloaked In Patriotism

paulryan1There is a quote (often misattributed to Sinclair Lewis) that states, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” While the actual quote seems to be a condensed meme of a collection of prognostications from the 1930’s as Hitler came to power, it is very true of where  we find ourselves headed in the 21st century here in the United States.

The word “fascist” is thrown around a lot these days and it’s usually by people who have no clue what it really means. They bleat about “Big Brother” and an authoritarian government, even as they ironically vote for the politicians who support the very same things. Even though we won the war against fascism in Germany, it seems as if we brought that back with us like a parasite that would lay dormant for a few decades.

In a nutshell, fascism is basically an authoritarian government for corporations, by corporations. Extreme nationalism, the loss of individual liberties, and collectivism that benefits corporations rather than people. Basically, corporate protection and welfare. This is where the dollar is placed above the individual, where human beings are just cogs in the wheel. Have you ever heard your boss say “you’re an asset to the company”? That’s it, you are an asset just like the office printer — and just like that printer, you’ll be thrown away once your usefulness has run its course.

Working class people have been voting against their own self-interests for a long time now, especially here in the South since the beginning of Nixon’s “Southern Strategy.” They’ve been convinced that minorities and liberals will take their rights and jobs away, so they turn around and vote for the people who actually do take their rights and jobs away.

Fascism draws strength through the public’s need for patriotism and religion, hence the flag and cross reference in the misattributed Sinclair Lewis quote. Wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross, many of us have been duped by “patriotic” legislation like “Right To Work,” “Citizens United” and “The Patriot Act” which has received a lot of attention lately with the NSA leak.

We see it everywhere when politicians try to peddle their snake oil — they just wrap it in the flag and give it a pretty name designed to lull the public into buying it. Just look at Bush’s “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Or look through some of the details of Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” budget, which would have cut billions from social safety net programs in favor of tax cuts for millionaires, while adding a trillion dollars to the deficit by 2023. But it’s the “Path to Prosperity,” so it must be good for us, right?

It’s the “Patriot Act,” and I’m a patriot — it must be good for me!

It’s the “Right To Work,” and I want to work — it must be good for me!

It’s “Citizens United” and I want unity among my fellow patriots — it must be good for me!

Patriotism! Freedom! Prosperity for all!

Fascism depends on a “my country, right or wrong” mentality. It thrives on a twisted version of the words of a Jewish rebel 2 millenniums ago. Finally, fascism relies on the very people it suppresses to continue to support it and to be the storm troopers in the fight for the “Evil Empire” of corporate interests. As long as a good portion of the country continues to let the wool be pulled over their eyes, this strategy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.” – 1984


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  • sandra1947

    This is so true! I might not have known the word I wanted to use to describe what I saw coming, but this is it! I’m just worried that I don’t know how to change the direction. It seems to big to tackle alone and I’m too old to have much energy to gather likeminded people together to conquer the problem of fascism in our country.

    • Pat n

      I’ll stand with you.

    • smendler

      There are ways to do it, and some of them are surprisingly simple and mundane.

  • Ekaterina Kaverina

    It’s true. What else is new? Nazi values and hypocrisy. That’s them.

    • mujerado

      “Nazi” refers specifically and only to the German totalitarian state under “National Socialism.” Whatever the fascism is that’s creeping up on us, it’s NOT Nazism. There are wannabe Nazis in our country, but they’re a fringe group with no power behind them, striking out at Jews and others they see as unworthy of being Americans.

      • Eddie Cheek

        There are no people wanting to take rights as humans from women or homosexuals?

      • Daniel Kalban

        The GOP just replaced Jews with:

        -Muslims and all other non Christians
        -Working and Middle Class

      • brizkymom

        No, that is a liberal fascist talking point. The GOP (conservatives) wan everyone to have equal opportunity, not special rights based on your gender, color, sexual preference…..

      • Lisasc

        Then the GOP believes in equal rights for everyone? So they support equal marriage rights (the opportunity for 2 people who love each other not to get married), equal pay (the opportunity for men to be paid the same rate as women), and, for the government to dictate to men what they can or cannot do with the male reproductive organs.

      • Daniel Kalban

        Please, the GOP is protecting equal opportunity and rights? BS! They restrict the rights of women, minorities, gays, the working class, the middle class, the poor etc. They give everything to the corporations and ultra rich and nothing to the people. They voted AGAINST the equal pay act! They voted FOR employment discrimination against gays!

      • JerseyJoe

        Daniel, you want a law and then have bureaucrats decide what the market is willing to pay rather than the market itself. The market and business owners can better determine the specific hiring and pay rate that is appropriate. A law that tries to do this cannot take into account all the variables. The equal pay act was not always comparing apples to apples. Equal pay for equal work should be the case, but an employer knows whether there is “equal work”. If a company does not adhere to that rule it would quickly get around and that is bad for business. It is wrong to make a law regarding an economic decision and placing that on a presumably free citizen when he can best determine the nuances in the positions he has open for hire.

      • JackiePR

        What a crock. You really think the GOP wants fairness?? Obviously you haven’t been reading any unbiased articles, followed everything the Right has stripped away, and voted against, or simply refuses to support. Where are you coming from? Liberals want freedoms for everyone equally. You are one of the ones alluded to here with the wool over your eyes! Open them!!!

  • Grammar Fascist

    It’s millennia, not millenniums

    • Bgt Garrett

      Actually my old Websters (1949) says either is correct although a more current version of the same dictionary says millennia is preferred.

      • Dictionaries are about usage, not grammar–how people actually say something, rather than what they ought to be saying. Millenium is a Latin word and ought to be pluralized Latin style.

        I have the same issue with medium and media. “Mediums” is only correct if you’re talking about multiple Tarot card readers.

      • Don Nicholas

        If you guys are done arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, we can get back to the subject. Even the truth can be misspelled or misused, as can a lie.

      • JackiePR

        As I said before… No one is interested in your grammar corrections!!!

    • JackiePR

      No one is interested in your grammar corrections!!!

  • JTC111

    Unfortunately, with the two-party system, we’re too often given the choice between facism and facism-lite. It seems the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrens of the world are very rare indeed.

    • rish

      Fascism-lite: funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Thanks.

      • Trueblue

        Yeah it’s fascism-lite. with the NSA spying on pretty much the entire planet, the president assassinating Americans without trial, and an indefinite detention provision that Obama DID indeed sign off on, and then appeal when it was struck down.

        Get a clue, can’t you see your country is run by a bunch of Chicago gangland thugs who are scared to death of losing their all-mighty hegemony & power structure?

        These mistakes are bi-partisan, meaning they were done by BOTH sides.

        We need a third party, and anyone involved in policy making in the last 20 years needs to be fired, and/or executed for treason & crimes against humanity.

      • Mr. Smith

        Its not Chicago gangland thugs. Its the people that orchestrated the raise of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany that came to america and infiltrated the highest points of government and the private sector. If you examine history you will see it repeating itself.

      • Trueblue

        Ok then. I agree completely, I just didn’t want to go full tilt into it. Either story has truth to it.

      • Nila sizan

        You are typical American uneducated and dumb as a motherfucker……And another example of American coward.

      • Trueblue

        Look at all those big dirty words you used. We so proud of you.

      • kartashok

        What exactly did he say that was uneducated or dumb, you camel-shagging terrorist? How about you make a statement and back it up with evidence next time?

      • Carolyn Webb

        Yes history is repeating itself. Fascism came to America in 2001 wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross

      • Edward Bolduc

        One the president did not assassinate any Americans it you decide to defect to the other side and become a terrorist then you are no longer a American. NSA and the spying thing happen under Bush. And the fact is we need it to a point I am not doing anything to worry about it. I agree with NSA to a point.

      • Trueblue

        Just cause Bush was a terrible man doesn’t mean Obama is any less bad. I’m sorry to say it, but you’re truly extremely politically ignorant if you really believe what you just said.

        The president didn’t kill Anwar, and Abdulrahman Al-
        Awlaki, you’re right, some drone pilot in Nevada did. However, Obama, himself, did indeed authorize it.

        Also, Obama signed off on the Patriot Act Reauthorization bill, fact, as well as singlehandedly being responsible for the signing of NDAA 2012, with the infamous ‘indefinite detention of Americans, and everybody else’ provision..

        Also, if you don’t worry about the NSA spying on everyone, it begs the question of whether or not you would have supported Nazi Germany,and/or Communist Russia, and/or the East German Stasi.

        If you want people spying on you, that’s fine, but the rest of your nation doesn’t really appreciate it, and if you do, perhaps DPRK would be a better place for you to live.

      • margieR

        And there are at least two American citizens incarcerated at Guantanamo I believe. One has been there for a number of years and Banning has been there for quite while, I’m not sure of the exact amount of time. In my opinion, Banning tried to be a patriot, by making public the deeds of our military overseas. Instead of the US cleaning up their act and becoming positive global citizens, Banning was locked up, indefinitely. Was Banning a Patriot? from all the reading I could find, yes he was and he was demonized so that theObama Admin could continue their war crimes without accountability to the American People.

        There is a real possibility that I could be arrested and sent to Guantanamo for just saying what I just said. I suggest everyone with an opinion on this site, sit down and actually read the US Constitution, cover to cover. It isn’t like War and Peace or Gone with the WInd. It can be read in probably less than an hour and it might be the best hour you have spent on your education about how the US is required to do things, compared to how they are being done.

      • ziggywiggy

        do you mean Bradley Manning?

      • rick taylor

        Bradley Manning, who was convicted in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses, This is what’s wrong with America. This cat want’s us to think that Bradley Manning is in Guantanamo, being held indefinitely. This is a lie. He was convicted and sentenced in August 2013 to 35 years confinement with the possibility of parole in eight years, Do I agree with it? Don’t know. Is Manning a patriot? Hell no. That is a word that right wing inbred baggers put on anyone that hates America and trys to hurt it and our government. To the baggers, the more anti-American you are the more of a patriot you are. Try facts and stop hating America or get out of it.

      • Trueblue

        But if he was blowing the whistle on Bush, you’d have clapped and hee-hawed like the very symbol of your fine socialist party.

      • Nila sizan

        another dumb American having lived in China it’s a damn sight more free than America….not to mention your country is shit scared of the Chinese because the last time you fought them, like so many other wars you ran away..and that warmongering coward McCarthur even asked the president to drop nuclear weapons on Beijing, formerly Peking since your American i doubt you actually would know that…go use your 4th amendement to kill american politicians instead of ducks and innocent children…coward

      • kartashok

        The SECOND *amendment* is the right to bear arms, not the FOURTH, you uneducated moronic [email protected]!

      • rick taylor

        obama is the best president we have had in my 50+ years. As for politically ignorant and keep posting Republican lies and crap that amount to nothing and your Pat Act gave the NSA the power, not that they haven’t been doing it for years any way. What do you have to hide. How many Americans has the NDAA got? I can tell you 0. Republicans useing horse s–t to try to frighten Americans into supporting the Fascism and greed of the Republican party.

      • martin woyzeck

        I agree with you Rick. President Obama is a great president. I wouldn’t limit your anger just to the repubs, or even teabaggers, the most dangerous right now are libertarians. They’re the far right, the ultimate fascist power. They’re throwing the b.s. of get rid of the two party system, as they think people will vote libertarian. Libertarians, repubs,teabaggers are all one and the same. But nowadays it’s important to identify the rightwing parties, as they are getting strength. Just saying repub, loontarians will say ‘yes, we agree’, vote libertarian. They’ve thrown out more lies and fabrications than the repubs.

      • Phleb

        “But nowadays it’s important to identify the rightwing parties, as they are getting strength.”

        Getting strength..? Lmao, more like the public is finally waking up to the fact that both parties are corrupt and do not represent the people.

      • demslikeanal

        My god I just came back from the bathroom after reading best in 50+ lolololol yack! Obama is just as bad as bush jr and even worse turning this country into a big ole pussy. He’s lied more than anyone, had more scandals that have been overlooked by his lap dog media, And strives to be America’s first dictator. Also we have a true marine in Mexico that the bastard won’t get released but released 5 not just 1 but 5 top fucking terrorists for a yellow streaked scumbag traitor (as you called someone earlier). You are delusional dude and keep voting for the current admin and lib dems. They are a wing on the same bird as the current reps that’s going down and the only way to help us out is to back the libertarians and get ron paul in with some fuckin common sense. Go ahead dude and be a slave to the gubment and take your handouts like the good sheeple you are baaaaahhhhh!!!!

      • rick taylor

        ROTFLMAO AT CORP SHEEP. Been kissing corp butt so long you are starting to like it.

      • Phleb

        “obama is the best president we have had in my 50+ years.”

        (Snickering at the blind ignorance)

      • margieR

        I agree that the drone strikes are apparently not targeting US citizens, but they are still bypassing our Constitutional right to due process, which also covers those who are not citizens. It may be “legal” to use drones to kill overseas, but it is definitely NOT moral.

        Obama (and I voted for him twice as the lesser of evils) has become the monster I was afraid he would become.

        Would Romney have been better? The Romney that was governor of Mass. would have been a better choice, but that man got highjacked by the far right.

      • Nila sizan

        definitely not moral?..hilarious your country has never had a streak of morality, after all was it not Washington who liked nothing more to go home and rape little black slaves girls after he dined with your fine founding fathers….you idiot

      • cole leblanc

        wrong he has killed American citizens in the middle east, the may be terrorist but as Americans they deseve a trial

      • Moe Syzlak

        Those in GITMO deserve to be released. These aren’t war criminals or terrorists. These Muslims are soldiers just like ours and imagine how pissed we would be if our soldiers just disappeared. Remember how long we’ve been remembering prisoners of war from Vietnam? Quite hypocritical.

      • Memebusters

        It’s a two headed one party system ran by the rich.

      • Kevin Rotter

        What you should say is. If your seen as an enemy of the state your no longer an American. We had an innocent until proven guilty provision in place before the (ANTI) Patriot Act. This WAS to protect us from our own government. Remember we used to have a right to a speedy trial ? now your saying that the accused is no longer an American ? This is known in part as Fascism. Now the government simply tells the media that the person or persons killed by a drone strike were “terrorists”. How do you know it’s the truth ? The men that forged the Country that you and I live in we’re considered traiters and terrorists by England which was the country that ruled them. If things had not gone their way then they would have been hanged. So the accused are therefore guilty and deserve death ? That’s extremely dangerous for everyone.

      • Guest

        Anwar Al-Alawki, Abdhulraman Al-Awlaki.

        They were 2 Americans extrajudicially assassinated via drone without due process of law under Obama’s immediate orders.

      • rick taylor

        that should have been 40 thousand

      • Phleb

        What’s this…? Oh.. it’s the person (obama) responsible for murdering innocent hostages.


      • Nila sizan

        then why not plant bombs outside the NSA, CIA, or even your own congress….What you want the French to fight for your freedom again?

      • Trueblue

        Yeah… Cause everyone knows France saved America from the Nazis…. Really? Go away.

      • rick taylor

        name 1 American being assassinated. You are posting Republican lies. Fascism IS A RIGHT WING IDEA, supported by the Republican party. Your racist “thugs” shows what you have against our president and it has nothing to do with Fascism. The only power structure being lost is the all mighty old, greedy, white, male that has made this country suck for a lot of people for a long time, and we have beat back twice now. Obama is the people’s president and the best chance that Americans have of doing away with these old white men that have killed this country for way too long. And I am an old white male from the south.

      • Trueblue

        1 American guaranteed to have been assassinated by the Obama administration: Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki. (not an old, white man. Rather, he was a teenage arab.)

        Now that that’s done, listen up you racist sonofab… The power structure being lost is that of freedom and the last true republic on the planet. You’re not advocating freedom for the less privileged, you’re advocating slavery for all.

        I pray that you depart from your racist, uneducated and judgmental ways.

      • rick taylor

        Calm down Cletus, I am as white as you are, so domb ass I can’t be racist against my own race. As for the terrorist that was killed kind of think he needed it at do the baggers and everyother white supremacist group that hate this country and out governmentCletus if you don’t like our country get the f out. Got that JR?

      • Trueblue

        I did ‘get the f out’, a few years ago I might add, because of this very same ignorant attitude I see myself replying to as I type this. One and a half decades of dumb, old, budweiser swilling reprobates telling me “if you don’t like it, git out” was too much for me.

        Wanna know something cute? The intelligent people in your successive generations don’t like it either, and we are leaving (in vast quantities). Guess what we’re taking with us? Our labor and innovation.

        Guess what we’re leaving you with? A bunch of lazy, money hungry welfare recipients with nobody to pay their tabs.

        I’m certainly not coming back until/unless America returns to the sanity of the 90’s or something better.

        It’s funny, now that bush is gone, the nazi rednecks hopped over to Obama and ditched the white supremacist flags so they can continue to march with their one synonymous banner of hatred, and all the sane people are speaking out against this corruption. You have fun with your little social fascist ‘paradise’, I’ll stay out here… you know… in the real world.


        Look at it this way, your old Obama loving posterior doesn’t have much more time left, because the death panels included in Obamacare are going to label you obsolete and cut you off of the government cheese when you need it most.

        I know I certainly won’t be footing your bill.

        If I was a hateful person, I’d see some light out of this. I’m a young person with a new family, and you’re already on the way out. You certainly won’t outlive me. Being completely honest though, I pray for you and your soul.

      • rick taylor

        Son not only do you rant but you have no idea what you are talking about. death panels is the Republican way of letting people die in the street because of no healthcare, over 40 million a year. “The
        measure of the greatness of a society is found in the way it treats those most
        in need, those who have nothing apart from their poverty.” Pope Francis

      • Trueblue

        Do yourself a favor and read through the Affordable Care Act. Even the mainstream media is admitting the ACA advisory board has death panels. Only person who’s not ‘in the know’ is someone who refuses to believe the truth.

        Read a bit, it’s plain as day.

      • rick taylor

        Son you are an idiot the heralthcare companies have death panels and I trust the government far more than I do the greed you support.The MRI’s they deny the meds they won’t pay for kicking people off when they get sick. None of that can happen now. You talk about if a procedure cost too much, well now there are at least 10 million more procedures that companies wont pay for than there will be then try again Cletus. There is NOTHING better now than when the ACA kicks in You lie about these death panels with the ACA but leave out the millions more with the healthcare compsnies—–why do you leave that out? Why don’t you tell you can get more done with the ACA than you can now. Why don’t you tell how 99% pay less, why are you lying to make nbo healthcare sound petter? WEhy didn’t you tell about thrr millions and millions of working poor that can go to a doc now that couldn’t without the ACA? yOU IMPLY THAT DYING IN THE STREETS IS BETTER THAN GETTING THE MEDS YOU NEED—–WHY? WTF is wrong with you? Have you no moralsis Republican lies and greed more important to you? IF JUST 1 PERSON THAT COULD NOT SEE A DOC GETS TO SAEE ONE NOW IT’S A WIN. If just 1 kid with a PEC gets meds for that it’s a win. There is no lose with the ACA none. Say what you want but everything bthe ACA DOES IS A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAT WHAT THE REPUBLICANS OFFERED. Grab at any horse —– you want you have no common sense and you make no sense. So untell you have something better to offer crawl back under that rock.

      • Trueblue

        I’m still not paying for your Obamacare bill, old man. I won’t participate. I won’t sign up, nor will I pay the penalties for not doing so.

        The 14th amendment protects society against indentured servitude, and being forced to work to help freeloaders continue to freeload falls into that category.

        America is a land of freedom, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to support this crap.

        2 words: OPT OUT.

        PS: keep calling me Cletus, I have never even set one foot in the south.

        PPS: commas, learn to use them. Also, maybe proofread your posts before implying that I’m a stupid redneck.

        Age is no excuse for poor grammar & punctuation. In fact, with the age you claim to be, you’re only liable to endure more scrutiny than less. It’s expected of you to know how to properly read and write. Nobody is going to pat you on the back for merely just spitting out incoherent sentences.

      • Measured

        YOU are not paying for HIS healthcare.
        WE are driving down the overall cost of healthcare.

        Like we do with water, fuel, corn, sugar, and MANY, MANY, other goods and services in this country.

        We pool our money together to get a better deal, like a co-op.

        As to not be completely fascist and have a free market, there is supposed to be no chosen winner, or “Government Hospital” just re-imbursed private companies (except for the V.A.).

      • Mary Muna

        Since you opted out of America , then shut the hell up and let us elect someone who cares!!

      • pnchad

        You friggin idiot

        We have had death panels for decades now – they’re called the private insurance industry

        All the ACA does is organize the rip offs of the insurance companies

        If you or a loved one get ill you will find out that you better be very wealthy or you will die from lack of access in this country – I wish you & yours well

      • Rs

        Reading these old posts… it is 2017 and guess what you are the idiot. People like Obamacare and have been fighting to keep it. There were no death panels (like anyone with a brain knew that was a bunch of crap) and the natzi types (rascists) infiltrated and are huge segment of the Republican party. Repubs are the fascists. The true conservative republicans from form before are now changing to independents bc they do not recognize their party anymore since being taking over by rascists. I bet the ones who got it all wrong are the very same idiots that voted for Trump in 2016 and are now arguing with everyone trying to claim they are right. You were wrong then and wrong now in 2017.

      • Rs

        Reading these old posts… it is 2017 and guess what Obama did a great job. People like Obamacare and have been fighting to keep it. There were no death panels (like anyone with a brain knew that was a bunch of crap) and the natzi types (rascists) infiltrated and are huge segment of the Republican party. Repubs are the fascists. The true conservative republicans from form before are now changing to independents bc they do not recognize their party anymore since being taking over by rascists. I bet the ones who got it all wrong are the very same idiots that voted for Trump in 2016 and are now arguing with everyone trying to claim they are right. You were wrong then and wrong now in 2017.

      • Mimi

        There have always been death panels. They are filled with book keepers from the insurance companies and corporate investors who insist on making a profit. That is why people with long term health problems and pre-existing conditions are charged more and then have their policies cancelled. At this point people die. Death panels have done their jobs.

      • AndrewIsrael

        Pope Francis=Jesuit=Evil!

        Jesuits are NOT Catholics!

        Ideology of the SS (Wikipedia):

        “In the struggle for total control over German minds and bodies, the SS developed an anti-clerical agenda.[9] No chaplains were allowed in its units (although they were allowed in the regular army). Himmler established a special unit in the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) to identify and eliminate Catholic influences. The SS decided the German Catholic Church was a serious threat to its hegemony and while it was too strong to be abolished it had to be stripped of its influence, for example by closing its youth clubs and publications.[10]

        Himmler used the Jesuits as the model for the SS, since he found they had the core element absolute obedience and the cult of the organisation.[11] Hitler is also said to have called Himmler “my Ignatius of Loyola”.[12] As an order, the SS needed a coherent doctrine that would set it apart. Himmler attempted to construct such an ideology, and to this purpose he deduced a “pseudo-Germanic tradition”[13] from history. In a 1936 memorandum, Himmler set forth a list of approved holidays based on pagan and political precedents meant to wean SS members from their reliance on Christian festivities. However, these attempts were not entirely successful. Historian Höhne observes that the “neo-pagan customs” Himmler introduced into the SS “…remained primarily a paper exercise”.[14]

        Atheism was banned within the SS with all SS men being required to list themselves as Protestant, Catholic or “believer in God” (German: gottgläubig).[15] Atheism was outlawed within the SS as Himmler believed it to be a form of egotism that placed the individual at the center of the universe, and thus constituted a rejection of the SS principle of valuing the collective over the individual.”

      • localhistorywriter

        I’ll bet you went to live in Latvia. Just your kind of place.

      • Elsie Collins

        It is indeed hateful to demonize the poor, who are the victims of oligarchy!!! This is exactly part of their distraction plan!! To keep the people fighting amongst themselves, while they continue making our lives more and more miserable every decade!! Well, they’ve reached their ultimate goal now, having purchased the 3 branches of government AND the White House!!! They chose the most controversial moron to run things, and distract us all the more, while ripping our laws and regulations apart, so they can rape and pillage all the resources they can get their filthy hand on, just to line their already bulging pockets!!! They are like heroin junkies!!! They can never get enough $$$$$$!!!!!!!!!! This Russian thing is all about a HUGE oil drilling field in Russia, of which Trump owns a 19.5% share!! With so much drilling, fracking, and the pollution it causes, and the oil spills we nearly never hear about on corporately owned news, will soon leave us all without clean drinking water!!! Let that sink in, then tell me who your friends are!!!! PS—no clean water=no food!!!!!!!

      • Semi-Retired Educator

        That AMERICAN was on Foreign soil, plotting AGAINST the United States. He was a TRAITOR. You do shit like that & quite possibly, we’ll send a drone, one of many that we are using engaged in this conflict, for you specifically. It wasn’t done here in America. When the President starts doing that is when I’ll get outraged. Gee, wouldn’t that mean the President was doing his job…protecting us from enemies both foreign & domestic??

      • Reaper

        Fascism is more commonly found on the Left, these days. You use words like racist and bigot to oppress any other views than your own. Fascism requires the rejection of democracy, and no more is that true when Obama bypasses the majority elected Congress and uses Executive Orders. You may want to look in the mirror bruh

      • Rs

        Reading these old posts… it is 2017 and guess what Obama did a great job. People like Obamacare and have been fighting to keep it. There were no death panels (like anyone with a brain knew that was a bunch of crap) and the natzi types (rascists) infiltrated and are huge segment of the Republican party. Repubs are the fascists. The true conservative republicans from form before are now changing to independents bc they do not recognize their party anymore since being taking over by rascists. I bet the ones who got it all wrong are the very same idiots that voted for Trump in 2016 and are now arguing with everyone trying to claim they are right. You were wrong then and wrong now in 2017.

      • Carolyn Webb

        If HITLER were alive today he would be right at home in the twenty-first century America’s FASCIST Re-PIG-Lican party!

      • christianh

        Don’t be so melodramatic… ONE guy was killed after actually carrying out plots… No bombs are goign off here unlike most of the world…

        Ummm, American voters were involved in all policy making by the votes they cast… Begging for a third party means you’re a THEY person not a WE person… I hate people who say “they” will fix it, when “we” broke it…

        GET A LIFE…

      • Trueblue

        You are so delusional that I’m not even laughing. If the “We” is anything like “you”, then this country is screwed. “We” don’t control the government anymore, since “they” no longer care about what we say.

        Every time I write my senators, they always respond with how they think I’m wrong and will do what I urged them not to anyway.

        This system is garbage, and “We” are no longer in control of it.

        PS; 3 guys were killed, one of them being an innocent 16 year old, not only one guy, and they were all American. If due process doesn’t matter to you, then YOU are the problem.

      • Phleb


        Here we are in 2015… it’s still going on.

      • Thunder Leon

        @trueblue -Thumbs up for that comment!

    • Yes, this is a big problem with, for instance, the Blue Dog Democrats. It’s like they’re playing Good Cop to the GOP’s Bad Cop in ushering in fascism, though they’re more the Big Corporations side of things than the flag-and-cross side of things. Because anyone could argue about nationalism or religious extremism but who’s going to argue against American business success? I mean, it “creates jobs.” Tee-hee.

      However, this is not to legitimize the teabaggers who call all liberals fascists. For one thing, Blue Dogs aren’t liberal! Cynical, maybe, but not liberal.

      • Joe Downey

        Blue Dog Dems call them what they really are POND SCUM Dems

      • Kathleen Lambert-Stroberg

        Most are former RepubliCONS recruited by Howard Dean to get a Democratic Congressional majority. That plan worked out well, didn’t it? Rolls eyes.

      • Justin James

        I just call liberals “commies”. Idc what party you support, if you support either side, you are the problem.

      • djw

        Typical cryptofascist technique : saying liberal is the same as communist .

      • bugsy7562

        OK, How about “Communist Lite”. . . . . . . . .

      • m8lsem

        Both Liberals and Communists would be insulted by that.

      • Justin James

        It’s not a technique, it’s a statement based on observation of a unique set of traits displayed in communist regimes.

      • Justin James

        Are they identical? No, but the way I see it, liberals are just commies under the imaginary cloak of freedom.

      • dexi39

        What are the similarities? I would truly like to be enlightened.

      • cole leblanc

        you are kidding right?? unsustainable social welfare, labor unions, big government, big brother, democrats are ate up with communist ideology, and i am not taking up for the right , they are equally corrupt in a slightly different manner

      • JackiePR

        Start adding up corporate welfare…It has any social welfare program beat to hell!! Government is not the problem, big corporate is as warned by Thomas Jefferson!! It’s the wool thing over your eyes again!! By the way, labor unions raised the standard of living and built the middle class. Get educated!

      • cole leblanc

        Jackie you are such a common liberal puke. i agree that corporate welfare is the key to the decline of American middle class and the nation as a global influence, But since you have no facts working in your favor you insult and posture. Labor Unions were a prominent force early on for labor rights during the industrial revolution. But from their inception they have grown in corruption, sloth, and greed to the point of killing the steel and auto industries in America, and since 1950 have been little more than a destructive political tool for the left. Stop taking statements out of context to push your agenda, my comment was a response to a question about similarities in Democrats and Communists. Perhaps you are the one who should brush up on your comprihension before you open your mouth, but insults are much easier..

      • JackiePR

        cole leblanc or black and white…See whenever you guys are backed into a corner you start with the name calling. You Pubs are all the same!! One cannot have conversation with you without the vulgar meltdowns. You got the facts, they are at your finger tips but you prefer to claim there are none. Try doing what I do (and any self thinker) and read unbiased reports instead of that what you call news aka Faux. You are a walking playbook for the right wing radicals, hell bent on destroying our system of government. Take your insane blame and put it where the sun doesn’t shine… While wages were high so were profits so quit with the cry baby BS. The middle class flourished, budgets balanced and people got ahead. It was all about greed in this country that took us down lest you forget, and NOT the working class!!! Your precious corporate with their tax loopholes, subsidies, tax breaks, influence over our Supremes and politicians, actually writing bills for those traitors you call Congress to widen their ever widening greedy butts, not to mention overseas accounts in the billions if not trillions, outshine any money unions gained for their workers, or programs for the people of this country. You and your kind have got our country heading Fascist/Oligarch and are blinded to it. So where are your facts blow hard?? Now that your boys are on to stripping unions away with the blame game…while you fall for their rhetoric, and by the way, only stripping them because they are a major financial support for the Democratic party, not because of wages or benefits they’ve eeked out for their members. You know kind of like stripping away voting rights in the name of voter fraud. Right or wrong, whatever it takes to fit their agenda you guys will stop at nothing.. Low down dirty crap is all you guys know, topped with all the insane emails floating around, one after another. All made up as they write. Go peddle your, what was it you called me “liberal puke,” name calling to someone else who scares easily. Yeah right, you sure impressed me with your ultra right wing radical/Tea Party BS.

      • cole leblanc

        Sorry jackie , i am far from backed in any corner , you insulted me so get off your soap box. and here you are ignoring every word i said , and ascribing your perverted view to me. i hate corporatism and i said as much in my comment. i am working class you idiot. my father and his were, you are far from a free thinker you are a sheep. you know absolutely nothing about me and my political beliefs,. as far as destroying this country all of washington is to blame and anyone stupid enough to define themselves by either one of those corrupt parties is too. i wont respond again because there is no reason in you only foolishness..

      • JackiePR

        Could have fooled me there ole leblanc. While your diatribe raves on about how I know nothing about you, which may be true, you have the gall to pretend to know me. Typical know it all radical type. Let’s see here you called me a sheep, liberal puke, idiot, stupid, and not a free thinker. When all else fails we call names, huh? What grade are you in, 5th?? You are far from a free thinker pal, blaming all of Washington is not free thinking, it is a lazy generality. Blaming unions, again, is right out of the right wing play book because in reality it just ‘ain’t’ true! Pure and simple, profits show differently. You claim to hate corporatism yet fail to even hint at their responsibility in our downfall. So let’s hear it again how you just hate em all!! I deduct from your comments to others that you seem to be attempting to push your false righteousness on everyone else who doesn’t think like you. I could care less if you respond again, hopefully you won’t because you really are just blowing air. You believe in nothing, but are mad at everyone just for the heck of it. LOL

      • cole leblanc

        very good imagination. and no i wont fuck you you poor desperate sot. bye now

      • JackiePR

        Who asked???

      • Larry Dillon

        Outstanding Jackie. You took the teanut bitch boy out. I applaud you….His reply was priceless. He wont fuck you and you’re a sot..hahaha..pitiful desperation

      • JackiePR

        Thanks Larry… LOL Aggressive Progressive at work here!

      • cole leblanc

        larry i will stomp your faggot ass at your leisure punk, you hide behind your pc and talk crap i promise face to face you would sing a different tune. at your leisure punk

      • Larry Dillon

        But pumpkin we are on social media where one fights with wit and facts….and you’re stupid. Bless your heart

      • cole leblanc

        and its a good thing for you larry, count your blessings because they will run out one day and someone will be there to shut your hole and put you in one, save your blessings for the grave of your progressives.gone the way of the feminazi

      • Larry Dillon

        and those FEMINAZI’s will place your “cuntservative” fascist ass in a gulag…ROTF…PRICELESS

      • Moe Syzlak

        You are doing awesome…talk up…not down to leblanc’s level. He is really struggling and in desperate need of a hug…probably not from a ”faggot’ though haha.

        Isn’t it funny how ‘conservatives’ come to progressive sites and spout off thinking people will actually favor their opinions? Personally, I’m not a moron and troll conservative tea sack sites and pick fights where the only responses you get is name calling, lots of insults and swearing. I will admit though, I have slummed once and it’s amazing to see truly how hateful these parasites can be.

        You are the man…JackiePR is the man as well.

      • cole leblanc

        what is really scary is that you believe the delusion that you live in. as long as i am in dis agreement with you i am pretty sure im on the right side

      • martin woyzeck

        Wow, coal you’re quite the sissieboy reichwinger behind the keyboard. Why are all loontarians such babies?

      • Moe Syzlak

        Seriously man? You are resorting to cyber ‘tough talking’ a stranger not to mention espousing hate speech and threat of violence in the process. You just called someone out from behind their PC but isn’t that where you are hiding as well? Sounds kinda cowardly on your part.

        I’ve tried to stay out of this discussion but wow, you seriously need an intervention of some sort. I am a disabled veteran/ retired teacher and I have several friends that are counselors and/or ministers who would be happy to speak with you regarding your struggles with anger, racism, homophobia, any-o-phobia, etc…Seriously man, you need some help, BAD.

        Part of this message is an out reach to you however the other part is self serving that you will post more. You are ideal for an academic case study and quite entertaining in your responses.

        Best wishes,

        Pope Moe Syzlak IX

      • cole leblanc

        my last waste of ink to the shit stains on this page. i consider it an honor to be hated and slandered by you. i consider it a badge of honor to have you scorn me. i use your disagreement as a gage to my perception of the world, and accordingly i am doing very well your usefulness to me has expired so rave on faggots

      • martin woyzeck

        Sounds like you coal are a brainwashed rightwing libertarian, who thinks you’re different from repubs. And talk b.s. about all the corporatists, yet seem to believe libertarians are not, although they are ,even more so than repubs.

      • cole leblanc

        please stop flailing that wrist around before you put someones eye out martin you big sissy

      • martin woyzeck

        Hahaha……shows your typical rightwing childish name calling behavior. The great thing about us Leftists is that we’re accepting. So, making me out to be gay or whatever your point is, fails. I’m not homophobic. It works on you bigoted, uneducated rightwingers as you’re homophobic, which comes from fearing and questioning your own masculinity…you sissy.

      • martin woyzeck

        Has leblank left us in disgrace? Showing his true colors as an uneducated,stupid, bigoted, ill-informed childish brainwashed reichwingers.

      • cole leblanc

        yes i bow to your never ending lack of reason and accountability

      • martin woyzeck

        The point is you admit you’re bowing down to me. Funny, reason and accountability is what’s always lacking from the rightwing. You seem to know it very well, as I have yet to see either from you

      • cole leblanc

        its ok im sure you are merely blinded by your own graciousness

      • martin woyzeck

        No problem ,I’m sure you’ve been blinded from constant masturbation, which has also caused some retardation, along with carpel tunnel syndrome.

      • Memebusters

        Those liberals are puking all over your party. Conservatives are loosing on every front! Just look at your last loss.. DOMA mean anything to you? LoL How is Sara Palin doin? HeHe…. Ron Paul didn’t get far either. You need to rethink your strategy before your party completely falls apart! Jokes on you bud! You may have to move to the country of “TEXAS” soon to be near your own people.

      • europa92103

        Unions did not kill the steel and auto industries. Greed of the CEO’s did. Since when is making a living wage a crime? The workers make the profits possible. They have the right to be represented so they can work under safe conditions with a living wage and a proper retirement. The CEO gets this, why shouldn’t the workers?

      • cole leblanc

        bullshit the greed of lazy unions pushed for benefits until their was no profit in the industry. three months off a year and 5 hour work days is not making a living wage, its stealing. and the trade off was letting the ceo make millions for failure.i will however agree that corporatism is a blight on this nation and has our lawmakers paid for. that is where the system breaks down. when corporations make the laws.. There should be no need for unions. If we were all protected by law. the unions are just as dirty s the corporation.

      • martin woyzeck

        Oh, you’re definitely a nazi libertarian with the ‘we don’t need union’ bullshit. What are you talking corporatism b.s., who do you think owns the lietarian party ie. kochbros, nazi ron paul, monsanto, shell oil, merrill lynch….just some of the over one hundred corporations that control the lietarian party gayboy

      • martin woyzeck

        Seems like you leblanc cannot answer his question. You’re stumped, so you start throwing out lying b.s.Nice double talk, but you actually said nothing. It’s called specious rhetoric. Oh, and it always seems the rightwing has to be taught English, grammar,spelling,politics,etc. A brief lesson — it’s comprehension, not comprihension. Don’t throw out the old ‘spelling brigade’ b.s., it’s about showing just how uneducated the rightwing is.

      • cole leblanc

        “martin” lmao. no really flmao

      • martin woyzeck

        I don’t do internet abbreviation language , no desire .
        Have zero idea what imao,flmao is. No, really, I don’t. Maybe it’s not an abbreviation, could be the extent of your spelling capacity. I mean the rightwing is known for a lack of education and/or brain capacity. No , really. Look it up

      • cole leblanc


      • martin woyzeck

        You must be a bit on the retarded side. I guess I’m right, you really can’t spell in English. Keep putting your cryptic code , means nothing to me. Only tells me you’re another illiterate, loontarian, reichwing loser lowlife.

      • martin woyzeck

        coal, now I know how you got your name, leblanc as in blank brain. You’re another reichwing sissie punk. Would love for you to come to my neighborhood, so I can pummel your face into mush. I’m serious, sick of you weenie rightards opening your stupid mouth’s. Go shove your 2nd amendment in one of your orifices

      • martin woyzeck

        I don’t do internet abbreviation language , no desire .
        Have zero idea what imao,flmao is. No, really, I don’t. Maybe it’s not an abbreviation, could be the extent of your spelling capacity. I mean the rightwing is known for a lack of education and/or brain capacity. No , really. Look it up

      • Memebusters

        They are not capable of critical thinking. If they were they would of realized that free markets were at the heart of the last crisis.

      • JackiePR

        Great point Memebusters. I like how you think

      • Memebusters

        Yea, they want to feed the starving people because the Waltons and Jamie Diamonds took everything. And who gave them a license to steal? How about de-regulation and your “free Markets”. Keep supporting your perpetrators… You’ll be working till your 90 for pennies while the Monopolies you support take all the fruits of your labor for themselves. So Foolish!

      • martin woyzeck

        Oh come on, everyone’s laughing at you rightwingers ignorance of communism. You obviously don’t know the difference between socialism, communism, liberalism and democrat. The ‘right’ is ten times more corrupt, the problem with your statement is I think you’re referring to the republicans, but the corrupt ‘right’ includes libertarians and teabaggers, which it seems pretty clear by your robotic,scripted rhetoric you’re a of the libertarian cult

      • Michael Case

        In what alternate universe?

      • JackiePR

        Are you related to Joe McCarthy??

      • Memebusters

        Yea, when I think of Obama, Stalin and Hitler come to mind. Yea right! Are you for real? I always wondered how Obama was compared to hitler. Hmmmm… Was it his support of gay rights? How about the patriot act? Maybe it was invading a sovereign nation… Oh wait.. That was Bush wasn’t it?

      • Nila sizan

        Justin James a man who owns a gun and dreams only og shooting ducks and other wildlife, of course thats what your corrupt founding fathers gave you the 4th amendment for…take my advice put that AR15 in your mouth and pull the trigger…coward.

      • Memebusters

        Do you know the difference between communism and socialism? Libs. believe in democracy. Anyway, if you open a 5th grade history book you can find the answer. You can root for your free markets and create more monopolies that will bribe the govt. We’ll move more towards fascism if we continue to de-regulate. Let me know how that works out for you..

      • Carolyn Webb

        Right on. The Re-PIG-Lucas often like to say that real progressive true democrats are
        COMMIES who want BIG GOVERNNENT to rule Over them but in reality the Re-PIG-licans want BIG CORPORATIONS to rule people’s lives and AUTHORITARIAN Religious leaders and their form of BIG RELIGIOUS GOVERNMENT
        Leaders to destroy women’s rights and force public schools to stop teaching real sciences such as evolution and instead teach bible thumping creationism! Their form of Big religious and big corporate government is FASCISM which is just as bad as the extreme REAL Communism Russia used to have under JOSEF STALIN

      • Nila sizan

        Communist regimes, christ your even more dumb than i thought you were, you ever considered suicide

      • Nila sizan

        Another dumb American so uneducated he has no idea what a’commie’ is..a brainwashed fool like every other fucking American

      • martin woyzeck

        Oh, and I suppose you support the far rightwing libertarians, who sides with white aryans, and are the real fascists. If you support any of the rightwing parties i.e. repubs, liibertarians, teabaggers, then you are most definitely a huge part of the problem that is destroying America. The Democrats are doing ok, just weak in getting rid of the rightwing. It would be great if Bernie Sanders got in. We need to push towards a more socialist way, it’s for the better. If you’re calling Liberals communist, you don’t know what either are.

      • Moe Syzlak

        Then call repubs fascists. Extereme NationalismNationalism, paranoia, desire for total control, usurpation of ALL freedom of the people but favor unregulated freedom of capitalism are trademarks of fascism and all supported by republisacks. Get a clue man.

      • JerseyJoe

        Hitler was a national socialist. Mussolini was a socialist and an anti-capitalist. He moved to a more statist approach including imperialism in order for the state to command the economy and corporations. Putting the state in front of individual rights is how all of these men developed. It all grew out of a socialist view and anti-capitalism. And, that makes sense. Someone has to direct that state that distributes and uses (I mean serves) the people. True conservatives in this country are first about individual rights and smaller government. The second amendment being vital. Individual rights, small government, and the second amendment fly in the face of the National Socialists (Nazis) and Fascists. I don’t understand why this is not obvious.

        Look I wish we were not involved in as many armed conflicts as we are and if the government was not so big and involved in every aspect of life there would not be the church and state issues we have. An ever-expanding state is simply going to get into your business. It will become authoritarian with time and will make decisions for you regarding health, religion, sexual practices, free speech, privacy, and your other individual rights. Government must be culled back to the basics of the Constitution.

      • shawn_von_socialist

        Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right. It may be said, that the succeeding generation exercising, in fact, the power of repeal, this leaves them as free as if the constitution or law had been expressly limited to nineteen years only. In the first place, this objection admits the right, in proposing an equivalent. But the power of repeal is not an equivalent. It might be, indeed, if every form of government were so perfectly contrived, that the will of the majority could always be obtained, fairly and without impediment. But this is true of no form. The people cannot assemble themselves; their representation is unequal and vicious. Various checks are opposed to every legislative proposition. Factions get possession of the public councils, bribery corrupts them, personal interests lead them astray from the general interests of their constituents; and other impediments arise, so as to prove to every practical man, that a law of limited duration is much more manageable than one which needs a repeal.

        -Thomas Jefferson

      • JerseyJoe

        Interesting quote, but that is not the law. I might look to see when TJ stated this and whether this was something that he believed throughout his life. But, of course he was in France when the Constitution was written/signed. It may well have been even improved with his presence though.

      • Charles Vincent

        That sentiment was one he carried throughout his life

      • Socialmedic

        Both Mussolini and Hitler were adherents to the FASCIST MANIFESTO which was published by fascist CAPITALIST INDUSTRIALISTS in Italy at the turn of the last century in response to what was perceived as the threat of communism to their wealth squandering employee exploiting enterprise. Hitler ran the communists and the socialists out of Germany – those he did not send to prison camps and murder and those who committed suicide before they could be captured and tortured. READ A BOOK.

      • Michael Case

        And please, concentrate on the BIG words.

      • margieR

        It isn’t obvious because all of their rhetoric is anti-women’s rights. They are far more interested in our vaginas and uteri, than in the rights of living, breathing citizens.

      • ziggywiggy

        “True conservatives in this country are first about individual rights and smaller government.” unless you are a woman or gay. . Conservatives want to decide what types of people are deserving of individual rights… straight white Christian males use government to get into a woman’s business with her doctor, they use government to get into gay people’s business with their life partner,and are trying desperately to stick religion(Christianity only) into public schools

    • Don Nicholas

      A selfavowed socialist and a closet socialist should not only be rare, but eliminated when possible.

      • JTC111

        Most of you folks that scream “socialist” wouldn’t know one if it bit you in the ass. I keep hearing about Obama the great big socialist …and the stock market is setting records, the corporations are reporting obscene profits, wages are stagnant, unions membership is down, the military industrial complex is as powerful as ever, government employment is down, the too-big-to-fail banks are still too-big-to-fail, etc.

        And as for the elimination meme, you know where you can put your authoritarian wet dream, don’t ya? Listening to you nutters talking about who you want to “eliminate” is getting a bit tired.

      • Don Nicholas

        Oh I think even you would recognize socialism. When a bureaucrat can tell a 10 year old girl,”some live, some die” you’ve gotten a glimpse of socialism. Socialist can, and have the right to exist, just not be in charge of anything.

      • JTC111

        I assume you’re referring to the people at insurance companies who routinely deny care to the very ill based upon the need for profit margins to bolster quarterly earnings. Or does it not count when that happens every day?

        If you’re proposing that we have a healthcare system that denies no one, then you’d better be ready to pay for it. However, don’t pretend that we have that now. We don’t. We never have.

      • Don Nicholas

        No, I’m not. If an insurance company denied coverage, not because of cost, but an arbitrary , self imposed rule, would be sued out of existence. When people buy the cheapest policy, and bellyacheing when it’s not a Cadillac policy, they have only themselves to blame. Just like those who expect Obamacare to be the do all save all.

      • JTC111

        Insurance companies arbitrarily deny coverage all the time. It’s now clear that you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re just another troll spouting ignorance when your time would be better spent educating yourself. And your hypocrisy becomes very evident when you criticize this girl not getting a transplant in one post then criticize “those who expect Obamacare to be the do all save all” in another. So gets to be the final arbiter deciding who gets a particular service or benefit? You?

      • Wendy Blaski

        I hate to break it to you Don, but there is NOTHING an insurance company cannot weasel out of paying if they want to badly enough. And yes, we’ve got the State Insurance Commission, who do a fabulous job, but there’s right, and there’s almost right, and some stuff is just barely legal and they get away with it. I worked paying health claims, and there is ALWAYS a back door to negate the company’s obligation.

      • Don Nicholas

        No, I’m referring to our government. Insurance companies have their policies regulated by insurance commission. If dealing with a insurance upsets you, wait till you deal with the unelected bureaucrats.

      • William Kisselstein

        You do understand that stocks are going up for exactly two reasons, right? #1 – with interest rates so low there is no place else to invest with any real return, and #2, the companies really aren’t worth any more – it’s just that they print so much money, it takes that much more money to equal the same value, giving the appearance the stock is worth more.

        Saying government employment is down is an outright lie.

      • basedonfact

        There are less federal employees now than there were when Reagan was President despite a 45% rise in population

      • shawn_von_socialist

        nationalism is based on traditionalism

        What is the core of conservativism again ?

        only the tea-liban people spew the same thing hitlerites did

        our country our tradtions we are patriots our consitution

        nazi cloak themselves in false patriotism but its nothing more than hatriotism

      • Don Nicholas

        Democrats call themselves Democratic (crock). You worry about the foundation of words and politics. They will call themselves whatever they have to , to get and keep power no matter who they are.

      • JerseyJoe

        I don’t think nationalism is based on traditionalism. What was traditional for generations of colonists and loyal subjects in 1776 to demand self government? They were proud of the country they created however and patriotism/nationalism grew, but not out of tradition. But what does that matter, our nation has been more proudly patriotic than we are today and we didn’t slip into fascism. The fascists typically grow out of socialism and anti-capitalism–but I’m not saying that is the expected outgrowth of a socialist.

        The core of conservativism is not nationalism and only partly tied to tradition. A true conservative would say that he is committed to freedom and more slowly changing laws and customs (hence SCOTUS is for life) than by gusting political/social winds. If the conservatives beliefs are only based on tradition that is a problem, but some things also stand the test of time. As has our Constitution despite major issues and the gusting of the last 50 years.

      • LoveArchy444

        By then again, these are the same folks who accuse Obama of being a Marxist, yet he fails at crearing a Vanguard Party, basing prices on exchange and use value, collectivizing the means of production, or even using economic surplus to dramatically raise the standards of living for workers and their families.
        Perhaps it’s time for conservatives to I don’t know free Karl Marx’s Capital And actually compare that to the subjective theory of value currency Obama still supports to this day.

      • basedonfact

        You right wingers sure do like to round up and eliminate groups of people

      • don

        Progressives gave eugenics, Woodrow Wilson a.d FDR’s “round ups” of “undesirables”. We the People are not progressives, we’re patriotic Americans following the remains of the progressively destroyed Constitution.

      • basedonfact

        You have to go back 100 years to find any of that stuff on the progressive side. Right now your side rewrote the history books schools use, Are asking for a constitutional convention because they love the 2nd amendment but hate the rest of the constitution and are even rewriting the bible to “eliminate liberal bias” which means eliminating the teachings of Christ. I vote based on what is happening now, not 100 years ago. Patriots my ass. fascists wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible.

    • baruchzed

      The so-called two-party system is a fiction. Binary thinking is flawed. In psychology when someone thinks in terms of either/or we say they are “triggered.” The American electorate is kept in a state of perpetual triggeredness by the crisis oriented commercial media, by politicians wielding red herrings in one hand (the DOMA defeat is a great example) while with the other hand they are spying on the world, or forcing down the plane of the president of another nation, or invading a country.

      The so-called two-party system is a fiction which has been foisted upon the people. Many believe that the two parties are different when actually they are simply two different PR approaches to the same agenda, which is world domination by a few who remain mostly in the background.

    • VetTeacher

      The Fascism lite, might in fact be where the sweet spot lies. But it’s not where so called left is now. It’s needs to be chained down a LOT MORE VIGOROUSLY before it’s something who’s unholy power can be chained and used without laying the entire civilization LOW. Regulate it, regulate it some more and then after that regulate until the corporations squeaaaal like patriots.

    • Reaper

      Socialism is a step closer to fascism. It goes against everything this country has fought and died for. Everyone supports Bernie until they start paying taxes. This is why so many naive college kids support him. They have never had to give up their hard earned money to foreigners or those who choose not to work. They all idolize Europe, but do not realize what a failed system it is and that on average 50-60% of their pay is taken via taxes. They conveniently forget about Greece and other failed socialist nations.

      Capitalism is still the best option, when its done correctly. Its what made this country so powerful.

      • JTC111

        So you want to get rid of the military, highways, public libraries, police, fire departments, the post office, bridges, tunnels, garbage collection, public landfills, the FBI, the polio vaccine, the EPA, social security, museums, public schools, prisons, veteran’s healthcare, all social services for the poor, sewer systems, medicare, our courts, the Hoover Dam, state and city zoos, medicaid, medicare, the FDA, healthcare for 9/11 rescue workers, public beaches, unemployment insurance, state and local snow removal, the CDC, street lights, FEMA, public defenders, S-CHIP, Amtrak, NPR, PBS, OSHA, state and national parks and monuments, customs and border protection, Peace Corps, and the national weather service? Because all of those things are examples of socialism.

  • what nonsense

    Interesting redefinition of Fascism. Manny Schewitz is not just wrong in writing this, it is completely backward. Fascism establishes a totalitarian government that supports monopolies by controlling them, not the other way around. Its also not for the benefit of corporations, its a leash and slave collar for the purposes of imperialism and racial superiority. Fascists were anti-capitalist.

    Using the term fascist today is meaningless, except as a blanket insult to whoever its thrown at apparently. Why does everyone always try and compare political opponents to Hitler? What nonsense.

    • No, it’s not a redefinition. It’s the original one. And if you don’t like the comparisons to Hitler, look to Mussolini instead, who actually used the word. Why does everyone ignore him?

      • Daniel Kalban

        Conservatives like to lie about Fascism, trying to make it sound leftist. Yet the words of Fascists like Mussolini show that Fascism is Conservative

      • Just curious: I know that one difference between fascism and socialism is that fascism tends to be nationalistic and socialism is, supposedly, an international movement, but other than that, what exactly is the difference, in practical terms?

      • Daniel Kalban

        Well that’s a complicated task lol.

        Fascism is known for extremist nationalism, ties with corporations (Mussolini himself said Fascism could be called “corporatism”), hostile actions, restriction of rights, and often xenophobic attacks.

        Socialism is around the idea of the social contract. While there will be class differences, it tries to mitigate the harshest factors. There will be CEOs, but the income gap would be much smaller than it is now. There will be more affordable services like healthcare, etc. Things in modern society like public roads, parks, libraries, emergency services et al reflect on that idea of socialism; where there are services for the public at no cost other than taxes. Social Security is another.

        You really can’t call the USSR socialist or communist. It was a dictatorship claiming to be such

      • JerseyJoe

        Mussolini was a socialist and an anti-capitalist. He moved to a more statist approach including imperialism in order for the state to command the economy and corporations. Putting the state in front of individual rights is how all of these men developed. It all grew out of a socialist view and anti-capitalism. And, that makes sense. Someone has to direct that state that distributes and uses (I mean serves) the people. True conservatives in this country are first about individual rights and smaller government. The second amendment being vital. Individual rights, small government, and the second amendment fly in the face of the National Socialists (Nazis) and Fascists. I don’t understand why this is not obvious.

        Look I wish we were not involved in as many armed conflicts as we are and if the government was not so big and involved in every aspect of life there would not be the church and state issues we have. An ever-expanding state is simply going to get into your business. It will become authoritarian with time and will make decisions for you regarding health, religion, sexual practices, free speech, privacy, and your other individual rights. Government must be culled back to the basics of the Constitution.

    • Lisasc

      I recommend that you read about the relationship between corporations and Hitler. All you have to do is google IBM, DuPont, GM, Ford and Hitler. The corporations saw it as a way to make a profit, Hitler saw it as a way to establish a totalitarian dictatorship. Hitler did NOT control the corporations. It was a symbiotic relationship.

  • TubaBuddha

    Of course we are approaching Fascism in America. The government brought back thousands of Nazi scientists, SS and SD and Gestapo members. Many of whom went into the US secret services and ‘black programs’. They were among the founding members of the NSA and CIA.

  • melloe

    Well, I agree the country is in trouble, but a couple things wrong here. Germany was not a Fascist State, ( Italy was ), but a benevolent Socialist State originally ( unless you were one of several minorities ) building good homes for the poor, roads , bridges, and a superhighway system ( which came in handy for moving troops later ). In the early 50’s when I was there, many admitted they had loved and trusted him.. some even toward the last. Hitler and his admin established Hospitals and clinics that were very advanced for the period. And thanks to good leadership, and the help from Gpa Bush, the economy thrived and he quietly built up his Military. Even the poor ( White, Christian, and Pure )prospered, and be businesses busted their hump for him because he was good for the economy. Not because they were forced to at that point. Even early on, some saw something wrong when he started carrying off the homosexuals, and the insane were put to death , but those who spoke out seldom spoke again. When the time was ripe, he declared himself the supreme leader with a Sharpe turn to the right, and began his conquests. By the time he came for the Jews, it was too late. They were called Nazi’s because none of the other social signifies fit at that point.

    • Germany started out pretending to be socialist, yes. But there’s nothing in socialist ideology that makes the Holocaust OK. Too many people in America think they know what socialism is but never actually read Marx. And you should. He might pleasantly surprise you.

      • Daniel Kalban

        Exactly! The Nazis were about as Socialist as Goldman Sachs

      • ALJONES


    • Don Nicholas

      I disagree with the theroy that the NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY was right wing. It was closer to its arch enemy Communism.

      • brizkymom

        There is really no left or right. It is a spectrum. You can be a fascist conservative or liberal, or a libertarian conservative or liberal. Most that support the tea party lean libertarian conservative.

      • Charlie Norris

        lets break this down bit by bit so that idiots don’t assume that any of the following bits is all inclusive.

        we have wealth/luxury distribution
        this can be done with capitalism (allowing free dispersal of wealth)
        communism (the state controls every business)
        or socialism (the state controls some ‘essential industries, but the rest are left for private control)
        it’s worth remembering that no system is ever truly capitalist or communist- for capitalism there is always government making rules to keep monopolies from fucking with the economy and with communism there are always individuals who essentially control this or that industry (even though you might debate over whether it’s freely owned or not)

        then we have the way in which policy is made
        there is democracy (where each individual in a society has a vote on what goes on)
        and there is monarchy (where a single individual decides what to do or in most cases who is to make those decisions)
        we also have polyarchy a sort of republic where the decisions are made by (hopefully) educated individuals who’s positions are voted on freely by the people without ever actually allowing the people, en masse to vote on policy

        and *then* we have the endorsement of a system
        this is where fascism comes in- it is the belief that a belief or system is ideal and perfect in every respect and that questioning that system should be punished.

        this stupidity can be used in tandem with any of the systems i listed above. for example a system can be democratic and communist and fascist. this notion that fascism = support of the corporations as human beings is idiocy- it’s not fascism but rather something which is often pursued with fascist zeal. oh and there’s no such thing as a ‘fascist’ form of government, you’re thinking of a fascist regime, which honestly applies to both the red and blue side of my countries reality t.v. show politics these days.

        tyvm for your time, i hope we don’t blow up the moon or something.

  • Jim

    I would respectfully suggest that fascism wasn’t something you brought back with from fight with us in WW2. It has always been an ugly hidden voice whispering in the ears of Americans since the very founding of the continent. It has allowed the near extinction of the native peoples, the setting up of greedy gangs who opened up the so called frontiers. The American exclusivism, the religious cults etc etc etc.. excusing the banning of substances by connecting them to minority groups, the hounding of those with alternate political and religious beliefs. Equating liberalism with reds under the beds Communism… Always dividing one man or woman against your fellows… It has always been there in your nature…as it has in all of ours. I wish you great good fortune in eradicating this latest manifestation of it…for all our sakes.

    • I don’t agree that it’s in our nature. It’s a technique of elitists to hold on to their power, nothing more than that.

    • Daniel Kalban

      Look at the US leading up WW2; you had Lindbergh leading what could be argued as an American Fascist Party. You had that priest shouting Fascist rhetoric. Evil travels fast.

    • Don Nicholas

      Communism he’s always laid in wait in academia, the arts and the union movements. There to twist and pervert the efforts of the well meaning masses. The denial of it is its best camouflage. It’s too big of a jump for any thinking person.

  • Joe

    Only gripe: “Citizens United” wasn’t legislation. It was a group, a private organization (a right-wing oriented one, yes, but still a private one). The decision that has their name was a Supreme Court decision, and yes a very poor one in that it continued the Court’s emphasis that Organizations and Corporations have ‘rights’ that exceed those of individuals, as well as the more direct issue that spending money === ‘free speech’, as opposed to ‘spending money’ === ‘actions that can be regulated by the states or by the Commerce Clause’.

    • The original so-called “decision” that corporations were people was actually a note added to the decision by a Supreme Court clerk. It wasn’t anything the justices had said. That’s the scary part.

      • Georgann Putintsev

        With that added text, then shouldn’t we limit the LIFE SPAN of said Corporations and establish Taxation based on your limited life expectency choice. i.e. if you only want to operate to 30 years you get taxed less than if you want to operate for 50 years or higher if you want to operate to 100 years (LIMIT)…and then you DIVEST. You can set tax by size, Local – 3% tax, State – Wide 11%, multi-State – 17% – 29%, National 31%, Inter-National 51%. Then a Tax add-on based on Employees in US (not Local or State), in Other countries…to World-wide.
        And you MAKE a ruling that any US city, town, county, state and federal Government can only INVEST (their other Book: CAFR) within their jurisdiction. Throw in some Generation LAW (protection of the Environment for Generations to come: Clean Water, Clean Soil, Clean Air) into the regulations for all Local / State / Federal. If you break the Generation Law, than the Golden Rule law comes into play : meaning 100% Taxation, seizure of your properties to pay retribution/cleanup, living off the land/property
        you contaminated till the 7th Generation.



      • Lisasc

        I want to see one with a driver’s license, or when Texas executes one. Then I’ll believe that corporations have the same rights as individuals.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    The Republican Party practice all 14 of the defining characteristics of fascism, as told to us in an article in Free Inquiry magazine’s Spring 2003 edition by Laurence Britt….Britt studied 7 fascist regimes, including Nazi Germany, to come up with the 14 defining characteristics. The “wrapped in a flag” and “holding a cross” passages are covered by the 14 DCs…

  • Jonah Berlin

    “In a nutshell, fascism is basically an authoritarian government for corporations, by corporations.”

    That’s certainly true, but the Fascist idea of a “corporation” is a lot broader than what we consider today. In Fascism, society is divided into corporations of people and purpose. Monopolistic corporations exist to benefit the population, but so do the corporations of labor unions, the corporations of religion, the corporations of the state, the corporations of the family, and so on. So when the Fascists talk about corporations, it extends beyond what you’re talking about, “incorporated corporations doing business,” and into every segment of society.

    Keep in mind that Hitler and his ilk strongly disliked free market capitalism, hence the “incorporation” of businesses into the helm of the central state. This is not a defense of capitalism anymore than its a damnation of socialism and free organized labor, which Hitler hated with equal zeal.

  • How It Really Is

    Wake up, America . . . Fascism is already here. Turn off Faux News and take a deep whiff of reality. The Corporate Masters who own this country’s government don’t care about you at all. They don’t want you educated, they don’t want you prosperous, and they sure as hell don’t want you free. And politicians? HA ! ! ! They are the puppets of the Corporate Masters who have two purposes – to give us (the citizens) the illusion of freedom of choice and to rubber stamp all legislation written by Corporations. You (as a people) do NOT matter at all. This country is lost cause its citizenry have been asleep at the switch for far too long. And it’s TOO LATE now.

  • Alexis Betancourt

    Unfortunately, the republicans do not see things as you do, which I agree with 100%. The problem is education. The less there is of it the more problematic our society is. Education is way down from when I went to school. Some southern states teach what they want not what is taught nationwide. There should be a national standard and it should be adhered to by all the states.

    • brizkymom

      I disagree, Nationalized education has led to lower standards and test scores. All education should be done at the local level without federal intervention. Decisions should be made at a state level for funding and at a school district level for curriculum.

  • “Whenever you hear a man speak of his love for his country, it is a sign that
    he expects to be paid for it. Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods. If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner.”

  • smendler

    When fascism comes to America, it will be waving a copy of ATLAS SHRUGGED

  • Jimbeaux Hillard

    progressives- “don’t let the patriots do what we’re doing. we want to do it ourselves, and it’s socially unacceptable to question us.”
    patriots-“don’t let the liberals do what we’re doing, we want to do it our way. you won’t feel the change as quickly and it’s unintelligent to question us.”
    they all want power. they all want us to pay for it. and anyone else we send to change it will get a taste and start craving that power

  • merpderp

    So Hitler was really just a crony capitalist. Lol

  • Julius

    This ‘author’ fails to note that both political parties (and those who define themselves by them) are equally corrupt and ‘fascist.’ The author omits the many oppressive, suffocating bills that the current administration is peddling (NDAA, domestic drones, gun smuggling, extension of the patriot act and NSA spying, Monsanto protection acts, etc.), and the mindless doctrine that they preach and demand a staunch adherence to (socialism, “if you don’t agree with us you’re a racist,” all republicans are evil, the gov’t is your babysitter, etc.).

    The truth is that the leaders of both parties have long been doing the same things, for the same end-game; they say one thing during campaign time, yet do the polar opposite when they finally reach office. One of the first things noted in “The Art of War” is the idea of ‘divide and conquer,’ and the current political system is doing quite the efficient job of that. Even as this article seeks to chastise the gov’t and warn the people, it still feeds into the same division policy that the powers want, by blaming all of the current problems on 1/2 of the voting population. Truthfully, the only way to persevere is to unite as a people, and work together, but, alas, the divisions may already be cut too deep for that to occur.

  • A.McClellan

    I can’t tell if this is an attempt to bash conservatives or agree with them…I see the poison of crony corporatism just as much as those on the left, but know there are good companies out there ready for philanthropic pursuits. It’s the 80/20 rule all over again.

  • Drew Danielson

    Reading some of the previous comments makes me a little nauseous. It’s not about Dems and GOP – both are full of corporatists tools, and both have true lovers of liberty (the concept, not the slogan). Conservativism vs. progressivism is a debate this country needs. What we do not need is for a discussion on corporatist/fascist encroachment descending into a two-party pissing contest.

    America is sliding deeper down the hole of fascism. Drop the partisan crapulence and stand up to the fascists in both parties.

  • Guest

    Fascism isn’t government by corporation, it’s government control of corporations with the facade for private ownership.

  • Ben

    The irony, is the adds that break up this otherwise valid argument…

  • Kevin Stewart

    you have your choice to vote… don’t vote republican or democrat, vote AMERICAN, which is most often found in the 3rd party candidates.

  • locsphere

    The libs went after our gun rights didn’t they? The Affordable healthcare act is just bolstering insurance companies pockets by forcing participation. You make it sound like liberals aren’t helping the problem along.

    IN the branches of power they are all buddies in a massive circle jerk. They only to take titles to place blame publicly as they do what they want how they want behind the curtain. As allies!

    Its theater!

    • Michael Reed

      If the insurance companies are benefiting from Obamacare as you suggest, then why have they spent millions of dollars to prevent it or marginalize it?

      The truth is, they want to eliminate the 80% requirement more than anything.

  • margieR

    I can’t say I “enjoyed” it but it is true and the very people who are suffering because of it have been eagerly drinking the Kool Aid. We, the People need to take this country back by forbidding corporations to give ANY money to political campaigns and to outlaw pacs of any kind. We need to get back to the $2300 limit of contributions for any source of funding for campaigns. Under the current system, corporations are unlimited in their contributions by the PAC system. Individuals are still limited to $2300, per election campaign. How can anyone NOT see that this is Fascism in practice in the USA?

    • Michael Reed

      I agree with you 100%. I think we should support a constitutional amendment that would only allow Citizens to donate money to those candidates which may represent them. I’m not sure about the limit, but there should be one, and it should be set by congress. That would eliminate all PACs, Unions, Organizations, Foreign Entities, and etc from participating in our elections.

  • Paula Steiner

    So, if Sinclair Lewis didn’t say that, who did?

  • Michael Reed

    I don’t hear employees called assets all that often. But what I do hear that is just as bad and much more mainstream. That is being called a “resource.” In fact, every corporation calls their personnel department “Human Resources.” They are no longer really people, they are resources…This is how they can more easily justify how poorly employees are treated.

  • Alex Kovacs

    It’s here, brother.

  • Guest

    Pitifully, we are a product of our own demise. Voting for those who care nothing about the people. I often hear, “Americans need to clean house.” Where should we start and when will we start?

  • eabaray

    When did “millenniums” become acceptable usage instead of “millennia?”

  • Pionex

    I tend to think that there will be a ton of money wrapped around it

  • Memebusters

    This is the first article I’ve see that exposes the “TRUTH”. But people won’t get it until it’s too late. They are incapable of free thinking and none seem to have played the game of Monopoly. Right now it’s all out in the open for everyone to see. They are even flaunting it in our faces and the right is rooting for it. Rooting for their slave masters… I’m almost given up on trying to shine the light in people’s eyes. It’s a loosing game. The left is even snowed to an extent like “change you can believe in!” “All aboard!” “Last train to Auschwitz!” Nothing will change until the people change. They are still stuck on America the land of opportunity via capitalism but what they are forgetting is that capitalism has led to fascism. Fascism is the result when capitalism isn’t regulated and allowed to run a muck. They forgot about Mom and Pop who have been put out of business by the Monopolies.

    • JackiePR

      Memebusters I swear I could have written that. LOL I have repeated the same things over and over and over. You are so right though, they are not capable of critical thinking. And as I’ve said, as well, the only hope we have is people miraculously waking up, but I hold no hope. Janeane Garofalo said it well on Bill Maher once. She said that there are some people who have frontal lobe brain problems. It is that portion of the brain that provides the ability to have rational thought, so it is very real. Normal people in every other sense except they are simply unable to be rational, thus very closed minded. I know a few personally and the one thing they have in common is they have this ‘my mind is made up, do not confuse me with facts.’ They base their beliefs only on FOX and the shock jocks and that is the end of their information intake. And then insist how right they are with their warped thinking, Then they attempt to push it off on anyone around them….just like this nut job leBlanc who continues to badger people in this forum promoting the likes of Limbaugh and Beck.. He just cannot seem to get we are far removed from the likes of these shock jocks. My very elderly dad is one of them who gets angry at me because I won’t sit down and watch his favorite personality with him, Bill O’Reilly. I do excuse his ignorance to age. I think we are in for more scary times, huh?

      • Memebusters

        Let’s not forget big Pharma… You know… Now that the people are all enslaved to the Monopolies they are depressed and addicted to substances to help them cope with this new “I’m screwed” reality. The drugs help turn them into robots with no feelings so they continue to work for less and less while the privileged take more and more. This helps prevent a revolution and a collapse of the Ponzi scheme.

  • kww3555

    So just who did the quote come from?

  • T Johnson

    Facist USA, it’s now a reality. Billionares are getting their way, due process isn’t being given, laws are being passed to keep certain people for voting. All because the big corporate leaders use their super powers (money) to be “above the law.” And their biggest allies are the Republican Party, which is filled with billionares just like them: conservative, greedy, christian, discriminatory, and idiotic.
    And congradulations to those people, the biggest thing they have accomplished out of this Government Shut Down within the first day, is oficially begin to kill off the democracy and republic in this country, and it ironically, all starts off with the foreshadowing to this counrties next economic meltdown. BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nila sizan

    Let’s get something straight here, American fascism is born from two singular traits of Americans first and foremost; their cowardice, second, and almost as important just how dumb they are actually are.. No other democratic country has a 4th amendment the right to bear arms against tyrannical governments, but what do the Americans do? hunt ducks and murder innocent children at schools.The fact is cowardice is a truly American trait, if it were not for French gold, French soldier and sailors you would never have been freed from a tyrannical government, practically no Americans fought in the damn independence war it was mostly Europeans, a fact American history omit.
    you all live a vicarious life believing what Hollywood, TV and fox news tells you.
    And do not forget your country sold materials to the Nazi Germans right up until 1941…Freedom, theirs not an American alive who even understands what that word means

  • John Clark

    Thata be a gob’ner of Louisiana that said that. Huey Long. Manny, i’m surprised you didn’t go there. Kingfish was a complex populist, but he was a true American socialist, and shared a lot of his ideology with Sinclair Lewis.

  • bill

    Look at RYAN’s OWNERS….ever heard of the KOCH BROTHERS

  • Michael Slattery

    Ike warned of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) as he left office and Frank Zappa said,”Politics is the Entertainment Division of the MIC”. After we ground the USSR economy to dust we continued the Arms Race and are doing the same to ourselves, spending more on defense than the rest of the world COMBINED. The MIC runs the country and merely tolerates whoever is in The White House.

  • AndrewIsrael

    Tea Party/GOP=2014/2016 Jesuit-Nazi Agenda for a Fascist Military Coup of America like they did in South America/Mexico and is just about to be in full gear in America real soon!

    Ideology of the SS (Wikipedia):

    “In the struggle for total control over German minds and bodies, the SS developed an anti-clerical agenda.[9] No chaplains were allowed in its units (although they were allowed in the regular army). Himmler established a special unit in the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) to identify and eliminate Catholic influences. The SS decided the German Catholic Church was a serious threat to its hegemony and while it was too strong to be abolished it had to be stripped of its influence, for example by closing its youth clubs and publications.[10]

    Himmler used the Jesuits as the model for the SS, since he found they had the core element absolute obedience and the cult of the organisation.[11] Hitler is also said to have called Himmler “my Ignatius of Loyola”.[12] As an order, the SS needed a coherent doctrine that would set it apart. Himmler attempted to construct such an ideology, and to this purpose he deduced a “pseudo-Germanic tradition”[13] from history. In a 1936 memorandum, Himmler set forth a list of approved holidays based on pagan and political precedents meant to wean SS members from their reliance on Christian festivities. However, these attempts were not entirely successful. Historian Höhne observes that the “neo-pagan customs” Himmler introduced into the SS “…remained primarily a paper exercise”.[14]

    Atheism was banned within the SS with all SS men being required to list themselves as Protestant, Catholic or “believer in God” (German: gottgläubig).[15] Atheism was outlawed within the SS as Himmler believed it to be a form of egotism that placed the individual at the center of the universe, and thus constituted a rejection of the SS principle of valuing the collective over the individual.[

  • ownboss

    Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg 08′

    • basedonfact

      Kind of like conservative communism. Not really possible

  • Robert Eitan Israel Archbold

    Quote is a verb. Quotation is the word the author is looking for here.

  • spengler1

    America has one corporate party with two right wings, Republican and Democrat–Gore Vidal

  • ExRadioGuy15

    A better read about Fascism comes from Laurence Britt, a political scientist and ex-corporate executive who wrote an article for the Spring 2003 edition of Free Inquiry magazine called, “Fascism anyone? The fourteen identifying characteristics of Fascism” (in the subheading of the article, they’re referred to as “defining” characteristics)….
    The Republican Party adhere to all 14 of the “DCs” of Fascism and have since at least October 2001. One favorite false equivalency talking point the GOP use is to make the claim that “Democrats are Fascist, too”. WRONG. When the Cons belonged to the Democratic Party (early 1800’s to 1872), the Demos WERE Fascists. But, after Abe Lincoln’s assassination, it took just seven years for the Fascist Cons to leave the Democratic Party, join and infect the GOP and chase out the Liberals, leaving the Progressives of the GOP to fight the Con power structure.
    The FRWNJ media have spent the years since Britt wrote the article trying to “debunk” it, making wild accusations, telling outright lies or trying to employ logical fallacies to “prove” that Mr. Britt’s words are untrue.
    But, here’s the thing: Britt wrote the article in Spring 2003. If the GOP weren’t/aren’t Fascists, why have they proven every day that they truly are by their words and actions since then? ASLTW, Republicans (Actions Speak Louder Than Words)…if you want us to stop correctly calling you Fascists, stop acting like Fascists….

  • John Young

    ” It seems the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrens of the world are very rare indeed ” common as dirt. Like the Senate and Congress, they too are making their pilgrimage to Israel. While there, they will get the grand treatment, undoubtedly including a tour of the process of the IDF training American cops on the issue of crowd control et al

  • Abe WalkingBear

    People in fear don’t think they just react.
    FOX is all about keeping the fear alive.

  • Happy Haxor

    I think you need to read a fucking dictionary, facism has little to do with corporatism. It is defined as: “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often

    So let’s look at this for a second, a dictator having complete power, like signing executive orders when congress decides against what he wants? Check. Forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, IE using the IRS as a weapon? Check. Regimenting all industry and commerce such as excessive useless regulation and the whole concept of “you didn’t build that”? Check… Aggressive nationalism and often racism? Well, the color changed, but the racism hasn’t nor has the party line, so uh, Check…

    Yep, the USA is pretty much facist … under a progressive democratic regime, guilty of just about everything defined by the textbook definition.

  • Phil_Waste

    The Supreme Court has enabled the Fascist to take over our Government. It is not only Republicans taking this Fascist moneys but Democrats are up to their ears in Fascist Cash.. Fascist keep workers poor and uneducated in order for the fascist propaganda to infect their minds and get them to vote against their own self interest. If that doesn’t work the Fascist are in control of the voting machines to maintain their power… Bend over and kiss your butts goodbye because you ain’t gonna change it anytime soon without a revolution and I doubt we could win that…

  • Ro Nom

    We have fascism already. The US’s full spectrum dominance agenda for control of the world is as fascist as one can get. The middle east and Ukraine have been destroyed by the wars for this ideology. Refugees fleeing from these wars are destroying Europe at this moment. Our western MSM spouts all the nonsense needed to prop up this full spectrum dominance agenda.

  • Hank Missenheim_Jr

    If fascism comes, it will not be identified with any shirt movement, nor with an insignia, but it will probably be wrapped up in the American flag and heralded as a plea for liberty and preservation of the constitution. —James Waterman Wise, Jr. (1936)