When it Comes to the New Jersey Bridge Scandal, Chris Christie is Completely Full of It

christie-bridgeDuring my pursuit of a degree in Political Science, and my work in the field thereafter, it goes without saying that I’ve learned quite a few thing about politics and politicians.

First, most politicians are egomaniacs.  Especially those who have presidential aspirations.  You don’t become the President of the United States — or believe you’re the right person for quite possibly the most powerful “job” in the world — without having a good sized ego.  I’m not saying that they’re all raving egotistical maniacs, but I think it’s safe to say that they do have a bit of an ego.

Another thing I’ve learned is that many politicians are control freaks.  After speaking with a few campaign managers, a common problem they all seem to talk about is working with politicians who try to run their own campaign.  What most campaign managers want is a politicians who will sit back, trust his or her staff to do their jobs right, and listen to what they say.  Sure, the politician has influence and input, but the “plan of action” is crafted and orchestrated by the campaign manager and their team.

And it goes without saying that politicians become much more egotistical and “hands on” the more they advance up the political ladder of success.

Now, it’s true that the more power a politician has the more they must delegate.  A governor has to rely on aides and staffers to handle some of the everyday stuff they simply don’t have time to do and trust that they’re doing it right as their representative.  Same goes for the president.  President Obama, for example, (or most presidents for that matter) isn’t as hands on as most people might think.

That being said, the New Jersey bridge scandal simply makes no sense when I listen to Chris Christie tell the story.  For me to hear the Governor of New Jersey act as if some rogue staffers collaborated with the Port Authority (Christie’s high school friend) and took it upon themselves to seek some kind of lame retaliation against a mayor simply because he didn’t endorse Governor Christie — I’m calling bullcrap.

Why would this aide have cared so much about one mayor not endorsing Christie?  Governor Christie was headed for an easy victory last November — why would some aide even focus on an endorsement from one mayor that wouldn’t have made any difference in the election?

Are they that loyal to Christie?  Do they care that much about his political career?  And if they do, why would they risk it by putting together such a pointless stunt that accomplished — nothing. Well, nothing besides create traffic jams on a bridge, and massive headaches for thousands of people.

And you’re telling me this open emailing and texting was going back and forth among these people and nobody mentioned it to Governor Christie?  It wasn’t as if they were using code words, or even seemed to be masking what they were planning — how did this not get around to the governor?

But again, why would some aide take it upon themselves to plan of all this?

The answer is simple: They wouldn’t.

This bridge scandal seems like some order from a petty man who had their ego bruised.  I could see someone like Christie saying, “How dare this nobody mayor refuse to endorse me, doesn’t he know who I am?”  But Christie is a smart guy.  If he ordered this lame retaliation against that mayor, he was smart enough to not leave any paper trail that could be linked back to him (at least none that we know about as of yet).

This whole situation just reeks of an egotistical man (which history shows Christie is) thinking he can get away with whatever he wants (a sign of an egomaniac) ordering an aide to retaliate against the mayor who didn’t endorse him in some small way he didn’t think anyone would notice — except it didn’t turn out small, and people did notice.

Otherwise this whole situation doesn’t make any sense.  I can’t see an aide risking Christie’s presidential chances by putting together such a lame stunt.  I can’t imagine that Christie’s high school friend agreed to do this without asking if Christie knew about it.  And as loose as the communication was between these people, for nothing to get back to the governor would have simply been mind boggling.

When something like this happens it’s always good to ask yourself, “Who benefits most from this?”  The aide doesn’t.  The Port Authority gentleman doesn’t.   Christie’s ego is the thing this stunt would benefit.

Can I prove Christie was behind this?  Not with the evidence we have right now.  If Christie did in fact order this, he was smart enough to do so verbally, avoiding any chance of a paper trail leading back to him.

But when you look at all the facts as we know now, ego was clearly the driving force behind why this happened.  And there’s only one person whose ego would have been hurt by the lack of an endorsement from this town’s mayor….

And that’s Governor Chris Christie.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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