Where’s the Outrage Over Hope Solo’s Alleged Acts of Domestic Violence?

hope-soloFollowing the recent news that Hope Solo was arrested (and is being held without bond) for two charges of domestic violence after allegedly assaulting her sister and 17-year-old nephew, I can’t help but ask, “Where’s all the outrage?”

If this had been a male athlete who assaulted his sister and a minor, people would be up in arms.  Many women’s groups would be blanketing their websites with stories about how this is just more of the same culture of violence against women.

Yet, upon writing this, when I go to the National Organization for Women website – there’s no mention of Hope Solo’s violence against her sister and juvenile nephew.  There are plenty of articles to be found pertaining to male violence against women, but none about Solo’s attack on her sister and nephew.

If you go to the comment sections about this story on various websites you get a lot of people actually defending her.  People saying such things like, “You don’t know what she’s been through” or “It’s just a sibling spat.”

Then there’s the stupid sexist comments by men making a complete joke out of this, which is also part of the problem.

But this wasn’t just a “sibling spat.”  These are grown adults, not children squabbling.  And she didn’t just allegedly assault her sister, she allegedly assaulted her minor nephew as well.

According to reports from witnesses, she wouldn’t stop “hitting people” and was clearly the aggressor and instigator.  Visible signs of abuse were seen on both her sister and nephew.

Now you can’t tell me if this were a male athlete who did this very same thing that the outrage wouldn’t be louder, especially from women’s groups.

Yet, I don’t see it.  At least not very much of it.  Definitely not like we would see had this been a male attacking a female and a minor in an uncontrollable rage.

Does that mean domestic violence against women is more acceptable as long as it’s woman on woman violence?  Because that’s kind of the attitude I’m getting with the lack of outrage being shown by many of the same groups and people who would be all over this if a male athlete had committed these acts.

Domestic violence is domestic violence – period.  It’s something that we need to put an end to whether it’s male on female, male on male, female on female or even female on male.

The fact that many of these people, who would otherwise be enraged had a male athlete committed these acts, are mostly silent on this issue shows a certain level of hypocrisy these activists seem to have.

Now I’m sure some will call me a sexist, or say I’m a “woman hater” or any number of other insults.  And that’s fine.  I know who I am and how often I’ve staunchly defended women’s rights.  I also often call out hypocrisy and, to me, that’s what this is.

Because Hope Solo is a woman, and not a man, the outrage over her alleged acts of domestic violence (which seem pretty severe if she’s being kept without bond and by accounts was striking people uncontrollably) seems mostly absent.

My belief is domestic violence is domestic violence.  While it’s more common for men to commit the heinous acts, that doesn’t mean we should ignore, or joke about, instances where women might be guilty of the same type of violence.

And in the case of Hope Solo’s alleged violent assault on her sister and minor nephew, that’s mostly what I’ve seen from some of the same people and groups who would otherwise be publicly condemning these acts had they been committed by a man.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • CJF50

    The Author clearly feels an injustice is being done to his gender. Personally, I can’t get too worked up till I hear more details. It’s difficult for me to pass judgment without being fully informed. But for all the poor suffering males out there, please feel free.

    • Amara

      What makes you think only men see a double standard? I’m very much a woman TYVM and I’ve said similar things over the years.

      The author is correct: if it had been a male who did this, there would be no ‘let’s wait and see what the judicial system has to say’ it would be ‘He’s clearly guilty – throw the book at him!’

      And FYI there are thousands of men who are the victims of domestic violence or rape who suffer in silence, because of idiots who want to make snide comments about ‘poor suffering males’ as if it’s not possible for a man to be a victim. If a man made such a comment about ‘poor suffering females’, I’m sure you’d be calling him a chauvinist or misogynist.

  • I had to look up who she was, which may be a large part of the lack of outrage.

    • Scott Sims

      I disagree. I don’t follow sports at all and never knew the name of any of the dimwits who fought dogs, got busted, or beat their wives before the regular media reported it.

      • Cat Marcuri

        I have heard nothing about it and I don’t know who she is. That’s probably why there’s no huge outrage over it. Either way, I believe that violence is violence. Gods know that Naomi Campbell caught a LOT of hell over her abuse of her assistant and other employees. If whoever this is did attack her family members, I would think that there would be SOME kind of outrage over it.

      • Nisael

        bs I know who she is and follow sportnews, there was no outrage what so ever. Stop searching for dump reasons, society is sexist.

    • strayaway

      Who is Hope Solo? She is an outstanding goalie who helped the US win Olympic gold. You Tube: “Pressure Makes Us: Hope Solo”. (3min7sec)

      • Yes, as I stated, I had to look up who she was… so I’ve looked up who she is…

    • NAVORD

      She’s famous enough to be on TV Reality Shows and Guest on National Shows. I’m sure not everyone heard of Ray Rice, but i’m sure people who never watch Football knows him now.

  • saireygamp62

    She is in jail, lets see where this goes, and what started it, then we can be ready to react

    • ziggywiggy

      people should be outraged if she wasn’t in jail, but she was arrested and is being held without bond, that’s seems serious enough for me. How can you argue that if it was a man it would be different, how…not arrested and held without bond?

  • Petunia

    I like Hope Solo. I think she is a gritty woman with a tough background. That is why she is tough at what she does best. Her sister is just as tough as she is. That is why there is no media coverage, there is no story.

    • johnnygarnett

      So… Nothing here… Just girls being girls, huh? Yeah, and the horse you rode in on.

      • ziggywiggy

        do you go to jail without bond for that girls being girls thing?

    • KirklandK

      Do you *know* her sister? I do. She’s not anything like Hope. Nor is her sister’s nephew. Let’s wait to see the facts in this.

  • Mark Strange

    I like you. I don’t know you, but I like you. Agree with you on many many issues. Disagree on some, but damn it Allen your a voice of reason.

  • billball

    This society can’t make up its mind whether or not they want to be Americans or a bunch of diversified groups. All this politically correct stuff turned this America into a bunch of whiners. Hmmm…………….groups with guns………where could that possibly lead? Just an observation…………

    • CJF50

      Absolutely right!

      • Cat Marcuri

        I’m sick and tired of the phrase “Politically correct”. You do realize that was a phrase that the Republicans came up with during Clinton’s presidency so they could bash liberals for trying to stop discrimination and prejudice, right? Your using it now is simply validating the Republican agenda and does absolutely nothing to address the issues?

      • billball

        Stay on topic

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        u altered the “topic” by BRINGING UP “politically” correct metaphor: so when someone else extrapolates upon it– you whine?
        seems weakly defensive

  • SilverGuardian

    As a great-grandmother, I have to admit that I’ve seen a lot and that I agree that abuse is abuse. … except … Truthfully, I’ve seen more words written here, trying to get people enraged, than I’ve seen in the news saying what happened. And “marks” on the sister and her son obviously mean that Hope has issues. But what kind of marks? Was there bruising afterward? I’ve left marks on most of my kids or grandkids at one time or another, just from suddenly reaching out and grabbing them when they were starting to fall or because I was swinging my arms around when I didn’t know they were there.

    So I do hope we get more information about it, and yes, the news media should report more details. But the idea of getting totally torqued about it BEFORE we even know the details, is just premature. imo

    • Amara

      The point isn’t whether she’s guilty or innocent of anything.

      The point is when a man is accused of something like this, everyone DOES get ‘totally torqued’ BEFORE the details are known. So why not with this case?

      Why are so many people willing to wait and see for HER when if it was a man in the same situation, they’d already be yelling ‘Abuser!’ left, right and center?

      Personally, this is the reaction I’d like to see to ALL such cases, but I know the next time a man is accused of beating a woman or rape or whatever, there isn’t going to be a collective ‘let’s wait for the facts of the case to make themselves known before passing judgement’ it’s going to be ‘he’s obviously guilty!’

      • 70timesSeven

        I am a female as well and I completely agree with your statements on the topic. I also think that part of the problem is the lack of media coverage/discussion of the incident. Most people did not know this happened. I pride myself on being fairly well-informed about happenings in the world and I had no clue. However, if this were a male the story would have been blasted all over the media! So much so that we would have heard about it before it even occurred! Therefore, in order for anyone to even understand what has happened it requires the wherewithal to actually do some research. Hypocrisy at its finest in multiple forms with this story. This further perpetuates the screwed up 1950s style gender roles that are an undercurrent in this country. “Oh a lady hit another lady? Couldn’t have hurt that bad. What’s for dinner?”

      • CJF50

        This story has been blasted all over the news for the past two days. I believe the difference is it’s the weekend and people aren’t in front of their TV’s. Are you aware that unpopular political stories are always released by the Gov’t late Friday for the same reason?

      • strayaway

        Hope Solo is out on bond. It turns out that she told her nephew that he was too fat to be in sports. Her observation turned into a fight during which her nephew broke a broomstick on her head. When her half-sister tried to pull Hope off her son, Hope hit her.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Self defence is not abuse

      • Jennifer

        @Strayaway…..where did you get that information? I’m curious because I’ve read many different articles on this and haven’t heard that. I’ve heard she punched her nephew in the face and he said it’s not the first time she’s acted this way. But I didn’t hear about the broom. I’m not being argumentative. I’d really like to know the source. Thanks

      • strayaway

        Here is one place. “The nephew said that Solo insulted his weight and called him crazy, and an exchange of vulgarities led to Solo charging her nephew and getting in a fight with him, the affidavit states.

        When the half-sister walked in, Solo attacked her, according to the document. The nephew took a wooden broom that he “broke over (Solo’s) head” in an attempt to stop the assault, the affidavit states.”

        Look up the CNN article, “Soccer star Hope Solo pleads not guilty to assault charges” Also look up the Business Insider story, “12 Surprising Anecdotes About Hope Solo In The Wake Of Her Shock Wedding” for more about her childhood. I’m not making excuses for her.

      • CJF50

        The point should be that we have very little information right now. Solo is in jail where she belongs but we don’t have any details. Do we throw away the key in order to satisfy some cosmic order? If the public doesn’t give the same benefit to a male in the same situation, they’re wrong. Why not give it a day or two to hear the actual crime and then you can form your lynch mob.

      • Stephen Samuel

        I think that we should take into account the fact that — despite having goalied for a gold-medal winning team, she’s still pretty much unknown. The low level of outrage is commensurate with her low level of visibility.
        “Is she related to Hans?” pretty much nails it.

        If anything, we should be complaining about how little visibility she’s had BEFORE this happened.

        Not to belittle what she’s done, but the fact of the matter is that nobody-man beat, rape and even MURDER family members with nary a whimper from the press. Perhaps we should have more coverage of domestic violence, generally — or even women in sports, generally. .. but let’s not start whipping up the froth just because it’s a woman athlete doing the violence this time.

  • Gail Weaver

    Just wondering why it is being demanded that we become outraged over something we have NO FACTS about. Has there been an over night trial? WTF?! Trial by media and Internet apparently is new “norm”. Good luck with that when it comes your turn to be “convicted”. Irresponsible at the very least.

    • EsDubbs

      But when a man hits a woman it’s okay to have a trial overnight with that? Bc that happens all the time.

  • John

    You’re on point, Allen. There’s no hash tag campaign started because of Hope Solo’s alleged crime. Seriously, no one should be hitting anyone.

  • Porst

    Is she related to Han?

  • tdub85

    I see the arrest. No double standard there. I see “held without bail”. No double standard there. I see hot, I’m a sexist and I still would.

    I’m not outraged. There are double standards in life including male athlete pay and popularity. That contributes to the speed at which a stories gathers steam.

  • Russ

    There is no rage because they are siblings and not partners, it’s that simple. There might be a little more publicity if Solo was male but not much more. Siblings get into fights all the time, that is our society’s thinking. I’m also sure the charges will eventually lowered to misdemeanors. More troubling is the report that Hope was drunk at the time. Women will alcohol or drug problems are viewed much less favorably than men with those problems.

  • Winona Kitto

    Women hitters don’t realize the damage it does to hit a young man. My son has been raised by me and my two sisters. He has been raised with much love and respect. He’s all around “good people”. Im convinced our youth need more love and respect in how they are raised.

  • Jackie O’s

    I think the majority of violence against women is by men. It’s epidemic. That doesn’t make all other violence okay – it is simply a “different” issue. If this had been a male perpetrator, we could all say”here we go again” or “when are folks going to get tired of this?” A female athlete acting out is new – so I think the reaction is different and appropriately different. It’s not okay, but it’s not epidemic.

  • cryptique

    The problem with “Where is the outrage?” pieces like this one is the assumption that there is no outrage, merely because the few media sources checked by the author haven’t yet gone ballistic. While it’s true that the media and various organizations who routinely decry male-perpetrated domestic violence have been slow to respond, it is assuredly NOT true that no one is outraged.

    • CJF50

      Apparently a drunk woman fighting with her Sister deserves a mob with torches and pitchforks in order to prove we consider it as important as a Male Athlete beating up his pregnant girlfriend.

      • Cat Marcuri

        You are such a troll, man. Why don’t you go find a bridge to crawl under?

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        or,,,,,,,,,,,,,in your opinion it doesn’t deserve any comparison??? would U be happier if she put one relative in a hospital>?

  • Batty

    Soccer is not high profile in this country. Women’s soccer only matters if there is World Cup or Olympics. This is one case. Yes, it’s bad, but to ask where is the outrage and why there are no articles about it? In men’s sports and with men in general, domestic violence is systemic. Overlooked, hidden, and baldly accepted. This isn’t some massive double standard. It’s the fact that most people would say, Hope who?

  • Jimbo Jones

    She dates a boon. She gets a pass.

  • Teryry Kershaw

    When I was little no matter who hit the other if we did it my brother and I got in the same amount of trouble, as we should have. This woman was in the played for America in the Olympic team and if this was a male athlete that he done this the press would have been all over it. Gloria Alred (sorry for the spelling) would already be representing the sister and talking about the suffering she has endured. We are not a very male friendly society when men do wrong but when women do wrong we want to try to figure out what caused the poor soul to do what she did. No need to figure out why someone abuses another person it is wrong and let them work it out in prison.

  • Aurora DeMarco

    It probably wasn’t reported on because there is no shortage of sexual violence and domestic violence in the world. Both women and men suffer at the hands of it. Perpetrators are rarely punished for their crime. At least Solo was arrested. For many abuse survivors the culture of silence and protection forces them to live with their wounds in silence.

    • Sophie McMillan

      It was reported widely . Was running on the ESPN kiron( spelling) for 2 days . I agree with the author that if it had been a member of the mens US soccer team it would have been far more widely reported. Ms Solo has been a phenomenal goalie for the womens US soccer team. I suspect her playing days are numbered now

  • Pony

    I generally avoid being outraged about things I know nothing about. Luckily, the author of this article has no such need for background information.

  • Tyler

    The thing with women’s groups is that most of them are not so much pro-woman as anti-mal. So where there is no male to attack they simply pass it over.

    • Sherry Sapp

      Well, most feminst women, like myself, adore men, but we aren’t so keen on thugs, bullies and idiots.

  • Guest

    There is no outrage because they are siblings, not partners. In comparison, there would also be no outrage if a man got in a fight with his brother.

  • Mimi_Crews

    We don’t know the facts yet. Did her sister hit her first and her nephew get in the way? And the writer says if a man had hit his sister there would be outrage, which is true but the more accurate comparison would be if a man had hit his brother, where would the outrage be. The nephew being injured certainly ups the anti on Solo’s actions – there’s no excuse ever for hitting a child. But if it turns out hitting her sister was not in self-defense, than there will be outrage.

  • Nicole Pacinello

    Random thought…probably the least outrage would exist if this were male on male violence. People really don’t care about male family members beating each other up.

  • JanMutcher

    Well Mr. Clifton, I believe I’ve read most of your stuff and generally agree with your viewpoints. While it is admirable that you are well aware of the typical response to domestic violence and are an advocate for women in general, in this case you missed a couple of points. First, the fact that she is being held without bond indicates that the legal system is taking this incident very seriously. Really, what more could they be expected to do at this point? Also, your comment about domestic violence belies your own rhetoric when you say things like “even women on men”. Every woman alive knows that this occurs, so to feel the need to point this out is kind of condescending don’t you think? Unless of course that part was meant for men although I’m pretty sure they also know that it’s domestic abuse when they’re being harmed by a woman. I will continue to read your articles as you are a good writer for the most part.

  • Masood Harouny

    It’s because it doesn’t happen that often with women.

  • Dunk

    Been touting this for all it’s worth. It’s truly not right for a woman to walk off from an alleged offence that would have a man in the slammer

    • Kalidevi

      What about her being in jail without bond means she walked? Last time I checked being in jail certainly is not getting off from any alleged offense. Ray Rice didn’t go to jail and he knocked Janay unconscious. He walked, but Hope did’nt.

  • Choose Carefully

    Who? Never heard of her. Sounds like she is less than a nice person.

  • Matthew Reece

    “While it’s more common for men to commit the heinous acts”
    For every four men who murder their wives, three women murder their husbands. Add to that the number of women who hire hitmen to kill their husbands (often with money earned by the husband!) and it may be that women are more guilty of the heinous acts.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      highly accurate,,,,,,,,,and do NOT forget the lesser “crime” of marrying/ becoming pregnant for $$$$MONEY$$$$ and then screwing the guy ( it also happens 2 women) financially and emotionally
      and——– how many times are men HIT and never report it as2 not be falsely investigated

  • Matthew Reece

    This article alludes to (but does not directly say) something very important. Many (if not most) of today’s feminists are actually female supremacists who are not fighting for equal rights across genders, but for women to be treated better than men.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      tough to prove,,,,but an interesting discussion. I enjoy meeting those types of “women” as they are easy to spot through ersatz hautiness

  • pauly

    When the violence that accrues from women to men becomes even 1000:1 to that of men to women…than start making the comparison.

    When women athletes make as much of a salary or demand as much TV coverage for their sports…than start bitching.

    When women start to become even remotely as politically powerful and have as much influence upon the legal system as men…then start calling it ternary.

    Until that time happens…your crying for “fare justice” will…and should…fall on def ears


    They can say sexist or woman-hater, but the facts layed out shows the US is sexist towards MEN and it’s policy and societal norms are man-hating. Hope Solo is a shining example of that.

  • V8beetle

    NOW is supposedly against the abuse of women, correct? Well, it’s not that simple. The Hope Solo case scrutinized will demonstrate why. Hope Solo abused two people, a 17 year old boy, and a grown woman. So we have abuse against men and women in this one case. NOW has remained silent which should show its followers how absolutely sexist NOW truly is. The implications of NOW’s silence on the Hope Solo case signifies that as long as the perpetrator is a woman, it’s OK. Think of the implications of that silence for a second in the LGBT community. Then think about what that means for the heterosexual community as well. It’s in effect saying that women can abuse anyone they want, including their fellow women and NOW isn’t going to say a damned thing. Their silence is in effect condoning and reinforcing the behavior and belief.

  • Manderson

    I personally have grown up with her. She has been like this since she was a child through high school. I and others are amazed that it has took this long for her to be caught; I guess people are tired of protecting her.

  • Ncameron316

    I think this article is on point. But, not very well written. He hit all the main points but it should have been expressed differently. The thing is, in this country, sadly there are always hipocracies. Men hit women and I can’t watch sportscenter because that’s apparently a new story to the world. It happens every day, I think hitting a women is beyond unacceptable. But women are also abusive and take advantage of their loved ones which is also equally unacceptable. I do believe that it is comparable to the topic of race; where there is also a unacceptable divide between what a black man does and what a white man does, regarding the media attention each instance receives. If anyone takes a look at the facts there are always unjust acts by the people that protect us. White or black it is unacceptable, but it happens and I think it’s wrong to make national headlines on one person when there are dozens in the exact same category.

  • Jay M

    Funny how Hope is arrested and being held without bail while Rice walks as a free man despite a video of him laying his gf out. The outrage lies in lack of consequences, not the act itself. This shows bias of justice.

  • Joanne3905

    Who’s Hope Solo?

  • Angry guy

    She is being held in jail without bond. Remind me, how many people did she kill?

  • Sondog

    i dont think domestic violence is committed by a man on women more i think its almost never reported when its women on man…thats the problem…then when the man finally has enough and snaps…then he is in jail!!! which is good he should of just walked away or turned her in when it first hsppend

  • Rachel Argyle

    Who cares if she is female? Domestic violence is domestic violence; the sports pages have had photos and stories all week of NFL players who have committed acts of DV against family; why isn’t her picture there right alongside them? An abuser is an abuser, regardless of gender. She hit a minor child. She deserves the same treatment as the other athletes who have been called out for DV, period.

  • MaxVoltz

    Not only is she a mean girl, she sucks at dancing too!

  • homa1

    This has been the case for a very long time. Women can assault men and the men are just supposed to take it. Nothing new hear but were a man to fight back even in defense of himself this would be an intolerable sin.

  • AJP

    She is a woman, so it’s ok to beat on a high school kid. If she were a man, she would have been suspended and off the team.