White Conservative Republican Wins Election by Making Voters Believe He Was Black

dave-wilsonFirst let me just say, no this isn’t a satirical article.  This actually happened.

Dave Wilson, a conservative white Republican, won his campaign to become a board member for the Houston Community College System.  So, how did an anti-gay, white conservative win an election in an area predominantly dominated by African Americans who mostly vote for Democrats?

Did he bring great ideas that resonated with the community?  No.  Did he go door to door and personally reach out to voters?  No.

He led voters to believe he was black.

Remember, board elections aren’t what we’re used to with the traditional elections the majority of Americans know about.  In these kinds of elections it’s not uncommon for voters to have no idea what the candidate looks like.  There aren’t nationally (or even locally) televised debates or campaign ads.

So how did Mr. Wilson accomplish this?

One of his “strategies” was sending out direct mail fliers with images of African Americans he admittedly pulled from the internet with the caption, “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.”

Another thing this guy did was send out a mailer saying he was endorsed by Ron Wilson.  Who’s Ron Wilson?  He’s a former African American state representative.

There’s just one problem — Dave Wilson was referring to his cousin Ron Wilson, not the African American former state representative.

Wilson, trying not to laugh, said, “He’s a nice cousin.  We played baseball in high school together.  And he’s endorsed me.”

Basically he used almost the same strategy as Eddie Murphy’s character in the 90’s comedy The Distinguished Gentleman.

While it’s on voters to be more informed about who it is they’re voting for, this was a clear and blatant attempt to fool voters into making them believe he was someone he wasn’t.  It’s one thing to mislead people on your policies and political beliefs, it’s quite another to willfully launch a campaign of deception in an effort to fool people.

My issue isn’t even that David Wilson won his campaign, but it’s the fact that he clearly meant to deceive voters in some kind of stunt that he even admits he didn’t think would work.  It’s a complete mockery of our entire voting process.

So after his ridiculous stunt, a college system that’s already been plagued with issues recently now has a man in Dave Wilson as a member of their board.

A man who ran for office with no intention of winning, who purposefully deceived voters by misrepresenting his race, in what equates to nothing more than a disgusting political stunt.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • modera8

    What about the people who voted for him because they thought he was black? That’s just as disgusting.

    • exmotogo

      While it is definitely problematic, I don’t think there’s any way you could equate it with the stunt this guy pulled.

      Did he also misrepresent his political beliefs? They might have been voting for him because they thought he was a democrat… we have no idea.

    • aliciaelaine

      Yeah because no one ever votes against a candidate because they are black

      • modera8

        Nobody I know. The fact that President Obama was elected sort of speaks to the idea that our country is getting past racial stereotypes. Racism is bad regardless of against whom it’s used.

      • Eoin Maloney

        Racism is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from gone in the US. e.g., Zimmerman, stop-and-frisk, the Tea Party, etc.

      • modera8

        What in the hell did the Zimmerman case have to do with race? Zimmerman spotted a suspicious-looking kid, followed him, the kid turned around and started beating the hell out of him. Zimmerman killed the kid after having his head pounded into the pavement – that’s self-defense. Stop-and-frisk is used against suspicious-looking people – i.e. folks who dress like gang-bangers, with their loose jeans and stupid baseball hats. Grow up. You act and dress like a criminal and you will be treated as such. Behave like a respectable person and you, likewise, will be treated as such.

      • Seriously

        That is NOT what happened. Let me guess, white conservative?

      • modera8

        Nope. I’m a liberal.

      • Nicholas A Kocal

        Trevyon was only suspicious because he was black. And the only other witness to Zimmerman’s story is dead.

      • modera8

        b.s. did you read the stories that were published? that he was cutting through peoples’ yards and looking in their windows in an area that had experienced an upsurge in crime?

      • Nicholas A Kocal

        Again, the only witness was the murderer. But thanks for showing some more of your racist believes.

      • modera8

        First of all, it’s “beliefs”, and secondly, it was the way he was behaving, which is what I just wrote. Sorry that you’re getting so confused. I’m trying to use simple words.

      • cspice727

        The only confused person on this website posting is you…you need to learn your facts before showing your ignorance.

      • cspice727

        Lies…please post the facts to collaborate your statements.

      • zeibodique

        Speaking of growing up, only children or adults who want to appear cool or hip, spell Moderate, “modera8” .

      • modera8

        Genius, I didn’t pick that name. I just didn’t enter a name. Grow up, Zeibodique, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

      • Avanza Vaile

        you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Alex Kintsuki

        Except that it was later admitted by medical examiners that there was no way Trayvon was on top according to his wounds… and quiet, well mannered college students in nice clothes have been stop-and-frisked in nice neighborhoods…

      • modera8

        Link to stories that reported this?

      • Ron Quandt

        Who knows what really happened in that case? Only one guy living and he is not talking.

      • aliciaelaine

        So if you are wearing loose fitted jeans and a baseball hat you are a gang banger, and should be stopped and frisked REALLY? Oh yeah because a criminal would NEVER wear a suit and tie.

      • JustMe

        I would venture to say the worst criminals society has to offer all wear suits and ties.

      • cspice727

        Exactly committing the worst murders…inciting pollution killing millions of people, pharmaceutical liars killing millions of people, etc. They need to research their facts about the most serious murders in cooperate America but they get away with it just by paying fines. In fact, they commit more murders than someone using a weapon.

      • Cj Lamb

        A Single Death is a Tragedy; a Million Deaths is a Statistic.
        “Uncle Joe” – Joseph Stalin.

      • Brian

        It’s called Wall Street.

      • cspice727


      • Common sense

        right? (congress, wall street, bankers)

      • modera8

        a gang banger’s a hell of a lot more likely to be carrying a weapon. how often do you hear about gangs of men wearing suits raping chicks in alleys or knocking over gas stations? do they follow you out to your car while playing loud music with lots of bass? what world have you been living in?

      • aliciaelaine

        I live in the world of reality as where you live in the world of stereotypes….YOU just proved that we have NOT gotten past ANY stereotypes. YOU said ” folks who dress like gang-bangers, with their loose jeans and stupid baseball hats. Grow up. You act and dress like a criminal and you will be treated as such.” just because a kid wears loose jeans and a baseball hat doesn’t make them a gang banger (since YOU posted that is how criminals dress) and since you don’t get out much look up white collar crime NONE of them wear loose jeans and baseball hats they wear suits. You are the worst bigot there is COME OUT OF THE CLOSET you will respect yourself more!

      • modera8

        How many men in suits and ties jump people on the street, rape women in alleys, and break into cars? How many suit-wearing men have followed you out to your car at bar time, trying to grab you? I’ve had a LOT of idiots dressed in the loose jeans (which apparently is a nod to prison garb, so yeah – glorifying criminals…duh!!!) do that to me. Stop being a bigot yourself and realize WHO IS COMMITTING THESE VIOLENT CRIMES – IT’S NOT MEN DRESSED IN SUITS AND TIES!!!

      • aliciaelaine

        nice try but YOU are the one using stereotypes not me THAT pretty much makes you a bigot. Scott Peterson killed his wife: NOT A GANG BANGER Drew Peterson killed his wife: HE WAS A COP members of the mob wear suits look up Murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak: KILLED BY A MARINE SOLDER look up Jeffery locker: HE WORE A SUIT. my point is you CANNOT judge someone by what they are wearing and that is exactly what you did. No one is disputing the fact that gang-bangers commit crime but they are NOT the ONLY ones who have committed violent crimes…..Newtown, Columbine, Oklahoma City…… you are the worst kind of bigot…..a misinformed one!

      • cspice727

        My thoughts exactly…modera8 is ignorant please do not feed into responding to his/her ignorant post.

      • aliciaelaine

        Oh I proved my point I’m done 🙂

      • CherMoe

        Zimmermann’s actions were 100% more suspicious than Trayvon Martin’s.

      • modera8

        Yeah, cuz Zimmerman was looking in peoples’ windows in a high crime area. You’re right.

      • “You act and dress like a criminal and you will be treated as such.” Sounds a bit like profiling to me, but to be fair, let me ask: How did Trayvon Martin come across as a criminal?

      • modera8

        He was walking through peoples’ yards and looking in their windows. Understand?

      • Common sense

        that is a lie.. he was on the street.. is it against the law to look at a house as you pass by? was he on their property looking in the windows? no.. zimmerman “claimed” he was to cover his ass.. stop trying to make something out of nothing.. such BS and you know it.

      • modera8

        prove that. oh, you cant’? then we have to go by what evidence we have. Zimmerman was injured. he killed martin in self-defense.

      • Common sense

        if Martin attacked Zimmerman, then where were the injuries when he was booked? The injuries didn’t show up until hours later.. Total BS..
        www. cbsnews. com/8301-201_162-57406183/video-shows-zimmerman-without-obvious-injuries/

      • Had Zimmerman been tried with the previous law of self-defense, which did not incorporate SYG, he would not have gotten away with this. It is that simple, because the code previously written ensured that he would have had to use every possible measure, prior to utilizing “lethal force.” The jury instructions even made this point clear.

      • Yep! I understand profiling! And, I also understand that nearly every single young kid has done the same as they grew up. I know I did. I am quite certain most others did. Furthermore, you are basing the above on the testimony of a man who admittedly had issues, Zimmerman. So, please do not be condescending towards me; I was not trying to be condescending towards you and if I did, my apologies.

      • Brian

        Yeah, as if Zimmerman would have hunted down a white guy dressed in an Armani suit.

      • Common sense

        oh shut up stupid! You know it had EVERYTHING to do with race. The kid was black, wearing a hoodie and though he was doing nothing, was an automatic suspect of a crime not even committed. If the colors were reversed, Zimmerman would have gotten the death penalty.

      • modera8

        not necessarily. who’s talking about race now?

      • Common sense

        zimmerman profiled him.. he said so to the dispatcher.. what do you call it?

      • jord

        yes a skinny teenager was beating up a grown man. Please, his only crime was he was black on a weekday.

      • modera8

        He was LOOKING IN PEOPLES’ WINDOWS. what the hell?

      • Common sense

        said zimmerman.. there was no proof of that..

      • Bridgett Cash

        Everything to do with race.

      • Guest

        so are you saying that people should be judged by the clothes they wear? Then that tells me that you must think that when women that wear certain clothes deserve to be raped?

      • modera8

        First of all, I think you meant “you must think that when women wear certain clothes they deserve to be raped”. No. When people wear clothes like what gang bangers wear, they are doing it to glorify those types of people. Gang bangers are criminals. If you dress and behave like one (looking in peoples’ windows while trespassing on their property), you might very well be treated like one by the people who are trying to keep their community safe. When women dress nicely, they are dressed nicely. There is no parallel here.

      • cspice727

        modera…I see you are so disconnected from the rest of the world simple by reading your post. So no point in carrying on a conversation with you because I don’t believe your IQ is high enough to comprehend what is happening in society. Please educate yourself before posting ignorant statements.

      • HF

        Oh give me a break. You said, “Zimmerman spotted a suspicious-looking kid.”

        What about this kid was suspicious? After all, he was just WALKING HOME FROM THE STORE. He was holding skittles and an iced tea. What exactly about that is suspicious?!

        Could it be HIS COLOR?!

      • Jason Brandt

        Do not use Zimmerman as an example of racism. No one but those two know exactly happened that night. A hispanic man shoots a black man twice a week in my neighborhood and it happens the same amount the other way around as well. Doesn’t mean it had anything to do with racism.

      • Dave Martin

        Racism is still around and every different race is racist towards the each other. No one race is getting singled out.

      • aliciaelaine

        it may speak to the idea that our country is getting past racial stereotypes, however believe it or not we have a long way to go and you ARE right racism is bad in every sense of the word. Now ppl voting for someone because of who or what they are instead of what they stand for is just crazy but it is done, just because President Obama was elected twice does not mean people didn’t vote for him because he is black there are some shallow minded people out there that didn’t vote for him for that very reason…..thank God they do not represent everyone who voted against him. This idiot misrepresented himself and he was wrong bottom line. But people should research the candidate before they vote for one anyway. Oh and BTW the election of President Obama also brought out some closet racist…THAT no one can deny.

      • JZ

        True, I never realized how racist black people were until after the election. How the president would be watching out for “his people” now, how blacks were superior, etc. And, if I hear one more time how blacks are entitled because their people were slaves…if they are so unhappy in this country they can hop right back onto a ship and go back to their homeland. No need to stay here where they can live off of welfare when they can go back to the village and deal with famine and disease.

      • aliciaelaine

        um I’m black and far from a racist so plead your case elsewhere. By you saying that they can hop right back onto a ship and go back to their homeland is racist in itself. We cannot go back to somewhere we have never been to. So again plead your racist case somewhere else to someone who cares

      • cspice727

        JZ…I hope you are aware that this country is not your homeland. If racist hate blacks or any other race, they too can hop to go back to their homeland. The majority of folks on welfare are whites…the wealthy rich who benefits from my taxes. They feel privileged but yet claim that they are hard working…gimme a break, they are lazy, robbers, and murderers.

      • Alecta

        What color is the sky in your world? The US is so far from getting past racial stereotypes it isn’t funny. Look around.

      • modera8

        We’re moving past them. We have a ways to go, but we’re getting there. Once again – the fact that Mr. Obama was elected president is a step in the right direction.

      • CherMoe

        The fact that Republicans have called him names both privately and very much so in public AND have DECLARED their dislike and even hatred for him as well as OBSTRUCTING HIM 100% for 5 years even if it means ruining the country …. tells me that RACISM IN AMERICA IS ALIVE AND WELL AND FLOURISHING. One only has to look at the Zimmerman case (the Trayvon Martin murder) and the Supreme Court ruling that says racism isn’t an issue these days in those southern states.

      • Alice James

        You have been TOLD that Republicans have said that. And you listen, without fact checking, good job

      • cspice727

        Alice…I guess you do listen, read, or watch the news. Certainly it’s a fact that many Republicans have made racist and derogatory statements about the President. I have even watched clips where racists statements were made and individuals apologized. I would suggest you read more before posting.

      • Alice James

        Yea, I know all about how people make up new phrases to be offended by.

      • Jbo

        Obama was only voted in because he’s black. The whole underlying message to his campaign was “vote for me or you’re racist.”

      • Drock

        No his message was vote for me I’m not part of the establishment, Only idiots like you think it was vote for him or be racist.

      • Our Country is getting past racial stereotypes? Surely, you cannot be serious! Let me give you just a few examples of why I do not believe this is accurate as an assessment. First, the fact that this President was elected and re-elected does not show that we are getting past our racial animus. Go look at the returns themselves and you will see that the majority of White citizens did not vote for the President. But with that fact aside consider the following:

        At this year’s Missouri State Fair, two rodeo clowns were dressed in costumes, one like the President and another dressed as a clown. Odd that the clown went over to the one dressed as the President and played with his lips. Now call me naive, but when progressives or anyone for that matter, can find rationalizations for that specific behavior, which is clearly racial in tone, we continue to have a problem in this area.

        Second, just recently, it was discovered in testimony that Paula Deen’s corporation and restaurant located in Georgia, and owned by Bubba her brother, engaged in sexist and racist behavior. This was not behavior engaged in 20 years ago as many would come to believe, but current behavior engaged in by none other than the Food Network’s star’s brother. I am talking about Blacks needing to use the back door, racial slurs being used in the workplace, and all of the other issues which usually accompany this sordid behavior. Yes, the action was settled and we the public do not know what the settlement was for, and nor do I care, but I think this provides further evidence that we still have an issue. You probably are wondering how one can make such an assumption with just this example, that is with just her Brother acting this way: I was not referring so much to the actual behavior, but the millions of people who responded IN FAVOR of Bubba and Paula Deen’s behavior. Whether folks were misguided in their rationale or not, matters little to me, as a social scientist! What matters is how people responded.

        Finally, I present to you a site found or located on Facebook’s site called Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. When you visit that particular site, you will see that this country, while perhaps making headway into the arena of equality, is far from it, as demonstrated by the comments found on their site.

        I think these three examples reflect we have a long way to go regarding race relations and it is my hope we do not delude ourselves into believing that just because we elected a black man into the presidency, equates to our overcoming this issue. Many thanks!

      • modera8

        I said we’d made progress. Racism is still around in our society, but things have gotten better. The fact that slaves don’t work plantations is proof of that. We have a ways to go. It’s helped by those of us (of all ethnicities) who take responsibility for ourselves and get educations, don’t glorify criminals or join gangs, respect ourselves, and treat one another with respect.

      • Michael Siever

        Yeah, the slaves were freed. I mean it’s not like we had to fight a civil war and fight tooth and nail to pass a Constitutional Amendment that ended slavery. Those southern plantation owners just willingly let their slaves go free, and slavery just ended like that without a fight, like you insist it did…

      • modera8

        How many years ago did that happen? I didn’t say that slavery ended without a fight. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, apparently, Mr. Siever.

      • cspice727

        We still see blatant racism today and would encourage people to review the research conducted by University of Rochester about the after effect of slavery is still lingering today.

      • Hi,

        I would be remiss if I did not make abundantly clear my agreement that we have made progress. My point is that we have a lot farther to go with this issue. But you as well as the one I responded to, are correct!

      • JustMe

        Getting past? LOLOLOL! His election and re election has sparked a new racist revolution on the right. Hey, nice try tho.

      • aliciaelaine

        exactly!!!! It’s called the Tea Party!

      • Gigi_G_G

        You must not know very many people from the South…

      • Whiplash

        Two wrongs make a right now…?

      • aliciaelaine

        what are you talking about? to vote for someone because of their race is crazy

      • Whiplash

        Modera8 said voting for him because they thought he was black was disgusting.

        This is a “wrong.”

        You basically said voting against a candidate simply for being black is a “wrong.” But your sarcastic wording implies you’re defending voting for a black candidate just because he is black, because others will vote against him for the same reason.

        I agree, voting or not voting for someone based on race is wrong. And two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • aliciaelaine

        lol ok I was sarcastic and I meant to be I was pointing out that ppl have not voted for a candidate for the same reason. either way yes it’s wrong. vote for someone because you know what that candidate stands for and know how the policies that they support will affect you. It’s sad to know that some can’t get past how a candidate looks instead of what he/she can do for the community

    • cjsismoi

      It’s only disgusting if you also believe that it’s disgusting when people vote for a candidate because the candidate is white.

      • modera8

        Uh, that was the point – race shouldn’t be an issue here.

      • aliciaelaine

        good point

    • BackSeatJesus

      I do find it disgusting to vote for a candidate because of what race they are versus what policies they stand for. Maybe next election, people will pay attention to the issues and not the color of the candidate. No one to blame but the constituents.

    • CherMoe

      Not really, when you consider that all “christian” southerns vote for people because they’re rich, white “good ole boys” who support slavery. There are those who vote for a person ONLY because they claim to be religious or they say they are “pro-life.”

      • Alice James

        How dare you stereotype me and my southern people! You are just as bad as the accusations you are flaunting!

    • Michael Siever

      Using your logic:

      What about the girl wearing the miniskirt who got raped because the guy who picked her up at the nightclub thought she wanted sex? She’s just as guilty as her rapist.

      • PittsburghProud

        Rape isn’t even about sex, it is about dominance and violence. Your thought process couldn’t be more wrong. SHE’S not guilty of anything.

      • Toomuchcoffeeguy

        And that was the point of Michael’s analogy.

      • modera8

        It was a crappy analogy. It assumes that all women who wear miniskirts want sex, and we don’t. People who walk through peoples’ yards looking in their windows are to be regarded with suspicion, and that’s what happened here. Martin engaged the physical fight. Zimmerman just followed him to make sure he wasn’t doing anything harmful.

      • Michael Siever

        I was actually referring to your analogy of Dave Wilson getting elected because the people he lied to believed him. You were taking the “Blame the people who fell victim to the con man’s scheme while treating the con man as if he’s only human” route. Scary that you’re allowed to vote, since you seem to sympathize for sociopaths…

      • modera8

        If the reason they voted for him was their belief that he was black, then they are racist. Maybe we ought to run elections without being able to see the candidates so we can judge them on their abilities and campaign platforms rather than their ethnicity or gender. Actually not a bad idea at all.

      • Michael Siever

        Idiot! What you just described is exactly how Dave Wilson got elected. He stayed behind the shadows and didn’t put any pictures of himself or his actual political stances (Conservative values, anti-gay agenda) on his mailers, because he could never win running on that platform in a predominately black district displaying that information, since that doesn’t resonate with them. If they were familiar with Ron Wilson, the black politician, and not Dave Wilson’s cousin, Ron Wilson, they probably based their votes on that misleading endorsement. There ought to be a law that says you actually have to put pictures of yourself on mailers, along with your stances, so the voters can make informed decisions on who they want to vote for. I’m pretty sure that Ivy League graduates have fallen victim to scams, too, so let’s put this “uneducated voters are to blame” nonsense to rest.

      • modera8

        Yeah, so they can take into consideration important things like your ethnicity, so the uneducated bigots such as yourself know who to chase down after they put on their white robes and hats.

      • Toomuchcoffeeguy

        His analogy did not assume that, what it did was point out that there is no difference between that argument and the argument that Martin was dressed suspiciously. There is no proof that Martin was looking in windows, and given the fact that most people in the neighborhood were home at that time it is highly unlikely that he would have done so or that he could have done so without being seen by at least one other witness, which he was not.

    • Gravity

      That’s my whole thought also. Is it not racist to vote for someone because you think he is black or thought he was black. Voters should do research on who they vote for. If they voted for him because of what he said he was going to change and help correct things- does it really matter if he was white, black , asian, hispanic or anything else? One person fool a district- We have a President that fooled and lied to 300 million plus people!

  • PissPrincessKim

    This should be illegal. It is clear voter fraud and he should be disqualified.

    • Michael Siever

      But, didn’t you hear? He’s a Republican, so he gets a free pass to do this. It’s only illegal when Democrats do it…

    • Dave Martin

      Technically he did not lie so it is not voter fraud, but it does show how stupid the people who voted for him are.

      • Michael Siever

        Um, actually, if he put pictures of nothing but black people on his mailers and said Ron Wilson endorsed him, with the intent to mislead them into thinking he was referring to a black politician with the same name that they were familiar with, then yes, he did deliberately deceive them. Deceiving people is the same as lying to them.

      • Dave Martin

        No it is not because he never said that the pictures were of him and his cousin is a person named Ron Wilson. So the people who fell for it are just lazy or dumb.

  • Allyson Harris

    He should be disqualified, not allowed to serve, and I would look into fraud charges against him….

    • lolkiller1


      • Allyson Harris

        Uh….Misrepresentation, pure and simple. He “passed himself off” knowing exactly what he was doing. It was deliberate and willful. And that’s a no no.

      • Dave Martin

        I think the people that voted for him without any research or knowing who they were voting for should not be allowed to vote again.

      • passyourselfoff

        he didn’t break any laws. he shouldn’t be punished because of voter stupidity.

      • Folkwolf101

        He didn’t even lie. He sure did teach his new constituents a lesson, though.

      • Rick Catdaddy Blankenship

        All politians misled and misrepresent. I think anyone that voted for this guy should have their voting privlages taken away.

  • Mike Williams

    Texas, right….not surprised.

  • Skyewalker

    Misleading and deceptive conduct. Misrepresentation. Election fraud. Any of the above. All of the above plus more. Really says a lot about the voters too. Tragic.

  • maxiemom

    Why is it Republicans who are always committing voter fraud, no matter what kind it is?

    • sfbusker

      Great question! One that always gets swept under the carpet. But, worse than that, why is it that people KNOW they cheat and steal elections (Bush: 2000), yet people continue to vote for them. THAT is a very frightening situation!!

  • Paul Keller

    That community college is uber-screwed.


    This is 2013 not 1950 and there are hundreds of resource even the poorest person can get hold of to be informed as to who they are voting for if they want it and as manipulating as the creep was, I fault the voters in this election for being so uninformed as to fall for this crap, it don’t make sense not this day and age, this just goes to show the reason some whites feel they can treat African Americans with such disrespect including the POTUS because of the brainwashed slavery mentality some still have and won’t let go of it, what will it take for them to WAKE UP!!!

    • regressive rightwing trash

      I like ur blue button,,,, gotta get me some of those

    • Allyson Harris

      I see what you are saying, at yet….here in my State we citizens vote for judges. They don’t really campaign much, most of them; most of them are just names on a list to most people in my State. Sadly, we tend to elect judges who have recognizable names, rather than looking into just who the candidate actually is. I guess what I am trying to say is, it’s not just African Americans that this happens with – it crosses all racial and ethnic boundaries, unfortunately.


        I agree but the pure blatancy of it seem to always be perpetrated on African Americans because the reputation proceed them in being uneducated, uniformed and a laziness to not want to change that perception, I’m very disappointed and surprised that no one in the community didn’t try to educated these people on what this guy was doing, especially when it was dealing with their children education, I’m from the northeast and we take very seriously who sit on our schools boards its not a joke or game

  • Quinton Lamar Willis

    Lol its funny but hey they should have been informed

    • lindylou

      Informed voters are a dream: many voters just tick off the first box on the ballot.

  • Alecta


  • Magsmoore

    Most people will tell you that it’s bad business to talk politics or religion. Whoever said that must have been a politician or a priest. Cuz we have a culture that hates any kind of deep thinking about issues that affect their lives. Turn on the tube and pass the hot dogs.

  • Rory

    funny as hell to me.!!!

  • John A Gulsby

    How many of you know the people on your community college district boards? Your school board? And what they stand for?

  • JZ

    Absolutely love how everyone is getting upset over this. Fact is, our elections have been a mockery for years. Nowhere did this man do anything illegal. He did not claim that the Ron Wilson he was talking about was the black man, nor did he claim the pictures on the flyer were of himself. The truth is, he made a clear statement about how uneducated most voters are about the candidates. As Americans we have to take a test to get into decent universities, take a test to get a drivers license, take a test to receive a license for many different careers, yet to vote for our leader we just have to breath and be of age. Why do you all think that in the past women and blacks were not allowed to vote? It was because they were uneducated and it was to protect our government from having elected official soley based on stupidity. Sure society has changed and women and blacks are now educated, but perhaps there should be a test to prove you are educated enough to make the decisions that affect our country.

  • Michael Siever

    Allen, need I remind you that just 14 months ago, Mitt Romney gave an interview on Univision with a spray tan to pander to Latino voters? Dave Wilson wasn’t the first to deceive voters about his race, and he certainly won’t be the last.

    This doesn’t even come close to being the worst level a politician has stooped to in order to get elected. For me, that (dis)honor goes to Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA). In 2002, incumbent Democratic Senator Max Cleland voted against going to war with Iraq, because he didn’t want more men being subjected to a similar fate to his own by being sent into yet another unnecessary war, having lost both of his legs and his right arm in Vietnam. Saxby Chambliss, on the other hand, never served in the military, due to receiving student deferments and medical deferments, the latter of which was due to bad knees he sustained from playing football in high school and college. So how did Chambliss, with no firsthand experience of going to war, handle his Vietnam veteran opponent’s stance on the war? Did he respectfully agree to disagree with Cleland’s stance and pick another issue to tackle him on? Of course not! Not when you have Karl Rove at your disposal. Naturally, Chambliss’ camp came up with an attack ad, saying that Max Cleland was a terrorist sympathizer, who wanted Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein to succeed at winning the War on Terror.

    Let me tell you, if I was a triple-amputee who lost those limbs in combat, and a guy shat all over me like that just so he could steal my job from me, I would go get some prosthetic limbs, so I could kick him in the testicles with my prosthetic steel leg as hard as I could.

  • jamest1148

    Am I to understand that the writer of this article feels cheated because he was led to believe that Dave Wilson was black? Did Mr. Wilson actually come out and say he was black? What about his goals for running for office? Did the writer even look to see what Mr. Wilson wanted to do in office? It seems to me that the writer votes only for candidates who are black and nothing else. Am I wrong? Prove it. I have proof that the writer is racist. Does he have proof that Mr. Wilson is racist? I doubt it.

    • Michael Siever

      “Does he have proof that Mr. Wilson is racist? I doubt it.”

      Perhaps you didn’t watch the video in the linked story the author posted, where Mr. Wilson flat-out says he used a strategy even he didn’t think would work. When his interviewer points out to him that all of the flyers and mailers had nothing but pictures of black people on them, Mr. Wilson suddenly plays the “Oh, yeah. How about that?”/”I know nothing.” routine, which is usually what somebody does to ease their guilty conscience, when they’re being accused of foul play. When he has nothing but pictures of black people on his mailers and flyers, and on some of those mailers and flyers, he says that his cousin, who shares the same name as a well-known black politician from that state, has endorsed him, it’s pretty clear what his motive was. I mean, what other strategy could he be referring to that he didn’t think would work?

      On the flip-side, I’m sure there are plenty of Texas voters in rural areas who voted for Rick Perry, even though they probably don’t even know who he is, what his political stances are, or what he looks like, solely because he has the word “Republican” next to his name on the ballot. The whole notion of elections being decided by shallow voters is a two-way street, my friend…

  • jamest1148

    Just because Mr. Wilson may pretend to be Santa Clause once a year, does that mean he is by using your logic? Or is that “unfair” too?

    • Michael Siever

      I tried using your logic to come to an understanding of where you might be coming from, but I encountered a bit of a hiccup when I got to the part where you said “Minority voters = Imaginary holiday characters”. Yeah, I’m gonna need some whiskey to digest this one…

  • Michael Siever

    Brief overview of the facts:

    Exhibit A: Dave Wilson admits in the video that he used a campaign strategy that even he didn’t think would work.

    Exhibit B: Wilson put pictures of nothing but black people on his flyers and mailers in a voting district primarily comprised of black voters, while putting absolutely no pictures of himself on these mailers and flyers. When the interviewer confronts him about this, Wilson immediately plays dumb, and acts like he doesn’t know what the guy is talking about.

    Exhibit C: Wilson went out of his way to say that Ron Wilson endorsed him, and that they’re cousins, while there is a completely different person with the same name, Ron Wilson, who was a well-known black state representative. Why would he put the name of his cousin, some arbitrary and random person who probably doesn’t even live in that district, or anywhere close to it, as somebody who endorses him on his mailers, unless he’s trying to trick the voters into thinking he’s referring to a well-known figure in the black community with the same name?

    When you pair Exhibits B and C together, it’s patently obvious that he was deliberately trying to deceive the black voters in that district into thinking he was black. After all, what else could have been his campaign strategy that even he didn’t think would work? Free hats? Free beer?

    • Diane Goldman

      And why wouldn’t black voters vote for a black candidate? It is no secret that black candidates most often reflect the views of black voters. And the same goes for white voters. And Asian voters, and Hispanic voters. Get over it !!

      • Michael Siever

        Except Mr. Wilson didn’t even say what his real views were. Could he have won if he had run on saying “I’m a white Republican, and I believe in conservative values, and I don’t like gays”? Yeah, probably not. He based his entire campaign on lies, deception, and fraud.

  • Michael Siever

    Here in North Austin (close to Cedar Park), a Republican area, a woman running for the Round Rock Independent School District Board of Trustees ran on a platform of keeping traditional science in schools, including evolution. However, after getting elected, she started approving more and more textbooks with creationism in them, and when she was confronted on the matter, she tearfully broke down and admitted she actually was trying to sneak creationism back into public schools, and lied about her platform because she knew she wouldn’t get elected on her true intentions. A week after her tearful confession, she resigned. Perhaps Dave Wilson will end up doing the same thing if enough people give him hell for misrepresenting himself.

  • Rickem

    Texas, of course.

  • Guest

    He did nothing illegal. He never claimed he was black, people just implied it, based on his campaign flyer. Was it underhanded and deceptive? Sure was.

    I would expect nothing less from a Republican.

  • dee

    Don’t think he wanted the job just wanted to make a point and that he did. If your going to take the time to vote know what the person not color stands for. Wouldn’t it be great if only color was the deciding factor for good results. Instead of having to listen to all the promises that are made by our politicians that never happen..

  • Michael Siever

    Excerpt from Wikipedia:

    “Donald Burt Yarbrough (born August 5, 1941 in Dallas, Texas) served as a justice on the Texas Supreme Court.

    Yarbrough ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 1976 claiming that God
    wanted him to run for that office. Yarbrough defeated a well-respected
    judge, Charles Barrow, in the Democratic Party primary, mainly because most voters confused him with either Don Yarborough (who had run for Governor before) or Senator Ralph Yarborough.”

    So, this isn’t the first time somebody has used their name or somebody else’s name to get elected…

  • Common sense

    I have to say.. if you’re voting for someone based on race alone and not the issues.. you get what you deserve.. race should no part in politics but unfortunately..

  • S. Phillips

    Using his cousin’s endorsement to suggest endorsement by a politician of the same name was intentionally misleading. Shame on Dave Wilson. Hope he trips himself up with his absence of ethics and goes to jail.

  • Alice James

    I am
    just going to say that if America has to pass bills to MAKE us get along
    and treat each other with respect than we have failed as a county. No
    amount of laws will MAKE us get along with each other or except each
    other as individuals. Laws will MAKE us resent each other and cause
    worse problems though. These laws separate us by race, religion,
    abilities and sexual preferences. How are we THE UNITED STATES OF
    AMERICA when our laws divide us? I say it is time to put your big boy
    pants on America! Lets be equal and United.

    • aliciaelaine

      what laws are causing division?

  • that guy

    Don’t care about him pretending to be black, getting the fake endorsement is dirty,… but it’s politics, not much more dirty than a lot of things that happen in politics.

  • Alice James

    AND…….. He did not lie in his campaign. It is amazing how Obama supporters have a double standard. Double standards are usually created because of unconditional love for someone. You love them so much that you can not admit their downfalls. Do any of you realize how ignorant it is to have unconditional love for a politician?

  • Michael Wright

    “Mockery” may be the wrong word. “Cynical” is a better word. It hurts the authentic more when the cynical are right. We need to be more informed for democracy to yield its true promise.

  • Dawn Anderson

    This should be a big wake up call for voters to educate themselves. It’s not his fault that the voters made assumptions about what he put out there.

  • Michael Siever

    A lot of these comments I’m seeing are basically saying that we should blame shallow voters who voted for a guy based solely on race, while the guy who misrepresented himself should just get off scot-free, because, hey, he just wanted to win an election. What’s so wrong about passing himself off as somebody he’s not?

    I am so sick of this “Blame the victim, treat the culprit as if he’s only human” nonsense. Wilson knew damn well that he was defrauding these voters by using psychology on them. Maybe, he should, oh, I don’t know, be held to a higher standard, because he’s supposed to represent them, not the other way around. If the only way he could win was to cheat, then quite frankly, he deserved to lose.

    And we really need to realize that shallow-voting works both ways. I’m sure there are plenty of fiscal conservatives who regret voting for George W. Bush solely because he had an MBA, and they believed he was going to turn our economy around, when in actuality, he didn’t know the first thing about running a business because he didn’t earn that MBA, but rather his daddy pulled strings to make that happen. Also, I know plenty of female voters in Texas who voted for Rick Perry every time not because they liked his policies, but solely because he has great hair and is handsome.

  • Michael Siever

    The city of Houston, as a whole, has a large minority population, with many blacks, Latinos, and Asians, and they just re-elected their gay white female mayor to a third term. So, I guess that debunks the misconception that minority voters only vote for politicians with their corresponding ethnicity…

  • Ted

    I think the primary message to draw from this is that people are more willing to base their decisions on skin color than on policy. Obviously he mislead the community, but it also highlighted a clear problem with our voters and how they are often swayed by more superficial qualities than by a politician’s platform

  • winningtigerblood

    i love this because it proves how completely fucked our voting system is and how stupid most voters really are.

  • Fedup

    How is this different from one running for office under the auspices of being christian and also eligible by falsifying records?

  • reach

    They only voted for him because they thought he was black! I’m happy for Dave! Yay!

  • reach

    Also a lot of you have terrible grammar. If you want to convince, you need to sound educated.

  • Michael Crowe

    I equally disagree with his tactics and the truth of the psychology he exploited—people don’t pay attention.

  • Folkwolf101

    I think he made a point, and a good point at that. It would be highly racist of him or anyone else if he sent out flyers claiming everyone should vote for him if only because he is white. So, instead, he is proving that a great many people of color also vote based on racial identity politics. Ultimately, this lesson can be valuable in stopping racism and bigotry on all levels, not just with white folks.

  • FormerHoustonian

    WOW the local media really fell down on the job here. If even one reporter had picked up on what this guy was doing and began reporting it, this scum never would have won. Now the Board is stuck with him for six years, unless they can think of something to use to outst him. The silent treatment might work, too – if the other members simply ignore him completely, he might get bored and quit. He has a history of being a “nuisance candidate,” so maybe he just likes to RUN, and winning/serving is a whole different can of worms. In the meantime, the media needs to absolutely hammer voters about this, as an abject lesson in DOING THEIR RESEARCH.

  • Dac

    Why are the voters not chastised in the article for voting for him just because they thought he was black.

  • Cody Werth

    I’m going to have to say this is 100% the communities fault. You’re right. It IS the communities responsibility to correctly interpret any political information about their country. However… Look at our country.. People voted Obama in because he was pretty and wanted to change stuff. Yet the “brighter” masses had no real good look at his policies and what he would do to actually change America.

    This probably comes as a shocker to you, but America’s no where near the top in the world’s educational system. So I guess stop expecting people to be intelligent, because they really aren’t.

  • Mariaté

    Suck it up, trash! You got beat at your own game of fraud and deception! And, unkile most Democratic candidates, he didn’t even have the benefit of voters casting multiple ballots or dead people voting for him…and he still won!

    • HF

      Oh for god’s sake. Get your head out of your @ss.

  • Alfred Friend

    Pretty much sums up Democrat voters.

  • dnav

    Oh and did he ever prove a point and oh does it look so so so bad on the African community and so so so bad for all liberals everywhere, their little racist scheme was exposed and their idiocy was exposed and all the bad they are was exposed — AWESOME JOB Dave Wilson — way to prove a point, way to expose the REAL PROBLEM with American politics which is that it has become a mockery to real Constitutional governance and may the best black liberal win.

  • Grand_Old_Partier

    Wilson’s ambiguous campaign is a walk in the park compared to the Liar-in-Chief. You libiots are reaping what you’ve sown in the form of the weakest economic recovery EVER, so many scandals that one needs a cheat sheet just to keep up and the Unaffordable But-We-Don’t-Care Act is performing as predicted/expected—and will put the GOP in control of the Senate and very possibly a super majority in the House.

  • Jack Jewsbury

    You people are actually mad about this. You are so stupid.

  • gldnbrown

    If he pulled those ads off of other websites, can there be a lawsuit filed? He was not given the authority to cut and paste. This may not go well for Dave Wilson. When you do wrong, nothing good becomes of it. He is only one vote. Big deal. McCain thought women would vote for Sarah Palin just because she was a woman. Wrong.