Who The Hell Do Republicans Really Represent? I’ll Tell You Who…

republicans-representIt’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the Republican party.  They seem to be built on rhetoric and driven by propaganda.  A party which is driven by a series of talking points which I often call “bumper sticker politics.”  Meaning that they refuse to support any issue which won’t neatly fit on a bumper sticker.  It seems many of their constituents simply cannot grasp complicated, critical thoughts.

And me being me, I often like to antagonize Republicans by using logic to answer questions, with factual answers that sometimes require the ability to use critical thinking.

So I decided that I wanted to break down the Republican party and who it is they really represent.  Because to be honest with you, based upon the policies they support, it’s not very many people.  Which is baffling considering millions of Americans routinely vote for these people; votes that seemingly go against their own best interests.

So let’s look at policies Republicans support and eliminate those they don’t seem to represent.


Well, they sure don’t represent women.  Many of them voted against the Violence Against Women Act, opposed legislation which would require employers to pay women the same as men, stripped abortion rights and fought against easier access to contraceptives.  They’ve attacked Planned Parenthood all across the country, and some have even gone as far to claim that not all rape is actually rape.  The way in which many of these conservatives treat women like second-class citizens is reprehensible.  It’s often a group of all-male lawmakers sitting on a committee deciding what’s best for women’s health.  It’s pathetic and it shows a total disrespect for women.


Do I even need to explain the lengths at which Republicans have gone to prevent homosexuals from having equal rights?  Some of them have described the legalization of same-sex marriage as the pathway to bestiality.  Many of them consider homosexuals people suffering from some kind of disease that can be “cured” and individuals that will almost certainly spend an eternity in hell.  If it were up to many of them they’d probably deem homosexuality a crime and incarcerate those who were openly gay.  Hell, some have pushed for laws that make applying for a same-sex marriage license illegal — so it’s really not far-fetched that many of them wish homosexuality in general was against the law.

Any Religion Other Than Christianity

These people really believe they represent Christianity — I, however, do not believe that they do.  They represent some cult-like hybrid of a political party blended with a handful of excerpts from the Bible.  I call it “Republicanity.”

But when it comes to tolerance for other religions, Republicans have none.  To many of them, most other religions are just filled with heathens and Muslims are all just radical terrorists who hate the United States and wish to see it destroyed — which, of course, is absurd.

They talk often about “religious freedom,” but they really only mean religious freedom for their religion.  And they really don’t even mean religious freedom.  What they actually mean is they want the freedom to enforce their religious views on other people.

And that’s not religious freedom, that’s religious control.


Well, they’re getting better when it comes to minorities — at least a few of them, anyway.  But it’s not because they want to, it’s because they really have to.  They realize if they want to remain relevant in national elections they better start appealing to minorities better — specifically Latinos.

Don’t forget, this is the party that just last year had their presidential candidate run on the immigration platform of “self deportation.”  For those unaware of what self deportation is, it’s the process of making life so unbearable for undocumented workers that they return back to their home countries.  Essentially, the policy that we should treat undocumented immigrants so inhumanely that they’d flee the United States.

And let’s not forget that a sensible immigration reform bill was sent to the House of Representatives, but Speaker Boehner just refuses to vote on it — literally.  He won’t allow the bill to even come up for a vote.

Then should we look at their new strict measures as it relates to their voter ID laws?  Laws which seem to specifically target minority voters.  Well, laws which target voters who often vote for Democrats — and many of these voters happen to be minorities.

Or the comments similar to those made by Republican Senator Rand Paul, who said he feels that the Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional.

Quick, name a few of the most recognized faces of the Republican party or the right-wing media:

George W. Bush, John Boehner, Dick Cheney, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain—I’ll stop there.  The list, of course, is just based on who I think of when I think of recent “big name” Republicans.

Notice anything?  Almost entirely male, with only one female — and every single one of them is white.

So they sure as heck don’t represent minorities.

The Poor/Middle Class

Last year they threatened to allow tax breaks for every American to expire, unless the top 2% got to keep their tax breaks as well.  Think about that for a moment.  They would rather have 100% of Americans pay more in taxes instead of just the top 2%.

Hell, their entire political ideology is based upon “give more to the rich, then they’ll give back to us.”  Their push for fewer regulations, eliminating the minimum wage, austerity, a flat tax or tax cuts in general always benefit the rich.  If they happen to help the other 98% of Americans — well that’s fine and dandy, but that’s not the stated objective.

When millions of Americans needed a job, you know what they did?  Forced budget cuts which eliminated tens of thousands of public jobs.  Then they have the nerve to accuse those needing government assistance of being “lazy moochers.”  Nothing quite like forcing people on welfare, building policies which ensure more people will rely on welfare, then complaining about people being on welfare.

It’s asinine.


How exactly do they represent workers?  They vigorously oppose unions (you know, the things which fought to give us safe working conditions, overtime pay, health benefits, weekends, holidays and worker’s compensation).  They always oppose any mention of a hike to our minimum wage, don’t support regulations which would keep companies from outsourcing jobs and often fight against any government regulation which might provide protections for workers against unethical business practices by their employers.

When it comes down to helping the business or the worker, they choose the business every time.


Ah yes, the “pro-life” party.  Ironic considering they also often brag about their frequent use of the death penalty.  Republicans are great at caring about an unborn fetus, it’s just the whole — rest of his or her life they tend to not care about.  You know, because if that child happens to be born female, into a family of immigrants who aren’t Christians, who happens to be gay and ends up working blue-collar jobs their entire life — that child is everything Republicans constantly stand against.

So let’s see, we’ve established Republicans don’t represent:

  • Women
  • Minorities/Immigrants
  • Homosexuals
  • Workers
  • Religions other than Christianity
  • The poor or middle class
  • Fetuses after they’re born

So, just who in the hell do Republicans represent?

Well, all that’s left is:

  • Wealthy
  • Straight
  • White
  • Christian
  • Males

And those are the only people most Republicans actually represent. 

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Bob

    and truth be known they are doing a crappy job of representing Straights, Whites, Males, and especially Christians. What’s that leave?

    • Andrew P

      They represent *wealthy* straight white male Christians. The first part is crucial. If the roles were reversed, and the majority of the wealth in America was concentrated in black folks hands, then they’d be the part of Lincoln who single handedly fought for black independence. This is the most important part, seeing as American politics explicitly allows bribery *cough* sorry – campaign contributions.

      • Austin Gag

        You do realize that Lincoln never fought singlehandedly for independence of African Americans? The emancipation proclamation didn’t even free all the American slaves, only the ones that were in states in a state of rebellion.

      • skyesailor

        True, The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the Confederate states.. There were slave states that stayed in The Union and Congress voted in 1864 not to free those slaves.. By the time Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, every slave in General Lee’s charge had been freed. Notably, some Union generals didn’t free their slaves until the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868.

        Lee had said slavery was a moral and political evil..


  • Lady K

    Great article! From what I understand, the Republicans didn’t used to be like this. How did so much greed and selfishness get into the party? And why are people so willing to let the blind lead the blind? The Republicans are showing us everything that isn’t working in our politics and in our country.

    So many are so determined just to vote party lines that all common sense, compassion, and empathy have gone right out the window. They’re also giving Christianity a bad name and so many people are turning away from the religion, church, and God because of the hypocrisy they are seeing.

    Also, just a side note on the gay issue and bestiality….Bestiality is already legal in numerous states. Hmmmm.

    • Kevin Kuhn

      ” From what I understand, the Republicans didn’t used to be like this. How did so much greed and selfishness get into the party?” It started with Regan DE-regulations and Reganomics, then spiraled downward from there. Regan has to date been the worst president the US has ever had.

      • gemma liar

        absoluuuutely spot on accurate,,,,,, and: as NOT seen on FOX “news”

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        The wealthiest counties in America went for Obama in the last election. Do Occu-tards understand this?

      • Kevin Kuhn

        Exactly what does that have to do with the current joke called trickle down economics to wit we are suffering from still to this day? Every single republican president since Regan has left the office in massively larger debt than when they took office. The only presidents to make any dents in our deficit and our debt have been democrats, something republicans seem too stupid to grasp. Do some research ffs, in 5 minutes you can figure that out for yourself. When Regan took office from Carter we were hurting… massively. So Regan slapped some rapid bandaid solutions that has destroyed the middle class decades later. Do you understand these basic concepts or are you too stubborn and continue to be willfully ignorant? Btw I’m an independent who votes on which ever candidate I think is better for the country, politics isn’t football so I avoid cheering for specific “teams”

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        “So Regan [sic] slapped some rapid bandaid solutions that has [sic] destroyed the middle class decades later.”
        I see this on sites like DKos. It is absurd. It’s like Clinton (whose presidency was not bad for this expat…) never existed.

  • Kathy

    I actually made a decent living and the Republicans still never offered anything that I could wrap my head around. I always viewed them as an exclusive clique who were for the most part, mean-spirited to all who were not wealthy, white and male. There is a reason that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, that reason is called republican politicians. Having said that, it has bothered me for many years that, male politicians in general feel that they know what is best for women. It is long past time for women to decide what is best for them. All life changing decisions concerning women should go to a vote, not mandated by male politicians.

    • Andrew P

      I completely agree with you Kathy. So when are you going to stand as a politician?

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      What I can’t understand is all those poor Southerners who completely support the Republican party.

      • gailillly

        I understand why the South continues to vote repuke yr. after yrs is because of their stupidity and ignorance. They do not take the time to learn about the issues or their candidates, just vote repuke as that is what they have always done which this last election they voted for Romney and he would have CUT every program they depend upon. They refuse to learn about what is taking place and continue to vote the same with, to me that is stupidity and ignorance. Until they take the time to do the work to find out what is going on, they will continue to vote for the candidates that are against their own interests.

      • nana5645

        In the South there used to be a political phenomenon called “The Solid South”. From the end of “Reconstruction” in 1877 until the Democratic Party embraced the Civil Rights struggle, the South always voted Democratic. That ended when the Democratic Party came out strongly against racial prejudice in the early to mid-1960’s. All of the unregenerate racists then in the Democratic Party began calling themselves “Dixiecrats” and by the next electoral cycle they had all become Republicans. The fact that people like Strom Thurmond, and Jesse Helms, and Trent Lott and all the rest of them suddenly became Republicans.

      • Agree with what you say, to which I would add that the South is also the “Bible Belt” and that since Reagan, the GOP has pulled a massive con-job with Evangelical Christians, linking religion to tightfisted and uncharitable economic policies and promising to abolish abortion and legalize prayer in public schools in return for their vote.

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        He was a lousy president but why do so many “Liberals,” trotting out their absurd theories about the supposedly racist Repub south, always overlook Carter’s sweep of the region?

      • Laura26

        I am 60 and have spent my entire life in North Carolina. I am a proud Democrat and support Obama. A major point many miss in the story of the south, we have grown tremendously in the last two decades and that is attributed to the northerners realizing the beauty of our area. Many come to retire in NC and many businesses have moved to the South, bringing their employees. I have found that many of these transplants are more Republican than their new neighbors. I have been really surprised at their bigotry…almost as if, ‘I have found the South, it is mine’. I wish we could all be open minded and think of all. Their are many more private schools in Charlotte and our public schools are hurting. A transplant’s money goes further in the south and private schools are exploding. So….don’t blame it on the ‘South’, we have many wonderful people from everywhere that are not ignorant. But what is happening with the Koch brothers in the country is happening in NC supported by rich North Carolinians.

      • Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

        You are so right Laura26. These refugees from the northeast are killing Atlanta as well. They left more liberal areas in the northeast because of their bigotry and are determined to return the south to 1958.

      • KEnzor

        Gailillly, please share with us your knowledge of why Montana, North & South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Arizona, Alaska, etc., voted Republican in the last two elections, as you seem so sure in your knowledge of the intelligence, or lack thereof in your view, of those of us who live and vote in the South. I’m curious, are people in states outside the south that voted Republican just stupid and ignorant as well? I’m a democrat, by the way, as well as a life-long southerner, and as such, resent your stereotyping. I assume you are a fellow Democrat, which makes your characterization even more appalling as that is behavior I usually attribute to, ummm, Republicans.

      • Collean

        the true answer to why poor repugnantcans vote the way they do is racism. Rich repugnantcans sell them the story of welfare queens, lazy good for nothings that are stealing from the poor repugnantcans. Stealing how, well these “other” are using the resources that are meant for them so it has to be stopped. But the damned fools don’t see that they are cutting their own throats. Rich repugnantcans lie on the on the president, telling poor repugnantcans that he is coming for their guns, giving funds to minorities, taking lavish vacations (because you can have a black man taking a vacation, he is supposed to be working), and putting the fix in against poor repugs. All the lies they lay at the presidents feet are demons that the rich repugnantcans have hatched to keep themselves and their buddies rich, to hell with the rest of us. But they sell the poor repugs “we are in this together, vote for me and “WE” will win”……. all the while they keep voting for these asses and can’t figure out why they have less and less everytime the vote repugnantcan.

      • Steve Giovanis

        You’re right. I lived in the south most of my life . I’ll add that they’re still fighting the civil war. Only this time it’s the conservative republicans against the liberal democrats.

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        ” I understand why the South continues to vote repuke yr. after yrs is because of their stupidity and ignorance. ”
        Were you around in ’76? Carter took every state in the South.

      • SaVanityVan

        As a liberal born to a family of redneck Republicans, I believe I can shed a bit of light on that question. The answer? Ignorance. I don’t mean that everyone here is stupid – that is not what ignorance means – I mean they are entirely unaware of the realities of the world and have not been raised to even consider acknowledging that other opinions or perspectives even exist. It’s a society where your parents staunchly believe in things they know nothing about, and react with violence, anger, and belittlement to the suggestion of any other point of view. Not everyone’s like this, of course, but for those living in small, poor areas, it’s rampant. Many of these people have been taught since birth by all authority figures around them – family members, church staff and followers, members of the community, and sometimes teachers – that everyone and anyone that says something different than what they believe is wrong, stupid, lying, or part of some ulterior agenda. That’s why these moronic Republican tactics work so well; they just use the same methods to control the masses that said people’s parents used on them growing up. It’s getting better, and many young people are starting to think for themselves and move away from their parent’s beliefs (students in advanced classes and programs that involve debate/critical thinking/world news and culture/etc. are especially enlightened). I understand first hand how infuriating these people can be, but really it’s more sad than anything. There are some people raised in the deep South that are so terribly ignorant, not just to politics but to even basic education, it’s a travesty. They never had a fucking chance, and their children (and they have many of them, believe me) are in the same boat. It’s a vicious circle that just goes round and round throughout the generations. What’s needed more than anything is more education, and in the deep South particularly, education reform. Too many teachers in little back-water towns teach ignorance and falsity to the innocent children of those communities, breeding ignorance unending. The problem with that, of course, is that education is another thing Republicans seem loathe to assist. And after reading what I just wrote, do have an idea as to why? Wheels within wheels within wheels.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Since I asked that question, I found an enlightening book called American Nations by Colin Woodard. He documents the development of North America in terms of ethnic tribes rather than individual states. Take a look; it explains a great deal.

  • sharon40

    I had to laugh when President Obama said that the “peoples representatives” will decide on what steps we will take in Syria. What “peoples representatives”, certainly not most of us-unless you consider the people big agr, big pharm, munitions manufacturers, oil companies, the NRA, evangelicals, the whole damn military/industrial complex, etc. Oh yeah, I forget, the supremes declared that corporations were people.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      The “people’s representatives” = defense contractors.

    • gailillly

      Well I have one of the Best representatives in Congress, Mrs. Elizabeth Warren and she is for the people.

    • wayne R Halverson

      but isn’t your senator or congressman your REPRESENTATIVE?

  • CptSunshine

    I’m a straight, white 74y.o. male, and the GOP sure as hell doesn’t represent me!

    • karen

      Thankfully you’ve seen enough to know that the current GOP isn’t representing anyone with the brains to think for themselves. I don’t know what deal Boehner made with the devil to be back in the current position, but it can’t be good.

    • gemma liar

      im a straight white 55 yr old self employed male living in REPUB south FLA and I hate all that they statnd for,,,,,,so I am enjoying watching them erode through crying a lot,,,,,,,crying a lot,,,,,,,,,,,, crying

    • gailillly

      I am white and 60 yrs. old female and I think it started way before Reagan that the repukes became the party of selfish self-centered and hurray for themselves.

      • lindylou

        Nevertheless, it was during some Republican presidencies that programs to assist the needy were extended, right though the 70’s. I am not a supporter of the current Republican party and always thought they were poised on the edge of hypocracy. Now they are deeply into it.

    • angelady

      me, neither, Cpt sunshine. I’m embarrassed to say I live in Ohio, land of crybaby Boehner (pronounced Bay-ner) … there are lots of folks here who think Republican just out of loyalty and because “their Daddy did, and what was good enough for my Daddy”….etc. It’s all about Farming, Football, and state Fairs… they are blind to what this Congress is capable of doing, and IS DOING to most of them… They have to plant MONSANTO seed because M made a deal with someone…. and the lakes and streams are polluted because no one stops the dumping of pesticides and insecticides into the water… I tell you, it’s TRAGIC what this country allows to happen to a once-pristine Great Woods and Great Swamp, hunted and lived in by Native Americans, but never damaged by them… never hopelessly lost until WE, the undocumented Europeans came over with their pestilence, greed, and plows… and their religions that said they could do all this! I don’t know what the answer is, truly, but I think it begins by NOT VOTING IN thieves, jerks, and crybabies. also, Idiots. o. wait. I already said that…..

  • Superdee

    I don’t agree with you on immigration I’m Hispanic and feel illegal migration isn’t a right of passage. For the most part you’re spot on. Clearly the party doesn’t support women, they don’t support a thriving economy and a bulk of them hire illegal aliens who expand government programs. Good for you, bad for us.

    • gemma liar

      they support married already OLDER( non childbirth unless CHRISTIAN) white women who tithe at a Christian church and do what their white wanna be or elitist husbands tell them to think/do

    • gemma liar

      oh,,,and superdee looks like a total fox

  • Gabriel Gentile

    For a party that doesn’t like homosexuals they sure do harbor a lot.

  • white liberty

    Time for a new political party!


    • Whitey.

      Even more racist that the GOP. And that is hard to do.
      White Liberty = KKK

      • white liberty

        If you believe America is a racist country, then http://whiteliberty.US should be even more successful than the GOP:) Race realism does not fabricate or conceal racial differences; racism does fabricate and conceal real differences. Race realism is fundamentally honest; your liberalism is a racist fantasy.

      • lindylou

        Lovely job of transference. Up is down, fast is slow.

      • I know! Socialists are masters of transference psychological and linguistic warfare. Here is a sample to keep in mind.

        Food rations/ Food Stamps = food
        Public schools = real teachers and real students
        fiat currency = gold
        Freud’s Cultural Marxism = venerable wisdom
        Obamacare = a doctor, nurse, and working medical equipment
        Socialism makes you free

        The real truth is: Venezuela has no toilet paper to wipe the masses of socialist asses. Inclusion, by releasing the insane and Islam on America’s streets makes
        progress, instead of mass shootings, homelessness, and crime. So, we need gun control on everyone, instead of uphold a social filter that puts the insane and jihadists back where they came from.

      • lindylou

        white liberty = jibberish.

      • like Modern art? wap music from the wappas? global warming models that all disagree with each other, meaning there is no scientific consensus and never was? the latest sex theories from academic perverts that make one new sexual identity a month? The pathological elite can’t handle reality. The reality-based community is race realism + liberty.

      • Tracy Lund

        Ewww, we’ve been slimed!

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        The KKK was the terror wing of the Democrat Party. Read some history. Educate yourself.

  • Austin Gag

    Why do we need contraceptives?

    • lindylou

      I would like to slip a very heavy condom around some of these Tea Partiers: and please be sure to cover the nostrils.

    • Tracy Lund

      You have single handedly
      demonstrated why.

      • Austin Gag

        I don’t recall it being the job of the government to let you have sex without consequence.

      • GL

        And I don’t recall it being allowed by the government to let someone force their religious beliefs on someone else.

      • Austin Gag

        I never said you couldn’t use your own contraceptive, just that you couldn’t use mine.

    • Flo_C

      Sheesh – what a stupid question.
      Why do we need sex?

      So, you think that a person shouldn’t participate in sexual intercourse unless they’re prepared to give birth to a baby and then care for it until it is old and wise enough to care for itself? Do you practice what you preach?

      Or is it just that you think poor people shouldn’t have babies that they can’t support, and thus they should not have sexual relations at all?
      I expect that you are anti-abortion as well.

      People will continue to have sex – poor people, rich people, and everyone in between. I would much rather pay for everyone’s contraceptives, than have to deal with everyone’s unwanted children. And if you’re worried about money coming out of your pocket to pay for someone else’s contraceptives, just think of the much greater amount of money that comes out of your pocket to raise another person’s unwanted child.

  • Austin Gag

    “Last year they threatened to allow tax breaks for every American to expire, unless the top 2% got to keep their tax breaks as well. Think about that for a moment. They would rather have 100% of Americans pay more in taxes instead of just the top 2%.” Last year they threatened to let tax breaks expire unless they were fair. shucks.

  • Austin Gag

    “When millions of Americans needed a job, you know what they did? Forced budget cuts which eliminated tens of thousands of public jobs.” It isn’t part of the governments job to hire people. Also, one can not complain about taxes, and then not want to reduce spending. There are only two ways to meet a budget. Reduce your budget to your income (taxes) or Raise your income (taxes) to your budget. The only other option is just not making the budget and spending money which doesn’t exist.

  • Alien radio

    Extreme views from an extreme rag, keep browsing u may eventually find an outlet that is less biased / emotional and more factual.

    • lindylou

      You mean like Fox news’ recent allegation that Obama has paid out of pocket to keep some Muslim site open? Those facts resonate more with you? How about the “death panels” and Obama naming the ACA after himself, etc etc. You might call the views written here “extreme”, but don’t claim that the other side of the aisle is less biased/emotional and factual.

      • Austin Gag

        I don’t recall (not that I have to considering that I’m looking at it) him saying that “the other side of the aisle” was less factual. In addition if “the other side of the aisle” was “less biased…”, it wouldn’t be “the other side”, because by nature, everyone is biased.

      • lindylou

        Human nature.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Can’t handle the truth huh? Ya, most of your type think facts are just silly things to be ignored.

  • radsenior

    WORD TO ALL VOTERS – THE GOVERNMENT IS BEING SHUT DOWN DUE TO COMBATIVE TEA-REPUBLICANS ORDERS FROM ON HIGH. Proceed to your voter registration offices and comply with all newly passed laws to be able to vote this November and every voting cycle in the future. Voter regret has definitely set it! Voter apathy has allowed a small segment of our nation to shut down, block, inhibit any progress. It will take massive voter registration to correct voter regret and apathy! It is up to each and everyone of us to make sure voter polls are increased to offset TEA fringe voters. TEA-elements will vote! All Americans should stand your ground when voting. People should be interested in getting deputized to register people to vote, getting registration forms, camping out at gatherings, grocery stores, churches and fire stations to raise the level of participation in the political arena. The 2014 Mid-term is a-coming! As is 2016, and 2018! V.O.T.E.(Vote Out The Encumberance) Sweep the states and Congress clean in 2014!

    • skyesailor

      And get rid of the easily hacked, vote flipping electronic voting machines.. They’re illegal in parts of Europe, Ireland recently destroyed 8,000 electronic voting machines and sold them as scrap metal..

      • lindylou

        Don’t they worry about all those old people who lack the physical strength to poke a hole in a piece of flimsy paper, therefore leaving “chads”….

  • colorowdy

    best read I have had all night – thanks Allen!

  • Anna Rather

    I can’t agree more with this article!

  • artisanr

    this entire party of anarchist jokers is funded by probably 3 multi-billionaire American families. THAT’S IT. They don’t even represent all wealthy white men, as i’m sure sensible billionaires like Warren Buffet and Henry Bloch proves.

  • Sinjumsmile

    Its a very insanely inhumane cabinet Republic indeed its like they are the only. people in america. very greedy indeed diffinably it has to change to a new understanding to a system of humanity no wonder that’s why some of the American people cannot function like good citizens because of this idea of republicans it should be absolite and them also now its a 21st century the era of Abraham Lincoin is over thats why he ratify the 13th amendment to start a huminitarian system

  • Chris Shupe

    not a big fan of the Republican Party most of the time either, but this
    has to be the dumbest, most simplistic drivel I’ve ever read outside of
    the Huffington Post comments section. Ironic for someone criticizing
    the other side for “bumper sticker politics”.

    half of Republican voters are women, so this whole “war on women”
    propaganda campaign has not been particularly successful, perhaps due to
    its complete separation from reality. Half of the potential victims of
    abortion are female, and in my experience most of the adamant pro-life
    activists outside of government are women. Republicans (thankfully)
    opposed all these “equal pay for women” bills for several reasons: they
    are patently unconstitutional, they would result in all sorts of
    productivity-killing witch hunts, and there is no empirical evidence to
    suggest that women make less money than men when controlling for
    education and experience.

    of them wish homosexuality in general was against the law” is complete
    fabrication. Yes, many Republicans are morally opposed to the practice
    of homosexuality (as is anyone who actually gives a damn about the
    people who practice it), and getting a piece of paper from the
    government stating that you are married is not a “right”, irrespective
    of whether you want to marry someone of the same sex, someone of the
    opposite sex, or your grandma.

    of all the “Republicans hate non-Christians” drivel, the author does
    not give a single example of Republicans trying to “enforce their
    religious views on other people.” One can only speculate on what this
    means in the author’s alternate reality.

    to illegal immigration is not the same as opposition to any
    immigration. Perhaps some of your Cuban friends could attest to that.
    That voter ID laws “seem to specifically target minority voters” is
    about as stupid a statement as “Gambling laws seem to specifically
    target Native Americans”. Trying to construe an effort to ensure that
    people who vote are eligible to do so as being “anti-minority” is
    perhaps the most asinine claim in the article. Though his “name a few
    Republicans” exercise comes close. That was an exercise in confirmation
    bias; somehow he forgot about (most notably) Marco Rubio, Michele
    Bachmann, Herman Cain, Allen West, Condoleeza Rice, etc.

    author clearly did not pass Economics 101 before dropping out of
    community college. “Fewer regulations, eliminating the minimum wage,
    austerity, a flat tax or tax cuts” benefit the entire economy, both rich
    and poor. Again, this is the most basic and most well-established of
    economics. The vast majority of government jobs are a drain on
    productivity, and eliminating them frees up economic resources to hire
    the same workers for productive uses and make everyone better off.
    Opposing outsourcing is simply blind nationalism. Everyone in this
    country (especially poor people) is better off because we have access to
    inexpensive goods made by cheap labor abroad, and it has never caused
    any systematic increase in unemployment at home. Again, basic economics.
    Labor unions are not a problem in and of themselves, and I have never
    known Republicans to oppose them. What Republicans do oppose, however,
    is giving special powers to the unions, which results in driving up
    labor costs to the point of making American manufacturing uncompetitive
    and reducing the amount of jobs for which American companies are willing
    to hire American citizens.

    opposed to the death penalty too, but comparing the murder of an
    innocent baby to the execution of a convicted murderer (ostensibly for
    the purpose of discouraging further murders) is absolutely disgusting.

    • Mo Reno

      “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. ”
      – Mark Twain

  • Tommy Chamberlain

    I’ll tell you why their entire political ideology is based on “give more to the rich, then they’ll give back to us.” Because that is what works so well for them.

  • Joe Cogan

    “A party which is driven by a series of talking points which I often call “bumper sticker politics.” Meaning that they refuse to support any issue which won’t neatly fit on a bumper sticker. It seems many of their constituents simply cannot grasp complicated, critical thoughts.”

    More succinctly, “If it doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker, Republicans won’t unde”.

  • Dee Sutton Velez

    They sure don’t represent Latinos that’s for sure, legal or illegal.

  • Linda Jenkins

    Get ’em, Allen~!!!~

  • Don Berry

    I’m all the things the Republicans represent (except the “wealthy” part, but I do ok…no taking from the government) and I want nothing to do with them. When they discarded the poor and the working class they discarded America.

  • Justin Pluta NJ

    Did any of you ever actually think that maybe….JUST MAYBE, you should vote for the person and not a party all the time…There are good democrats and there are bad ones, there are good repubs and yet there are bad ones…WAKE UP!!

    • Bruce Wayne

      WRONG..Apparently YOU are the one who has been asleep. There are NOT good repugnantcans. NOT A SINGLE ONE!!!

  • nancy

    That sounds kind of gay, huh? A party of only white, wealthy and male members?

  • Kirby

    Allen, Major oversight, you left out CORPORATIONS. The Repubs are opposed to unions, collective bargaining, along with raising the minimum wage, sick leave, and overtime pay. That means they are NOT representing workers, either. And if you don’t represent workers then you must represent their employers.

  • Gregg Lafferty

    These are all GREAT points that have been driven home over and over again in Progressive/Democratic ranks. However, they are all mute points if the “Healthcare” web-site doesn’t work in the next day or so. You see, Republicans are simple minded creatures. They can only see what’s directly in front of them … Kind of like a dog looking at a treat. I expect all hell is gong to break loose if they don’t get the web-site fixed!! What am I saying?

  • weslen1

    “give more to the rich, then they’ll give back to us.” Right here you answered your own question. The rich are the only ones who can afford to buy politicians outright. Those lower income people who vote for Republicans, do so because they share their predjudices or believe their lies. People do not commit crimes based on the shade of their skin, but on the basis of their character. If that weren’t so, there would be no white criminals in all of our prisons. But Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and countless of the worst criminals in history were white. Bill Cosby, with his intelligence and wit and gentle soul has been entertaining the rest of us for my entire life, Michael Clark Duncan was one of the greatest actors of modern times. It’s a crying shame we lost him at such a young age. He would have inspired many more generations of our young people. My youngest granddaughter was in love with “The Rock” at the age of 4. She would stand on a chair, the foot stool or her bed, and recite his entire spiel, word for word, never missing a word of it, immitating every gesture. Those are 3 of our best and brightest of countless black heroes, including Martin Luther King. We have to teach our children to judge others based on thier actions and not on their looks, and until we can do that, nothing will change. If you elect a politician whose net worth doubles or triples after he/she takes office, maybe you need to take a closer look before voting for him/her again.

  • tom

    As a 50 something white Christian male I can tell you that they don’t represent me. Opps I forgot to say educated, probably why they don’t represent me!!!!!!!!

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    Truly simplistic analysis of American politics. Reads like something an excitable fourteen y.o. would write.

  • Victoria Kushnir

    and if cognitive dissonance holds then most caucasions, including the wives, will include themselves amongst those wealthy, straight, white, christian, males even though they may be hovering around the poverty line. Everybody would want to consider themselves ‘part of the privileged club’. If you are hovering around the poverty line or even upper middle class, you will never learn the secret handshake no matter how thinking you fit in elevates your self esteem. helping someone up with no other personal gain will do more for your self esteem than they will ever know.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      which is perfect for the saying………… ” republicans are either rich or stupid. …….. are U wealthy?”