Who’s Destroying Christianity? It Sure as Hell Isn’t the Liberals

bibleIt’s my belief, as was the belief of our Founding Fathers, that religion and politics should never mix.  Honestly, what good can come from it?  Even among the seemingly endless denominations within the Christian faith there’s not a consensus of what is right and what is wrong.

I’ve been to the households of Baptists where drinking is strongly forbidden and against their religious beliefs, and let’s just say I’ve been far less than sober at a Catholic wedding.

But there’s undoubtedly a war being waged within this country by the far-right “Christian fundamentalists” (the ones I call followers of Republicanity) and real Christians who actually follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Since I founded Right Off A Cliff and co-founded Forward Progressives, I’ve made it part of my mission to reclaim Christianity from those who I personally feel don’t follow the Christian faith at all.  Another group I would highly encourage all of you to check out as well is The Christian Left.  It’s another great page that fights the ignorance of Republicanity.

It’s amazing though how so many conservatives really believe liberals are a bunch of godless heathens out to destroy Christianity.  It’s a claim that’s absolutely absurd.  There are tens of millions of liberals who are Christians in this country.  The difference is, we practice our faith in private like it should be.  We don’t stand on some alter, preaching down to others about how they should live their lives.

Still, I can’t count the times I’ve heard conservatives claim that liberals are out to destroy Christianity.

And while their ignorance concerning the idea that liberals are trying to destroy Christianity is apparent, they are correct about one thing — millions of people are destroying Christianity.   They are.

Republicans are the biggest enemy to Christian values I’ve ever witnessed.

You know what I’ve literally never heard, not even once?  “I’m no longer a Christian because of the beliefs of liberals.”

But you know what I have heard numerous times?  “I’m no longer a Christian because of the ignorance of so many conservatives who claim to be Christians, yet act like ignorant, hateful pricks.”

Story after story from people who no longer considering themselves Christians, though they were raised one, because of the ignorance of those who take Christianity and destroy it with their own selfish, hateful desires.

Liberals aren’t driving people from Christianity, conservatives are.  It’s the Republican party who acts like they’re some representatives of “Christian values” while being supported by hateful, paranoid, delusional, angry, fearful bigots who hate anything and everything that isn’t just like them.

“Oh, but I go to church and tithe 10%.  I’m also in the choir and I volunteer at all the church functions.”


When someone says something like that to me this is what I hear:

“I was raised to go to church because it’s what God orders me to do.  I’ve also been told that I’m supposed to give 10% to the church otherwise I might end up in hell.  Oh, and if I’m not involved in church my friends and family will judge me, but it’s okay, I don’t really mind that because I’m surrounded by people in church who are just like me and we can gossip and judge everyone who isn’t just like us.”

Anyone who’s ever worked with the public will tell you the absolute worst day of the week to work is Sunday.  When I was a server at a restaurant right across the highway from one of the largest churches in the city I was living in at the time, Sunday morning was the shift where we had the rudest people, worst tips and our lives were miserable until the day was over.

You know, once the “good church people” arrived.

But like I said, people aren’t flocking from Christianity because of liberals.  They’re flocking from the religion because of the absolute ignorance of conservatives.  Who, as I’ve said many times now, don’t follow Christianity — they follow Republicanity.

And as a Christian who accepts people of all faiths, no faiths and all things in between, I’m going to continue to stand up for Christianity.  I will continue the fight to reclaim Christianity from the ignorant clutches of these right-wing fanatics.

I just hope more people join me in this fight.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • zedinbc

    Well here’s a Christian thought or two for you; “Turn the other cheek… Pray for those who dispitefully use you… ” Bless your enemy. Be kind to idiots. Blessed are the meek… etc etc.

    The hardest thing in the world (IMO) is to be gracious to those who oppose you. Perhaps you could let up on the “scumbag” language/insults (however understandable) for a bit. Just a thought……

  • Dave4164

    I concur. I hesitate to say I’m a Christian because of the negative connotation that the far right protectors of “the faith” have given it. It’s another diversion created by the far right manipulators to get the masses in an uproar against the left or even moderates. How can any good American be against Christianity? I’m not. I am against using it as a political tool though.

    • The Overman

      I’m a good American, and I’m not Christian. In fact, I would say that being an atheist makes me a better American than most religious folk. You’re comment about “good Americans” is offensive, and only serves to show, once again, how hypocritical and narrow-minded the religious mind is. I suppose jews and muslims and hindus, etc. are “bad Americans” along with us atheists, right?

      • bailey78

        May you be touched by his noodly appendage

      • regressive rightwing trash

        shouldn’t U be in that tax free house of superstition ( SEE: church) preying upon all those who disagree with your magical phony GOD?

      • The Overman

        Yes, things like truth, rational thought, and facts, can be annoying to a delusional moron.

      • Jason Grant

        But you aren’t using facts, you are just making things up or quoting liberal talking points that are not correct. As I said, keep screaming about child rape in the church while your liberla teacher friends are by all accounts the largest group of child predators in this country.

      • Jim Bean

        If you google ‘Catholic charities’ and then you google ‘atheist charities’ you’ll see you are not a better American.

      • Sam Brosenberg

        Right, because there is an international organizing body of all atheists that has existed for thousands of years and has vast sums of money in addition to controlling its own sovereign nation and a hierarchical structure to dictate how things get accomplished. Atheists have all those things to use for charitable purposes, but instead they just say “Ah, we don’t believe in God, so fuck everyone” right?

      • Jim Bean

        That’s backwards. They think F everyone so they don’t bother creating those institutions.

      • The Overman

        Jim, it’s the Catholic church that has tried to F everyone: thousands of priests have F’d thousands of little kids, literally! And people like you continue to give money and support the institution that not only allowed it to happen, but also covered it up! You call it charity, or tithing; I call it aiding and abetting child molesters.

      • SpudPicker

        For what it’s worth…..: Saw a book advertised several years ago when the word of the pedophile priests was just getting started. Should have bought it; just saw the ad one time.

        It’s thesis was that the gays got together and decided they didn’t like the Church preaching against the gay lifestyle so a bunch of them became priests and did their dirty work to try and bring the Church down.
        If true, it worked pretty well.

      • The Overman

        Typical of the religious mind: believe anything they read.

      • Jason Grant

        The biggest percentage of child rape that occurs in this country is committed by teachers. Teaching just happens to be a haven for liberals. So really, you scream about priests, who were 1% of the reported cases of child sexual abuse, while you protect the much larger group of teachers that rape their students. Good job liberal. Ignorance of the facts is the only way you guys can make an argument.

      • The Overman

        I never said ‘fuck everyone’. I’m a humanist. I choose to worship humanity, instead of some petty, vengeful, murderous, pestulent, hypocritical, fictitious deity.

      • SpudPicker

        Ah, yes! Worship the creation, not the Creator!

      • Jack

        The Catholic church harbors pedophiles disguised as priest!

      • Jim Bean

        And homosexuals serving as priests.

      • The Overman

        I don’t know of any atheist organizations with a 2,000 year history of corruption, persecution of scientists, pedophilia (along with the cover up of the perpitrators), hypocrisy (the pope and cardinals live like royalty), and war-mongering. Maybe you should put down the dogma and read your history books, Jim.

      • Jim Bean

        If you committed yourself to writing a paragraph describing all the good things that church organizations do for society, it would a much, much, longer paragraph. If you committed yourself to writing a paragraph describing all the good things atheism has done for society, it wouldn’t be long enough to qualify as a paragraph.

      • The Overman

        Have you ever read a history of the Crusades? The Inquisition? The scientific persecution by the Church? The bad Popes? The Salem Witch Trials? The history of pedophile priests? And the massive cover up of pedophile priests? The history of nuns getting impregnated by priests, and burying the aborted fetus behind the convents? It is just one long history of evil and hypocrisy!
        The list of bad stuff done by the Church far outweighs the list of good stuff. And your comparison is not fair. Of course the list will be longer on the Catholic side; they’ve been around for over 2,000 years. Us athiests are just getting started. But don’t worry, when we are in the majority in this country (which will happen sooner than you think), we’ll try to treat you much better than you ever treated us.

      • Elizabeth McClintic

        Pride comes before the fall.

      • The Overman

        And after the fall comes the spring.

      • Lib_IN_YOUR_FACE

        Winter. Winter comes after Fall.

  • adam

    I don’t think Jesus practiced his religion in private. Might want to go back and reconsider the idea that that is how it was intended to be.

    • Jesus never shoved dogma into someone’s face and tell them they were going to hell.
      He broke bread with them, talked, listened and was kind. He defended the weak and stood up to bullies. He was never the bully pushing his beliefs on others.

      • Elizabeth McClintic

        Hey Zeccheaus come down from the Sycamore tree for tonight I am dining at your house. Pretty in you face, wouldn’t you agree?

    • regressive rightwing trash

      jesus aint a god,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and ALL religions are scum as they simply are a form of (A) control (B) income

    • Elizabeth McClintic

      Like on a mountain top? The streets? The highways? In a sycamore tree?

  • The Overman

    The goal shouldn’t be to “reclaim Christianity.” The goal should be to undo it. The damage to this country — and to the whole planet — done by this other-worldly, human-nature despising, hypocritical revenge fantasy, along with it’s puritanical “sex is bad” morality and its exaltation of the weak and the meek, is the problem. It’s the 21st century. It’s time to stop thinking like the bronze-age sheepherders that invented God over six thousand years ago and start thinking like modern, educated adults. Otherwise, we will continue to fall behind the rest of the world culturally, intellectually, and morally. It’s time to put away childish things, America!

    • regressive rightwing trash

      hey shitbag,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that truth making U cry? U fucking scumbag– GOD aint JEEEEESUS

      • Jim Bean

        I have to tell you, son. Your approach to dialogue doesn’t fit with the right wing. You’re more aligned with a Jon Stewart.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        amen to that — I abhor religion(s) and in this country the repressive regressive white trash Christians are dividing a great country,,,Jon stewart and steve Colbert are superior: cretins on FOX “news” are overpaid–and overweight scum

      • Guest

        “I and the father, we are one” John 10.30

      • Roz Ward

        One mind, one purpose, not one person. In the same way that “two become one” in marriage.
        “Stephen, filled with the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the
        glory of God, and Jesus standing at God’s right hand. ‘Look! I can see
        heaven thrown open,’ he said, ‘and the Son of man standing at the right
        hand of God.’”—Acts 7:55, 56 – TWO distinct beings.
        “This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge
        of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus
        Christ.”— John 17:3. Again TWO distinct beings.
        “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.” Matthew 24:36. If God and Jesus were one person, how would Jesus not know that day and the hour? Why would he say ONLY the Father? Again, TWO distinct persons.
        And last but not least… “God is only one.”— Galatians 3:20

      • Frank Elliott

        And God sent his only begotten son…..

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello regressive rightwing trash, it was your use of language to disparage Allen Clifton that you received the negative mark.

    • Guest

      Let me get this straight: you believe in an ancient sky-god created by ignorant men who still thought the world was flat, and I’M the weirdo? Turn the other cheek, moron!

      • Jim Bean

        Those same men thought rain was wet and that the sun rose in the east. They’re weren’t wrong about everything.

      • The Overman

        No, not wrong about everything. Just the important stuff. If ‘the rain is wet’ impresses you, it’s because you have low (i.e. religious) standards when it comes to truth, science, and knowledge.

    • Guest

      One more thing: writing does not require the use of the mouth, so even if I shut it I could still write about what an idiot you are. For example, my mouth has been shut this whole time. Big self-satisfied smile, to be sure, but shut.

    • Paceride

      I”m sure God was invented much earlier than 6000 years ago. While I am with you on undoing religion’s ties to our country, Christianity does not EXHALT the weak and meek, it simply has compassion for them. You almost sound like a republican, there.

      • The Overman

        I’m not GOP, but I’m not a liberal, either. We should help the underpriviledged, but not the willfully ignorant, the societal parasites that live off the government and justify it with a victimhood ideology, blaming everyone else for their problems, and never themselves. By subsidizing this “class” of people, we create more dependency and more suffering. As Nietzsche says, “we must have the courage to let perish.”

      • The Overman

        Yes, gods (plural) were around 10K+ years ago, but God (singular, with a capital G) or, more specifically, monotheism, is much younger.

    • SpudPicker

      Ah, one who is ‘all wise!’ Congratulations on your marvelous all-knowingness!
      I wish I was wise!

      • The Overman

        Wisdom is knowing that you can’t wish for it and expect it. It must be ATTAINED. Good luck.

    • Erica

      I just wanted to see if you knew Christianity and multiple other religions are practised all over the world by billions of people, not just America. So to say that it is STRICTLY religion thats bringing us down, sounds ignorant to me.. AND at least we, in America, should be able to worship without discrimination. Remember the whole Freedom of Religion thing?

      • The Overman

        If you can tell me where I said it was STRICTLY religion that is bringing us down, please do. I would think that before you go to the trouble of using UPPERCASE words, you would double-check to make sure I actually said it. It reveals, once again, how little the religious mind cares about truth and accuracy.

        And yes, I’m quite well versed on world religions, but thanks for the update.

  • The Overman

    I’m not sure how you can cling to a 2,000 year-old religion, which is based on a 6,000+ year-old myth, which is based on even older pagan beliefs, and still call yourself a progressive. There is nothing progressive about ancient dogma!

    • regressive rightwing trash

      yes there is,,,,, its PROGESSING towards its (soon I hope) extinction

  • If it wasn’t for the misogynist Priests I encountered in my Catholic School I would of left after being exposed to Republicans.
    Great article and I totally concur.

    • Elizabeth McClintic

      To what degree has the Church denigrated the Blessed Mother, and St. Therese and St. Catherine and all the other saints who are female? The main reason for the Church is the making of saints, all the other purposes are window dressings. Why did God make you? To love and serve him in this world and be with Him in the next. It’s that simple.

  • Pat O’brien

    Finally someone has spelled out what is going on in this “war on religion”. Speaking for myself the radical elements of religion have turned me off completely.

  • Chico Gonzalez

    Someone has to do this: in the fifth paragraph, the word should be ALTAR. You’re welcome. 🙂

  • mmmmikkimac

    Ppl like fundamentalists, evangelicals, are destroying Christianity for they do not live a Christ-like life or act like Christian’s when it comes to those who do not live or believe as they do

  • Marty Cox

    Clifton is absolutely correct and I hope many join to keep the ultra-right so-called “Christians” from ruining Christianity!

  • Sean

    The Overman- your comments and responses show a great deal of immaturity. Being atheist makes you no better, or worse and no smarter, or dumber. While it is true Christianity (and most religions) have done terrible things and believe a great many stupid things they have also been responsible for great social change (Martin Luther king jr) and scientific advancement (Mendel). To lump them all together is to commit a fallacy of generalization.

    Also religion and myth are powerful influencers of the human psyche. I think those that try to rid themselves of it are denying a fundamental aspect of being human. You may find the essay Myth and Symbol in the pattern of Truth a good read (it can be found at the American humanist website)

    Blessed be!
    A humanist wiccan

    • The Overman

      I’ve never been called immature by a Wiccan, so excuse me while I double-take. My views are far from immature my Wiccan friend; they are based on 22 years of reading and studying philosophy, psychology, religion, anthropology and history. The fact that 93% of all scientists are either agnostic or atheist should tell you something. Positivism, materialism, and the “scientific outlook” is THE MATURE way of seeing the world in the 21st century. That’s what makes me a better American than most religious folk — even Wiccans.

      By the way, a fallacy of generalization has not occurred. The so-called “hasty generalization” fallacy is for just that: HASTY generalizations. Not for well-founded, well-documented, verifiable conclusions based on 22 years of study and thought.

      I am well aware of Jung’s, et. al. mythical and symbolic view of the psyche and the many derivativations of it. But it is all metaphor, my friend, and outdated. Neurobiology will soon make psychology all but obsolete.

      You may want to read, Why I am not a Christian by Bertrand Russell; or, The Antichrist, by Nietzsche.

      Be good,
      The Overman

      • Sean

        It isn’t your views that are immature, it is your response and comments to those who are Christians and to Christianity itself. While there are plenty of criticisms to be levied against Christianity and it’s followers (and all religions/philosophies) to be harsh and judgemental is to contribute to a problem you want to solve. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

        I will not make much comment in the values of the philosophies you expound (it is beyond the discussion of this conversation) except to say while I agree with you one should be careful to not place ones philosophies on a pedestal. No philosophy or religion is without criticism. I will also caution against exclusionism. There is no reason that traditional religions and modern understandings cannot coexist. To say otherwise, in my opinion, is to deny the rich variety of human thought and experience.

        As for the symbolism of the pshcye, you are correct it is metaphor. Just keep in mind metaphor is a powerful tool and provides a creative and poetic depth to ideas they would not have otherwise. Some of the greatest scientific minds have been masters of metaphor.

        I have read Why I am not a Christian though I haven’t read that particular work by Nietzche though I’ve read many of his other works. I will look into it. Thank you for the suggestion.

        Take care,

      • The Overman

        Your comments are thoughtful and compelling, and while they may serve a purpose still in a certain class of people, I do not share those values. I always find it strange when a religious person (I’m not referring to you) demands religious tolerance, while at the same time being intolerant of others. If you’re gay, your’e an abomination to God; if you had an abortion, you’re a baby murderer; if you had sex out of wedlock, you’re a sinner; if you don’t accept Jesus, you’re going to Hell…
        Why do the most intolerant people (i.e. the devout, the “true believers”) demand what they do not offer themselves?

        At some point, we have to stop coddling the dogmatic and the delusional, if not for their sake, for the sake of the country, for humanity! We all cried when we first learned that Santa Claus wasn’t real, but we got over it. Lest you think we never tell our children the truth about St. Nick. Is a happy feeling more important than truth?

        Regarding metaphor, some would argue (re: Douglas Hofstadter) that ALL knowledge is metaphor. That aside, however, religion is humanity’s greatest (and worst) metaphor. It’s okay to learn through understand methapors, and it’s just fine if metaphor is only a low-quality symbolic abstraction of reality. That may be the only way to understand the world, ourselves, and our place within the world. The key difference, however, is that the religious mind doesn’t realize it’s metaphor; the modern, enlightened mind, does.

        Amor fati,
        The Overman

      • Sean

        I am not advocating the acceptance of intolerance and bigotry or the cajoling of the delusional. I have found that many times religion serves not as the cause of intolerance but as an excuse for it. Religion has much potential and those who would abuse its potential to twist it into something negative I have no tolerance for (the same can be said of philosophy and science). I also have little tolerance for religious people who are willfully delusional (new earth creationists for example). Though again religion isn’t the cause to me but it does serve to excubate the problem.

        Also I think it important to draw a distinction between belief in god, and delusional damaging beliefs. The existence of god argument is ultimately not winnable by either side (take Paul Tillich’s definition of god for example, it’s virtually impossible to disprove the “ineffable ground if all being”, even if it doesn’t really mean anything).

        I think ultimately we have a difference in perspective. Your approach seems to be from outside religion while mine is from inside. I still see the good religion can play, and I see the potential it has to live in harmony with modern understanding. Time will tell if that is true or not, but I sincerely hope that is.

        Thank you for this discussion. I have thourghly enjoyed it and I hope you have as well. If you would like to continue our discussions please feel free to message me at [email protected]. May the road rise to meet you and may the sun shine warm upon your shoulders.

        Blessed be,

  • wiccan guy

    I was raised Catholic but left the church after I saw how political it was and really didn’t care about the people. I have since become a Wiccan and still see lots of negative people who use their faith to justify their actions to others.

  • Jim Bean

    I’m agnostic but see a huge social catastrophe unfolding as Christianity dies. Whether by conscious adoption or simply through exposure, the fundamental principles of Christianity have served as magnetic north for our society’s collective moral compass from the beginning. In its absence, every man becomes a god unto himself determined to shape society in such a way that give him the greatest advantage. Perpetual conflict is inescapable.

    • The Overman

      Yes, but it isn’t like we haven’t had “perpetual conflict” already, even with all the religion — in fact, BECAUSE of all the religion. At least the world — and the conflicts — will be based on REAL things, and not on UNREAL ones. That at least gives us a chance at resolving them.

    • Aaron Levesque

      Agnostic what? Agnostic theist? Agnostic atheist? Nobody is just “agnostic.” That makes no sense.

      • Jim Bean

        noun: agnostic; plural noun: agnostics
        a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.

      • Aaron Levesque

        A common and incorrect definition. Agnostic means “without knowledge” literally. It is the concept that nothing is known or can be known, yes, but all agnostics are either theists or atheists by definition. If you choose to be a theological non-cognitivist, then you are ignostic, not agnostic.

      • Aaron Levesque

        For example: Catholics are typically agnostic theists, while fundamentalists are gnostic theists.

      • Jim Bean

        Catholics claim they are sure God exists. Atheists are sure he does not. I claim neither of them have the evidence support their claim.

      • Aaron Levesque

        The fact remains that agnostic means that you believe there is no proof either way. It does not indicate what your beliefs about theism/atheism to be. As an “agnostic” you must basically choose whether you are more on the side of atheism or theism. If you choose not to make that choice, then you are ignostic, not agnostic. There is a difference. Look into it some time.

  • Elizabeth McClintic

    At least you blame your own free will for getting drunk at a Catholic wedding. Moderation always works to keep you outta trouble.

  • Reva Cordray Braman

    I enjoyed your article very much. Just yesterday, my sister and I were discussing Christian values vs religion. I was a member of the Baptist Church during my childhood and into my early thirties. I enjoyed church activities. I was a member of the Girls Auxiliary and attended church camp during the summer until I was too old to be a camper. I then attended as a Jr. counsellor.

    I left church for the reasons you listed above. It seemed that judgment and money were the focus, and not the people. If we, as followers of the words of Jesus, focus on his teachings, there is no need for a church or minister. Did he not say, “When any two come together in my name, it is a church?”

    When my mother was in the final days of her 87th year of life, I asked her what she believed about Christ and what would follow death. She told me that after many years of thinking about it, she said only two things were important. She said we should follow the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule. She believed death would bring rest and peace. She said she had lived through Heaven and Hell, right here on earth.

    She said she didn’t know if Jesus of Nazareth was God or just a human. She said it was not the important issue. The focus should be on what he wished for mankind. He wished the sick could be cured, the wealthy should give away their wealth to those who had less, that humans could live forever and be with their loved ones. I think about when he said that when a person comes to your door hungry and cold, you should let them enter. When we help others, we are helping him. Heaven is how you look at life. Hell is greed and envy and hate. Those who feed on those desires, are damned to never know joy and peace inside. Heaven is accepting love and returning it without strings. Peace

    • SpudPicker

      Confucius was once asked by one of his disciples about Heaven and Hell in the afterlife. He replied that he had not seen these afterlife places. “But,” he said, “this I do know. If we all live in harmony with the Universe here on Earth then Earth can be like Heaven is supposed to be. If we do not live in harmony with the Universe here then it will be like Hell.”
      Should be some wisdom there we can all think about and use.

  • SpudPicker

    Clifton…..What did Jesus say about judging others?

    Wasn’t it : ‘Judge not lest ye be judged?’

    You might ought to re-examine your version of Christianity and see if it really jives with the teachings of Jesus.

    After all, He was the source of the teachings thereof. I think we could all learn a few lessons from Him.

    Just a thought…..

  • Carole Davis Healey

    Oh Sky Cake…..why are you so delicious?

  • Erica

    I agree with your article. As a Christian and fellow human being, nothing irks me more than other judgemental bigoted human beings. I follow beliefs like Loving your neighbor and helping the poor and sick. .I think for some, religion in general is a way of life- they are no longer hearing the message. These “greedy” so called Christians upset me just as much as someone in the KKK does. They are all judgements, when we should be working toward acceptance.

    On the other side, as a human being, I dont judge you. What gives you the right to judge me just because of my beliefs. Judge me for my actions as a person. The right wingers and extremists are giving Christianity a bad name. Their actions make them a-holes, not the religion itself. Compare with the stereotypes of Islam. I dont belive all Muslims are bad people, just have some real nuts in there. So how can you judge ALL Christians?

    “You think that everyone should agree with your perfect knowledge. While knowledge may make us feel important, it is love that really builds up the church(“true Christians”). Anyone who claims to know all the answers really doesn’t know very much” (8:1-2 nlt)

  • squahoobidibopbopbop

    I don’t know who said it, but the most perfect [relevant] quote ever keeps it simple and straight-forward: “The Religious Right, isn’t.”

    • Nick Wride

      I call the TeaVangicals the Religious Wrong.

  • squahoobidibopbopbop

    I don’t know who said it, but the most perfect [relevant] quote ever keeps it simple and straight-forward: “The Religious Right, isn’t.”

  • buricco

    1. It’s really funny how much the actual practice of Teavangelicals is closer to Laveyan Satanism – which, keep in mind, is a direct descendent of Ayn Rand’s philosophies – than Christianity.

    2. Matthew 25.31-46 stands in condemnation of these Teahadis, who neither walk the walk, nor even talk the talk. So much as you did not do for these, the poor, the widow, the orphan, you did not do for Me…etc.

  • Desil

    Who is anyone especially a Progressive, to judge who is Christian and who is not That is for God to judge. How can you be Christian and fight for the right to abort life. Even that is for God to judge.