Why Bobby Jindal Will Never Be President of the United States

Bobby Jindal, Image courtesy of The Bayou Progressive.

Bobby Jindal, Image courtesy of The Bayou Progressive.

My friend Lamar White, Jr. over at cenlamar.com recently penned the most intelligent, blistering critique of Bobby Jindal that I’ve yet to see. One of the important points made is that ahead of Jindal’s almost certain run for the White House in 2016, he has done everything possible to align himself with the people who influence the early primaries – the far-right Christian conservatives.

For anyone who has paid attention to Louisiana politics, Bobby Jindal has been setting this up for years. In fact, I am pretty sure that becoming the first Indian-American president has been a goal of his ever since he first got into politics, and maybe even before that.

President Obama ended the long succession of white men as President of the United States and showed the changing, diverse face of America to the world. What’s more, he showed that it was possible for a skinny kid with a foreign-sounding name to become the leader of the free world.

Yet, Bobby Jindal is no Barack Obama. He’s not even close. Don’t get me wrong, President Obama has his faults, as does everyone else. However, President Obama has excelled despite his flaws, but Bobby Jindal has seemed to embrace the far right in order to make up for his massive shortcomings as governor of Louisiana. From Lamar White:

First and foremost, I could never support Bobby Jindal, because Bobby Jindal has been a pitiful, disastrous, and divisive hack of a governor. I don’t think he deserves to have any words spared. The man has an impressive resume, but a laughably pathetic record. He was first elected on a platform of ethics reform, but, instead of increasing transparency and promoting accountability in government, Bobby Jindal has made things worse. He’s shielded his office by claiming an almost entirely made-up “deliberative process” exemption. He’s privatized prisons and hospitals. He’s opposed the expansion of Medicaid, which would provide Louisiana with nearly $17 billion over the next decade and ensure that more than a quarter of a million citizens can access health care. He squandered hundreds of millions of dollars on constructing sand berms to combat the after-effects of the BP oil spill, even though he was warned that it was a bad project and the science simply wasn’t there. Speaking of science, he’s promoted creationism in the classroom, and, in a state that is losing a football field worth of land every hour, he has aligned himself with climate science deniers. (Source)

Bobby Jindal will never be president, and he can only blame himself. Instead of setting about the reforms he campaigned on, he sold out to corporate interests, including signing a bill designed to make it harder for oil companies to be sued. Not only was this a betrayal of his own ravaged, impoverished state that has suffered from Stockholm Syndrome with Big Oil for decades, but it was a huge conflict of interest since his own brother is an attorney with a law firm representing BP in their ongoing legal battles in the wake of the 2010 spill.

In a state with a “laissez bon temps roule!” (let the good times roll) attitude that has a certain degree of tolerance to it (depending on where you are), Bobby Jindal has aligned himself with the more intolerant people in Louisiana. These people include the Duck Dynasty clan which is headed by a patriarch that has endeared himself with religious conservatives with increasingly right-wing rhetoric, to the detriment of the rapidly waning reality show. In the furor that erupted after the brief suspension Phil Robertson was given by A&E, Bobby Jindal decided to hitch his political wagon to the long beards of the Robertson family and embraced the message of God, guns and camouflage everything. Seriously, just look at the Christmas card he sent out this year.


What could be more fake than that? Oh, maybe just the slew of pictures involving him and his family with guns, in a duck blind or at a shooting range. As pointed out by Nola.com, this year’s election cycle’s political must-have in campaign ads was guns, guns and more guns. Jindal knows that guns play well with the right-wing and after all, you’re not a real ‘Murican unless you have at least a couple of pictures of yourself in camouflage, posing with an AR-15. Let’s also not forget that he’s catered to the “let’s overthrow the government” crowd with a speech that insinuated that insurrection was A-OK in his book.

Again, Lamar with his take on Bobby Jindal’s reinvention to pander to the fringes of the GOP:

His reinvention has always struck me as cynical and dishonest. After all, he’s an Ivy League educated biology major who enacts laws that promote the teaching of new earth creationism in the public school science classroom. He’s a first-generation Indian-American who opposes comprehensive immigration reform. He was educated at the finest public high school in the state of Louisiana, and yet he promotes unaccountable church schools over public schools.

He could have been an inspiration, but instead, he is a fraud. He has become a sad parody of himself: A man who rose to power largely because of America’s capacity for and unique appreciation of equality, tolerance, and diversity, but who, once in power, became a willful and pathetic mouthpiece of agents of intolerance and hatred. (Source)

If it wasn’t for the fact that his policies have made Louisiana even more of a corporate whorehouse or that he’s refused Medicaid expansion for political brownie points with the Tea Party, I’d almost feel sorry for Bobby Jindal. Despite his assertion that minorities should try to blend in more and celebrate our shared culture, he belongs to a party made up of many people who angrily resist the idea of a culture that isn’t predominately white, heterosexual and Christian. He has criticized President Obama for how he runs the country, yet he can’t even run a state of less than 5 million people, and like many other red states, relies on federal money to plug some of the gaping holes in the state budget deficit.

Bobby Jindal will never reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue due to playing all of the wrong political cards. He hitched his wagon to bigoted reality stars and hoped to ride their fame all the way to Washington. Instead, Bobby Jindal will follow the Robertson clan into the collection of religious conservative has-beens – and he has nobody else to blame but himself.


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  • Jim Bean

    In what aspect has Obama excelled – other than having amassed the longest list of confirmed lies of any political figure in history?

    And why is insurrection admirable in the black community (which Obama has a 50% membership in) and worrisome in the conservative community? Seems a bit of a double standard.

    • hellyeah_rook

      This article isn’t about Obama. You’re frothing at the bit so hard your agenda is plain as day. And of course you spew “facts” without sources.

      Please link to the Fox News article or other nonfactual extreme right source so that people who care can ignore your uninformed blathering.

      • crabjack

        It’s what JimmyBob does.

      • strayaway

        His reinvention has always struck me as cynical and dishonest. After all, he’s an Ivy League educated constitutional scholar who tramples the 4th Amendment, ignores law, issues edicts, and changes laws without Congress. He’s a half African-American who takes jobs from Americans, especially African-Americans, and gives them to foreigners willing to work for less. He was educated at the finest private high school in the state of Hawaii, promotes public schools, bur sends his daughters to a private school. He could have been an inspiration, but instead, he is a fraud. He has become a sad parody of himself: A man who rose to power largely because of his race and lies, but who, once in power, became a willful and pathetic mouthpiece of agents of the 1% .

      • Guest

        Very well said but just a bunch of words. Please explain how the POTUS can single handedly do these things, send jobs overseas? Who cares where his kids go to school, it’s his snd Michelle’s choice just like YOU have a choice if you have kids. And elected simply because he’s black, and his middle name Hussein? What alternate universe do you live in? I guess Al Sharpton, Jesse Cain, Keyes, and the great Hopkins Dr Slavery can be president next simply because they’re black? Nice try, but no dice.

        Obama is not perfect, no potus is. But his faults are not what you listed above.

      • strayaway

        How: Constitutionally he can’t but on November 20th, he showed up on prime-time to announce his immigration edict and later announced that he had “changed the law” (his words). You are right though, that he can only get away with this if Congress and the courts let him. Also, he is helped push a bill through the Senate that would, among other things, more than double the number of legal foreign IT workers allowed to come here to displace higher paid middle class IT workers. Also, he is trying to get Congress to fast track the TPP and has already signed ‘fair trade’ agreements with South Korea and two other countries putting US workers in more direct wage competition with workers in those countries.

        Who cares?: I respect him for being a good parent but remember that I was paraphrasing Lamar.

        “Simply because he was black”: I didn’t say that. I mentioned three factors.

      • madame48

        Please use the google …and check on the Bush Reagan executive orders of the same kind…oh and check on the hundreds of ” signing statements” president Bush-Cheney signed declaring that they would not enforce any parts of those laws they disagreed with…..look up ” Bush Unitary Exective” policy….go ahead…we will wait….for your enlightenment

      • strayaway

        Is your argument that if Bush did something unconstitutional , them Obama can do something even more unconstitutional? How pathetic. Please specify any executive order of equal magnitude of Bush’s that equates with ignoring existing laws and changing them. Obama said he “changed the law”. How do you square that with Article 1, Section 1? Bush tried to push through the US Chamber of Commerce agenda too with an amnesty bill of his own. He was unable to do so but at least he didn’t issued a dictatorial edict because Congress failed to do what he wanted. Why are you supporting autocratic rule favoring the 1%? Bush should have been impeached too. Bush called the Constitution a “g-d- piece of paper” and Obama trounces on it.

      • openlyblack

        Do you not know of or understand “signing statements”?

      • strayaway

        In context here, “signing statements” sound like a lame way of blaming Obama’s recent tendency to attempt ruling by fiat on Bush. Presidents are supposed to execute laws. To pick and choose which laws they will enforce or change laws are violations of their oaths of office.

      • Guest

        Oh, and what are your thoughts on Jindal? The article? Lol.

      • strayaway

        I paraphrased one of Lamar’s cited quotes critiquing Jindal pointing out that much the same could be said of the president. The best critique of the Governor is what happens in Louisiana voting booths.

      • hellyeah_rook

        My point is why care? Obama won his last election. Now we’re preparing for the next election. It is wiser to focus on the next round of incompetent, overly privileged, ivy league corporate sell out – which is the original focus of the article.

      • strayaway

        You must mean “the next round of incompetent, overly privileged, ivy league corporate sell out” as opposed to the present incompetent, overly privileged, ivy league corporate sell out? I don’t think Jindal will ever be President any more than Mike Huckabee will ever be President. I listened to one of his speeches and found it boring. Jindal has an outside chance of running as a vice-presidential candidate though. Manny must have cared. He wrote that” President Obama has excelled”; a disputable opinion at best. Manny was comparing the two. Jim Beam also noted that comparison in Manny’s article.

      • Andrew

        One of the reasons why I quit being a conservative(believe me, I was, I was actually very sad when President Obama won in 2014, now, if I could go back in time, I would vote for him in a heartbeat), is because people seem to disliked him for no apparent reason.

        He managed to put the economy back on track after one of the nation’s worst presidents, President Bush.

        He finally got us out of Iraq, and on the plus side, didn’t get us involve in another full-blown war.

        And honestly, I’m not seeing the big deal about his recent, legal, immigration action. I like the phrase, “felons, not families.”

        Is he the best president ever? Of course not. But is he a bad one? I’m just not seeing the evidence.

        Anyway, what does the President have to do with the original article? Jindal just seems to be another extreme right-winger who will fade away within a few years.

      • strayaway

        I voted third party in 2008 but thought, at the time, that Obama was the better choice. He so far has accumulated $25,000 of national debt for everyone in every American family that provides some temporary relief. The problem is that our children are still stuck with the debt and interest payments on that amount. I think of it as child abuse. At least drunks can’t pass their bar tabs to their children. Try to take a long perspective to accommodate both the temporary relief of printing money offers offset by the bill attached to our children.

        He didn’t get us out of Iraq. He has just sent 3,000 troops back in. We are still in Afghanistan. He bombed Libya into a mess and is not, for whatever reasons, trying to topple our number one ally against IS.

        If you don’t see any big deal about giving a wider range of US workers’ jobs and sharing their limited social service resources with illegal aliens, you don’t support US workers and our middle class – or at least not as much as you support lawbreakers, cheating employers, and the 1%. Also, there is the other issue of whether we are a constitutional republic based on law or are controlled by the whims and fiat of a petulant dictator. Remember that the next Republican president can play the same game and issue his fiat laws too. Maybe he won’t like Social Security or something. Remember that when you gave Obama your consent to rule by fiat, you give future Republicans, you won’t like as much, the same power.

        I already mentioned that the author of the article Manny wrote wrote that” President Obama has excelled”. I didn’t bring Obama into this conversation. I just responded to the author and some posters here, including yourself, who did. As I wrote elsewhere here, I don’t think Jindal has much of a chance of becoming a presidential candidate but the voters in Louisiana chose him to be their Governor.

      • openlyblack

        You really do thrive on attention, huh?

      • strayaway

        I respond to questions even some vacuous ones like yours.

      • OyCuffookHumid

        I’m openly white. Who gives a Fook? Just another darky racist

      • hellyeah_rook

        Because there is nothing you or other conservatives can do about it. Obama isn’t going to be impeached, he hasn’t done anything worthy of it – despite all the ranting and raving online. Oh, and I’m happy with his presidency. The man had a huge mess to clean up and he go the job done!

        I’d say get rid of the arses who shut down the government for petty politics. Career politics.

      • strayaway

        Dennis Kucinich (Remember when there were anti-war anti-corporatist Democrats?) noted that Obama’s executive ordered war on Libya and his violations of the War Powers Act were impeachable offenses. Since then, he has been ignoring and changing laws. Like you say, in post-Constitutional America, Congress won’t do anything about this. Why you want to be a cheerleader for dictatorial rule, I don’t know. So far, at least, Congress hasn’t voted to give him an an enabling act but many Republicans perform for the same corporatist puppet masters as Obama. It was the Democratic Senate, by the way, that effectively ‘shut the government down” by refusing to compromise one bit when about the only significant issue was whether to keep Obama’s new (un)ACA medical equipment tax on the middle class.

      • hellyeah_rook

        Lol I’m not being a cheerleader, I’m being realistic, and apathetic. Get rid of the worthless Democrats too. I’m not arguing one party over the other in these comments. I’m saying Obama hasn’t done anything impeachable or else all the people who love him like his friend Bohner would see to it that he is booted out.

      • strayaway

        Maybe we are more in agreement than I thought. I see Boehner as part of the problem. They both are working in the interest of the US Chamber of Commerce promoting free trade pacts and flooding our labor market with cheaper foreign labor. It isn’t as if Obama hasn’t done anything impeachable as mentioned in my previous post. He has but there is not a 2/3 majority in the Senate to do anything about it as you know. It is more that Obama and establishment Republicans are being funded by the same paymasters and have overlapping agendas. I would suggest that the US Chamber of Commerce is a bigger player in the corporatization of American than the Koch brothers.

    • David H

      Jim Bean, your comment is so stupid it really isn’t even worth commenting. If you honestly believe that Obama hasn’t excelled, then you’ve been ignoring the news (and the stock market, gas prices, uninsured rate, unemployment rate, etc) for far too long… or you might’ve just been watching Fox, who soon shouldn’t have any news to report.

      • Jim Bean

        So after swearing during the XL debate that more oil on the market would have absolutely no effect on gasoline prices, now that big oil has found and another way (w/o Obama’s help) to increase crude and gasoline prices have dropped as a result, you’re going to shamelessly step forward and try to give Obama credit for it? Pretty shabby, if you ask me.

        There has never been a recession that didn’t turn around regardless of who was President. The only thing he gets credit for is causing this one to take longer than any other in history.

        But if it makes you feel better, pop a cork and propose a toast to yourself.

      • OyCuffookHumid

        You are clearly a jack arse. Obozo I’d a fraud, needs to be impeached, has done nothing positive for my great country. Fook pff

      • vcubain

        I love reading those posts hating on the President. Makes me sooo happy I voted twice and he became PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA twice. I LOVE HOW HE MAKES YOU FEEL.

    • Avatar

      Jim Bean the cheapest troll I’ve ever seen. Too inept and doesn’t have any comprehend to discuss in progressive arena. Go back to Breitbart. And stay there too.

      • OyCuffookHumid

        Hey douche bag. Fook you

      • Avatar

        I can literally hear you bawling over my simple comment across the country.

  • Jim Valley

    I had to laugh at this headline, because it had never occurred to me that Jindal could even be considered for president.

    • Tariq W. Vlaun

      If they gave Rick Perry a shot…..goes to show.

    • Dan Eric

      what scares the hell out of me is if one of these dangerous, scarry constitutional violating traitors get in..and we cant forget they all voted for the tpp to betray us all the way with treason

  • CE Lee

    He won’t make it far in the primaries if he runs. Forget his record, his fellow GOPers will bring up the fact that his mom was pregnant with him when she came to the US… so he’s one if those anch0r children, like those from Mexico. They’ll destroy him on that sadly, not his record.

    • JiveNJingle

      What about Cruz in that regard? He was born in Canada, yes to an American mother, but IN CANADA. The US likes to claim anyone and everyone who MIGHT be a citizen, but how fine a hair must be split in this matter… after all the misery that was given to Obama by the Birthers? Time and again, Obama had proven his citizenship by birth, not only with documentation, but by the sheer fact that his mother was a US citizen. Let’s draw a parallel line here. If the Birthers use the same guidelines that they did for Obama, both Piyush and Rafael will be OUT. Not that either of them have a chance in hell of being president…

      • CE Lee

        Yup. Exactly. Funny, I refer to Cruz and Jindal by their given names too. Just like Willard Romney.

      • Dan Eric

        Cruz is another very dangerous fundi that vows if he is elected he will do away with parts of the constitution just to make sure an amendment is also in the constitution to take all rights away from gay people and anyone else he sees fit like womens rights….who is next? lol

  • Brian Smith

    All the GOP is courting the christian conservatives. It is their base, after all. So what does that have to do with anything? If you want separation of church and state like our constitution says, Republicans aren’t the party to do that.

    • CE Lee

      Guns, God, and (anti) Gays is their base platform. Then they do whatever they want economically to them. Bait and switch. It’s worked for decades.

  • Mixxmaster Shawn

    Plus he gives off a creepy vibe. Or am I the only one getting that?

    • CE Lee

      No. Definitely creepy…

  • Elaine Simmons

    now that’s what I call a read lmao! Only thing left out is how he changed his name to Bobby to fit in lol!

    • OyCuffookHumid

      You need a diet sIsta. Holy shite. You must be on food stamps?

  • Avatar

    There are one good reason why Jindal will never be President too. In next three years, Louisiana is expected to lose six or more towns to massive land sinking. Jindal is doing nothing to stop it either. To make it worse, these sinking lands are also releasing the methane gas that are causing too warm winter in northeast of U.S.

    Thanks a fuckin’ lot, Bobby Jindal.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Of course, Louisiana hasn’t exactly had a stellar record when it comes to pollutants released, either. Used to have one of the nation’s most polluted areas along the railroad tracks.

  • Andrew

    If all of these claims about Jindal are true, I seriously question the intelligence of Louisiana voters. I would have thought no one would be that stupid…

  • Kirk welch

    He’s not white enough no matter how many guns he has or how many churches he goes to. The GOP will never vote for a mixed race individual to run for President.

    • vcubain

      I am waiting to hear “them” tell him he isn’t white. ooohhh I can hardly wait. Looks like he does anything thinking he is going to be accepted. OOOOHHHH I can’t wait to hear them tell Jindal he isn’t white enough for the GOP to give him the endorsement

  • openlyblack

    Pyush “Bobby”Jindal is just another example of those minorities who try to out Teapublican the Teapublicans – e.g. Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Mia Love, Herman Cain, etc. In the end he is (and they are) a caricature … sort of like the poster child for what I call Racial Stockholm Syndrome, or bondage–bonding: A psychological phenomenon in which members of a minority racial group express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their oppressors, sometimes to the point of defending or even emulating the oppressor, their tactics and their values.

    Personally, in a few years I will have been here three score and ten. In
    that time I’ve witnessed, among other things, the birth of television, the
    advent of commercial jet travel, the Brown v Board of Education Topeka, Kansas decision, the creation and distribution of the Salk vaccine and the eradication of polio, the tumult of the 60’s, the assassinations of Malcolm &
    Martin & John, the implementation and evisceration Voting Rights Act, the conviction/incarceration/release of Nelson Mandela, the building and destruction of the Berlin Wall, the start of the space program, the lunar landings, the Shuttle triumphs and disasters, Watergate, the AIDS Epidemic, 9/11, Iraq & Afghanistan, The Bush Recession, Barack Obama’s two elections and so much more.

    I have seen the Democratic Party appeal to the basest of human
    qualities as it justified, supported and enforced Jim Crow laws … and watched
    it morph into a party that helped America elect it’s first openly Black
    President of the United States.

    I have seen a Republican President use the National Guard to enforce Black children’s right to education in an integrated school … and have watched his party morph into a something committed to the disenfranchisement of minorities, the demonization of the poor, overt discrimination against the LGBT community, creation and enforcement of laws designed to limit women’s health options and other’s access to health care, and the enrichment of the rich.

    I’ve got maybe twenty or thirty years left … and while I was once a Rockefeller Republican, i.e. socially liberal; economically conservative … I am sure that, in the time I have left, I will NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN …

    • OyCuffookHumid

      Just do me a favor, Mr. 47. Go be a racist somewhere else dark skin.

  • billybear3

    Jindal faces racism in his own party and he doesn’t recognize it. The GOP will NEVER vote a Muslim I mean Indian to the White House. Most of them still believe he’s related to bin Laden.

  • John Maslack

    And, what if he is for real? He has excelled in America when everyone seems to think it isn’t possible anymore…..

  • Heaven

    bobby jindal is a confused person. because he moved fast in his early career with support from previous governor foster because of his party loyalty in louisiana. that support or help does not work always. one needs to have some strong inner quality and serving public meeting public needs. he is no comparison to obama. obama is proud of his heritage and proud of being african american president. bobby jindal is just the opposite assuming that he is not connected with his heritage and culture, that makes him an incomplete person. that will bring him no nearer the federal connection, unless miracle happens. he could be a good religious leader, if he truly believes in his new founded faith..

  • Vik

    Bobby Jindal, this ugly little Hindu whitey wannabe, will never get into the White House unless he is employed as a punkawallah with a fan rope tied to his toe–

  • Gary Menten

    He is a putz, that’s why.