Why Do So Many Conservative Voters Choose to Reject Reality?

reality-checkI’ll never quite understand why people vote for Republicans.  Sure, I get the brilliant Republican strategy to tie faith in with politics, but is it really just an opposition to abortion and homosexuals that makes these people so gullible?

I just don’t get it.  I’ve called it cognitive dissonance.  I’ve called it a cult.  But this involves tens of millions of people.  It has to be something larger than all of that.

Many of these individuals literally vote against their own best interests.  Tens of millions of people, mostly poor and middle class, supporting economic policies that are built upon the pretense that if you give more to the rich, it will benefit the rest of us.

I’ll say that another way — an entire economy ideology that claims the richer we make a handful of people, the better it is for everyone else.

It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

Where do these people think this growth in the wealth for these top 1-2% of Americans comes from?  The answer is simple: Us.  

Trickle-down economics — or honestly better put “top-down economics” — is a system built by taking from the majority to give to the minority.  The language supporting this theory itself references the word “trickle.”

Fun fact — no matter where you find the definition for the word “trickle” there’s some reference meaning “small.”  As in, the more we give to the rich, they’ll give us very little back.  Which is exactly what happens.

Then there’s the whole argument of government involvement in our lives.  I just think this comes from ignorance and a lack of understanding of what government provides.  Honestly, there are millions of conservative Americans on Medicare right now who don’t know it’s government-funded (aka socialized) health care.

It’s sad, but true.

These are the people who drive on public roads, use public water, went to public school, use public transportation, got their degree from a public university, drive on Interstate Highways, eat safe foods, drink clean water, praise our military—all while saying government doesn’t do anything for them.

They’re the people who complain about corruption in government—while supporting a party that wants to deregulate the very people or businesses that spend billions through PACs, Super PACs and all sorts of lobbyist groups corrupting our government.

Basically their plan is: Our government is corrupt and inefficient because of massive amounts of money and lobbyists in Washington, so let’s deregulate the people who are corrupting our government because that will fix things—somehow?  Yeah, it doesn’t make any damn sense to me either.

The religion thing is the one that gets me too.  I’ll just use the two largest — Baptists and Catholics.  Two Christian denominations that are extremely different.  Yet, somehow, many of these Republicans believe our nation is based on Christian principles and is in fact a “Christian nation.”

Okay, well, then which denomination?  Because I hate to break it to these people, but a country based on Catholic beliefs would be much different than one based on Baptist beliefs.

Hmm, maybe that’s why our Founding Fathers didn’t mention the word “Christianity” even once in our entire Constitution?  Maybe that’s why they put that whole “freedom of religion” part right at the beginning.  

And this isn’t ideological talking points, it’s just common sense.  Yet it’s something many Republicans just seem completely unable to understand.

But even after the countless hours I’ve spent debating Republicans, I still don’t have the answer.  I’ll meet a conservative living on welfare, completely dependent on the system (as is much of their family), voting for the Republican party that just cut their benefits.  I’ll meet the teacher who’s so frustrated with her job due to budget cuts caused by Republican state legislatures voting for the very same politicians who keep voting to cut their budget.

It’s absurd.

While it’s easy to throw out psychological terms like cognitive dissonance or say it’s just blind ignorance—it can’t be that simple, can it?  Remember, this encompasses tens of millions of people.  These are people who, when confronted with indisputable realities, simply don’t care.

Unfortunately, in all my time doing this, I still don’t have a clear answer as to why millions of Americans literally vote against their own interests.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Why5ks

    I think it has to do with the Cold War ending in reality, but it lives on in the minds of many. The fear and hatred we developed as a country towards the USSR still survives in the minds of many people. As you read comment sections on many political stories you constantly see people referring to Liberals/Progressives as Socialists. When any political entity emphasizes a social agenda of taking care of people they become labeled as a “Socialist”. Even though the practical application has evolved into an agenda to create a minimum acceptable condition of living instead of what is commonly understood as Socialism in regards to Soviet life style. This is further compounded by the fact that as life for the middle and lower class becomes tougher and more restrained by the gross accumulation of wealth by the upper 5% fear and insecurity sets in. When people become unsettled and afraid for their futures many look for someone to blame. You have Republicans referring to “American Exceptionalism” and people like terms like this because we are supposed to be the best. We live in the best country have the best this and the best that. Thus if our country is the best and I am feeling unsettled in my life I need to blame someone. This intertwined with the fact that there is a complete disassociation in people’s minds about their relationship with the government. How do we as common people believe we are the government when the people we elect into office to run it are always telling us how bad and evil it is. This discussion could fill volumes but I just tried to highlight a thread that I believe answers the crux of the issue.

  • mandolin bee

    It’s the “I’m gonna be rich someday so I’ll vote for giving myself future money” syndrome. They all have it in their heads they’re gonna hit the big time, and if they do, they want the laws in place to keep what they worked for. The eternal carrot that keeps them in line.

    • MrLightRail

      Winning the lottery does not count as “working for” the money. That’s the only way these voters will EVER get rich.

  • Alphafemale

    It is because most people are uneducated and lazy. People don’t take time to research issues on their own they drink the kool-aid that is handed to them. Easier to be spoon fed an agenda of bullshit than it is to figure things out things on their own. I have challenged people on issues and when pointed out that they are wrong and to read it in the Constitution- the answer was “No thanks. Too boring.” And there you have it.

  • Sheila Kotze

    People read and hear what they want.. And they only watch and listen to what will tell them what they want to hear. Then the other types.. Their daddy was a republican.. or some other friend or family and so they just vote that way with out paying any attention to what that even means any more. Then those that refuse to follow or even look at anything political at all.. ( I have a cousin like this).. but they catch something somewhere that makes them think Repubs are the “Christian party”.. and so they vote for them. And also.. a lot of people are lazy.. they want everything handed to them fast and easy.. including news or other information. They don’t bother to research or find out anything for themselves. They read a headline and think they are informed.. so whatever fast and easy info they happen across, is all they need to know.

    • Wayne Bassett

      “People only read what they already know” I think is a quote from George Orwell’s “1984” or to put it another way “People like to read “Olds, not “News.” They want to read that “Dog bites man,” not “man bites dog.”-Terry Pratchett from his comedy book “The Truth”

  • M Porter

    You make it sound like the Democrats are not equally in the pocket of the corporations and lobbyists. I would apply your logic to the question “why doesn’t everyone vote third party and independent?” Voting for either of the big two is clearly against “we the people’s” best interests.

    • Nicholas A Kocal

      And yours is an example of both parties are the same lie pushed by the republicans to help convince people to vote against their own self interests. And a third party will never work unless they start at the local level.

      • M Porter

        First, i’m not a republican. I’m so far from Republican that it isn’t funny. I’m an unabashed liberal socialist. I agree with you that alternative parties need to work at the local level too… but they also need to commit to building on success (or failure) Third (and fourth and fifth) parties only turn out at elections. And then they disappear. They need to start sticking around, becoming visible. Doing stuff. Because right now they are only seen as a protest vote. In VA the Libertarian candidate got 7% of the vote. That isn’t insignificant. But my bet is they will squander the opportunity..

      • Todd Ringling

        there isn’t that much of an opportunity for real Libertarians, given their tendency to recruit wingnuts, and lack of a coherent message. The best example of a third party that might have had a chance was Ventura in MN, but he wizzed away any opportunity to build a platform beyond MN and when he got tired of the game at that level, his lack of foresight put the boots to the idea for 20 years or more.

      • MrLightRail

        I think Ross Perot and the Reform Party would have taken off if Ross hadn’t gone all flaky at the end.

      • MrLightRail

        Libertarians suck worse than Republicans in a lot of ways.. They suck Ayn Rand.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Because we don’t have a viable third party. Nader proved that when Gore lost.

    • normbreyfogle

      False equivalence.

  • K.C. Guest

    do not actually win elections. They steel them with election fraud. The
    votes that they really do get are from mislead voters. It is not rocket
    science. When a very small minority with a 20% approval rating wins
    elections. There is foul play a foot.

    • skyesailor

      I agree, electronic voting machines stole many elections.. there’s vast evidence how easily hacked they are.. The majority of the machines are provided by companies that support Republicans.. Just before the recall elections for governor in Wisconsin 3,000 optical scan voting machines were replaced by electronic voting machines.. ….. Local election officials had to take the company’s word the machines were properly programmed… Interestingly the company that provided the machines were located in the same shopping center as Michele Bachman’s office.. electronic voting machines are banned in several European countries and in Ireland 8,000 were destroyed and sold as scrap metal.. We should do the same with all our electronic voting machines

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    Nope, I think it’s due to racism. 30 some years ago Reagan went on about a mythical welfare queen. White America equated taxes with welfare and equated welfare with “lazy black people having illegitimate children.” The most staunchly Republican and poor states are in the South. So voting Republican means “they’ll keep THOSE people from getting my money,” even though their elected officials won’t really do anything for them in the first place.

    • Brian Sieve

      And whites in the Red States of the South are the VAST majority of welfare recipients, while rallying against welfare!

    • Greg

      yup the uneducated poor the easily fooled (religious zealots) and the military (a captive audience to a good brainwashing) is what the GOP thrives on. Once you start to think for yourself and do a little reascerch the swill the GOP put out is laughable at best.

  • Kevin

    This author’s in a self-inflicted state of conflict based on false assumptions and attributions; undoubtedly the root of Left-Right acrimony.

    His 3rd paragraph is a virtual textbook of misstating what Conservatives believe. How can he state that I vote against my best interest when he has no idea what I consider my best interest to be.

    This is further illustrated by what Mr Obama, and his acolytes say currently in the Obamacare debate. I say, my plan was perfect for me…perfect for my health needs, and my budgetary constraints. BUT, they say, NO…you need a “Better” plan, that costs more, has higher deductibles, and contains coverage that I don’t need, like prenatal care, contraception, pediatric dentistry, drug counselling. (I’m 56 for goodness sake.) I vote against Obamacare…but, according to the author, he just can’t understand why. Maybe, he isn’t really trying to understand.

    Then, he laments rich people getting richer. Does he know, that under Obamas governance, which includes expansion of welfare & food stamp programs, that income disparity between rich and poor has increased more than under G. W. Bush? It seems he’s okay with us sending our money to the “new” rich…bureaucrats in D.C….who screw up spending those hard earned dollars through massive waste, fraud, and abuse….just look closely at the “Green Jobs” debacle….Billions wasted.

    Even though Social Security (FDR) and MediCare (Johnson) are a mess…either bankrupt now, or headed full steam that direction…people of both political stripes have contributed to them financially and demand a return on their money. Can you blame them for that?

    And, of course, Johnson’s “Great Society” and his “War on Poverty” have been HUGE successes since there are no poor people left…

    Conservatives are not for the elimination of Gov’t, they are for smaller….MUCH smaller Gov’t….which should be stronger at the State and local levels than at the Federal level (which, BTW, was a main point of contention in our early constitutional debates).

    Contrary to popular Liberal myths, we Conservatives love clean water, clean air, good quality food, freedom of thought, science, compassion for those less fortunate (Conservatives consistently give more to charity than do Liberals). We love good roads and bridges and have paid for them with tax dollars…just like Liberals. We believe that these things are, and were, attainable without our “Jabba the Hutt” size Federal Gov’t.

    To say we want to deregulate those who are corrupting our Gov’t is just plain false. We love the rule of Law…which is why we love it when immigrants come here lawfully and detest illegal immigration. Unlike the old Soviet Union, where citizens were willing to die to escape it’s Communist system, people are wanting to come here…at least until Liberals mistakenly turn the U.S. into their “New and Improved” version of Soviet Communist “Utopia” (sarcasm added).

    As to his comments concerning our Founders, Christianity, and the Constitution, he is, sadly, historically ignorant. Not only did the Christians of Dutch, English, and French nationality, the early settlers of our country, do so to escape the advancing secular oppression in Europe, but they built our Federal Constitution, and their own State Constitutions, on the foundation of Christians principles.

    He doesn’t, by his own admission, have the answers to his questions….obviously, in my view, because he cannot, or willfully refuses to, see what is plainly before him. It appears that he would rather hold onto the false narrative he himself perpetuates. When you falsely frame the argument, no wonder you can’t understand.

    • Anthonij

      You call someone else “historically ignorant” and then write nonsense that shows you to be exactly that. What is this imagined “advancing secular oppression” you refer to for the 17th/18th century? Are you hinting at that buggaboo of Christian right-wingers, ‘secular humanism’? That would be really funny (and very anachronistic) for you to invoke in the context of talking about the motivations of the Dutch, French and English first to come to North America!

      The only advancing secular oppression that makes sense in this historical context is the increasing evil of early modern capitalism, a system that thrived during the period of colonisation of North America on slavery and indentured labour in order to maximise profits for the rich elite. And that sounds to me like something the current Right-wing Christian Republicans would like to bring back — deregulate, eliminate labour laws, let the capitalists do as they please… lol

      And incidentally, was the maintainence of slavery by the Founders part of their foundation of Christian principles?

      • Kevin

        Certainly the Protestant flight to the New World, mainly among Pilgrims and Huguenots, was precipitated by a desire for religious freedom after outright warring with Catholics, threats from the Crown, and conflicts within Protestant ranks. The Age of Enlightenment throughout Europe, however, was the beginning of a drift in human thought from the religious toward the Secular. Once it became the philosophy du jour, opportunities for advancement within society for those who were traditionally and orthodoxically Protestant waned.

        I found it funny that of all the points within my post, you chose to zero in on that one.

        You appear to be British….so, I assume that your apparent disdain for Capitalism is borne of the tragic drift of British society toward, and the outright embracing of, the hand-out, entitlement philosophy of Secular/Progressives. Both the British and the French, as well as other European Governments, have their hands full dealing with not only chronic economic problems, but also a new twist on religious persecution…this time from the adherents to Islam, who, through Jihad, are turning the tables of persecution on the hugely secular European continent.

        As to your final point, I make no apologies for those, past or present, who must stand before their Maker and give an account as to their individual adherence to Christian principles. We all have fallen, and will continue to fall short of such a lofty goal. To even assume for a moment that ALL of the Founders embraced the institution of Slavery is simply a canard. Many found slavery a deplorable practice….as do I. But for many, the road to land ownership in “The Colonies” began with 7 years of some sort of indentured servitude. However, even in England, being sold into indentured servitude, whether to an individual, trade union or apprenticeship, or some other entity, was a practice condoned for far too long.

        Christianity does not stand or fall by the performance of its’ adherents, but upon the Founder Himself….and what was written of Him.

    • Andre Owens

      I can’t even believe this bull crap.

  • Alierias

    It’s pure laziness IMO.
    People identify with the label “D” or “R” and just vote for “their side” without any idea what that side actually is standing now. I know that “D” doesn’t mean what it did when I was a kid; the people that are “D’s” now would have been moderate “R’s” in those days.
    And I am just as guilty; this election last week, I didn’t have any idea, nor did my local paper have any sort of analysis of, who any of the candidates were(all locals and judges) — so I voted straight party line.

  • Andy Hidahl

    Three words:

    Dunning-Kruegger Effect

    That, combined with Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” explains EVERYTHING.

    Literally, these people are too stupid to REALIZE that they’re stupid, so they’re kept stupid by a steady stream of bullshit, and indoctrinated to believe that everything contrary is a lie, so they won’t even LOOK AT the evidence to the contrary.

    Yes, it’s really that simple.

    • Kevin

      Andy….thanks for your insight.

      That explains the huge debacle that is the roll out of the Obamacare website! A website!!! It took less time to fight WWII in Europe.

      That also explains Billions of $’s wasted on bankrupt “Green Energy” programs that our Community Organizer turned ‘Superman’ business mogul President swore was a no-brainer sure thing.

      It seems that the no-brainers are in this pathetic, inept Administration and the Party they represent.

      • Andy Hidahl

        I hope you realize you just proved my point PRECISELY…

      • Kevin

        It’s okay to tell Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and the Lost Boys that you can come home now.

      • Todd Ringling

        and with that, Kevin (and the other Kochs’ suckers) got their payment for a day of trolling.

      • John Baker

        You do realize that the site was designed and built by a company owned and run by Republicans, don’t you?

    • Brea Plum

      And that’s why they reject reality – because then they would be forced to acknowledge their own stupidity.

  • SDBlue

    The problem begins at the State level. After over 30 years of GOP rule in my state, and over 30 years of funding cuts to education, is it any wonder we have raised generations of ignorant people?

    • Kevin

      What state is that? And, what are the stats for test scores and spending in comparison to other states? One more thing….how does the cost per child in public school compare to the cost per child in private or charter school?

      • Eoin Maloney

        Well, for starters, test scores mean about a standard deviation below dick when measuring actual learning, and the push for standardized testing in schools has vastly diluted school curricula, as more and more teachers are forced to “teach to the test,” in other words, to simply teach the material on the test by rote memorization instead of teaching the critical thinking skills that are needed to understand the material.

    • Brad Fulton

      The Corporatocracy WANTS that. A fearful, compliant, ignorant workforce.

  • Anthonij

    Nothing new here in this piece but it is an excellent piece nonetheless, because it states so clearly (and with a touch of humour) the absurd political situation we are in these days. The absurdity of people voting for the Repubicans against their own best interests…

    I think Why5ks makes an excellent point regarding the tensions of the Cold War and the dynamics of East – West relations which in the end allowed for the rise of the dialectics of “All that is Socialist/Communist is evil versus All that is Free Market Capitalist is good”, drawing into this opposition others, such as “Faith-based morality is good vs. Humanist amorality is bad and licentious”, as well as “Patriotic vs. Treasonous”… Lining these up, those of us with (even moderate) socialist leaings become amoral enemies of the imagined ‘pure American’ past, where things were done according to Christian morals and capitalists, unhindered by socialistic regulations, brought prosperity to us all.

    But the ‘to us all’ phrase leads us to another point: there is in the Republican line of thinking a deep-rooted racist element… Happiness and prosperity is something that real Americans deserve but it is constantly under threat of attack by lazy freeloading sectors of the citizenry (which just happen to be in large measure minorities) and non- and potentially un-American immigrants. There are variations on the theme — sometimes Republicans embrace the idea of immigration to some degree — but there is a general underlying mentality of fear that ‘others’ (poor people, internal minorities, immigrant minorities) are all making a grab at what the real Americans have…

    Nothing new here… Rich and powerful elites have always known this strategy of diverting the attention of some of a given society’s population away from the threat that they pose in expanding their wealth and power by demonising other parts of the society’s population.

    But the powers that be here have done a fine job of buying up the media and making their propaganda so powerful that they have managed to get a large part of the population living in a constant state of fear… and of making almost all pubic dialogue based on the assumption that free market capitalism is basic and inevitable and good. To think otherwise, well, you must be lazy, amoral, and very un-American.

  • Robin Martinez

    They do not see the Democrats as representing them or their values. Maybe Democrats need to rephrase what they stand for.

  • Jo Clark

    I think it might be what I call the “tribal pull”. They feel a need to belong, and we all know the GOP has been stellar about pushing the notion that if you’re a good Christian, you must be republican. Starting there, they’ll believe and endorse and invest in anything the party tells them they should, in order to stay part of the “tribe”.

    This also explains why SO many of them really haven’t a clue about GOP policies, history, laws, etc. They just soak up the talking points and go from there.

    Great case in point: the recent late night talk show host that polled folks on the street about Obamacare. These people didn’t know that ACA and Obamacare are the same thing. How could any reasonably informed voter NOT know that? Exactly. They’re told to hate Obamacare and they don’t even know why.

    • shopper

      Part of the problem may be that they do know GOP history, they remember when it was a Grand Old Party and don’t see it as the Giant Oppressor of the People that it is today. After all, Lincoln was a Republican.

      • Greg

        Greedy Old People LOL!

    • Greg

      A good Christian probably wouldn’t be seen anywhere near most churches let alone be a member of the GOP

  • Andre Owens

    Sure you. You understand as well as the next person. It’s very simple actually.Those poor, rural and even teachers you have talked to view the republican party as being the party of and for white people. Theyre not black, urban, gay or see themselves as being outside the mainstream. Theyve been so racked with programming and propagnda that the country would be fine, it would be their country, but for the Democrat s who want to give stuff away to “those people”. Who are those people? Anyone who doesn’t look like them; anyone who wants “rights”. Their thinking is rights for everyone else means less rights for themselves. Republican voters also have a tendency to supoort more authoritarian control even while they claim to support “more freedom”.

  • normbreyfogle

    People voting against their own best interests is the result of the population having been fed outright lies as truth for decades by the greatest propaganda machine in the history of humankind.

  • SemperLibertas

    Characterizing free market capitalism as being “built upon the pretense that if you give more to the rich, it will benefit the rest of us or “claims the richer we make a handful of people, the better it is for everyone else” shows a stunning lack of understanding of basic economics, much less free market capitalism.

    • MrLightRail

      That really worked, look at the Walton family. They didn’t work a minute for all of that money, in fact, when their Dad tried to get them to join the business, all of them said NO! They are the prime examples of what’s wrong with America.

    • John Baker

      Well, when you look at what 30 plus years of “Reaganomics” has accomplished, it becomes pretty plain that Republicans don’t understand it either.

      The simple truth is that billionaires don’t create jobs – except perhaps in China and Taiwan. Ordinary working people do, when they’re paid a living wage. When Joe Average has disposable income, he spends it on goods and services, thereby creating or increasing demand, thus creating jobs to supply the increased demand. When he barely makes enough to pay the bills, he doesn’t spend on unnecessary items, reducing the demand. Jobs are lost because supply exceeds demand, reducing profits and necessitating cutbacks. The billionaires may be signing the paychecks, but it’s public demand for the goods and services they produce that creates the jobs. It really is that simple.

      Giving more to the rich benefits no one but the rich. The only thing that “trickles down” is bullshit.

  • drowning in red

    It is like a cult. The cult of celebrity is like the structure of having a royal family. The poor think they are supposed to give so that they can magically one day get to live like a royal or a celebrity. it’s just like advertising, all those pretty and happy people like that car. if i get one, i’ll be pretty and happy too.

  • Angel Rivera

    Republicans voters believe that they will be rich one day. It is ironic since by deregulating leads for many to being priced out of the many markets that could make them rich…

  • Hume

    I agree with all your points … I keep thinking that it is because I am not a good debater that leaves me frustrated when I get in discussions with those who admit that they vote Republican (or “Liberal” in Australia or “Conservative” in the UK) ….. but it would seem it is something more pathological than that mere self-assessment …..

  • Bingo

    The question that is posed in this article is very simply- Which is why do Republicans in whole or to a greater degree vote for politicians that support legislation and strategies that make their opportunities and life needs worse and or not support programs and protections that could stabilize and improve the conditions of their life? At face value, evaluating it from a logical and factual basis, it may seem to indicate a low level of ability to compute with reason and intellect. This is a major factor, however, as the author’s question poses for discussion… just how in the heck can that be? It seems to defy the very belief in logic, especially because it’s just not that complicated to see. The primary question to answer first that would then shed light upon ‘why the illogical computation exists’ is what stands in the way and inhibits accepting an understanding of logical facts and reason? This is a process that even science has to encounter every time new discoveries are made. When what one believes is true came from a system that is forever open to new discoveries, it is fairly simple to adopt to the pool of logic a new known. However, when what one believes is true comes from a system that insists that it’s discoveries come from a one source, never to be questioned (at threat of being burned alive for perpetuity) in the *absolute* promise that never straying, never giving up and never trusting any person or fact that interferes with those beliefs… BINGO! With an understanding of that type of mentality… it’s actually quite simple to understand how one can be made blind to facts and reason. To fully understand the Christian+Conservative+Republican mindset, one must simply understand what controls their mind. Although they are all affected, it is not an inherent lack of intelligence, education or common sense- it is rather what controls the mind that subsequently affects the ability to learn, adopt and use these facilities effectively. There are references in the Bible, no matter how obscure or generalized that can be used to support every last one of the the ideological GOP’s agendas, as well as why their constituency holds ridged in their faith that ‘their day of suffering will be answered’. Considering taking part in concert with any movement or legislation that has been demonized as liberal/social equality/workers rights/healthcare accessibility/a living wage/immigration reform… etc FOR ALL including Women, Gays, Minorities, Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists…. AND Christians??? It’s simply not difficult to understand that their position would be or is WTF are you talking about!!??? All those ‘other people'(i.e. NON CHRISTIANS or anyone not strictly abiding by what the bible says) are living in SIN-! PERIOD-!! And ‘I refuse to subject myself to joining arms with them and subjecting myself to perpetual suffering by fire and filth for doing so!!!’ And what about these few that are manipulating the wealth to horde it all-??? I suggest you google ‘End times transfer of wealth’, ‘Dominionism’, Ted Cruz Annointed One. I could go on but I’ll end three comments- 1. I think that many Republican votes do want improved conditions; they simply believe that they by virtue of their belief and commitment to their faith are the ones who are worthy of the goods AND that they have been hoodwinked into accepting that their continued suffering is the result of LIBERAL SINNERS (and will not end until they stop accepting our ‘logic’ and band together to remove our influence and seat of power. 2. What we have been witnessing with the rise of the Teabaggers is far from any long lasting or ‘ultra powerful’ surge of effectiveness in terms of numbers against liberal advancement- rather it is a rather pathetic last gasp of a religious core that is gripped by great fear while it is having to face the music of modern rational and logic moving towards solving social issues. 3. Any time we hear the comment that ‘both parties are corrupted beyond repair by big money… so vote independent’ … it is but an attempt to divide and conquer us as Democrats. Yes, we have allowed too much interference in our party by big money and we need to address and make some substantial changes- but we have and remain focused and united towards managing a healthy balance of business growth/employee compensation/personal rights/environmental protection/and advancement of science and energy harnessing. Let us forge on- Even the Pope supports our vision now- Onward Ho!!!

    • Brad Fulton

      I choose #2.

  • BdoMcGregor

    Nationalism if alive and well in the Republican party. They like to point out how the Nazi’s where the National SOCIALIST Party but don’t understand that the Nazi’s where nationalists.

    Their mentality is as follows. This is my country. This is my race. This is my culture. If you try to change it or disrupt it you are the outsider coming in and telling me what to do.

    These people don’t like the federal government. Why? Because the federal government ended slavery, forced integration of their white schools, and legalized homosexuality and gave women the right to vote etc. The federal government expanded rights, but they see it as “infringement” on their way of life.

    They’ll tell you they’re not racist because they like the blacks, the latinos who act “like them.” They’ll tell you they’re not sexist because they are all for a strong matriarch, as long as she is lady-like and accepts that there is a difference between the sexes. And the younger ones will tell you they are not homophobic, as long as the gay people are heteronormative.

    They say they value individualism but what they really value is national collectivism. They want us to all be the same. Pray to the same God. Practice the same culture, and vote for the party that encourages this. They are authoritarian. They like big government but they will tell you they “hate” big government when that government tries to expand rights to others and isn’t used to maintain the “social order.” Either through military dominance or by legislating morality.

    You will never convince them that they are voting against their best interest. They believe that they are not yet rich not because of the 1%, because what could be more American than a gazillionare? They believe that they too will achieve the American dream once they get rid of their opposition, the liberals who wish to change things.

    I have enough conservatives and libertareans in my family to know this is who they are. I disagree with them 100% but you will never change their mind. We are anti-traditionalists and we are what they fear the most. They see us as disrupting their paradise.

  • anon55344

    ” As in, the more we give to the rich, they’ll give us very little back. Which is exactly what happens.”

    Except that 33 years of Reaganomics has taught us that the rich do not give back very little. They give back nothing.

  • thesquire1

    For more than a century the USA has been subjected to psychological conditioning which is continually re-enforced by media like FOX.
    Many Americans really do believe they are the greatest nation on earth except that they have been taught the wrong measure.
    They are taught that you only have to ‘work hard’ and will be ‘successful’ but not what ‘success’ means in reality. They believe that ‘owning more stuff’ is the sign of success and that if anyone is likely to ‘deprive’ them of those ‘things’, its a threat. Hence the opposition to ‘gun laws’ , social justice and economic balance.
    For many of those, even the attempt to offer them ‘health care’ is a threat to their wallets instead of an improvement of their lives.
    People like the Koch Brothers spend $billions of their ‘spare’ wealth creating a society which ‘FEARS’ everything because only by ‘Fear’ can they continue to control people.
    If people lose that fear they will move ahead instead of backwards as they are now and those that ‘create’ that fear will lose their power over them.
    The REAL measurement should be ‘which is the HEALTHIEST, HAPPIEST most SECURE nation on earth’ – the US doesn’t even come close yet.

  • Greg

    like John Steinbeck said Americans think they are all millionaires that are just down on their luck

  • Tom Ruby

    Finally Allen Clifton has found the words/questions I’ve been searching for. The answer however is kinda simple. Education or the lack of it. This why Texas shouldn’t be the ones deciding whats in our education system. I understand Texas is the largest state with perhaps the largest education system in our country. Whoever decided that they were ones to look to for educational direction. Apparently never looked at the massive inequalities that exist there. Just because they purchase the most text books. They decide for all of us? The conservative right wing dominates south. Where poverty and lack of education are rampant. It’s by design people. There aren’t enough resources for an ever expanding world. The wealthy have constantly throughout history have found ways to eliminate the poor. Through war,starvation,prison,slavery, and political maneuvering. Not all but most wealthy people suffer from what is called greed! Greed has no place on this planet. It just shouldn’t exist. Could we survive without the wealthy? Just ask the native Americans who were here before us. We talk about equality like its our goal. The fact of the matter is equality was here before the Europeans got here. We the people no longer understand what equality is. I’m not against anyone becoming rich if they earn it. When is enough, enough? If a handful people control everything. We are doomed! Greed doesn’t end. It has no remorse. Until we change our thinking about it. Things will never change!

  • jdavis9812

    I have a good idea as to why they are voting against their interests. It’s called Invincible Ignorance.

  • Chadlius

    Fear and ignorance is the short answer, but what specific glue makes it so sticky? I would bet that if the Pew Charitable trust surveyed the hardcore 30% who live in unreality, 99% of them would share these interlocking core beliefs. 1st, that there is an absolute shortage of essential resources in every country in the world. In other words the glass is half empty and there is flat out not enough supply even for their hardworking, righteous and worthy coreligionists, much less the lazy mooching hordes who REFUSE to work and spend all their time sharing fraud skills with other welfare queens and immigrants. I have done small surveys and these people really are convinced that the majority of the budget is foreign aid and welfare (instead of -1% and 13% respectively) and that what we pay for free abortions is a big part of the deficit.The decades old Hyde amendment (which forbids 1 penny of taxes for abortion) somehow does not keep their personal tax dollars from being used to kill untold thousands of viable live born babies by drawing and quartering. This makes God angry and that is why the country is cursed with droughts and floods which have nothing to do with that hoax about green house gasses and deforestation. This Illusory scarcity perception is reinforced by what they see and feel from the economy around them. If you remind them that the top 5%, Banks and wall street and major corporations have more than ever and that productivity has never been higher and that CEO to worker ratio of compensation is obscene they literally cannot do the math and see that trickle down is a myth. Lobbyists have reversed gravity and their sweat and blood is being sucked up by the insatiable greed of the who have the gold and make the rules.