Here’s Why I Am Supporting Bernie Sanders Instead Of Hillary Clinton

democrats bernie sandersOn social media and elsewhere, there is a lot of animosity between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters. Before Sanders announced that he was running, I was prepared to accept Clinton as the nominee, because I didn’t expect any credible candidate to run against her. And yes, I was more than happy to vote for her versus anyone the GOP had to offer.

As we have seen in the campaign so far, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee failed to gain any traction, and Martin O’Malley will also likely be dropping out soon after failing to get on the ballot in Ohio. These three candidates didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning against Hillary Clinton, but Bernie Sanders has turned what seemed like a default political coronation into a riveting campaign in an election cycle Democrats must win.

So why I am not joining the Clinton juggernaut? There are a number of reasons for this, and I’ll explain a few of them further here.

For one thing, I like Bernie Sanders’ pragmatic approach to gun control. While many people on the left dislike or even abhor firearms, Bernie Sanders represents a rural liberal state that has both loose gun laws, and very little violence. The same thing can’t be said for states like Ted Cruz’s open carry Texas, or Marco Rubio’s “stand your ground” Florida where we saw Trayvon Martin murdered by a citizen vigilante. As a gun owner, I enjoy his stance on guns that calls for reasonable restrictions on assault weapons, without punishing hunters and recreational shooters.

While Hillary Clinton has reluctantly condemned Wall Street, Bernie Sanders has also proposed that the financial institutions that took us into the last recession should start paying back the American taxpayers via a tax on speculative trading.

The Vermont senator, who is running as a Democrat, says Wall Street’s “recklessness” destroyed the economy with the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007. For this reason he says big financial institutions should help pay for free college education in the U.S. through a tax on speculation, or high-risk trading.

“When Wall Street went down they came to the middle class of this country and said, ‘Help us. Bail us out.’ Now it is Wall Street’s turn to help the middle class,” says Sanders. (Source)

I would like to see Hillary Clinton take on Wall Street more forcibly, but she has failed to do so thus far. I like the fact that Bernie Sanders wants Wall Street to do us a favor, after we bailed them out in the Great Recession. It would be nice to see my children have the opportunity to go to a reputable college, without graduating with the crippling student loan debt that many people of my generation have.

With all of that being said, when I go to the voting booth in November, I plan on voting for the Democratic candidate, whether it is Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton.

No matter which candidate you choose to support, it is incredibly important that we support the eventual nominee, and put aside our political differences to defeat the GOP. Stop listening to liberal media sources that claim Bernie Sanders can’t win, or that Hillary Clinton isn’t as liberal as they would like.

There is too much at stake to skip voting because the candidate we wanted wasn’t on the ballot, and let apathy or ideological purity put a Republican in the White House. If you think things were bad during the Bush years, wait until a Ted Cruz or Donald Trump presidency is sworn in.


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