Why It May Be Time To Cut Our Support For Israel

john-boehner-netanyahuBefore the crowds grab their torches and pitchforks, I should make the statement that I am a Jew (not practicing) and that I fully support the right of Israel to exist as a nation. My father, three of my siblings, and many other members of my extended family live there. In other words, I’m about as pro-Israel as it gets, but I’m also supportive of a two-state solution or anything else the two sides can agree on to end decades of violence. Yes, I know that it’s a long shot, but we have to keep trying to make it stop.

A huge part of the problem in the Middle East is that you have outside forces meddling in the region and as I’ve repeatedly said before, there’s a scary alliance of the defense industry lobby and End Times prophecy Christians who have a vested interest in making sure that conflict rages on. That’s not to say that without these forces Palestinians and Israelis wouldn’t continue to clash, but I think there would be a considerable reduction in the tensions.

As it currently stands, Israel (like much of the United States) is being run by the far right and our own politicians are kissing Benjamin Netanyahu’s backside and going along with his demands for military action against Iran. Speaker John Boehner is going to Israel at the end of this month – which also happens to be the deadline for a peace deal with Iran – but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, right?

Of course, President Obama has had enough of Republicans meddling with peace talks and he’s ready to show them (and Netanyahu) that he’s serious:

The White House on Thursday sharply criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s tactics during his reelection campaign, warning that they could alter U.S. policy toward Israel and the Palestinian bid for statehood.

Netanyahu, who won decisively, appeared on Thursday to walk back his repudiation of a two-state solution with the Palestinians made just days before the election. But the White House’s comments indicate that Netanyahu’s campaign further strained already-tense relations between Obama and the Israeli prime minister. (Source)

Benjamin Netanyahu is the darling of the far right here in the United States, and between him and Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham, they’re absolutely intent on a war with Iran no matter what. In fact, Sen. Graham has threatened to cut our funding to the United Nations should any sanctions against Iran be lifted, which is further proof that the hawks in Congress are intent on sabotaging any sort of reasonable deal between the countries. These politicians aren’t loyal to the United States, they’re loyal to radical Christians (who believe that a huge war in the Middle East is necessary to bring about the biblical End Times), defense contractors, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

For decades, Israel has been our ally in the Middle East and we’ve sent them billions of dollars in aid. While I’m not going to debate the pros and cons of that relationship on the region, it’s worth pointing out that the Israeli government understood their role and didn’t directly snub a sitting president in the way that Netanyahu has done recently. Along with GOP lawmakers who want President Obama to kowtow to him, Netanyahu has basically become the leader of the Republican Party and has begun to meddle in the workings of our government, which is utterly unacceptable.

Foreign aid to Israel and other countries is a tiny drop in the federal budget, but cutting those few billion dollars would still serve to show Benjamin Netanyahu and hard-liners in their government that we won’t continue to allow the undermining of a peace deal or the contempt he has shown our president. Like the United States, most of the people in Israel are good people – and they do a far better job of turning out to vote than we do. Unfortunately, so long as the hawkish, right-wing Likud Party controls Israeli policy and Benjamin Netanyahu is allied with Republicans who want war no matter what, there’s no point continuing to pretend they’re our best friends.

As much as it pains me to say it, perhaps our relationship with Israel should take a little time out until Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remembers which country he’s in charge of.


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  • Jim Bean

    Israel has the military might to resolve this to their own advantage by simply driving the Palestinians out Gaza and the West Bank and claiming it for itself. There is plenty of room in nearly every direction for them to go, while there is nowhere for Israel to grow.

    On paper, we’re the ally of Israel but in practice, its been the interests of the Palestinians that we’ve protected every time armed conflict arises by holding Israel back, and Israel has always acquiesced to our pressure and never to their benefit.

    While they are certainly a high maintenance friend they are the only thing that resembles Democracy in the region and the only thing that will stifle the growth of militant Islam is growth of democracy. Advocating for a two state solution is a vote for less democracy and more violence-prone theocracy.

    • Avatar

      As quoted to that fucked up head of your’s, “we’ve protected every time armed conflict arises by holding Israel back, and Israel has always acquiesced to our pressure and never to their benefit.”
      So you’re looking for green-lit Israel to murder Palestinians cold-bloodied?!? Fook you.

    • karimhabsi

      So you propose ethnic cleansing? Similar to what Hitler did to the Jews of Europe?

      • Jim Bean

        My proposal is that everyone live in peace.

      • karimhabsi

        How can this be done exactly if one side systematically destroys the properties of the other side, denying them right of free movement, confiscate 80% of their water resources and forbid them returning if they leave the territories for more than2 years, how can they be peace?

      • Jim Bean

        Or, how can it be done if one side systematically tunnels under boundaries in order to kill unsuspecting Israelis. Or if one side launches uncontrollable scud missiles at Israeli civilians? Or if one side declares their commitment to destroying the other by any means possible.b

      • karimhabsi

        There are 7 refugee camps in Gaza. 100% of gazans either live in one of the refugee camps or were born in one! have you asked yourself where the gazans were living before they become refugees?

        Gazans are the original inhabitants of Ashqelon and Ashdod before the creation of the state of Israel. The Jewish terror organizations like the Hagana and and Ergon conducted systematic terror campaigns against the ethnic Palestinians in the two cities to drive them out, and the ended up refugees for the better part of a century.

        The resistance work of the likes of Hamas as unpalatable as it may be, is very well justified, they just want to go back to their homes and farms.

      • Jim Bean

        In November 1917, the British government (who controlled the region) issued the Balfour Declaration, announcing its intention to facilitate the “establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” In 1922, the League of Nations granted Britain a mandate over Palestine which included, among other things, provisions calling for the establishment of a Jewish homeland, facilitating Jewish immigration and encouraging Jewish settlement on the land.

        Groups of people have lost control of the territory they occupy throughout history. That is just part of the human condition. The American Indians are a similar situation. They are free to assimilate into the US population at large or remain in their zones if they choose but not free shoot missiles at the rest of population from inside the reservation.

      • karimhabsi

        But the refugees in gaza are not allowed to vote in Israeli election, how can they assimilate?

        The Jews took their land, their farms and destroyed their homes. What do you want them to through, roses?

        What would you do to someone who came to take over your property by force? You stand your ground, right? You shoot him to kill, right? And the courts will support you. Why you can do this legally, but the Palestinian in gaza will be labeled a terrorist when he does exactly the same?

      • Jim Bean

        They were already there and had just as much right to be there. Furthermore, they had capacity take the lead when England released control. Where do you think the Jew’s ‘homeland’ is? Germany?

      • karimhabsi

        First and foremost, the British had no legal rights to give any Arab land to Jews. If the British wanted a solution to the Jewish problem, they could have given them surry or kent? They gave something they don’t own to people who don’t deserve.

        Second, Jews are not a race, they are a religion. Not all Jews are of middle eastern decent, not even a majority are. Some are of middles tern decent though.

        So the race and hereditary claim to the holly land is nothing but lies. There are European Jews, African Jews, Jews from all corners of the world, and can claim Israel as their country but Palestinians can’t claim statehood in a land that has been theirs for millennia.

        Having said that, I do agree that there are some facts on the ground we have to deal with, and that is Israel as a state is here to stay, we don’t like it, and chances we will never like it. On the other hand, Israel as a government and it’s people must accept that the Palestinians are also here to stay, and for that they need their own country that they can call home and start building their lives, and this can only be achieved through a two state solution.

      • LeeToo

        you’re a pig

    • karimhabsi

      Next time you get delusional about Israeli democracy, remember this. Any Jew from any part in the world will get automatic Israeli citizenship upon arrival in Israel. In the other hand an Israeli Arab woman is not allowed to give her Palestinian Arab husband a visa to settle in Israel.

      Let this sink in.

  • Philbert McNutt

    Two state solution? A time out? Why not just call for the destruction of Israel?

    Do you insist that the Palestinians renounce violence against the Jewish people? Do you declare that they – and their supporters – must recognize Israel as nation, and a neighbor? Do you put any responsibility on the feckless leadership of the Palestinians, or is the burden to be born by Israel alone?

    • chrisbr1111

      As if Israel does not feel the same way about the Palestinians? What about their right to exist also, or is it only Israel that has that right? Israelis are not special, they are not worth any more than any other person… sorry to bust your bubble there.

      • Nefarious420

        your delusional, multiple Israeli leaders have offered up over 95% of the land and the rest made up in agreed upon land swaps, and Arafat and other PLO leaders have started intifadas as their answer. At one point East Jerusalem was offered, and that lead to the 3rd intifada.. Israel has tried making peace unilaterally like they did giving Gaza to the palestinians, who in kind tore down greenhouses and irrigation system, and elected Hamas.

        Bibi is right, there is no 2 state solution as long as there is Hamas and PLO.

      • karimhabsi

        The 5% that Israel wants to hold on represent 80% of the West Bank water resources. As we speak’ Israel is syphoning off millions of meter cubes of water from the West Bank to the Israeli colonies in the West Bank and Israel proper. This has been going on for over half a century, and Palestinians do t just want this to end, but also for Israel to pay restitution a for this and other theft and destructions of the West Bank and gaza economy and ecology.

      • Philbert McNutt

        Will the palestinians pay for all the damage they have caused by terrorist and rocket attacks?

      • James Nickel

        Will the Israelis pay for the leveling of Palestinian homes, villages and the million or so olive trees the government of Israel or settlers have ripped out of the ground.

        If there is a mutual exchange of payment for damages, the Palestinians will make out very, very well.

      • karimhabsi

        Any time if the week and twice on Friday. Do you have any idea the amount of damag Israel did to the Palestinian people and land because if the occupation?

      • James Nickel

        “The only Israeli-Palestinian agreement ever, arranging equal share of sovereignty over Jerusalem was the unofficial Beilin-Abu Mazen agreement of 1995, which never became reality. The Palestinians would have sovereignty over East Jerusalem, however not without legalization of the major Israeli settlements in and around Jerusalem and a guaranteed two-thirds Israeli majority.[49] The Israeli proposals at the 2000 Camp David Summit, also envisaged inclusion of surrounding Israeli settlements, but not of Palestinian villages. There was not anymore Palestinian sovereignty within the current municipality, but some autonomy instead. The Old City would not become part of the capital of Palestine.[50][51][52] As the Palestine Papers revealed, Ehud Olmert’s offer in 2008 was quite similar to that of Ehud Barak in 2000, although Israel offered more compensation elsewhere. Again, with almost the same map as in 2000, the largely reduced Palestinian area was embedded in the surrounding settlements annexed by Israel. The Palestinians would have sovereignty over the Arab neighbourhoods, while the question of sovereignty over the Haram al-Sharif was shifted to the future.[53] The Palestinian Authority gave away almost all of East Jerusalem (in exchange for land elsewhere), but not Ma’ale Adumim. The Israelis were still not satisfied. They wanted, inter alia, also Ma’ale Adumim, Har Homa and the major Ariel-block;[43] and control over the Palestinian water resources, the air space and the Jordan Valley, including access routes.[51][54] ….

      • Bibi’s solution: kill them all. Haven’t I heard this sort of garbage before?

      • Philbert McNutt

        Uh, dude. You totally – TOTALLY – failed to address the issues. You chose to repeat the same stale propaganda the muslims have been using for years.

        I’ve heard the propaganda and the talking points.

        Answer the questions:

        Do you insist that the Palestinians renounce violence against the Jewish

        Do you declare that they – and their supporters – must recognize Israel as nation, and a neighbor?

        Do you put any responsibility on the feckless leadership of the Palestinians, or is the burden to be born by Israel alone?

      • James Nickel

        Abbas has renounced violence. Israel has stated they reserve the right to kill anyone they feel like.

        Abbas can’t guarantee all of their supporters will recognize Israel as a nation any more than Netanyahu can guarantee their supporters will recognize Palestine as a nation.

        Israel has no intention of recognizing a Palestinian state. Nor will they annex East Jerusalem or the Occupied Territories. If the did annex them, then the Arabs/Palestinians living there would be protected under the Israeli Constitution and (gasp) be allowed to vote.

        The Israeli government does not want a peace agreement. They want to terrorize the Palestinians into submission, or preferably to leave. If enough leave that they are no longer a threat as a voting block, then Israel will annex Jerusalem and the occupied Territories.

        There may have been a time when they would have forcibly herded all the Palestinians

      • James Nickel

        ….Into Gaza but then natural gas was discovered off the coast of Gaza and Israel is not about to let the Palestinians have that.

        Israel wants the status quo until they can exterminate the Palestinians.

      • Philbert McNutt

        All that, and you still failed to answer three question.

        You fudged around one of them, and failed to answer the others.

        Propaganda doesn’t help much, does it?

      • karimhabsi

        To answer your questions, here go

        Part one
        The Palestinians do not have to renounce violence against an occupying force, international law and human decency gives them the right to resist this occupation by violence if needed, the same way the French resisted German occupation. Having said that, the Palestinian authority has stopped all acts if violence against the Israelis. Renouncing all violence against an occupying force is tantamount to accepting the occupation, which the Palestinians will not do.

        If any thing, it is the Israelis who should renounce violence against the Palestinians, as Israel is the one who is destroying Palestinians homes, confiscate their properties steal their water and kill them in the process.

      • James Nickel

        Israel won’t renounce violence. They think that terrorism of the Palestinians and surrounding countries is necessary for their “survival”. They have no interest in peace, only a perverted sense of survival.

        Look at what they did to Lebanon. Lebanon was close to settling on a permanent peace with Israel. Israel can write that off, Lebanon is now an enemy of Israel and will be for the foreseeable future.

      • Philbert McNutt

        Wow. Way to weasel!

        Israel should renounce violence – and just let the palestinians kill them at their pleasure. Makes perfect sense….to a crescent wrench.
        I mean, how nonsensical is the idea of Israel renouncing violence, but not the palestinians?

      • karimhabsi

        Part two

        Palestinians and their neighbors will accept and recognize Israel as a nation and a neighbor when Israel end the occupation and dismantle the illegal settlements it built on Palestinian land, refer to late king Abdulla of Saudi Arabia peace offer. This is an offer that came from the Arab league summit, and Bibi refuses.

      • karimhabsi

        There is little or no responsibilities on the “feckless” Palestinians leadership when it comes to securing the occupied territories, it is the Israeli responsibility to secure the territories as Israel is the occupying force.

      • James Nickel

        I answered the questions, you either don’t like the answers or you’re not smart enough to understand them. Either way, I don’t much care.

        Israel is nothing more than an apartheid state that is destined to go into the dustbin of history. Hopefully, you’ll live long enough to see that happen.

      • Philbert McNutt

        Abbas has renounced violence? That’s an answer?

        Wow. Kinda like Our Dear Leader promising to have the most open administration in history, or claiming that “if we liked our doctor, we could keep our doctor”?

        Funny stuff. You must wear your floppy shoes when you post stuff, eh?

      • James Nickel


        You have to admit the humor in Israel welcoming Neo-Nazis from the Ukraine when there is proven lineage to a maternal Jew.

        On the other hand Israelis will persecute Messianic Jews.

        The Jews persecute Jews and welcomes Neo-Nazis. ROTFLMAO.

      • James Nickel

        Have you thought about adding that the Palestinians have to guarantee there are no more Holocaust deniers too?

    • Philbert: I personally don’t give a damn about choosing between the religious fanatics on one side or the other. I resent putting my country on record defending either of them. You don’t consider Netanyahu’s leadership “feckless?”

  • Avatar

    Netanyahu predictable backtracked his own comment in less than two days about two-state solution. The world have finally know how he can really be and would say and doing anything to hold on to the iron-fist power.

    Netanyahu doesn’t care about America except for the free money from taxpayers’ dime to pay for military they barely used except to keep Americans in front of them. Once Americans has done their job, Israeli military would cowardly backstab our servicemen.

    Oh get this, conservatives like Jim Bean want Netanyahu to be their POTUS.

  • Timjo888

    All nations must die but Israel , choose people must live so everyone else is not important

    • James Nickel

      As far as I can tell, Israel is the only sovereign nation that has a right to exist. It is also the only country that thinks their borders are determined by a 5,000 year old document.

  • Interfering in the affairs of the United States is bad. Interfering when the country you’re interfering with is giving you billions every year is intolerable. Until Israeli voters retire this Jewish version of Dick Cheney, I favor keeping our money at home.