Why President Obama is Completely Wrong on Egypt

EgyptEven though I’m an independent, I get a lot of flack for being an “Obama shill.” Whether I criticize him over his continuation of Bush policies on domestic spying or bending to the GOP on corporate tax policies, some people still continue to believe that I’m somehow a paid Organizing For America blogger – or a plant from the Koch brothers, if you believe the professional left.

This article is where I level my criticism of the President again, and where I agree with some of the conservative AM radio hosts. The President is absolutely wrong on Egypt, and I’ll tell you why.

The Arab Spring has been a revolt against dictators, some of whom we propped up for a number reasons over the last few decades. Oil, protecting Israel, and tamping down the radical faction of Islam which we saw in the worst way on that bright morning back on September 11th, 2001. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. At first, I thought it was a freak accident by some small amateur pilot as I finished my work out in the gym I worked at in Virginia. When I came back from the shower, it was just in time to watch that second plane slam into the World Trade Center and it was then that I knew something horrible and historic had happened.

Through the following days and weeks, we all demanded answers – and even war. I was a full supporter of Special Forces action in Afghanistan (but not the Iraqi War) and I watched with a feeling of an almost catharsis as B-52 bombers turned nearly barren Afghan mountainsides into small infernos that sent Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters into the afterlife, if you believe in that sort of thing. Almost a decade later, I was exuberant to hear that SEAL Team 6 had finally exacted some sort of revenge when multiple 5.56mm rounds removed Osama Bin Laden from this mortal coil.

The Arab Spring? I cheered for it, no bones about that. In Tunisia, Egypt and other places, people rose up against dictatorships and demanded democracy. Sadly, in Egypt, democracy was perverted by the Muslim Brotherhood. Like the religious right here in America, they presented themselves to voters as “God’s party.” Just like politicians such as Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and others – they convinced naive religious people to vote against their self interests and take the aftermath of decades of dictatorship under Mubarak down the slope towards a radical Islamic state that was not friendly to us, Israel, or the interests of any moderate Islamic country in the region.

President Obama hasn’t been the only one wrong on this. Members of the GOP have also wanted us to suspend aid and relations with Egypt over the removal of Morsi from power. However, when the military has decided that their removal of a dictator has been hijacked by a movement towards radical Islam, we should back them on that. Yes, the slaughtering of protesters is wrong – but if we decide to back a “democracy” that is run by interests that are hostile to us and destabilizes the region, we can’t be surprised when the next terrorist attack is perpetrated by radicals from yet another place that we supported the wrong government in. We cannot support so-called “democracies” in countries on the other side of the world, yet bemoan them when people of the same religious fundamentalist mindset try to take over our own nation.

Foreign policy is a messy and extremely complex exercise in juggling aid money and propping up people who don’t always want the best for us. But if the President continues to support the farce that is the “democracy” run by the Muslim Brotherhood, I can almost guarantee you it will come back to bite us, and bite us very hard.


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