Why the Government and Drug Cartels Don’t Want Legalization


Image via ThoughtPolicy

As I was driving home from Houston along Interstate 10 yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice all the police cars along the route. My passenger didn’t quite understand why, so I launched into a good 30 minute discussion of how small police forces along the interstate supplement their income from drug trafficking seizures. The discussion also covered “Santa Muerta,” drug smuggling routes, and eventually, why the “War on Drugs” is a disastrous failure.

Next year, 2014 will mark one century of the drug prohibition effort here in the United States. 100 years of attempting to regulate human behavior with an end result of probably more people dead from the attempt to control drug use, than the drugs actually killed. The United States has also locked up more than 1 in every 100 people, which is the highest rate of incarceration in the entire world. Furthermore, by making drugs illegal, we’ve given massive wealth and power to some really evil people. You need to look no further than researching the cult of Santa Muerta, which is very popular in narcoculture.

It’s quite obvious to anybody with common sense that something isn’t right here, so why does the government insist on continuing to fund wasteful and dangerous anti-drug campaigns?

It’s all about money, folks. The thing is, there’s a lot of people who have profited greatly from the prohibition of things as relatively harmless as marijuana. It’s not just the government agencies and the defense contractors who don’t want to see it end, it’s the cartels as well. Imagine if all of a sudden, President Obama somehow managed to see the light in regards to this failed war and convinced Congress to do the same? Los Zetas, Sinaloa and all the other cartels would be put out of business. At the same time, it would also create a decrease in demand for weapons by police and cartels, as well as less need for jail cells to house the hundreds of thousands of people convicted of drug “crimes.”

This is a very lucrative market for contractors, the weapons industry, traffickers, police and the cartels. Sadly, until there’s more profit to be made on pizza and ice cream deliveries for those with the munchies, I’m afraid this waste of taxpayer dollars and human lives will not end.


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