Why The Left Needs To Reject Russell Brand

russell brand 2Whenever I open Facebook and start scrolling through my feed, I almost inevitably see some link shared that is about Russell Brand. From what I am able to see, he’s become a darling of some factions of what is left of the Occupy movement, as well as some libertarian types.

Quite honestly, I don’t see the big deal about a guy whose greatest accomplishment otherwise is being married to Katy Perry, and has been on a few talk shows or Youtube videos where he “DESTROYS” someone or something. For example, this headline from the clickbait site Elitedaily which claims that “Russell Brand Destroys Fox News With Intense Rant And Finally Puts Them In Their Place (Video)” – because he compared Fox News to ISIS. Yes, because spreading misinformation to millions of people is literally as bad as beheading journalists and massacring civilians. Give the false equivalencies a rest, seriously.

The latest stunt came recently when his appearance on the Sean Hannity Show was canceled, and he decided to film outside Fox News studios as some sort of publicity attempt or protest.

In the latest post on The Trews video channel the comedian-turned-political campaigner unsuccessfully attempts to film outside the Fox News headquarters in New York before being threatened with arrest.

While trying to film, Brand is told to leave by a security official who comes out onto the pavement and asks him: “Do you want to get arrested?”

Prior to the confrontation, Mr Brand had begun explaining why he and his camera crew were there.

“Here we are at Fox’s headquarters, all the greats are here – Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity – all the people who refuse to have us on the show.

“Sean Hannity, who booked us and then cancelled us. So we are going to do a Trew special from here, in the heart of the establishment.” (Source)

I’m pretty sure that just about everyone on the left has realized that Fox News is little more than a conservative fear and disinformation machine, so why are we subjected to the latest ridiculous thing said on Fox on a daily basis? If Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin or any other politically irrelevant conservative troll went on Hannity and claimed that Ebola was a punishment from God for gay marriage or abortion, would any of us really be surprised? After all, making liberals angry with outrageous commentary from their guests certainly has to be part of Fox’s marketing strategy. It allows them to claim to their viewers that since they make liberals angry, they must be telling the truth.

At the same time, creating this latest confrontation in his ongoing feud with Fox News allows Russell Brand to do the exact same thing; claim that he must be telling the truth since Fox News kicked him off their property. The sad thing is, a lot of people on the left really buy into his celebrity bullshit. Yes, that’s right, it’s bullshit. For anyone on the left to take him or his stunts seriously is a waste of time. Oh, and did I mention that the conspiracy nuts love this guy? Here’s the conspiracy nut website collective-evolution.com gushing over the guy:

Russell Brand has be getting a lot of attention due to his mainstream media appearances in which he has made bold statements that are getting people thinking. Whether he is speaking about the Illuminati, reptilian overlords, or revolutions of spirituality, Brand is making people reflect. (Source)

Why anyone takes this guy seriously when it comes to politics is beyond me, and my greatest beef with his message was his long, rambling column in NewStatesman last year. In it, he discouraged voting and suggested that we should “completely renounce the current paradigm” instead:

I have never voted. Like most people I am utterly disenchanted by politics. Like most people I regard politicians as frauds and liars and the current political system as nothing more than a bureaucratic means for furthering the augmentation and advantages of economic elites. Billy Connolly said: “Don’t vote, it encourages them,” and, “The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever being one.”

I don’t vote because to me it seems like a tacit act of compliance; I know, I know my grandparents fought in two world wars (and one World Cup) so that I’d have the right to vote. Well, they were conned. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing to vote for. I feel it is a far more potent political act to completely renounce the current paradigm than to participate in even the most trivial and tokenistic manner, by obediently X-ing a little box. (Source)

Guess what? The same people who watch Fox News – which Russell Brand has used to continue promoting his image – those people also vote. If we were to actually take this pretentious, narcissistic former heroin addict who was fired from his job at MTV for dressing up as Osama Bin Laden after 9/11 seriously, then we might as well just hand our government over to the likes of Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann or even Rick Santorum. He’s a celebrity who, like Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter, must keep saying and doing things that keep him relevant and in the public eye. The sad thing is that far too many folks pay attention to the words and actions of Russell Brand and irrelevant political celebrities, and not on things that matter – like keeping Republicans from taking control of the Senate next month.

The apathy toward voting and the calls to “renounce the current paradigm” were probably my greatest contention with the Occupy movement, in addition to the Ron Paul supporters and the anti-Semitic conspiracy nuts who crept in and ended up becoming the most vocal faction. Sure, I would still like to see some of the issues Occupy was protesting addressed, but if we refuse to vote, things like income inequality are only going to get worse.

There are millions of dollars being poured into the 2014 mid-term elections, which are every bit as important as 2016. There are also political operatives out there doing everything they can to keep people from voting, whether through voter ID laws or convincing them that their vote doesn’t matter.

Refusing to vote won’t make things better, it will actually make things far worse. Refusing to vote isn’t a victory, it is surrender, and don’t let anyone like Russell Brand tell you otherwise.


Facebook comments

  • Jim Bean

    Its amazing how an organization (Fox) so devoid of anything meritorious has become the most monumental obstacle to the Left wing narrative. You’d think the Left would have crushed them with reason and logic by now (if logic and reason where at the heart of their narrative.)

    • Laura Hurt

      Fox is not uncrushable because it’s telling truths, it’s because they’re liars, exaggerators and idiots. Idiocy, willing lies and willing exaggerations are not crushable with reason and logic. If it were, there would be no idiocy.

      • Jim Bean

        I know its a waste of time but I’ll once again offer the challenge. Go to Fox’s website. There you will find at least two dozen articles. Find two that are lies and then identify them to me. If you don’t, then I’ll conclude it is Laura Hurt who is the exaggerator and liar. Sorry if you’re offended but its an evidence-based conclusion.

      • Laura Hurt

        Let me get back to you on that one. You are right in asking for that and I am not offended. But I’ve got a busy day today, so I’m gonna need some time.

      • Stephen Barlow

        He plays this game with everyone he can laura. He is all about derailing threads and making claims he never intends to back up. Fox news is only mostly true 7% of the time, party true 11% of the time. He knows this and just wants you spinning your wheels.

      • Laura Hurt

        Doh. I fell for it didn’t I? Lol. Thanks 🙂

      • youcantgetridofmethateasy

        Wait, you’re taking divisionary advice from a self-confessed Gun-Nut, Pot Farmer? You incapable of directed counter-point commenting? Thing for yourself and don’t follow the Herd. The Bean will answer, just ask him.

      • Becky Wallingsford

        It’s their commentary that is ridiculous. What the hosts of Fox News programming will say to keep their jobs and appease Rupert Murdoch.

      • Jim Bean

        Well, I must say I do respect you’re ability to distinguish between news reporting and commentary. Few in your family possess that ability. Hopefully you’ll review your initial comment and recognize that what you initially labeled ‘lies’ were actually opinions. An opinion is not a lie just because it contradicts your opinion.

        As for Murdoch, you inject him into the issue as if you believe he is the only one in the media community who might be influencing the tone of their network. Do you really believe none of the others are doing that?

      • DylonCorp

        Cmon guys, take the questions of an anonymous alcoholic coward seriously! Run his little errand or he’ll call you a liar, and what’s scarier than someone who cowers in fear calling you a name?

      • Zac

        The network is owned by Rupert Murdoch. No more evidence past that is needed. And I’m far from a liberal. Even respectable republicans are against Fox.

      • Jim Bean

        Actually, more evidence IS needed. The fact that you disrespect the source is in no way evidence that any of the information is faulty. In fact, that you attack the source rather than the information suggests you have nothing of substance to offer in its stead.

      • Stephen Barlow

        So What Fox actually BROADCASTS DAILY isn’t how you evaluate their honesty. Good for them!!

        And you HAVE n evidence about Laura. this is an OPINION BLOG. You make that claim every time you fail to provide a source or a verification Jim.

      • Jim Bean

        Here’s some honesty for you Stevie – the kind you typically run from: if it weren’t for Fox, the issues of Benghazi, Fast n Furious, IRS/TeaParty, the VA scandal, etc, would have all died a quick death. Now, I fully appreciate that in your simple head that would have been a wonderfully good thing because you’re only concerned with your own selfish agenda and your tiny presence in our society. But from the broader perspective, the Nation has nothing to gain and a great deal to lose by leaving these issues unvetted and buried out of sight from the public eye.

        Conversely, the Nation has much to gain from anyone constantly snooping around Washington looking for misconduct. The notion of freedom of the press was born of this wisdom. The only reason to object to this activity would be if you are loyal to a party you suspect is engaging in it (misconduct) and you’re the type who would choose ignorance over potentially embarrassing knowledge.

        If you’re as smart as you allege you will instantly recognize that you’d be a fool to try to poke holes in the argument I just made. Something tells me you will anyway.

      • Laura Hurt

        hahaha bengahzi…. yeah because there really was something there. Even the GOP’s own investigation could find nothing wrong. FOX lives on making scandals where there are none and keeping them in the air so they can keep poisoning the US with their lies.

      • Jim Bean

        Panetta says he told Obama on the night of the attack that he believed it was an organized terrorist attack. Panetta was head of Obama’s CIA at the time. Two weeks later the Obama administration was still selling the public the notion that it was a spontaneous, impromptu, uprising by some agitated film critics.

        He (Obama) could have just easily kept saying, “We do not yet have all the information and cannot say for sure who was responsible.’ Instead, he chose to promote the explanation that he had the least reason to believe was the correct one.

        He was perpetuating a lie. That’s a scandal, at least among the more discerning members of our society.

      • Xerxes

        And maybe there were good reasons for letting that lie roll on. Like maybe… giving our intelligence services a chance to operate while the perpetrators thought they’d gotten clear? Giving the new Lybian “government” a chance to demonstrate that they were a government?

      • Jim Bean

        Those would have been good reasons for him to say ‘we haven’t yet determined who was responsible.’ The good reason for letting this particular lie roll on was to prevent voters from becoming aware of another administration failure right before an election.

      • Alvaro Nieto

        You, Jim Bean, if that’s even your real name, are a lie.Bye bye, have a nice life,

      • Jim Bean

        I’m sure I’ll miss your deep and thought-provoking contributions.

      • youcantgetridofmethateasy

        There was no ‘gunrunning’ of PMC weapons from Iraq through Libya to the Syrian frontier? You sure you want to stick to that? The BBCs own reports back up that CIA/State Department operation info. Didn’t you ever wonder just where all the weaponry left behind by DynCorp, Triple Canopy and Blackwater ended up after the contracts ended? Didn’t you wonder why Hillary was so quiet when the RINO’s and DINO’s were screaming for ‘Arms’ transfers to the “Moderate” Syrian Militias?
        This isn’t me saying this, this is from a compilation of reports released during the trial and conviction of the Blackwater Security Team. You really have no idea what your government is doing behind your back?

      • FD Brian

        can I post charts?

      • TeeDee

        Laura, if idiocy, willing lies and willing exaggerations were not crushable with reason and logic, I’d still be a devout, lowly, born again Christian. But hard study into ‘The Book’ as well as searching for historical evidence, etc. finally set me free from 47 yrs. of brainwashing. That said, it does seem like Fox has irritatingly held on to a sizable viewership, but at least those of us who need facts and evidence know what they’re really up to. Take care…

      • Laura Hurt

        Oh wow, that’s amazing, good for you! I am happy to know that there are exceptions to the rules.

        But of course it’s a bit more nuanced than this. Because you yourself were not lying to yourself, you were being lied to. You were not being an idiot, you were believing what other people told you. You were not exaggerating, you were really believing.

        The difference between Fox and you is, that Fox is doing all those things willingly and knowingly.

      • youcantgetridofmethateasy

        Sort of like ‘Global Warming’? I don’t see it but others insist it’s happening? I’ve met Weather Channel Founder John Coleman, and he impresses me as a truthful and honest man. I’ve also met and shook hands with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, and I counted my fingers afterwards. So my opinions are not as valid as yours? It’s 28 degrees here in NY and snow is promised for tomorrow, yet the Carbon Credit Exchange crowd is exclaiming gloom & doom. I just don’t see it.

      • Connie Shetterly-Strnat

        TeeDee, couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Stephen Barlow

      It’s all about Ad buys. Ads are bought because an audience has money to spend and is stupid enough to be talked out of it.

    • FD Brian

      Like George Canstanza says “It’s not a lie if you believe it”.

  • Josh

    It’s a logical fallacy to reject someone’s ideas by personally
    attacking their character. It’s called Argumentum ad hominem. It’s what people do when they can’t counter the arguments someone is making.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Yeah, but IF one Masters the Slash (off the nuts) and Thrust (through the gizzard) approach AND assault their lacking character like a GhostBuster with a megadose of truth about themselves…
      one achieves true avatardom.

      • Brad Rogers

        Very clever but not at all a counter argument.

      • Eoin Maloney

        No, you need to master all four elements to reach the Avatar State.

    • gFlint

      Louie Gohmert must be the all time champion of Argumentum ad hominem. What an idiot.

    • Eric Tergerson

      Josh, you nailed it. I’m completely for the rest of this article, but the ad hom flushed it all down the toilet. =(

    • Stephen D

      Well said.

    • George

      In his book, Brand considers WTC7 “the mysterious, ignored ‘third tower, building 7” and mentioned “the signs of ‘controlled demolition”.


      What about the NIST investigations and reports then?


      What about all the independently peer reviewed science?

      “Compilation of Scientific Literature that Directly Cites to and Support’s NIST’s WTC 7 report’s methodologies and conclusions”

      What about all the numerous debunking videos and sites?
      A couple of examples…


      And what about all the conspiracy nut websties too?

      Clearly, WTC7 was not ignored, so obviously he’s – once again – wrong.

      Brand’s arguments are easy to attack. Nonetheless, this article (we’re commenting on) is still right about him.

      • Peter Wingate

        Speak to most ‘ordinary’ people they will for sure heard of the “Twin trade center towers, yet very few will know what your talking about if you mention, building 7, I think you will find that was Brands point! Try it, ask a few random people! I have, and I get many blank looks!

      • George

        Doesn’t alter the fact that Brand is wrong. There were no signs of “controlled demolition” as he put it, nor was it ignored. Far from it.

      • George

        Not to mention his “Trews” site has been throwing out long debunked 9/11 conspiracy theories. “Thermite!” etc. And to think, that’s the site Brand claimed people can on to find “the truth”. Yeah… right. Typical charlatan tactic.

  • Brad Rogers

    Yeah you destroyed you own credibility when you mentioned his greatest ahievement. He had a very funny show, a stand up comedy career, and two very big movies. Get over yourself.

    • S. S-S.

      And he is still a talentless, unfunny moron. A lot of people get shows who are ultimately unfunny and unentertaining, but manage to fool a lot of people into believing the opposite.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Bad snark is NOT comedy. Even Denis Leary has a point and makes it. Chris Rock just annoys me with his one N word monologues. But when given a script written with talent and a plot to follow… he challenges Eddie Murphy. But Clever, neither Brand not Rack, are not.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Funny to whom? Big compared to what? And banging Katy Perry was pretty much the pinnacle of THAT wasted life right there. (pretty much the pinnacle on most lives actually. the Question is, WHAT did she see get out of it?)

      • Brad Rogers

        Regardless of anyone’s opinion on his show or movies, they were wildly successful, and objectively a bigger accomplishment than marrying a trendy-bi pop star.

      • Stephen Barlow

        So was Reagan. and look what a gaggle of boondoggles THAT has turned out to be!!!

      • Brian

        So popularity = quality? I guess Mao Zedong was the greatest leader inhuman history.

      • Brad Rogers

        I never said that either… I said bigger accomplishment. No matter how shitty a president Reagan was, being elected was still a bigger accomplishment than marrying Nancy.

      • 31Forever

        All of her money.

        He refused to take even a penny of her fortune.

  • Pipercat

    Uh oh Manny, you’re showing some longer teeth by riling up them, thar whippersnappers!

  • Keith Davis

    You are an idiot Manny. That’s what you don’t get. If you had some perspective, you might be able to see more than 2 inches past your own nose. I reject you instead.

  • Victoria Dee

    This article is absolutely terrible. It sounds like a personal vendetta. Russell Brand has said a lot of things I have agreed with and a lot of things I don’t agree, but you can’t fully dismiss someone speaking out because thier personal life style is not your cup of tea.

    This article perpetuates the illusion that there is only two ways of thinking and the author and the “liberal” way is the only way while any other way is completely wrong and absolutely terrible.

    The author alienates the non-voters in this piece and does not understand the reasons behind the refusal to vote. Life is not black or white, democrats or republicans, it is a great mix of many ideas and people who are willing to compromise.

    For example I am a Florida “casual” voter. I do not always vote for a candidate, but I will vote for issues I believe are important or will not vote if nothing on the ballot will not effect personal lives one way or another.

    But, this election, you’ve probably heard about our two “main” candidates. Both candidates are going to pocket tax payer money, hurt the Florida economy, scam job seekers etc. Why am I forced to choose to pick between one who lies blatantly or one that lies with finesse?

    So then there is the third party candidate- which many liberals and conservatives alike refer to as “the wasted vote”. Why? Because it’s not the extremists you want us to vote for? Or is it because you do not know enough about your candidate and the opposing candidate to realize that there needs to be another option?

    So, there I am looking at the third candidate’s website. Somethings look good, oh wait. Nope not going to vote for him either.

    And here I am handed 2 candidates that do not have the public interest and a third party that is too extreme on the deregulation side. None are looking for compromise or wiggle room, all wanting votes running on the same platform “I am not that guy.”

    How are voters educated on all candidates supposed to choose? We don’t. In our own silent protest. We want candidates that do not recycle the same garbage. We don’t want candidates that personally take jabs at one another instead of the issues. We don’t want to be screwed the same way only convinced by empty promises.

    • S. S-S.

      I liked this article because it said the very things that I’ve been saying.

      By the way, at this time if you vote for a 3rd party or not vote at all, you’re throwing away your vote, not making a statement. Until we replace the current system, we need to work within this system to overhaul it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        too much truth. You want change? Advocate a Credit Revolt and a recurring National Strike.

        STOP paying your bills. let them all get 75 days late, pocket the 10 weeks cash and then pay your debts. within a year, credit reports will be worthless as they will ALL be 400 PTS.
        In the 11th Week, skip Wednesdays and spend them with your family. Call in sick and remind employers that YOU are more important than them.

        If the whole nation banded together, we could change the nation within a year and NON corporate backed Representation might even become the Majority. Just VOTE for anyone who doesn’t think you should go to jail.

      • StarrGazerr615

        The problem is that this whole nation won’t even band together on whether or not its raining, much less on anything that actually matters.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I know, bu that is the level of revolt we need. OWS was very font page, but wee need to kick them in the cash flow. THINK about $40 Billion/day between Mortgages, VISA, Mastercharge, Discover and AMEX, GMAC, FORD and CHRYSLER credit… and all the itty bitty golfing board members will be $1 TRILLION in the CASH HOLE and will be defaulting on short term debt (Treasury Notes and Fed Withdrawls) within the first MONTH and near bankruptcy WORLD WIDE before 60 days.

        Pushing peas around your plate is not a diet. Scraping the CAKE off your plate IS.

      • William Drapou

        Pushing over the apple cart because you don’t like apples is a horrible Idea. Lets take a look at your “solution”. Every private company involved will have to start tightening the waistband by laying off wage earners left and right, this will of course drive up unemployment and place further strain on an already overburdened tax structure. By week 11, when you are your ilk start taking Wednesdays off, you will soon find yourselves among the ranks of the unemployed, as the falling stock market and economic chaos of the first 10 weeks will more than likely lead to double digit unemployment, and those companies that do survive will be able to hire workers for longer hours at lower wages. The economy is an machine, with many moving parts, that was almost destroyed by a bunch of idiots that Weren’t even trying, and the only people that were truly hurt were the poor and the middle class. Blow it up, and the people that suffer will be, AGAIN, the poor and middle class. Millionaires never miss any meals.

      • Stephen Barlow

        This has NOTHING TO DO WITH JOBS. It’s all about CREDIT RATINGS, loan criteria and CASH FLOW to the banks who survive on it.

        NO company is going under or even losing clients for a SYSTEMIC labor issue. BOEING doesn’t lose contracts because the metalworkers strike. GM doesn’t lose car sales in the long run and power companies NEVER shut down because Coal Miners strike. Not even for 16 months. So STOP THAT GOP LIE right now!

        If the tax structure is OVERBURDENED, then you just admitted that RATES MUST GO UP. Because they have cut all the spending EXCEPT DEFENSE that they can. Oh, and Congressional staff. That’s always been @ 100%.

        ANd as your GOPhilosophy disasterizes further, WHO are they going to hire? Someone who got FIRED for being sick?

        The WHOLE POINT is about FORCING a CHANGE in the standards businesses and bankers use to evaluate customers and employees. BOTH are ESSENTIAL to Corporate America. It’s just time the 95% got some of the profit to share.

        “BLowing it up” (yes I forgive your radically extreme Palinism) is NOT the goal, shaking the core beliefs of the GOP and the “almighty” IS.

        Thanks for the negativity and the ohsomassively educatedbeyondyourintelligence critique.
        Now come up with AN ALTERNATIVE PLAN that would accomplish more in less time!!!!!

        Or are you like Romney and the rest of the GOP, who DEMAND blind trust and have no plan at all? Romney’s tax plan could NEVER be detailed. Because it NEVER EXISTED. The only part to be even outlined, was an off the cuff GUESS by Romney when he had too much to drink. “We’ll just let everyone take all the deductions they need, up to say…. $25,000. Your mortgage, school, day care… Each person is different so we just let you deduct $25,000 and call it a year!”

        And YOu don’t even have THAT much to offer.

        So spare us all your sanctimonious fear mongering. Because HONESTLY, if you were that economically astute, you would have understood that What I suggested was merely the working parts of that giant machine you mentioned, SQUEEKING loud enough to get a big ole gob of that grease!!!

      • felipe63

        So I should vote for somebody who does not represent my values? Sorry I got tired of voting for the lessor of 2 evils a long time ago.

        We’re never going to overhaul the system with only 2 parties firmly entrenched in power. Hell they pass laws making it harder for third parties to get into the game, so good luck with that.

      • StarrGazerr615

        While I agree that our current two-party system is not working and should be changed, the reality is that it is what it is, at least for now, and voting for the lesser of two evils is still preferable to not voting at all.

      • felipe63

        I never said I didn’t vote at all. Please don’t put words in my post I did not write.

      • StarrGazerr615

        Sorry if I misinterpreted “I got tired of voting for the lessor of 2 evils a long time ago.” Seems to me that if you don’t vote for one of the two major party candidates then you aren’t voting. If you vote for a third party candidate that you know has no chance of winning then you aren’t voting. If you’re facing two “evils” and you know for a certainty that one of the two is going to become President of the United States, then you have an obligation as a citizen to support the “lesser” evil as a means of preventing the “greater” evil from coming to power. IMHO, of course. The place to advocate for change, to make a “none of the favorites” vote mean something, would seem to be in the primaries. People like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter were on no one’s radar two years before their election. It was through support in the primaries that they both came to become President

      • felipe63

        Not true, I live in a bright blue state where the Dem candidate for president is going to get all of its electoral college votes regardless of how I vote. The incumbent D senate candidate has @ a 20% point lead over his R challenger and my blue dog D congress critter has his seat so sewn up that he isn’t even bothering to campaign. I can afford to throw away my vote on a third party candidate and do so with a clear conscience.

        Tell me, what do you gain when you vote for somebody who doesn’t reflect your values? You gain a elected official who knows they can count on your vote regardless of what they do, no matter how much it goes against your values.

      • StarrGazerr615

        You do make some valid points. I also live in a state that will go to whoever has a “D” after his or her name. That’s why I think the primary process is so vital – if we can have SOME input into which “D” or which “R” makes it to the final round we might be able to find someone closer to our personal preferences. No candidate supports or opposes 100% of our individual positions, so I think there is value in supporting the one who opposes 51% as opposed to the one who opposes 90%. Obviously I’d prefer one who supports 90% of my opinions, but I and everyone is limited in what we have to choose from. I just don’t see any value in voting for “none of the above”.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Count your blessings and GO VOTE ANYWAY!!! or move to Texahoma, Kansaska, Alasippi, Tennelina or some other inbred GOP masterpiece of liberty and justice for all. Good luck trying to vote THERE!!! Felipe? ahte to tell you this pal, but BROWN people don’t do so well there and uh… you AIN’T white enough to matter.

      • felipe63

        I never said I didn’t vote. Please read what I wrote, I vote, but I vote my conscience, not just for any knucklehead that has a D behind their name.

        BTW – I’m light enough to pass as ‘white’, or dark enough to pass as latino, depending on who’s looking. Both sides see me as one of their own.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I see EVERYONE as ‘different’ than I. But I bet i tan better than you. I grew up flippin’ frisbees on a Florida beach and pedaling a couple hundred miles a week. We won’t go into the fishing hours. Live shrimp were $0.48/dozen and I’d always buy 3 and a $0.99 6pak. If I didn’t get a strike before the 3rd beer was done, I’d Jimmy Buffett the crustaceans in 2 beers for lunch. hehehe

        In Texas, the don’t have “Stop & Frisk”, but they sure do profile drivers. And voters. The have an abundance of “poll watchers” who challenge as many ‘democratic’ looking people as they can manage.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Is he the guy who write in Mickey Mouse thinking he has solved the problems with Capitalism? LMAO!!

    • Stephen Barlow

      Sounds like you are a Fickle voter, not a casual one. A casual voter would pick Crist because he has hair and a tan. A fickle voter dismisses everything about everyone and fails to realize that a Governor only has the power to sign or veto. He can ASK the legislature to act on some issue, but other than photo ops, a governor is like the kIng in chess, the most vulnerable, least useful piece on the board.

      • 31Forever

        Funny, but you never hear the same comparison being leveled at President Obama.

      • Stephen Barlow

        If you mean as The Executive? The President is no different than a Governor in that he can only suggest and sign or veto a Bill passed by Congress. Sad that NO ONE puts the full weight of responsibility on the people making the accusations AGAINST the president WHO ARE THE VERY SOURCE of Governmental dysfunction in America.

        If the Voters honestly assign responsibility where it belongs, we’d have 535 new guys, a Constitutional Convention to END lifetime SCOTUS tenure and Congressional appointments to he Bench. Let popular vote stack the Court every 9 years, One new Justice annually.

        Obama would be the ONLy guy re-elected because he hasn’t hindered anything!! he has even signed BAD BILLS into law. How do you think the Sequester was both approved AND modified to keep Defense spending high?

      • 31Forever

        Strictly as a point of technicality, you’re a little off-base on the Sequester bill. It was designed to be so absolutely awful that no one would allow the automatic trigger to kick in. Obama negotiated that in good faith, never imagining that representatives from the right side of the aisle were so horribly self-serving as to allow that to happen. He looks a right fool now over it, but at the time, it looked pretty savvy.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Funny how THAT isn’t on the Crossroads GPS ads….

      • Peter Wingate

        Stay focused people!

    • @gijanetexas

      Russell Brand is a member of the progressive community and people have a choice to listen to him or ignore him. Now should he be invited to speak at Democrat Party functions, absolutely not.

    • Jan Civil

      Bullshit, bullshit, and bullshit. You’re taking the side of silly people for no real good reason, other than I suppose you resemble them far enough by thinking not paying attention is smarter, that being cynical is smarter, than people that are involved. The reason for this stupid type of argument is clear enough, here is a way to make yourself seem more on the ball than you are, by far, at least to yourself. And in service of presenting a good look on Facebook.

      If you think Crist is an extremist, you’re a total assclown and should refrain from showing that ass so proudly. Just a tip.

      • Jason Bies

        and you should honestly refrain from breathing my air since you obviously cant read for ****!!! He did in no such argumentative terms, speak badly about Christ, nor call him an extremist.. His argument is spot on, calling a spade a spade in regards to the american congress.. If you cant live with that, than find another article to troll.

      • Jason Bies

        typical right wing response.. if you cant argue facts, you pick out one thing that looks negative, and attack it full on!

  • Jim Schreiber

    Quite honestly, he’s not far off the mark. The left is heavily disenfranchised in not only the US, but in the UK as well. Since the US’s entire political system has 2 heavily entrenched political parties, it would then assume that these parties are so well defined that they actually cover the overwhelming majority of the beliefs of its citizens.

    That would be an incorrect assumption. In the US, we only have the two major parties and lots of other minor parties, none of which are very powerful or have as many supporters as the major ones do. This allows the two major parties to dictate the direction of their politics, not the voters. In the event that some other party that is an offshoot of one of the main parties, i.e., the Greens or the Libertarians, starts to get steam because their closest main party is going too far off from it’s mainstream voters, then the main party opposite benefits.

    This, I’m certain, is not what is intended in a voting system, but here we are. If I vote for the Greens or some socialist offshoot of the Democrats because I feel the Democrats have gone way too far to the right (and they have), my vote is essentially a vote for the Republicans since the party closest to my beliefs is losing my vote. Not only is that not representing me, it’s actually giving my vote away to the party that I despise. It’s happening in the UK right now. The more racist Tory voters that will vote for UKIP in the next general election (2015) will hurt the party that is closest to them in terms of political outlook. The UK is turning into a four party system if UKIP really gains some steam.

    What needs to happen is our voting systems, both in the UK and the US, needs to be scrapped in favor of the alternative voting system and replace the “first past the post” system. At least for general elections and by-elections in the UK and for Presidential and Congressional elections in the US. At least then we’d feel like we are being represented somewhat fairly and we get at least some of what we want in a candidate and not absolutely none of what we wanted in a candidate.

  • george

    Sound a bit jealous there Manny Schewitz not getting enough attention?

    • george

      And banging Katy Perry is a bit of an achievement in my eye

    • TeeDee

      George, I think Manny’s main point is being missed on this thread by a lot of us. Someone who is popular and advocates ‘not voting’ is causing more harm than good. Republicans vote in great numbers. If Democrats didn’t vote in the 2008 election, we’d have been dealing with the likes of John McCain and Sarah Palin. That would have made the U.S. the greatest laughing stock of the world imo…Despite what anyone thinks of Russell Brand and his personal life and career (I thought he was great in Finding Sarah Marshall) if he really wants to help he’ll encourage liberals to get out and vote every chance they’ve got. The Republicans, as they stand now are toxic to the country.

      • @gijanetexas

        I think that statement by Brand was taken at a certain time in his life when that is how he honestly felt. But I don’t see a massive “don’t vote” campaign in those words, just Brand’s personal opinion. And I don’t see the relevance in comparing Brand to actual politicians, he’s not running for office.

  • Jane Doe

    Russell Brand is an intelligent person who is not afraid to speak the truth. This is a nightmare for Conservative Republicans. I am a middle-aged, housewife (married over thirty years), socially-liberal, economically-conservative, Caucasian who is in the ‘Top One Percent’ income bracket, and I GREATLY admire Russell Brand. He is just what this country needs … a young person who isn’t afraid to speak up against the good ole’ boy, hypocrites in office who have sold out our citizens to billionaires who control multi-national corporations who pay little or no income tax while receiving corporate welfare checks. (I might add that the word ‘Liberal’ is not a dirty word. “The word liberal comes from the word free. We must cherish and honor the word free or it will cease to apply to us.” — Eleanor Roosevelt)

  • Cæsar_Had_Epilepsy

    Ironic! I had just wrote to my friends yesterday that “The moment your vote doesn’t count, is the moment corporations stop spending billions to buy it.”. Well done article, anyone who advocates not voting, is really taking a dump on democracy.

  • Dean Chiasson

    I’ll take Russell Brand over the pontifications of Manny Schewitz any day.

  • felipe63

    This piece reads like it was written by a nerdy guy jealous of all the attention the ‘cool’ kid is getting from all the girls. You know it’s nothing more than hollow complaints fueled by rank envy when Manny writes:

    “I’m pretty sure that just about everyone on the left has realized that Fox News is little more than a conservative fear and disinformation machine, so why are we subjected to the latest ridiculous thing said on Fox on a daily basis…..”

    while his own site has stories like this: “Fox News Conducts Laughably Worded Poll to Attack the Obama Administration” on it’s homepage.

    Glass houses Manny, Glass houses……

    • Jan Civil

      These remarks don’t do anything to counter the argument made, the substance of the piece. You’ve cherry picked something to criticize in order to poison the well. Three fallacies in one.

      • felipe63

        Okay how is this, Manny had to put words that Brand didn’t say into RB’s mouth, in order to come up with this BS piece. Nowhere does RB ‘discourage’ people from voting, all he does is explain why he personally doesn’t vote. Repeat: At no point does RB say “don’t vote”.

        Read the the quotes Manny uses as the basis of this piece, RB never tells people not to vote. That’s Manny imprinting his own inferences on RB statement, and coming up with his own conclusion. I am willing to bet that Manny couldn’t be bothered to reach out to RB for a comment, you know like REAL Journalist would………

        And if Manny has to lie about RB said to begin with, that tells me Manny doesn’t have much of a point. Maybe he just wanted a writing sample he could submit to Fox.

  • felipe63

    You know what the Left needs to reject? Cheerleading for somebody just because they have a D behind their name, despite the fact that most of their actions are those of republican.

    Case in point, the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

    • FuzzyBunnyFeet

      The current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is preferable to the alternatives that we had in Nov 2008 and Nov 2012.

      • felipe63

        While I wouldn’t disagree with that I would state that I’d rather had the guy who campaigned for office in 2008, rather than the corporate kiss-ass who actually showed up.

  • December27

    I’d always found Russell Brand to be creepy and unfunny whenever he turned up as a guest on Jay Leno and elsewhere, and usually skipped over those segments. When he started making political news and showing up on news programs, I thought he must have undergone a transformation and perhaps I ought to give him another look. But, remembering how much I loathed him, I hadn’t been able to until reading this piece. So I finally played a segment I bookmarked from *The Last Word*, and, wow, Lawrence O’Donnell has dropped several pegs in my esteem for even having Brand on his show, and all the more for his contemptible fawning over the creep.

  • StarrGazerr615

    I respectfully disagree.

  • Hammersong

    Brand is very far left on most issues and a guy who constantly looks for the shock value. Yeah I agree a Ann Coulter mirror.

  • Alex

    Brand just has the balls to take it to “the right” and expose them for what they are like. “The left” just pussyfoot around and let them get away with everything they do. In short, he’s just saying what everyone is thinking! And he’s actually more intelligent than the majority of people reading this article. Left OR right! Whilst his view on not voting seems a little skewed, I think it’s a matter of perception. For example, take my last point. The right are wacko and the left are wacko for not speaking out/calling them out enough having a backbone and then doing what’s right. Why would I vote for either?! Vote green? Other party? Yes, maybe. How successful would that be though, I might as well not vote…

  • Matthew Burrows

    Who is this american arsehole. I don’t see him turning up at a peoples forum to speak alongside the head of my union. To compare him to Ann Coulter is just so pathetic. Then to have a go at what was a serious drug addiction…well what do you do for an encore push a disabled person down a hill. He is not Malcolm X…but at least he is saying something.

  • gerry kehoe

    get out and vote. be your own voice.

  • Krist Martin

    I’ll have to disagree with the author of this post. I think the Left should embrace Russel Brand. First and foremost he is a fairly successful actor and comedian with a substantial fan base worldwide. He has fans that aren’t just liberal either, he’s addressing a diverse group of people who follow him. People who may be swayed to vote Democrat rather than Republican in the next elections.

    And why are we bombarded with anti-Fox News attacks? Because Fox News, as much as we liberals realize that it’s a fear mongering misinformation machine, has a massive following still in the millions of viewers. A following that believe hand over foot what Fox News says, even when it is absolutely false. I would argue that comparing Fox News to ISIS isn’t disingenuous either. I’d argue it’s an apt comparison. Where ISIS beheads people they don’t like literally, Fox News beheads the people they want following them, figuratively. Both pose a danger to the US, and I’d argue that Fox News poses a much greater danger to the US than ISIS ever will.

    And using a source like CE, written by a guy clearly taking things that Brand said out of context (You seem to forget that he’s a Comedian and he references clearly well known conspiracy theories as a means to juxtapose the more malign conspiracies that Fox News presents to its audience) is hardly a basis to attack him.

    His stance on voting may be extreme from a certain perspective, but it is one that has a resounding point. In the US almost all congressional districts in major swing states are gerrymandered by one political group (the GOP) voting in those states will not get you a democrat in office. Voting systems are now rigged to make it harder for voters to vote. Giving greater influence to those who can vote (which are mostly very rich and upper-middle class people who are mostly white, Republican, and can afford to take off work to vote and to afford the poll taxes that are disguised as Voter ID laws). In a system of voting where voting is systematically denied to large groups of citizens across the country, and politicians are bought and paid for, voting loses it’s value and influence. All Russel Brand did is express a sentiment in no longer pretending that voting, in the US, has any real value anymore. It doesn’t on a grand scale. Until such time that we the people forcibly take back that which has been taken from us, our voice in how we are governed, voting will remain a gimmick to hide the very real problem that we’re no longer governing ourselves.

    And he’s not saying, just don’t vote, he says “I don’t vote because to me it seems like a tacit act of compliance…I feel it is a far more potent political act to completely renounce the current paradigm than to participate in even the most trivial and tokenistic manner, by obediently X-ing a little box.”

    Manny seems to think that Russel is suggesting we just sit back and let people vote while not taking any action. On the contrary, he’s saying to be disobedient, do not comply. Reject the current structure. In the US we do this very well and in very loud drawn out ways. We protest, we picket, and we stand in the way of the action that we’re trying to change. Brand says in that quote, in rather blatant terms if you ask me, that instead of voting we need to stand up to the politics and the broken system at hand. Instead of voting protest the politicians, show them how bad the voting system has got by walking into a polling place occupying it, and stopping the process from happening. If you do decide to place your vote, vote for someone or something that is obtuse. Overwhelmingly and enmass vote for none of the candidates provided.

    Can you imagine if the majority of votes received were for Santa Claus? Or for “None of the Above” rejecting all of the politicians vying for positions? It’d send a strong message don’t you think?

    Manny here doesn’t grasp that the current paradigm isn’t the one we started with when the US was still young. We’re no longer a Democratic Republic, what we are is a Aristocratic Pseudo-Republic. I, for one, reject the current paradigm with vigor.

    • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

      You said this all far more intelligently then i could right now and i think you for that. I just want to add that this article reeks of jealousy of Brand by the anther. I felt like i was reading a hissy fit.

  • Matt Iyer

    Why is the left constantly looking for a way to alienate itself. Hate the Conservative Right! Hate the one’s who are actually taking rights away, those who are actually setting up economic conditions to wipe out the middle class and kill the poor. Hate Fox “News”! It’s constant articles like this that will drive a wedge in between people who would probably vote the same way. It’s the reality that makes the left so weak. The Conservative Right is of one voice. They stand together. They’re wrong on just about everything, but their marketing campaign is second to none. They get people to vote against themselves and their own interests with that marketing. The left pushes away people who agree with them. wtf! Stop shooting yourself in the foot, Left!

  • mom

    Bitter/jealous party of one.

  • Matt Iyer

    Why is the left constantly looking for a way to alienate itself. Hate the Conservative Right! Hate the one’s who are actually taking rights away, those who are actually setting up economic conditions to wipe out the middle class and kill the poor. Hate Fox “News”! It’s constant articles like this that will drive a wedge in between people who would probably vote the same way. It’s the reality that makes the left so weak. The Conservative Right is of one voice. They stand together. They’re wrong on just about everything, but their marketing campaign is second to none. They get people to vote against themselves and their own interests with that marketing. The left pushes away people who agree with them. wtf! Stop shooting yourself in the foot, Left!

  • Marc Wesley

    It is a power ploy, the likes of which an anorexic person employs, to refuse to do what is best for you, no matter who and how many might tell you that it is factually best that you follow their advice. That “independent” stance, including his speaking out against, and refusing to participate in, voting, is probably the only thing that bothers me about Brand. He has pointed out to us that he is a masochistic anorexic, as many people, by shunning the ballot box, have done, and will always do. They are a constant in the human equation.

  • Dan

    Actually, spreading misinformation to millions of people is literally as bad as beheading journalists and massacring civilians because it inevitably leads to more imperial exploits in sovereign countries. Compare the number of innocents we have killed or caused to be killed just this year to the number of people killed by ISIS, and it’s not even close. Hell, the casualties of ISIS must be included in our tally, since our policies directly led to the creation of ISIS

    So, yeah… Manny. Seriously. Just stop.

  • James

    I like Russell Brand. He is calling Fox news on their bullshit. It is easy to dismiss that because “pretty sure that just about everyone …has realized that Fox News is little more than a …fear and disinformation machine”

    Until you can make this statement without modifiers like “on the left” and “conservative” Fox News is going to continue to sell fear and disinformation; junk food for the brain, loaded with salt, fat and sugar for the soul. They are killing discourse, destroying thoughtful reflection and undermining the whole basis of the political process of compromise that makes democracy work.

    Kudos to Russell Brand.

  • Matty

    Referring to Brand as “this pretentious, narcissistic former heroin addict” is a cheap shot, and is downright mean. I have no respect for that kind of personal attack.

    • Requiem

      This whole article is just a pathetic attempt at trolling tbh. I have a genuine grudge against Brand’s dangerous flirtations with new-age bullshit, but a lot of his political commentary has merit. He’s put out a lot of good messages and said some amazing things that have been completely discounted and ignored here.

  • Matthew Reece

    Brand is essentially correct about voting, though perhaps for the wrong reasons. People need to take more direct action by building alternatives to statism whenever possible and by practicing self-defense against the state whenever necessary.

  • Matty

    Just to add to my previous comment, I do think the author makes a couple of good points. Brand’s feud with Fox is a bit futile and pointless, and I dont like the idea of liberals taking this as encouragement to forfeit every election to the right (left wing apathy is an even greater evil IMO than right wing militancy). But this point can easily be made without being a prick. I see far more narcissism in the author of this article than I do in Russell Brand.

  • Tara

    All Manny’s tedious diatribe really conveys, besides a personal dislike for Russell, is his predisposition for assuming those of us on the left can’t think for ourselves. Appreciation for an individual putting themselves out there regardless of their career achievements and thinking independently in spite of the individual’s resume, tactics or message, are not mutually exclusive ideas. Last I checked the left doesn’t need a Russell Brand the way the right needs and feeds off of the likes of Hannity and Palin. This waste of time article really annoys me and I think it’s sad Manny felt he needed to school us on Mr. Brand. Now I will never take anything Manny writes again with a degree of integrity. This was just snobbish and insulting.

  • Shelley Jones Beek

    I’m pretty over this Manny dude. I’ll have to look more carefully at who the writer is when I read Forward Progressives articles.

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    Lefties like be lectured to by pompous Euro-twits.

  • Al

    There are some things I agree with here but there are lot of things I think are just ridiculous. The biggest thing being that’s it’s wrong to give attention to fox news. I think it’s good to point out the garbage they’re pushing out there and how tabloidish and crazy they all look. I think our society, especially our youth is realizing how crazy they look and how similar they are to tabloid media. If se give them less attention they will just slink around, saying psychotic things and scaring people into following their garbage.

  • Gregory Joseph Lawless

    /*I’m pretty sure that just about everyone on the left has realized that Fox News is little more than a conservative fear and disinformation machine, so why are we subjected to the latest ridiculous thing said on Fox on a daily basis? If Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin or any other politically irrelevant conservative troll went on Hannity and claimed that Ebola was a punishment from God for gay marriage or abortion, would any of us really be surprised? After all, making liberals angry with outrageous commentary from their guests certainly has to be part of Fox’s marketing strategy. It allows them to claim to their viewers that since they make liberals angry, they must be telling the truth.*/

    Seriously? Someone who writes for Froward Progressive is going to be THIS blatantly hypocritical? That’s it. Done with you stupid fucks.


    So the author wants to be noticed by attacking some celebrity. . Ok, I saw his name. Now I’ll forget it.

  • no need for name

    crap article

  • Greatest accomplishment marrying Kattie Perry? I actually only herd of her because of him marrying her.
    Also writing two books, hosting Big Brother, staring in many great films, a successful stand up career etc.
    He is a comedian, so you have no respect for his voice in politics, Comedians from Lenny Bruce to John Stewart, to Bo Bill Hicks and Carlin have often been the boldest and most sound voices in politics.

    • Matthew Reece

      Don’t forget Doug Stanhope.

  • ateo

    Go fucking vote. The rest of the rant didn’t really make me care less or more for Brand, but I honestly don’t know much about the character.

  • guestroom

    I’m tired of Democrats claiming to be part of the Left. You’re not a Leftist, Manny. Why should we listen to you?

  • dccph

    So, I actually read this entire article and I still don’t understand “why the left needs to reject Russell Brand.” Do you realize that you actually did not present a single good reason why we must “reject” this person? Basically, you just delivered several personal, opinionated attacks on Russell Brand and then you went on a bizarre diatribe about the importance of voting at the very end of the article as if that somehow vindicates the “seriousness” of your arguments.

    Do yourself a favor: if you want to address a topic like the importance of voting, do it on its own terms without resorting to ad hominem attacks that are tangential to your argument. (Personally, I think your argument is full of shit, but at least it would be worth considering.)

  • Ralph Hickok

    I never heard of him before.

  • Brian O’Neill

    Ah the old celeb card. This article has poor logic driven by personal opinion. Just because you don’t like someone, or one or even more of their opinions/actions doesn’t mean you REJECT them entirely, particularly if you do actually share a lot of the same ideals. Everyone has varying views on varying issues. To assume all of the LEFT… share all the same opinions is ridiculous. If Manny Schewitz is waiting for everyone on the left agree absolutely on everything he’ll be waiting awhile. And he’ll be rejecting a lot more than Brand. Does he actually think we all need to agree on everything and how to act? Movements can’t wait around for the perfect person saying all the right things to come along. Movements need to move, they needs motivated people like Russell Brand who have a voice (like celebrity) to rattle the cages, get people talking and out of apathy. Seems to me the Left needs to reject this sort of negativity and embrace all kinds of positivity.

  • MaineRandy

    For all of you apologists for Mr. Brand, I’m compelled to remind you that if all of us were like Mr. Brand, or we were as monolithic as the other side is, we would be perceived (and rightly so) to be as screwed up as they are – whether it’s their reasoning, their network of choice or the politicians they vote into office, there would be NO difference between the two sides,

    There are too many of us that are so lazy we can’t be bothered to click a mouse or compose an original thought because the Brands of their world make such tasks unnecessary.

    What I don’t understand is that it is completely and wholly unnecessary to resort to the tactics and arguments (in opposition of course) employed by Fox and the GOP. We don’t need, nor do we have a network seemingly devoted to keeping us angry, frustrated and living our lives in fear.

    Why? There is ONE simple word for this: truth. We have truth on our side. They do not have truth. In its stead, they have Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the personalities that lead them. Using lies, misinformation, confusion and fear. It works. Why? It’s all they have.

    While it may not be as nearly as spectacular or entertaining as edited videotape, personal attacks and the like, simply stating the truth – loudly, consistently and without personal attack, we would prevail.

    Our disavowal of Mr. Brand is long overdue. Thank you Mr. Schewitz.

  • Red Ed

    Russell Brand wouldn’t even consider American liberals to be left-wing (neither would most European leftists – if you took the Democrats and made them run for election in Sweden for example, they’d be considered right wing), so the idea that “the left” needs to reject him is preposterous. If anything, he should reject American pseudo-leftism, something which he has kind of done a few times.

  • mheister

    Schewitz here engages the politics of character assassination, something Fox News excels at.

  • dpeel

    He’s a good writer, and people who have beaten addiction have been through something most of us can’t understand and may give him a credible philosphical perspective. And the person who wrote this article is obviously very afraid of him bcause is Brand is saying that the Emperor has no clothes—both parties are done for and politics will not save us. We need a radical restructuring of the system. I’m inclined not to vote either, but will, because though it will change nothing, at least it will slow the bad guys down a bit, and we need some time to ceate a new system that excludes wealth and power seekers. This idea must be very scary to people invested in the power structure, no matter what party.

  • Diane Andrews Phillips

    Voting is our civic duty.

  • Shedly

    Manny I guess you just don’t get it. And you certainly don’t speak for all liberals. Russell Brand is an exceptionally intelligent person with a lot to contribute. I think you are personally imasculated by Mr. Brand and need to question your own ego. Your argument, if you can call it that, is disjunct. The man is a hoot and if you understand British logic and humor, a fantastic entertainer. Btw he was a great celebrity in his own right long before Katy Perry.

  • Coy G Sills

    I’m willing to acknowledge everything in this article, BUT I would like to point out that in the very first video I saw of Russell Brand’s “prophetic” speeches: he *DID* mention VOTING OUT corrupt politicians and leaders.

    Source: I’m not sure exactly where in the video it is – but you can youtube it by entering in “Russell Brand Mindblown”.

  • Peter Tobias

    If voting was useless, rich people and corporations wouldn’t spend so much money to buy elections.

  • Dave Hudson

    HAHAHAHAHA to miserable conservatism. You’re all scared of Russell Brand because he espouses universal truths and represents an ideology that will one day be the norm, lest we perish first, thanks to right-wing neoconservative types who think they are somehow better or smarter than 96% of everyone else; and so feel this makes them superior, when in actual fact, they are the mutation to the human race that could actually make it self implode.

  • Requiem

    Your only attempts at constructive argumentation failed abysmally.

    Russell Brand encourages people to engage in change-making in whatever way they see as helpful. He has always made it very clear that if you see something worth voting for, you should vote for it- he just thinks direct action is more effective and as a consequence engages in it as an alternative. So this ‘point’ is bullshit.

    As for the idea that critiquing and exposing fox news is ‘redundant’, well… That’s just plain dishonest. You know full well that a substantial portion of this very site’s output calls out right-wing trolls on their bullshit because it most certainly does serve a vital purpose.

    The rest is just steeped in aimless avarice and, frankly, being an arse. There is no reason to viciously attack someone for recovering from goddamn addiction if you have something valid to say. Which you don’t.

    The one valid criticism you had of Brand- his flirtations with dangerous new-age woo- you didn’t even explore, at all. This is a pathetic excuse for an ‘article’ and this kind of feckless, unabashed pretention from the left paved the way for Trump’s victory. I hope you’re proud of yourself.