Why the Religious “Right” is Completely Wrong

religious-rightI’m a Christian, but I’ll also be the first to admit that I’m not what you might call a “religious person.”  I believe in God, Jesus Christ and an afterlife—I just don’t believe that any man-made religion should tell me the right or wrong way to worship my faith.

I also don’t view my faith as a belief in symbols or deities.  While I believe in God and Jesus, I don’t believe my devotion to my faith has anything to do with how much I talk about — or devote time to — either.

Because the type of person I am is proven by how I treat others, not deities of faith.  Isn’t humility the sign of a true leader?  Great leaders don’t want the praise, the glory, the attention—they want others to have it.  So why would my God be any different?

Isn’t God supposed to be the definition of greatness?  Why would I then hold Him to such a low standard?

I believe God and Jesus exist, and as beings which I’ve chosen to put my faith in, I don’t believe either of them are these egotistical a-holes that the religious right seem to make them out to be.

Why would anyone honestly worship someone they feared?  That never made sense to me.  “Fear God”—why??

If God is all knowing and all loving, who “gave his only begotten son” for the sins of all humankind, why would he be such a vengeful prick as many Republicans and hardcore religious zealots make Him out to be?

It’s never made any sense to me.  I fear evil dictators, murderers—generally bad people.  And I sure as hell wouldn’t worship someone, or something, which I viewed negatively.

But even beyond the symbols which represent Christianity, I see my faith as something that should be transcendent.  Values which shouldn’t just represent faith but human kindness in general.

These values aren’t just tied to my faith, which is why I have chosen to follow that faith.  I believe the values which represent true Christianity are those that represent true humanity.  

So you can be an atheist, Muslim, Buddhist—whatever, doesn’t matter.  If your goal in life is to be a good person, help others and treat others with kindness, call yourselves whatever you want—we’re all following the same system of beliefs.

We just differ on what happens once we die.  But then, who really cares?  Because that’s what “religions” really break down to.  What happens when we die.  Our treatment and view of humanity, for people who represent true goodness, goes beyond a single set of any faith’s points of view.  We call ourselves what we call ourselves, but who we are goes beyond words or labels.

It’s how we treat others and exist in this world that matters.  Not what we call ourselves, how often we sit inside of a building or what percentage we tip to our religion.

To me, Christianity isn’t targeted around a believe in God or Jesus — it’s about being good to one another, helping one another, defending those who can’t defend themselves, accepting those who are different, forgiveness and kindness.

Anyone can claim to believe in God, Jesus and call themselves a Christian.  A claim to believe in these symbols of Christianity does not make someone a Christian.

Horrific acts have often been committed in “the name of God and Christianity.”  So to me, words are cheap — actions are what matter.

You can go to church all you want, read the Bible 100 times, give 10% each Sunday to your church and participate in as many church functions as you can make time for, but if you’re a judgmental, ignorant prick—what’s the point?

At that point, “faith” just turns into a self-serving placebo to make these types of people feel better about themselves.  They go to church because they’re supposed to.  They give 10% each week to their church because it’s what they’re told they’re supposed to do.  They participate in these church functions often because, “What might people think of them if they’re not there?”

You know—other judgmental, ignorant pricks.

It’s a group of self-serving people surrounding themselves with others just like them in a circle of hate, fear, ignorance and paranoia.  They perpetuate this belief that attending a building once a week, tithing 10% and volunteering to appease others caught in this cycle of ignorance suddenly makes you a “good Christian person.”

All the while, many of these people judge, hate, fear, loathe and persecute anyone who is different from themselves.  They do this while claiming they worship a man who stood for acceptance, love, hope, compassion and helping others.

It makes absolutely no damn sense.

Because let’s look at facts.  Adolf Hitler often spoke that his actions were those of God, and the Westboro Baptist Church believes they’re fighting the cause of Christianity.

Neither represent, or represented, the values for which Jesus Christ lived.

Words are cheap.  Like I said, anyone can call themselves a Christian.  But it takes true belief in goodness, kindness and morality to actually represent the values for which true Christianity symbolizes.

Which are traits many who proudly call themselves the “religious right” simply don’t represent.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pubilius

    thank you for your article Allen. Makes wonderful sense. I encourage you to research in community, whether church or small group, and discern what “fear of God”, and what Jesus and the prophets showed about worshiping God. I certainly encourage you to learn how the Christian system of belief is quite different than other faiths (a comparative analysis, not a superiority effort). It’s so important to weigh personal spiritual convictions against the teachings of the Bible and see if they match the Spirit of the Word, that I think is the purpose of the Bible, not to be bludgeoned with it as the religious right does.

    • Mark

      I also would say the ‘religious’ right has no healthy ‘fear’ of God. They take his name publicly but outside of sexual topics, don’t subscribe to his teachings on the poor, the despairing, the unconsoled.

      I believe the modern ‘christian’ church is the false religion against which Matthew warned: But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

      You cannot talk to these people. Their leaders have convinced them that anyone who disagrees with the current politico-evangelical message can’t be a Christian and the followers are so weak theologically themselves, they can’t, and I suspect don’t want to, see it. This above all else makes me think we are in the last days. God’s own have hardened their hearts. You don’t have to walk very far to experience it.

      • chris1

        best lesson I ever got was from my parents… My great granddad passed away yrs ago… I’ll never forget… it was between pay checks and mom asked her church going friends if our family could borrow enough money to go up north to the funeral… their response was NO! now that was church going friends… so dad asked his buddies that he worked with/ bar buddies… from the shop! Oldsmobile factory… and they not only loaned him the money but asked if that was enough etc… so I got the lesson very early in life…. I think I was about 10 or 11 when this happened. back in the 50s….. was exactly what this article is about!

  • svrhodes77

    Great article. Definitely going to share this.

    • gemma liar

      don’t share it with FOX “news”……….. they will claim U were born in kenya

  • Ellen H.

    I think the religious right misinterprets “fear of God”. Personally I’ve always thought it meant reverence and respect.

    • drdarke

      To the Religious Right, “Fear of God” means “Fear the Snake-Oil Salesman Who Claims to Speak For God”, @disqus_CXxlpZaa84:disqus!

      As a Lapsed Methodist, I tell myself that Come Judgment Day, there are an AWFUL lot of supposed “Christians” who are going to be shocked to find themselves as The Goats – and an awful lot of people who thought themselves “atheists” or somehow otherwise damned by those “Godly Folk” who are going to be JUST as shocked to (1) find themselves among The Sheep, and (2) that This Wasn’t Just a Fairy Tale! ::g::

      • Wayne Bassett

        As an out and proud atheist, I hope you are right, drdarke, and I would happily eat crow in the knowledge that the judgmental and small minded, self proclaimed “Christains” get judged accordingly.

      • drdarke

        I always thought the Bajorrans on STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE had it real lucky, @waynebassett:disqus – their deities actually existed and sometimes even made oracular pronouncements.

      • gemma liar

        Christians get pronouncements also— remember: M Bachmann and a frew other rightwing trash ” were told by god” to run for president in 2012. ( god wagered on Obama )

      • Vincent Valentine

        As a proud Buddhist, I’d be careful what you ask for. Not all Christians are Judgemental jerks. I’ve dealt with a few and those people are the reason I chose Buddhism, but some of my best friends are Christian and are not judgemental in any way. I would defend them with my life and they would do the same for me.

      • Thank you sir, and this is exactly why I coined the term “hypochristian” in order to help people understand the difference between an actual Christian and those who give the rest of us a bad name.

      • Ed

        Hi Vincent, although fanned, I am complexed how so many from the religious right can side w, vote for, and defend a “conservative” party conserving Nothing but unGodly wealth for the wealthy, unGodly labor laws, unGodly immigration laws, unGodly Unequal rights for EVERY human being, Ungodly UnAffordable, Healthcare, “Birth control”, Education, if families can no longer pay, Ungodly never-ending oil wars, and unGodly support of dirty unsustainable energy policies, How can any of us fight clean, solar and wind energy provided by God himself for us ALL, unGodly gun laws w women and children paying the price as w most circumstances? Even as our Majority agrees need more regulation, unGodly DeRegulation Repeatedly leading to the Wolves Fleecing the sheep, unGodly amounts of dark money influencing political powers,,,Etc,,,,

        Quite frankly Vincent the best way I can relay my feeling is repeating what our mother taught us. She’d say “I hear what you’re saying but It means NOTHING because, Your actions are speaking louder than your words…

        When the church is feeding the least of these a day or two a week BECAUSE their votes are creating Inequality in SO Many areas causing the poor to become poorer, HOW can they justify this as Righteous in Gods eyes?

        Oh, They must protect all those unborn, unwanted, babies conceived because of their restrictions on even the most simple provisions of the pill?

        I as a Born again, tithe paying, conservative practicing, Liberal voting Christian, would come closer to punching my Christian friend in his pie hole from frustration and disbelief before I layed down my
        life for him and would Never ask someone to consider this for me although I do find it Noble under rare circumstances.

        So many warn of the persecution of the Christians, how about the persecution from the Christians vote on the world?

      • Humma Kavula

        As I keep telling some self-professed “Christians” who demand their cable companies “GET THE BLAZE” (Glenn Beck’s internet network): Keep treating your fellow man like garbage because you don’t like hearing dissenting commentary or threaten those you dislike and believe God permits that, and you WILL “Get the Blaze.” For eternity.

      • that’s why we have to stop calling people “Christians”, when clearly they are not and don’t even know the meaning of the term. They are in fact the antithesis of what it means to be Christian, thus I coined the term hypochristian to define the difference.

      • I use “KKKhristers” myself, @grannytenderstone:disqus! It’s nice and inflammatory, and points out clearly that I think they’re nothing more than bigots.

    • Brandon

      Glad you posted this comment. As an atheist, I have talked to a FEW Christians who firmly believe that I am a sinner, the spawn of satan, and going straight to hell because I don’t believe. In there words, “what’s to stop you from sinning if you aren’t afraid of going to hell?” My answer, “the ability as a human being to decipher right from wrong.”

      • Brandon

        Sorry “their” not there. auto correct. 🙂

      • Ellen H.

        I’ve never understood the argument that only belief in God keeps people from doing wrong. My parents raised me as an Episcopalian (I still am one) and when discussions about right and wrong came up, they didn’t ever use that fear of God stuff on me or my brother. We just tried to do the right thing because it was the right thing. 🙂

      • Brandon

        I was raised Mormon, but my parents always said “no matter what path you chose to be when you are old enough to go your own way, there is one rule you should live by, the golden rule.” Do unto others as you would have done unto you. To me, it really is as simple as that.

      • JohnJ

        Nah..only christians sin. Sinning is a christian thing…if you don’t consider yourself a christian then you don’t sin. It’s as simple as that.
        And don’t let others TELL YOU that you are a sinner. THEY don’t decide which religion you do or don’t belong to.

      • Chuck

        I liked Aron Ra’s comment once when asked why, as an Atheist, He’s not going out raping and murdering as much as he wants. His answer was “I Am….and the amount I want to is Zero!”

    • Myah

      It does. God is to be feared(revered and honored) because of who He is -our Creator, Provider, Comforter, Healer, Judge, the One who loves His Creation deeply and wishes that none should perish. He wants us to know Him and the only way to know Him is through Jesus Christ who is God incarnate. Seek Him out and He will answer.

      • JohnJ

        Nope..there is no proof what so ever of their being a “living” god…one who watches over us. NO PROOF AT ALL.
        So you’re lying. Which is a sin in your religion. So you’re going to hell for believing in a lie. Funny, huh?

      • MiMg

        Wow, someone just came from church! Let’s not go overboard, shall we!

  • Tre Roy

    I love you.

  • Jeannie Barber

    I’ve been saying the same thing for years! “There are so many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is still the same”! It’s not what you call yourself, it’s what you ARE, that counts.

    • Josh Duncan

      I know that’s a very popular sentiment, but I don’t know how “many paths up a mountain” can be rectified with, “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many” or what Jesus said about thieves and robbers being thrown out of a sheep pen, comparing that to entering the kingdom of heaven through the one door in John 10:1-9.

  • Human

    Holy Shit a honest Christian, It’s refreshing to see, But I’m to Skeptical about all religions that man says this is the way God meant it to be or he said we should follow and using fear to get us to follow him. Well let me give a fact that is indisputable and makes me think hard about religions around the world and any religion at all. Here it is “MAN HAS BEEN WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING throughout the history of man. To this day we are still disproving things we thought were true. Remember belief is a human trait that is always is proven wrong sooner or later. So I leave you to think about that. I know there will be write that I wrong too and what I say is human. True but I still Think.

  • aspromised

    The religious right is simply about CONTROL. They have chosen the bible and their own interpretations and self-appointed supposed conduits as a means of control… and yes, making money.
    And I cannot overemphasize the self-appointed part of it enough.

    • gemma liar

      amen brother,,,,, amen. control and income
      ….and hatred

  • Richard O

    Not exactly. He tries to make some good points. However, if you truly believe in Jesus Christ, you would not say that there is more than one way to the afterlife. A true believer believes Jesus in The Way and only way to God and Heaven. Also, God is loving and compassionate but He is also a jealous and wrathful God. Things people like to water down. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. Talks about those who are unrepentant will not make it to Heaven. We cant just be “good” either as this article says, because our salvation is not based on “works” or “acts” of kindness. This guy has a point that he wants to see church people do nicer things for those out there not of the church, but He has a bad theology and is spreading false doctrine. Be careful what you let infiltrate your heart and mind and read a bible and get know the one true God for yourself and build off of Him not just on only what you hear. The enemy is out to steal, kill, and destroy, and confuse people. Be careful. God bless.

    • Shern

      My thoughts exactly Richard. I don’t think name calling (prick) is what Christ intended either. I sure am not perfect, but if we allow to much more perverted sin to be “accepted” into this world, humanity is in for a heap of trouble.

      • TropicDave173

        Yeah, but a lot of people on the right ARE judgmental, ignorant pricks…

    • Phillip Cooley

      Sadly, you’re just the kind of Christian the article was written about. Telling everyone what a “true believer” you are and how God excludes all but you and people like you. I’m a Christian. I don’t worship the Bible. I worship God as Spirit. Maybe you should repent your idolatry and blasphemy of the Spirit.

      • Jim

        John 14:6 “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.'” Sorry to say this so bluntly, but you can’t call yourself a Christian (follower of Christ) if you don’t believe what Jesus himself said. Your personal beliefs on who God is do not change who He really is. He has revealed who He really is in the Bible. You have got to go to His word to discover Him. We don’t tell Him who He is, He tells us who He is.

      • Rodney Edens

        I believe that an often overlooked part of Christianity is one’s reflection on how the Holy Spirit speaks to their heart. I’m no expert. I do understand that the Bible has been manipulated at different times for socio-political reasons. The choice of accepted books and doctrine, over other selections of equal relevance and authenticity, due to their potential influence over readers has left us with the Bible as it exists today. This is why I feel that my direct connection with God, the Holy Spirit, is the best source I have for direction in life. For me reflection, meditation, and prayer for guidance are priceless. At these times I take into account all that is available from God. I can use the Bible, life experiences, and the influence of Jesus on my heart through the Holy Spirit. One truth that has always rang more loudly than any other is to do for those less fortunate. Just as I believe that I have a connection to God within me, I believe that everyone else has the same inside of them. That’s where it seems that the words of Jesus, quoted in Matthew 25, come to life for me. “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me……..
        Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

      • gemma liar

        as told by his FOLLOWERs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, kinda like L ron hubbard

      • Richard O

        The Bible is what we have to stand on as Christians. It is God’s word along with the confirmation given by the Holy Spirit. I defend what God has said and spoken over what I think myself, or over an imaginary sugarcoated god where everyone can do whatever they want and they please God. This you know does not exist. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ you know He disappoves of hypocrites and half hearted believers aka lukewarm Christians. People need to stop throwing in what they think over what is TRUTH!

      • gemma liar

        gods word? read Deuteronomy 22: 13-21 and let me know why sooooo many NON virgin CHRISTIAN women are still alive

      • Jim

        The laws in the Old Testament were given to man to make us aware of our inability to keep them and how serious God considered our sinfulness when we broke them. There were other laws besides the one you mention that we equally brutal. BUT, the laws of the Old Testament no longer apply, for the law has been fulfilled through Christ. Galations 3:23-25 “Before the coming of this faith, we were held in custody under the law, locked up until the faith that was to come would be revealed. So the law was our guardian until Christ came that we might be justified through faith. Now that this faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian.” As believers in Christ we are no longer obligated to carry out the law and are no longer under the judgement of the law ourselves. We have been set free through Christ’s work on the cross. We are however, still called to live according to the spirit of the law which is found throughout Jesus’s teachings and the entire New Testament.

      • gemma liar

        sounds like more cherry-picking by followers. so: explain WHY soooooooooooo many thru the AGES-after christs DEATH– killed and tortured in the name of ” CHRISTIANITY”??? christs “work” on the cross? the romans killed him- or allowed the jews to pick him for death- because he was a rebel with a great message which most CONTROLLING factions don’t want to interfere with the status quo. Funny how such detailed empirists as the romans didn’t chronicle some guy who was CRUCIFIED DEAD and the SUPPOSEDLY Cruised around for a while ALIVE??? how did the romans MISS that “story”? because when he died,,,he DIED

      • Phillip Cooley

        Where is the scripture that says the Bible is the Word of God. John says the Word is God and the Word became flesh (Jesus). In my opinion to claim the Bible is the Word of God is idolatry. The Bible is just a tool and without the Spirit it’s a useless tool often used as a club by the self-righteous to bolster their pride. You who follow blind guides open your eyes. God is Spirit.

      • gemma liar

        and,,,,,,,,,,,,, why does the stupid bible NOT mention “RAPE” but its a sin to use “GODS” name “in vain”????? wann atell women about that??? That book has some good stuff but is very outdated and full of garbage

    • Howard Welch

      You are the enemy.

  • Chris Korb

    One of the greatest books I ever read: What’s so Amazing about Grace by Phillip Yancy. Wonderful insight of what Grace truly is and how we should treat our fellow men and women in this world. Did you know that of all the religions in the world, Christianity is the only one that offers grace, undeserved love and forgiveness from my God and which I should be passing on. Yancy also says religion should work from the ground up not from the top down. Wonderful book and a must read for those of us who have given up the Christianity, but still believe in the basic tenents of our faith

    • gemma liar

      then please explain the tax free churches ( Christian) and the killing in GODS name and love? explain scum such as michelle malkin and ted cruz?

  • Justin

    “I don’t believe either of them are these egotistical a-holes that the religious right seem to make them out to be.” Jesus gave his life for mankind, but he did it to glorify the Father. Would it really be egotistical for an omnipotent being to demand respect or praise from humans?

    • Howard Welch


      • Justin

        I suggest that it would be no more egotistical than a human demanding that his pets behave a certain way. That is not to say that we are God’s pets, but to point that as a higher being, He would rightly have certain requirements from us.
        We label someone as egotistical when they WRONGLY see themselves as the center of the universe. God sees himself ACCURATELY as the center of the universe, metaphorically speaking. It would be egotistical by denotation, but the harshly negative connotation should vanish when applied to this situation.

    • Jim

      Not just from humans, but from His very own creation! God DIED so that we might be saved from our wretchedness! The problem is people so often keep God on the same level as man. Yes, it would seem wrong for any person to demand worship and praise, because we know that they mess up like the rest of us and don’t deserve it! But God is not human, He IS perfect. The perfect ruler of the universe who also loved His Creation enough to send His Son to die for them CAN ask for worship and praise unselfishly, because He deserves it.

    • gemma liar

      and don’t forget all the horrible tortures and deaths attributed to the superstition known as “Christianity”,,GOD makes billions of children ,,,and according to CHRISTIANS only THEY go to “heaven”????? No elitism there ;EH??

      • Justin

        Nothing you said applies to what I said.

  • Vincent Valentine

    Personally I’m a Buddhist, but I found this article to be very thought provoking and elightening. A person’s beliefs are a personal thing…no other person can take it away. To force religion on another person is wrong.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    If you feel that we, as a species, have a moral obligation to see that we all have enough to eat, then why do you oppose genetic research and experimentation for the purpose of greater crop yields?

    • Howard Welch

      What good is greater crop yield if you’re poisoning people?

      • Gabriel Gentile

        There’s been an occurrence of such?

      • Practice Empathy

        The hybridization of wheat is what causes so many to suffer gluten/wheat intolerance. Pesticides are causing bee colonies to die off at an alarming rate. The tobacco industry successfully suppressed facts about the dangers of smoking for decades. Can we afford to be naive and believe that the food/feed/seed industries aren’t doing the same in regard to GMO’s in order to protect profits? Much of the hunger in the world is due to political corruption, lack of education, poverty, and greed. It is not because the world isn’t capable of producing enough food to feed everyone.

  • Luhgnut

    Well, it would be nice if the true Christians would expose the faux Christians as what they were and speak out. Praising Jesus, then asking for your vote is not Christianity. As an Agnostic, I feel that the so called “Right Wing Conservatives” are really putting a bad light on the true Christians, and I for one am getting pretty tired of fighting battles that the true Christians should be leading the fight on.

  • Lee Georgeson

    I am an Atheist, but I cannot help but cheer you on 🙂

  • Lyola M Roeske Shafer

    I call them the ” Unchristian Far wrong.” They keep proving me right.

  • LL11

    Agree 100%. My “Member of Religious Left” bumper sticker gets interesting comments. My belief in God and Jesus means I follow his “help the least of these” verses and help the poor and hungry and sick. People think you can’t be a liberal and Christian. I correct them all the time. 🙂

    • Susan Woolf

      Good for you!

  • Velita Waddell

    I am spritual no special religious dogma God and Jesus are my guides
    not the false prophets and religious crazies around now . People need to think and feel for themselves.

  • Christian

    “It’s never made any sense to me” That sums up religion. I don’t understand, how can you say you believe in Jesus, and god, and claim to be a Christian and say “I just don’t believe that any man-made religion should tell me the right or wrong way to worship my faith.” All religions are man-made, and nobody is born religious. I think you are probably an atheist, but don’t have enough information to realize why .

    • James Daley

      I love that…….spot on!!!!

  • Jayme Jerome

    I think you are generalizing much. I’m politically Conservative and I also call myself a Christian. And while I don’t agree with the generalizations I do overall agree with your description of what a Christian is.

  • Oran Black

    The person who wrote this article has clearly never read the Bible and knows absolutely nothing of God or His word.

    Proverbs 9:10
    10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

    Jeremiah 5:22
    22 Fear ye not me? saith the Lord: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?

    2 Peter 1:20-21
    20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
    21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

    Matthew 10:28
    And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

    Adolf Hitler burned churches and forbid the worship of God or the practice of any religion. On the note of being judgmental, the person who wrote this article need to take a good, long look in the mirror.

    I would like to ask the author of this article a question: What’s the point of saying you believe in God and Jesus when you obviously don’t read His word?

    • gemma liar

      hey creep,,,,,,,,,, hows this: ” a marriage is considered valid ONLY if woman is virgin. If she IS NOT she is to be executed DEUTERONOMY 22:13-21

      • LesterFinks

        gemma = win!

        Oren, you can’t PROVE those ridiculous writings are words to live by. Now if you’re blind faith allows you to mindlessly follow nonsensical BS, at-least keep quiet & stay out of the way while most of us actually try to contribute something worthwhile to society.

        YOU can go scream at the school-board for trying to dispense condoms & birth-ctrl pills, THEN you can go scream at some poor 16 year-old at the women’s center THEN 11 months later you’ll be behind the same young mother making rude remarks ’cause she needs gov’t assistance to buy groceries.

      • Oran Black

        I don’t need to prove they are words to live by, those writings prove themselves and have proven themselves for thousands of years.

        Your comment about me screaming at people is asinine. You know nothing about me or how I would react to any situation in my life or another person’s life. So before you go casting stones, why don’t you take a good, long look in the mirror.

      • LesterFinks

        I did look in the mirror…turns out I’m awesome!! Even more awesome than I originally thought, so thanks for the suggestion. What else…oh yeah….enough with the “magic man in the sky” nonsense. NOTHING has been proven over thousands of years…further, faith is NOT proof. It’s persisting in your beliefs despite the total
        ABSENCE of proof. Just face the hard truth & realize you can be a good person
        & do the right thing all by yourself. You don’t need anyone’s “messages” on how to conduct yourself.

      • Oran Black

        Our faith is proof, just because you say it’s not proof doesn’t make it so. Just like saying what you see in the mirror is awesome doesn’t mean others see awesome when they look at you, I know I don’t see anything awesome about you.

        Mankind has shown in his entire history that people are not generally “good” people.

        I have a personal relationship with my God. I have seen and felt His presence in my life. I have seen prayers answered, and I have also received countless blessings. Your lack of faith is not proof against my faith, it’s only a lack of faith and nothing more.

        You should face the hard truth that there is something in this life greater than you and your self-righteous, egotistical self. Too bad you probably won’t see it until you are before the judgment throne of God. Unfortunately it will be too late for you to repent then.

      • LesterFinks

        Yes you certainly sound SOOOO “joyous” & “fulfilled”, don’t you? So willing to engage in a hostile online battle, 100% the OPPOSITE of the “turn the other cheek” teachings you supposedly subscribe to.

        Just like all the OTHER religious a-holes I know…one co-worker is the nastiest, most paranoid, arrogant, foul-mouthed, sexist person in the building…& he has little picture of Jesus on his keyboard.

        ex 1 “…I know I don’t see anything awesome about you..” if you were TRULY open to message of your “Jesus” you would use a LESS critical tone when dealing with non-believers…instead you lash-out because you can’t STAND The idea of being contested.

        ex 2. “…Mankind has shown in his entire history that people are not generally “good” people….” True, and Christians alone stand as some of the worst offenders of all. A CLASSIC example being Charlemagne, who with Pope Leo III’s blessing & the legendary sword “joyeuse” in-hand murdered tons of innocent SAXONS because THEY had different beliefs….sounds like a great reason to wipe out men, woman & children! Eventually, Christians moved-on to murdering innocent people as “witches”, but you get the idea….

        ex 3″…You should face the hard truth that there is something in this life greater than you and your self-righteous, egotistical self…” WOW…Pot, meet kettle.

        So, there you go. 3 real-life examples of ME kicking YOUR ass on this topic. Maybe you’ll realize someday that your decision to blindly follow faith does NOT make you “better” than anyone..

        I can also tell that YOU are the exact reason we could NEVER, EVER tell anyone if we ever had proof that there’s no supernatural aspect to life. People like you HAVE to believe that someday everybody gets what they deserve…anything less is the scariest thought of all.

        When a “believer” helps someone, they’re essentially engaged in a form of self-preservation, because at some level they’ll be rewarded in the afterlife…when a NON believer helps someone it’s because of TRUE humanity & compassion! Read Kant’s Categorical Imperative..

        and THAT, is the sound of AWESOME!

      • Oran Black

        First of all, you’re the one who started the argument. Secondly, you’re the only one being hostile.

        Your arguments are false and full of self-righteousness. My tone with you has been just fine. I can tell the difference between someone who is searching for the truth with an open mine and open heart, and someone like you who is just running his mouth.

        You have not defeated me by any stretch of the imagination in this debate, especially since nothing you have said has had any ounce of truth to it. You have not shaken my faith, and to say I’ve done nothing for you as a non-believer is pointless because I’m not trying to convince you to repent. I know you know the truth, but you choose to reject God and His word.

        I have helped many people come to faith, and I have done a lot of good in this life, but I am not here to exalt myself but the God who saved me from my sin.

        You can make all the lame comments you want, you can throw all the insults you want, but it’s obvious you know nothing about God and His word. If you were actually willing to listen, I would tell you about my savior, but all you want to do is be a jerk. So go ahead and be a jerk all you want, it does nothing to me, nor does it have any effect on all those who have asked my advice or asked me to pray for them. Your lame attempt to discredit someone you know nothing about won’t change the faith of those I’ve led to the LORD.

        I’m ready for your next lame attempt, I can always use a good laugh.

      • LesterFinks

        1. YOU know nothing about “God” or “The Lord”…you can’t even respond to the real-life examples I gave you…somehow all those FACTUAL, DOCUMENTED examples of Christians destroying humanity are easily dismissed as me just being mean to you.

        2. I’m SO sure you’ve “helped” people come to faith. Funny thing is NO-ONE ever seems to get “saved” on prom night. It’s only after you’re locked-up or you’ve backed yourself into such a HORRIBLE moral corner that no-one else will even TALK to you when people find “faith”. Must be nice to have that kind of Ecclesiastic “white-out. I can do this all day (I mean WIN).

        3. If you need a laugh, go look in the mirror. Underneath your reflection you can write the word “Defeated”.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        hey imbecile,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JESUS aint GOD

      • regressive rightwing trash

        not certain why U view me as the other creepy religious scum,,,im agnostic who hates all religions

      • gemma liar

        lets see god cure an amputee

      • regressive rightwing trash

        nope— I just keep my verbal tone proper and mock cretins such as you

      • LesterFinks

        um…I think we’re on the same side…

      • regressive rightwing trash

        and,,,,,,,,,Im A Liberal centrist. U must be temulent to not know that

      • Oran Black

        First of all, you are trying to use the Bible as an argument against the Bible, that’s retarded. Secondly, you have completely taken Deuteronomy completely out of context. That passage is about a woman being deceitful for gain and profit through marriage.

        Thirdly. Jesus came and fulfilled Old Testament scripture. The fact that you’re trying to use Old Testament scripture for your argument shows just how ignorant you are of God’s word. It also shows how you are willing to intentionally distort the meaning of God’s word for your own personal attack against another person. You interpreted that passage incorrectly, not to mention we no longer live by the Old Testament law.

        John 8:1-7 Jesus went unto the mount of Olives.
        2 And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.
        3 And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst,
        4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.
        5 Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?
        6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.
        7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

        As you can clearly see by this passage, the old law of stoning people to death for sexual sins and adultery was no more. Before trying to use the Bible against the Bible, maybe you should read the Bible so you won’t be so ignorant in your argument next time.

      • gemma liar

        the Christians say the BIBLE is perfect,,,,,,,, also- lets see GOD cure an ampoutee. Until THAT happens Im staying agnostic. NOT atheist- agnostic

      • Susan Woolf

        Not all Christians see the Bible as perfect. You must not have read any commentary in the last several decades.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        agreed,,,,,,,,,,,,,however rthe noisy regressive rightwing crybaby scum “Christians” who claim BIBLE and JEEEESUS as infallible are the ones who are polluting the airwaves as tea party trash …. I have to say that ANYONE who claims to KNOW what GOD is/wants/says is worthy of complete avoidance. Jesus was a very sharp guy- but he aint GOD

      • gemma liar

        funny how ur 10 commandments says I cannot use “GODS” name in vain,,,,,,,,but it does NOT mention RAPE as a crime NOR does it mention MEN being less than virgins entering marriage as sin. your argument as all religious arguments is flkawed- and don’t give me the ‘interpretation’ crap. Lets see your god cure an amputee

      • MiMg

        calling people “retarded” isn’t very christian

    • MiMg

      Let’s not put the whole bible in here, can’t we all just be good and nice to one another?

  • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

    I could never grasp the concept of an “angry, jealous, vengeful God.” Are not anger, jealousy and vengeance considered among some of the baser human characteristics? Why would one attribute to God actions or emotions that we as humans should try to be above? All just confirms for me that God didn’t necessarily make us in His own image; rather, I believe that Man created God in Man’s own image.

    • gemma liar

      if god made us in HIS (her) image then GOd is a drunkard who farts and eats wrong at times,,,makes mistakes and is driven by mortal desires. hey– Im just showing the mirror!

    • zteach

      you may enjoy a book by j.b. phillips -Your God is too small-quiet excellent-and short

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Thank you for the suggestion; I’ll look for it.

  • Offended

    Do not assume all Republicans think alike……that is unfair…..it would be the same and me saying that all Democrats believe that the government should be control our health benefits by determining what procedures we can and cannot have. It is really despicable when someone tries to put everyone with the same political party into one basket. I am not a robot so ignorant enough to let someone else determine all of my beliefs. Being part of any political party does not automatically mean you support ALL of that party’s beliefs.

    • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

      “…..it would be the same and me saying that all Democrats believe that the
      government should be control our health benefits by determining what
      procedures we can and cannot have.”

      Newsflash: NO Democrats believe this. And no one has said that ALL Republicans think alike, though the evidence that MOST of them think alike is pretty strong. For someone trying to be even-handed, you are rather ham-handed at it.

  • James Daley

    Here’s the thing…………..Why doesn’t God just destroy the world and start all over again. Maybe next time he can get it right. HA HA

  • Joyette

    You lost the argument at “man-made religion”. Bet your life on a man-made anything and you are a sorry individual.

    • gemma liar

      how about my man- made business or my man made working out at fitness clubs with man made basketballs and man made equipment? or my man made medicines and schooling which helps us occasionally? or my man made autos and planes and clothing? Im agnostic ( NOT atheist) and I KNOW that GOD cannot be defined by MAN,,,ergo: religions are all flawed and wrong. just live ur life and help others ANONYMOUSLY

  • Rickey Miller

    Believing an assertion is True, is not evidence for it’s accuracy.

  • Rickey Miller

    Values were values waaaaay before someone claimed Moses saw a burning bush.

  • I agree with this article, wholeheartedly. I, myself, am a recovering Christian. Please support Americans United For Safer religions’ 1st year initiative objectives today to help make organized religion in America socially safer venues for women, children and LGBT believers.

    • gemma liar

      I like that: “recovering Christian”……GOD yes: religion NO—

  • Like it or not, Christianity is supposed to be made up of “one body” in heart and mind. It is, too, but at the same time, it’s not. It’s one body of denominationally divided, confused, opportunistic, delusional and insane succubus’s, attached, like a bunch of gluttonous ticks, to the celestial tit of Christ. Shame on me for ever having been Christian in the first place.

  • Rickey Miller

    “many of these people judge, hate, fear, loathe and persecute anyone who is different from themselves.”: I’d speculate that most humans with whom you are associated do not assume these behaviors. I do think I know your meaning here, but who are you taking about exactly. My religious neighbors in this small village go to church, mow their lawns and pretty much mind their own business. I’m very confident each one would admit to believing in God, Jesus Christ and an afterlife. (Heaven for the few and an eternal torture for the multitudes)

  • Stokes

    “If God is all knowing and all loving, who “gave his only begotten son”
    for the sins of all humankind, why would he be such a vengeful prick as
    many Republicans and hardcore religious zealots make Him out to be?” Exactly!!!

  • Fenrox

    You should do a “Not all like that” video!

  • gemma liar

    in heaven the women have small breasts; smoke cigarettes ; cook liver and turnips for all to eat and listen to milli vanilli and Justin bieber. in hell they are all NATURALLY BIG chested ( satan HATES plastic) ,,,,they listen to emerson lake and palmer; Rossini and tangerine dream( with a pinch of Kitaro and porcupine tree) – with Freddie mercury as emcee- and the menu is swordfish; fresh garlic and real cherries ( without Pits; how did U pull THAT one off dear satan) with caramel praline ice cream for dessert. The cocaine is NOT addictive and tobacco and alcohol are banned as they screw up the ecology there. NOTE: Tegu lizards with the brains of a jack Russell are the pet of choice ( no cats,,,UGH) and they show FOX “news” with a hologram of john C holmes ejaculating in the visible backround of all HUCKEABEE and HANNITY shows,,, that technology will soon plague the earth-boung shows and FOX will be UNABLE to remove it!!! Calvin and Hobbes/ south park and star trek (original) are whats shown in the schools with Humphrey bogart and jane Russell teachers.

  • Jacquie_H

    Amen, brother!

  • haikukitteh

    I know there are compassionate Christians out there, and that at its source, Christianity is a religion of love based upon Jesus’ teachings. But unfortunately, once the “all you have to do is believe in Jesus and you can be as big of an asshole as you want” get-out-of hell-free clause became part of the religion, its deterioration was inevitable.

    There is simply NO incentive for establishment Christians to be good people because it is not required to get into heaven, something that I find absolutely mind-blowing.

    The only Christians who are good people are those who would be good people no matter their religion, and for the most part, there is nothing in the religion as it is taught now that forces people to face themselves and struggle to become better people.

    Any religion that insists it is the ONLY path to God/dess is problematic, in my opinion. Right-wing and establishment Christianity has strayed so far from its founder’s intentions that it shouldn’t even go by the name Christianity.

    • Charles Vincent

      Leviticus 26:21 And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins.

      • haikukitteh

        I honestly don’t know what you are trying to say – but that is exactly my point. Leviticus should not be in the Christian bible.

        How does that square with:

        Matthew 18:21
        Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”

        Matthew 5:44-45
        But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

      • Charles Vincent

        The Old Testament and New Testament offer a strange dichotomy.
        Your second quote seems to imply that we are all equal in our creators eyes, and that those that persecute others are in more need of prayer than those that turn the other cheek.
        The first quote seems to follow the saying “to err is human, to forgive is divine.”
        Truth and justice are not always the nicest of things and are often ugly to bare witness to.

    • Charles Vincent

      Leviticus 26:21 And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins.

  • Anon

    Sounds pretty judgmental to me.

  • MarkBousquet

    God and Christ offer us complete and total freedom from the state, private wealth and posessions, _and_ religion. The right hates the rest of us who have found that liberation because they are enslaved to the state, to their private possessions and most definitely to their religion.

    • MarkBousquet

      They would be scared shitless if they knew the 1000 years of peace and prosperity that follow this life is a world commune and Heaven is Commune Eternal. Proof? See Sermon on the Mount and the first couple chapters of Acts of the Apostles. Making money and being greedy and selfish AND judgmental towards your brother and sister human beings ENDS HERE.

  • Pathleader

    If all you have to be is good. And you decide if and when you obtain goodness then Jesus suffered and died in vain. What a waste of good men….Paul, Peter, Andrew….

  • CFarmer

    If — remember that, “if” — events in the Old Testament are to be believed that “actually” happened, I would say that the interference of Higher beings, mistaken for “God,” purposely misled, misinformed, inveigled, and obfuscated our distant ancestors into making stupid and inane decisions based on “their” ways to control others.

    You could say “alien” ETs screwed up this planet into what it is today.

    That’s only a hypothetical fancy, though.

  • JohnJ

    ” I believe in God, Jesus Christ and an afterlife—I just don’t believe
    that any man-made religion should tell me the right or wrong way to
    worship my faith.”
    You have a problem. Christianity IS a man-made religion. So if you’re a christian then you DO believe a man-made religion can tell you right from wrong.
    You’re really screwed up. You’re lying to yourself and everyone else.

  • andy

    Full of crap!!!! Jesus did deny doing the same miracle the second day because they depended on the miracle and not the faith! And true christians shouldnt hate anyone … But since u his think that disagreeing with you is hating you than this world is full of hate! Typical libitard to mistrew something to prove his point …. Sheep sheep

  • Codex

    Sounds as though the left could learn to be a little more tolerant of the right?…maybe be a little less judgemental!

  • It might be helpful to many to note that the term “fear” as in “fear God” does not mean what it is defined as today. In Biblical times, whatever original text were trying to convey was to RESPECT God, not fear God. Obviously the only thing some people fear is anybody that isn’t white, rich, and reich wing.

  • Enlighted4807

    I agree. I left the formal church after being judged for my sons murder. People made me feel like I was worthless. Instead I took the teachings and decided to live a good faithful life without the organizations. I do charity, help the poor and the sick… In short I live to be a good person regardless of any label. I am just sick of the fundamentalist religious right allowing for evolution not to be taught in school, not wanting to help the poor, banning contraception and whom you wish to marry. I am sorry, I am a person who was almost murdered, lost my fertility and on the pill to prevent my death. I am also engaged to be married. Would the right ban my right to marry because I cannot have a child (nor do I want one. Too much pain from my sons death.)

  • Josh Duncan

    “We just differ on what happens once we die. But then, who really cares? Because that’s what “religions” really break down to.”

    Apparently, Jesus cared enough to give dozens of parables on the subject. In his famous “parable of the sower” of the 6 types of seed he describes, 5 are destroyed and only the seed that falls on good soil was said to be like those who entered the kingdom of heaven.

    This is a terribly ignorant article.

    If you really think the “religious right” doesn’t work to help their fellow man, then you’re simply blinding yourself to the incredible work being done in these communities.

    If you want to accuse people of not living up to the example of Christ, would you at least have the courtesy to try to cite his words and make a case from the Biblical texts when you assert something about what Jesus would think. Unless Jesus has been reduced to a kind of meme that people feel nice about but no one really takes seriously anymore.

  • Josh Duncan

    While I’m here:

    “To me, Christianity isn’t targeted around a believe in God or Jesus”

    The correct word is the noun “belief.”