Why This Heterosexual is Fighting for Gay Rights

sanfrancastroThe Supreme Court will be making decisions on Proposition 8 and DOMA in the near future, and I’m hoping for the best. Most likely it will go back to the states to decide and I don’t see the Supreme Court doing anything that’ll send the Fox News crowd into another ammo purchasing frenzy. Last time it was an imagined threat against their guns, this time they’ll need 2 more modified AR-15’s and another 10,000 rounds of .223 ammo to protect them from being shipped to the Castro District and forced into an arranged marriage with one of the regulars at Twin Peaks Tavern.

All kidding and cracks at the opponents of equality aside, I want to see the Court do something monumental. Something that rivals other great moments in American history. Wouldn’t that be something you’d be proud to tell your kids and grandkids about? Wouldn’t it be a great feeling that after all of these years, my gay brother or your lesbian sister could have all of the same rights that we as heterosexuals often take for granted?

I’ve often been asked “Why do you care so much about equality?” I’m a white, straight male. If we were to believe the voices of the opposition, this wouldn’t be my fight. However, there’s more to it than just wanting to do the right thing–it’s also personal.

You see, even though I’m straight, I was bullied mercilessly as a teenager for being gay. When you’re geeky, skinny and not terribly athletic, you’ll take a lot of grief from those who are still unsure of their own sexuality. It wasn’t until I laid out the biggest kid on the bus who liked to repeatedly call me a “fag” that the harassment slowed down.

So, I have my own life experiences to back up my belief in equality. It’s those same experiences that caused my fellow Jews to march for the end of segregation–a shared history of suffering to one degree or another. It’s that, and I’ll admit it, I really want to see heads explode on Fox News. After all, it’d be both historic and perhaps a little cathartic.


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