Why We Should Stop Calling All Republicans Dumb

fox_ff_hasselbeck_videogames_130917e-615x345Yesterday I wrote a story about how Elisabeth Hasselbeck from Fox News wrote a tweet that managed to find the six degrees of separation between the NFL scandals and Benghazi. As you know, there’s nothing Fox won’t try to link to Benghazi. I’m pretty sure that they could find a way to tie in a weekend weather forecast or a cute kitten video to the events on the night of September 12th, 2012. Anyhow, moving on.

After the story was shared on my Facebook page, on my friend’s page Politically Preposterous, as well as a few others, there was one common theme to the majority of the comments. Other than being outraged that someone at Fox would actually have the nerve to connect Benghazi to a domestic violence issue (I know, big shocker), many people commented about how “dumb” or “stupid” Elisabeth Hasselbeck is.

While I do not care for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, or anything else that comes out of Fox News and much of conservative media, I found the comments a little disturbing. Here’s a few examples, the ones with objectionable words were left out:

“And that my friends is why Faux News hires ditzes. Because they actually believe the crap they spew.”

“She is as dumb as a bag of rocks…and Fox news voted the worst news cast of all the channels and banned in Canada!”

“She gives dumb blondes a bad name.”

I don’t know whos dumber, her or her viewers.”

Is there nothing she can’t manage to make herself look stupid covering?”

What kind of extra activities and with who is this douchebag doing to keep her job, she’s an idiot.”

 “im so glad most americans are’nt as stupid as they portray on foxnoise, im surprised she has the brain cells needed to sustain autonomic breathing.” (Yeah, my head hurt reading that.)

First of all, Fox News is not banned in Canada, but I hear this myth repeated over and over again by many people on the left. Fox News is allowed in Canada and Snopes has debunked that story. If y’all could stop perpetuating that myth, I’d greatly appreciate it.

What concerns me, aside from some of the borderline sexist comments (or transphobic whenever the subject of Ann Coulter comes up), is that too many liberals or progressives keep calling conservatives dumb or stupid. It is true that there are a lot of uninformed or just plain ignorant folks that watch Fox News. It is also true that there are many idiots who vote Republican. However, writing Elisabeth Hasselbeck and others over at Fox off as stupid, dumb or idiotic is stupid, dumb and idiotic for us to do.

Why? Because the people on Fox News aren’t dumb. From Rupert Murdoch on down, they’re actually quite smart. You don’t stay at number one for cable news year after year by being stupid. Even the smartest people believe in and do stupid things. It’s easy to say that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a dumb blonde, but she has a Fine Arts degree from Boston College and makes a million dollars a year working at Fox.

Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and all the rest of them, including Sarah Palin, aren’t stupid either. It takes a certain degree of skill to know your audience and to keep giving them what they want to hear year after year. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, a Saudi multibillionaire who is the second largest investor in Fox News, also isn’t stupid. It takes a certain degree of skill and business smarts to become a billionaire and Murdoch, Alwaleed Bin Talal and others are all pretty bright people.

Even a lot of folks who watch Fox News aren’t dumb, nor are the politicians that count on their votes. Let’s face it, if Republicans are so stupid, how is it that they have control of the House of Representatives, the majority of state governors, and state legislatures? So let’s stop with calling all Republicans dumb, because all that does is cause us to underestimate and write off our political opponents, especially in a critical election year.


Facebook comments

  • Ivan Renko

    It’s a strange obsession that liberal blogs have with Fox News. Fox News is key to most of their very existence, and it’s a codependent relationship. But the percentage odds of a misogynistic comment with any mention of Hasselbeck, Coulter, Palin, or any announcer on that station, approach 100% when made on any liberal blog. And aside from transphobic comments made about Coulter, almost always condoned. And even defended as justified.

    • Sandy Greer

      Exactly. I try to explain how it’s such a turn-off, for me, as a woman, to see this stuff.

      I can’t pretend I don’t see it.

      This is the only site I post. I come here because I’m a Lefty. I don’t want to invade right-wing territory. I want to be ‘safe’.

      But I’m not safe, here. I’m a woman. And when I see women attacked – simply for having different opinions from my own – I am repelled.

      Worse, it’s expected I will ‘go along to get along’. Like I don’t have a brain in my head. But will blindly follow Group Think. Just SMH

      • OY humid

        You do claim to be liberal right? That is a screw loose if true.

        Oy BABY OY

    • Stephen Barlow

      Imagine IF Fox would actually hire a Black or Muslim!!!

      • OY humid

        It will never happen. They are too smart to make that mistake.

        OY BABY OY

      • Ivan Renko

        Good news, Stephen. You don’t have to imagine. They have.

    • Stephen Barlow

      No one else MANUFACTURES “news” that is 4/5th hype?

      • Ivan Renko

        You don’t have to let Fox News ruin your life, Stephen.

        The last five blog topics here were about Fox. Perhaps it would do you well to stay off liberal blogs for a couple days so you won’t be tempted to read what the latest college-aged research fellow at Media Matters wrote about Sean Hannity, Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Megyn Kelly.

  • Asher Frost

    It is always a mistake to assume that your ideological enemy is stupid just because they are your enemy.

    • SophieCT

      No, they are stupid because they say and do stupid things. The ideological differences are a separate matter. For example, William Buckley was ideologically different but he wasn’t a moron like today’s Republicans.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Reds were spewing EXACTLY the “word for word same BS” in 1936 against Roosevelt. Great PBS documentary last night proves it. We just suffered through a DEPRESSION but, just as Gen. Bush learned from Viet Nam to CENSOR THE press… SO TOO, he/banks/Redpublicans learn from the Depression to blame homeowners and REDFINE a Depression .

      • ultimateguy

        So, all of today’s Republicans are morons? What a broad and intolerant statement. Not very Democratic of you. I am a Republican, a member of Mensa, and certainly not a moron. On the other hand, name-calling is a habit of someone without a convincing argument.

    • Stephen Barlow

      With straydog, we’ll make an exception.

  • Jim Bean

    Yes. Except that Liz didn’t connect domestic abuse to Benghazi. She connected the Lefts passion for transparency in domestic abuse issues to their abhorrence of transparency with regard to Benghazi.

    (Perhaps that’s yet another example of why we shouldn’t call republicans dumb.)

    • Ivan Renko

      . She connected the Lefts passion for transparency in domestic abuse issues to their abhorrence of transparency with regard to Benghazi.

      Benghazi was just one of the areas she questioned the Left’s lack of desire for transparency compared to the NFL scandals. She also hashtagged government and the IRS scandal. MMfA decided to highlight the Benghazi hashtag, and the rest of the liberal blogs did the same. Hasselbeck had just interviewed the mother of one of the men killed in the attack. Liberal bloggers didn’t mention that.

    • SophieCT

      So, 11 investigations aren’t enough to fulfill the desire for transparency? Get real. She did that deliberately to appeal to the ignorance of Fox viewers. Too bad you fell for it because you almost sounded smart.

      • Jim Bean

        If Fox viewers were as ignorant as you claim, you wouldn’t be perpetually confounded by them and always on defense.

      • SophieCT

        I am not perpetually confounded by them. I am repulsed by them. And I supposed by “them” you really mean you. Good day.

    • Stephen Barlow

      What evidence can you indict either O or C with more than innuendo? WillGowdy do anything other than puke up all the Vomit he ate from the last 6 wastes of revenue?

  • openminded_montanan

    I am an active Democrat in a very conservative place. It’s been my experience that all the main points that fire up the conservatives are based on misinformation or down right lies. It’s not so much that I think they are stupid its that they choose to be willfully ignorant, even when they are presented with real facts. For me, being the target of their inflammatory rhetoric, it gets personal. And yes, Democrats can be just as contentious and opinionated. However, as they say, reality has a liberal bias.

    • Larry Ham

      Really? ALL the main talking points that fire up conservatives are based on lies?

      So we don’t have a problem with unsustainable borrowing and spending? The record numbers of people living off government hand outs is not a problem? Our welfare and entitlement programs are not spiraling out of control?

      Boy I’m glad you’ve straightened that out, I guess I’ll stop worrying about all that and vote straight party line for Democrats.

  • Kathy

    Yes i agree its fun to call them dumb but its not right even tho we are libtards to them! Dont sink to their level

  • Daniel

    If anyone believes the lies from fox there are really two options. Or three if you allow for both.

    1. They are stupid. As defined by lacking the mental acuity to discern the fact of the lie.

    2. They are intentionally ignorant. Because they ignore the truth if they don’t like it. Which while not stupid is childish.

    3. They are both stupid and ignorant.

    I don’t see any basis for assuming the fox viewer is outside of this metric. Perhaps their leaders are in fact very smart very selfish liars. But nothing in the article can challenge the gullibility at best of anyone who even believes there is an IRS or bengazi hoax.

    • Macdoodle

      No IRS scandal?Lerner pleads the 5th, all those computers crash at convenient times, the hard drives all get recycled, and her Blackberry gets completely deleted.All coincidence?You really are not that naive are you?

      • Daniel

        Except that every source of actual information apart from Mr. Issa has found that groups on the left were targeted similarly for scrutiny as political actors. The false idea of a cover up only exists in the aforementioned right wing echo chamber.

      • strayaway

        Considering that the overwhelming majority of IRS holds were on right wing groups and that only a token number of left leaning groups received delays, you would be better off claiming that the IRS records of Ms. Lerner and more recently of five more of her IRS colleagues simply disappeared and that the IRS didn’t have the foresight or competency to back up its records.

        Read up on the less than one month approval of half brother Malik Obama’s “Barack H. Obama Foundation”. While all these right wing groups were put on hold for up to three years to neutralize them in the election. Malik’s Foundation got express mail service. Tell me what happened to that money.

      • Daniel

        See that there. That’s either a lie or just ignorance. If you’d followed the link you’d see that more left groups in total and in proportion were reviewed and rejected.

        How is the view from a top old bullshit mountain.

      • strayaway

        Which link was that? I’ll take you to a relatively neutral site -Wikipedia.

        “Initial reports described the selections as NEARLY EXCLUSIVELY of conservative groups with terms such as “Tea Party” in their names. Further investigation by media outlets appeared to confirm this, revealing that some liberal-leaning groups and the Occupy movement had also triggered additional scrutiny, but not at nearly the same rate as conservative groups.””The list, first distributed in August 2010, suggested intensive scrutiny of applicants with names related to a number of political causes, including names related to the Tea Party movement and other conservative causes.”

        Aren’t you going to try to persuade us that Lois Lerner and the others at IRS all lost their emails and IRS has no redundant back ups? Maybe its like the billion dollar (un)ACA computer system that still doesn’t work. I’m trying to help you along here with plausibility. Are Fox viewers supposed to believe that Lois Lerner doesn’t belong in jail because they are stupid?

      • Daniel

        You sir may wish to cut down on the kool aide.

        Lois Lerner doesn’t go to jail because pleading the fifth is not an admission of guilt. Maybe she is hiding an affair. Maybe as is likely she is standing up for a false scandal because she knows damn well no one broke the law and she is just stirring the pot? It’s a question I’d like answered, but the larger issue is why Mr issa won’t allow the IRS to testify regarding the application of the law to all groups. He only ever asks about “tea party groups”.

        And yes my supposition is that anyone who believes Fox news is true is either stupid, Ignorant, or both. They get amendments and presidents wrong. Their reporting on policy is less accurate than a grade 2 history lesson or any civics class.

      • strayaway

        I didn’t even mention Lois Lerner pleading the Fifth but thanks for bringing that up. Lois Lerner loses her emails and pleads the Fifth. I liked Rand Paul’s quip, “I’m really, really worried about Anthony Weiner. Because you know he likes to take his selfies, and he’s had trouble finding a place to put them where the government can’t find them. So I’m thinking maybe Anthony Weiner should put his selfie in Lois Lerner’s emails.”

        My guess is that most Fox readers doubt Lois Lerner’s plausibility. I don’t know whether Mr. Issa “won’t allow the IRS to testify regarding the application of the law to all groups.” but as Wikipedia made clear, the IRS targeted right wing groups almost exclusively. Now the IRS is saying that Lois Lerner’s emails, indeed all government computer records, are backed up by the federal government in case of a government-wide catastrophe. The Obama administration responded that a search for those emails would be to “onerous”. So Lois Lerner has lied to Congress and the administration is an accessory to her crime. She belongs in jail.

      • Daniel

        That’s because Wikipedia is open to editing by morons and is not a credible source..ever. It can lead you but no teacher or professor trusts piblicly editable sites.

        After sarah pailin said Paul Revere rode to warn the BritishBritish about our second amendment, Wikipedia was overrun by her pyschphanic followers trying to edit her into being other than a moron.

        The like is from a bipartisan fact check site. So barring actual contrary facts I feel it is clearly you who are grasping.

        In fact fox news is currently being g honest only 18-20% of the time. NBC is at 53% and CNN is at 65% BBC is much more accurate at 89%.

      • strayaway

        My experience with wikipedia is better than the three anecdotes you cite out of wikipedia’s 372 gigabyte data base. I cited wikipedia because it is more neutral than most sources. Which databases would you prefer us to use? In my humble opinion, CNN promotes the agenda of the 1%. CNN has promoted recent wars, amnesty, the Wall Street bailout, higher federal debt, and other corporatist agendas. MSNBC seems to be the left’s answer to Fox. I try to balance my news uptake with contrary sources. I do start my news day with BBC World News but realize that even BBC promotes its own agenda. I do at least like the way BBC gets away from US-centric new coverage

      • Stephen Barlow

        For what?

      • OY humid

        For being an asshole.

        Oy BABY OY

      • Stephen Barlow

        Hi Jin Bean.;

      • Stephen Barlow

        Lois NEVER SAID “I am not a crook!” So I believe her.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Corrupt the process. Pay with jail.

      • OY humid

        Send that bum OLBERMAN TO Syria. Where he belongs. With all the towel heads.

        Oy BABY OY

      • The Reader

        You can say anything you want on Wikipedia. Whether it’s factual or not, no one really knows except maybe the person who puts it out there. The only thing neutral about Wikipedia is that it accepts everyone’s garbage without question.

      • strayaway

        So then, maybe you can answer the question I asked Daniel, “Which databases would you prefer us to use?” It doesn’t do much good to keep shooting the messengers until one agrees with you.

        Please tell us that you believe the story that Lois Lerner’s hard drive crashed deleting two years worth of her emails, that the IRS doesn’t back up its employees emails, that the NSA doesn’t have records of Lois Lerner’s phone calls, or the lost emails of these other IRS employees are coincidence: “Judy Kindell, a former senior adviser to Lerner; Justin Lowe, a tax law specialist for exempt organizations who worked with Kindell; IRS manager Ron Shoemaker, who helped oversee the tea party cases; and Julie Chen and Nancy Heagney, who are Cincinnati-based IRS agents working on the tea party cases.” -Politico (Do you also consider Politico ‘garbage”?)

        There probably aren’t many Fox viewers “dumb” enough to believe that all this coincidence is true. Do you?

        Note to moderators – Since “dumb” is a disability, it would probably be better, in a PC kind of way, to use the word “stupid”.

      • The Reader

        You raise a legitimate question as to what database should we use or as I choose to put it, choose to trust. There are so many options and depending on which view you hold, I can only say what I said in the first place. We have the option to say whatever we want, and of course, there is always someone who won’t agree. To say, that any one source has all the facts is “stupid” but neither do we so I check out as many as I have time for and draw my own conclusions as best I can from what I’ve read. Doesn’t everyone do that to some extent anyway? Politico has a reputation for researching its information (an honorable task in journalism), but who really knows what happened to Lois Lerner’s emails or why she took the 5th? Lois may know but she “ain’t” talkin’.

      • Stephen Barlow

        If conservative groups are committing fraud and laundering money @ 7 times the rate of Democrats,, then JUSTICE was prevailing. Until the REDS abused power to COVER IT UP with an ISSA propagandagation.

      • Stephen Barlow

        They backed emails for 6 months, like most Fortune 500′ s. Not her fault the RED MENACE HORDE ARMY drags it’s feet… LMAO!!!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Show us a source AND an actual story.

      • Stephen Barlow

        In direct proportion as their likelihood of corruption. We CAUGHT THE KOCH BROS LAUNDERING MONEY!!!!! $12 MILLION in California.
        Gimme Blue suspect group and enough evidence for a warrant…and let’s see what’s down the rabbit hole.

      • Larry Ham

        So why don’t you answer his question? Are you really naive enough to believe that all those computers crashed at the convenient times, hard drives recycled, Blackberry deleted?

        What are you afraid of? Just answer the question tough guy.

      • Daniel

        OK Mr personal insult. First off sign off fox. Your basic premise is in error. The computer didn’t “crash” the memory simply overwrites older messages unless they are archived. Secondly that’s how all email works. Which if you finished the seventh grade in the last two decades you would know.

        What am I afraid of? That my vote based on knowledge is only worth half of the killing combo of you and your wife-cousin-sister. Because there is no scandal. The IRS reviews tax exempt groups, which by definition PACs are not. Yet the tea-party short bus keeps rolling out with the same look of shock they get when they soil their pants in fear of terrorist toddlers and black panthers (people or cats I’d assume).

        My point is just that. You are being lied to and the truth can be found with less than 15 seconds of work. Or five minutes if you are from Alabama or Texas and can’t read so good.

        So you can poke fun at me. In fact I couldn’t care less. But even if I was some jerk trying to pick a fight, the facts are in. The IRS did nothing wrong. Its why your scandal sniffing dog Issa keeps swinging between one debunked pile of lies and foolishness to the next with no charges. Because he at least knows he is serving the base on a shit salad. But you sir, you are the one swallowing it whole.

      • Stephen Barlow

        No evidence=NOT GUILTY

      • Bradley Dugas

        Break all your computers, lie, cheat, NOT GUILTY!!

      • Jeff Clauser

        There were more conservative groups targeted because there were just so many conservative groups trying to get tax exempt status. And im glad all these groups were scrutinized. They were obviously political groups, not welfare types that would receive the exemption anyway.

      • Bradley Dugas

        And progressive groups don’t try to gain exempt status? This is hypocritical and stupid. You need to think now, please.

  • Obdurate? (Hardened in wrongdoing?)
    Unwilling to do the ‘right’ thing?
    Playing to the lowest common denominator?
    Never having to make hard choices?
    Unable to plan for the future?
    I got mine so screw you?
    I’m about to get mine so screw you?
    Mine’s out there somewhere and when I get it, screw you?
    I am starting to digress…

  • Robert Scalzi

    Sorry you lost me when you idiotically said Sarah Palin isn’t stupid. She is.

  • mike

    I agree – they aren’t stupid. But they do push lies and propaganda and constantly act in bad faith. So what does that make them, then?

    • mag00

      Evil geniuses

  • SophieCT

    But they really are stupid. And they prove their stupidity by electing morons into office. Do they not bear some of the responsibility for their own stupidity? Even an idiot like Jindal knows they’re all stupid. (But yes, one can acknowledge intellectual incompetence without resorting to sexism or debunked myths.)

    • JustaSlob

      Gohmert is a perfect example….

  • JustaSlob

    How about “OWNED” instead of stupid?

  • Chester Wishon

    I agree; the Fox News fascists are not stupid. They are soulless psychopaths who have sold themselves to the Devil for worldly wealth and political power. Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, etc., were not stupid; they knew exactly how to manipulate the ignorance, fear and prejudices of the public to gain the same ends.

  • mag00

    I am Canadian and I have Fox News (intentionally through ordering a cable news package with my tv provider). Why do people always think we don’t have it? Lol

    • Jillz

      It makes me laugh when I hear that FOX is ‘banned’ here. People think we don’t have it because it’s not provided free to the public, that’s all. We can’t channel surf onto it – we have to subscribe to it like HBO and other pay channels.

  • mag00

    Republican voters, most of the time, are stupid. Republicans themselves, however, are evil geniuses. They pass bills that help them make tons of cash while convincing their voters to go against their own interests. This is not an accident, and if you think it is, *you* are probably the idiot.

  • Professor Paul

    Fine Arts degrees are not among the most academically rigorous degrees available, so holding one does not say anything about Hasselbeck’s intelligence level, nor do her annual earnings. Lots of people of average intelligence earn high incomes. See: Kardashian…

    • strayaway

      Nobel Peace Prizes are even harder to earn, or at least come by, than fine arts degrees.

  • Dawn Cherry Dressler Forrest

    Dear Author,

    Thank you, and I love you.

    Best article I’ve read in a very, very long time.

  • Sandy Greer

    Thanks for the appeal to our ‘better’ nature. But it’s disingenuous to disavow comments inspired by one’s ‘lead’.

    Your latest 5 Conservative Memes featured (prominently) a Hate Speech meme created by our own side – to make Fox News look bad. Not The Right Thing, at all, we did that. Not The Right Thing it was propagated here on FP.

    I could cite any number of other articles on FP filled with Straw Men and ad hominems. They engender responses similar to those you quoted. Every day we Manufacture Outrage so we can get a ‘hate on’ for the Enemy – who is anybody but us.

    Somebody like me – who actually likes, respects, and learns from her Opponents – turns away from that.

    You’re losing the middle here. And if you’re not careful – You’ll lose Nov 2014, too.

    FP is on the ‘front’ of the battle for hearts and soul of this nation. Yours is the responsibility to carry your standard high – that others may follow.


  • Macdoodle

    Fox is obviously something to be feared by liberals as this website and Media Matters seem to have been developed with the sole purpose of discrediting them.What FOX does do is present unfavorable information about the current administration which is something most other news outlets have refused to do until lately.But even they are seeing the writing on the wall and at the risk of losing credibility they are now having to expose Obama’s shortcomings for what they are.

    • Christopher

      Actually, it’s because Fox News is nothing but blatent lies and speculations. Thanks though, for proving that some republicans really are that stupid.

  • whoman69

    They’re not dumb. They just know that if they spout a lie often enough, it becomes a truth. This is especially true when looking at a pliable audience.

  • Steven Persamanos

    I agree they are much more sociopathic than stupid!! I mean by no means are they smart! However they are smart enough to exploit the stupidest most paranoid part of the US population!! This works masterfully well after years and years of Republican leaders cutting education and 8 years of the stupidest president in the history of this country!

  • jack starr

    Thanks for the article. I personally stand corrected.i do feel the need to fight against the conservative lie machine. But perhaps in the words of jesus, somewhat misapplied,” this kind cometh not out but by prayer and fasting”!

  • rossbro

    They ARE dumb. Sorry if the truth hurts.

    • OY humid

      You look like apedophile

  • Maureen

    Calling all Conservatives stupid is like calling all Democrats uneducated, welfare recipients. Anyone who would make such an ignorant statement is clearly a blatant bigot who can only see the world through their narrow prism.

  • fiestygrrl

    There’s a difference between being canny and intellectually stupid

  • Noah Binder

    This writer has never seen Idiocracy, apparently.

    • Skyhollower

      Love that movie, but fear it is going to be more of a documentary instead of a comedy.

  • Leigh

    I agree with your assessment, to a certain extent. (Not even you can
    convince me that Sarah Palin is smart.) Fox News and their celebrity
    “newscasters” (boy that sticks in my throat) are smart enough to play to
    those who just accept their dribble as fact. They are smart enough to
    lead their viewers into a progressively negative, divisive, paranoid
    thought pattern that feeds on their tainted brand of “news”. I’ve seen
    this firsthand with my husband. I do not think Republicans are dumb, I
    am one. I am one of the silent “moderate” Republicans. I do not watch
    Fox News, I do not accept their dribble and I think Fox News is one of
    the worst things that has happened to the Republican party and our
    country. Never have I seen people more polarized and divided. I hate that people think that Fox “symbolizes” Republicans

  • Jeff Clauser

    I think the partys leaders are pretty smart actually. Do you believe most of them truly think climate change is a hoax or that Obama might be a Muslim from Kenya? Of course not. They are just pandering to their ignorant base to ensure voter support.

  • Skyhollower

    I disagree…I don’t think Hasselbeck is intelligent at all. Stupid no…but not intelligent. I watched her on the View a couple of times when i was sick at home. She spewed out Fox news rhetoric with such passion and conviction, I feel Fox saw, this and hired her simply because she can deliver their crap reporting and make it believable to Fox watchers.. Watching Whoopie and Hasselbeck go at was hysterical, throw logic at her and she would start screaming and ranting to be the loudest in the room, and therefore correct. Coulter is another story all together, she is just warped.

  • The Reader

    To say Fox is “smart” gives them too much credit. I would prefer to admit they are “clever” and certainly know how to create a reaction and an audience. How smart their technique is, we’ll have to wait and see. It takes time for people to catch on to the trickery that goes on in advertising. Basically people are trusting and listen to whoever shouts the loudest, but eventually they say, “wait a minute” and the worm turns. Many of us have grown impatient with their shenanigans and want it to stop so we can live a more peaceful existence with our neighbors. Fox won’t stand for peace. It would destroy their ratings.

  • virginia sears

    Well you put these dummies (Palin, Bachmann, Cruz, Limbaugh, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Billy O’Reilly and etc.) on TV what do you expect.

  • Chadlius

    Saying that all the members of any group of humans share anything but humanity is a sweeper and such generalizations show sloppy thinking. I have yet to meet anyone who knows everything or is smart in every way possible. More succinctly everybody has a blind spot. What does seem to be true is that the Majority of those who hate the Prez don’t investigate both sides fairly. They may not be racist but their prejudice is usually evident. Why is racism bad? Because it is a virulent form of prejudice. The willingness of many of them to repost negative things without checking them out is all to common. Is there also a tendency to see everything as a dichotomy of good>bad among Republicans? Seems pretty common to me. Still the Republicans I know are mostly kind, hardworking people who are honestly misinformed. The people they elect not so much it seems. Yes a couple of the more intelligent Rs I know admitted knowing that some of the things they posted were not true and said it didn’t matter as long as Obama was defeated. Sad.Very nice people but still the end does not justify the means.

  • Bradley Dugas

    You guys must really know some stupid people. The republicans I have met are 1. Super smart, intellectual and outgoing 2. most of them either co own or own their own business 3. They are very positive, active members of the community in which I live 4. They help out people in need. They pay their taxes, my father is paying about 86K this year for insurance for his employees. There are dumb fuck republicans, but I can think of 100x more “progressives” or “liberals” that literally have no real connection to the real world. If you thought the biggest issues of the 2012 election was legalizing weed, abortion rights, as well as gay marriage rights, You are dumb as fuck and I fear for what was once our great nation.

    Also, you realize that Fox news is #1 because they spew the LEAST amount of bullshit out of all mainstream media? To be entirely honest, if you’re grabbing your news from the television, just stop. STOP. The television, no matter what shitty channel you go to, just spews crap to keep us hooked on the things that don’t matter. Good day.