Will the Delay in the ACA’s Requirements Further Expose the Greed of the Health Insurance Industry?

cancelled-policyFollowing the announcement that President Obama would delay the requirements health care plans must meet under “Obamacare” for at least a year, reactions have been fairly mixed.

Of course Republicans are saying it’s just a political move meant to calm the growing anger from Americans who were finding their current health insurance was being cancelled, something the president said wouldn’t happen.

Well—yeah.  This is politics, isn’t it?  Practically everything politicians say and do is politically motivated.  For proof of this, we don’t need to look any further than last month during the government shutdown.  That entire debacle was nothing more than a political stunt forced on the American people by tea party Republicans.

And while some aren’t buying into the one year delay for many of the Affordable Care Act requirements, the insurance companies seem particularly annoyed.

Which shouldn’t come as a surprise.  The move by Obama to delay the coverage requirements, thus negating the need to immediately cancel insurance plans for many Americans, now puts it entirely on the insurance industry.

See, Obama didn’t require that the plans not be cancelled.  He just said they didn’t have to be cancelled right now and people could keep their current plans for at least another year.  So what will these companies do?  To be honest, I don’t think they know what to do.

They seemed all set to simply cancel these plans instead of just upgrading them to meet the requirements put forth by the Affordable Care Act.  But now they don’t have to.  The question is, will they continue to cancel them anyway?  If they do, then it’s on them.  They won’t be able to blame “Obamacare” for the cause of these cancellations.  If these plans continue to be cancelled, it’ll be due to their greed and desire to push customers toward more expensive plans.

I’m sure they’ll claim that they don’t see a reason to continue plans that might be cancelled in a year, but these companies knew about the new requirements for a while now.  They are the ones who decided to wait until the very last minute to start canceling plans in what I believe was a calculated move by many hoping to capitalize on the anger Americans would undoubtedly feel as their health insurance plans were suddenly cancelled.

Only now—they don’t have to cancel these plans.

The question now shifts to, what will these companies do?  Will they continue to cancel plans, even though they don’t have to, or will they continue to provide current plans to Americans for at least another year?

Because if they continue to cancel plans, it’ll expose these companies that are willfully canceling plans that didn’t have to be terminated.  And don’t give me, “Well, what does another year do?”  Like I said before, these companies knew the requirements of the Affordable Care Act yet continued to offer substandard plans up until the very last minute.  Again, in an act that I believe was deliberately done.

They could have changed these plans years ago, but chose not to.  That wasn’t President Obama’s fault, that was their doing.

But on the heels of the news that the requirements for “Obamacare” are delayed for another year—I’m willing to bet, whatever option they choose, it won’t be done in the best interests of the American consumer.  Instead, any action they take will be in the best interest of their profit margins.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • chris

    If your as smart as you think you are then you know why they are cancelling the plans. Now your trying to turn it around and pull the”greedy corporations ” card. The question is why didn’t Obuma stop the shut down and give a little bone to the tea party. He caused all that pain to punish the American people then turned around and gave in when it only helps the Libs in the next election. So who is the truly bad person now…..

    • Ram Garcia

      You have about as much brains as a BB in box car….You must be a Tea Turd….Give them a bone now then they will want the entire ham later….Your poster child Ted (Fidel Castro) Cruz squandered 24 BILLION dollars!! But that’s o.k. with the Tea Turds…You need to go back into that hole you came out of… Ground hog day is not til next year….When you do come out, make sure you engage your brain before you operate your mouth……..

    • Jan

      Give a little bone? Why, so they can f…k us some more? You must watch Fox News. Only they can spin such a ridiculous story and have idiots like you believe it. The truly bad person is Ted Rafael Cruz who pushed and bullied his way to force the shutdown, and now that most of his colleagues hate him, he’s claiming he didn’t want it. He cost this country 24 Billion dollars! Did you guys really think that the President was going to just give up the most important legislation he got passed into law? The teapublicans party has said NO to everything the President has tried to do and we both know (well, maybe you don’t) that they just want to negate his entire Presidency. Try to watch a legitimate news station would you?

  • Laurie

    Chris, you apparently live in an alternate universe.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Delay ….Further Expose the Greed of the Health Insurance Industry?
    Depends, on whether you’re talking about those who watch Faux News or not. Don’t forget about the high level of campaign donations paid by the insurance industry.

  • Wanda Harris

    The insurance companys are greedy, and the way funds are charged MUST be investigated.I am on medicare, disabled, will be turning 65 in Feb. I was a medical biller before I became disabled. since oct 1 the changes in my medicare advantage plan have gone up, people dont know because billing in itself is very confusing. even to and especially to Dr’s. The charges went up by Drs who wanted something closer to reasonable payment from the government when having to use medicare for payment. they have to discount and settle for way below what is reasonable. now they are getting paid. tell me any of you really look at your hospital bill and or question it. you should.Medicare Advantage plans were a God send to people on medicare because it covered more procedures etc. unless you were poor enough to get medicaid to supplement the payment. I make 1200 a month and I am not eligible for medicaids full payment structure because I make too much. How many of you could live on 1200 a month. now they want you to buy a supplemnatal insurance 125.00 a month average. on top of it all. my rent is 800 a month,i have to pay for car insurance so i can go to Dr. I live in the country. I am alone ,cant work,no family can support me.So where do I report to fall through the crack. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. At least President Obama is trying to help US,we middle class americans who are the back bone of this country.I have been homeless, hungry, sick, and have had to fight for a place to stay, out of the elemnts. i am thankful for what I have now. But i am frightened about the future. I live in Texas, it sucks . For a supposed Christan State. y ou see a big divide between the have and the have nots. It sickens my heart. I am a christian and I know this is not christlike. I pray for a Blue state,it is getting very close too.The insurance company lobbists are there for one reason to grease the hands of those who will vote in their favor.Single payor will level it out and force the rates down. you really need to get educated and realise what exactly is happening.