With No Vaseline — Maine Governor Paul LePage Makes Disgusting Remark About Democrat

paullepageKeeping with the classy theme of recent Republican remarks this past week, Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage pulled no punches yesterday when telling local station WMTW what he thinks of Democratic State Senator Troy Jackson. “Senator Jackson claims to be for the people but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline,” LePage said.

Yes, this is what Republicans are resorting to now — thinly veiled references to anal rape.

After realizing how disgusting his remark was, LePage made a lackluster attempt to justify it by saying, “That comment is not politically correct, but we’ve got to understand who this man is. This man is a bad person. He doesn’t only have no brains, he has a black heart.”

And why exactly does LePage believe Jackson has a “black heart?” In part because of Jackson’s support for Medicaid expansion in the state, of course. Because wanting poor people to have easier access to health care is “giving it to the people with no Vaseline.” 

What kind of horrible person would think that modest tax increases might be a good idea to include in a state budget? What kind of black-hearted snake thinks poor people deserve to have easier access to health care? 

To his credit, State Senator Jackson had a classy response to the vulgar LePage:

“I don’t think I have a black heart; most people know I have a good heart. I don’t have any problem with anyone saying anything about what I stand for. He can say whatever he wants; I just think it’s inappropriate the way he said it. We can be disagreeable without making nasty comments like that.”

LePage’s horrid comments came after he attended an Americans for Prosperity (Koch brothers) rally against new taxes earlier in the day.

This is yet another example of Republicans not giving a damn about the poor, willing to go all out in defense of their corporate overlords. LePage has consistently been unwilling to compromise with Democrats in the state since taking office almost two and a half years ago, after he benefited from the Tea Party wave of 2010. Maine is an otherwise solidly blue state, and vile “leadership” like this really makes you hope Maine voters have learned their lesson with LePage.

Instead of making foul butt sex remarks at the expense of fellow lawmakers, maybe LePage should be a little more focused on actually compromising with Democrats. His “temporary budget” solution is potentially illegal, according to Maine Attorney General Janet Mills.

But why would he do that? He’d rather continue to play the “victim,” as evidenced by his response to the reporter who voiced concern about his “Vaseline” comments being offensive. “Good!” he said. “It ought to (be offensive) because I’ve been taking it for two years.”

Poor, poor Paul LePage. Those 70,000 Maine residents who would have qualified for expanded Medicaid just don’t get it — their beloved state’s governor is the true victim here.

If you’d like to offer Governor LePage your “support” as he faces these rough times, you can do so on his Facebook page. I’m sure he’ll appreciate all of your comments.

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr is a writer, editor and activist who's passionate about progressive ideals, with extra attention given to the fight for universal health care, medical marijuana, and saving our nation from decades of devastating trickle-down policies. Thomas is also a dedicated advocate for Type 1 diabetes research and education.
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Thomas Barr


Facebook comments

  • Mr Taylor

    that’s what the Republican’s have turned into. Hopefully the election will turn them out as I honestly believe the American people are tired of such hateful remarks and the lies.

  • Abner

    Anal rape is a hardy exaggeration. Check that next time. Just because he’s giving it to ’em raw, doesn’t mean it’s not consensual.

    • Eric

      *sigh* Because what this vile little slug of a Republican meant to infer is “he’s the first one to [consensually] give it to the people without providing Vaseline [but it’s ok, because the people didn’t want vaseline to begin with because this whole thing was consensual],”
      No. Inferring that this toad was implying a metaphoric raping of the people is not even a slight exaggeration.

      • BlueGalinMO

        the vile little slug meant to IMPLY, and you’re right, he wasn’t exaggerating.

      • Eric

        Oops. Mistyped at the beginning. Do I at least get points for getting it double right at the end?

      • BlueGalinMO

        Absolutely! Double points for you. 😉

  • chrisslowik

    “We can be disagreeable..” LOL

    don’t think that’s what he meant, but the meaning fits

  • Ron Carr

    Stay classy, Governor.

  • Bethie1941

    “He doesn’t only have no brains”

    Maybe he should learn to speak English correctly before he starts throwing around blatantly disgusting comments

    • Nit-picker

      Actually – this is technically correct, although clumsy. A better way is to say “Not only does he have no brains, but he also has a black heart.”

      • Jess

        A better way: “Not only doesn’t he have any brains, but he also has a black heart.” It wasn’t technically incorrect, just very clumsy sentence structure. Not the mark of someone who is a decent public speaker.

  • Justin Tierney

    If he’s been taking it for two years now he must like it

  • Anna

    I just want to point out that while LePage’s comments were uncalled for, that doesn’t mean you should immediately side with the democrat on the issue without researching the circumstances first (if you did, it’s not evident in this article). Otherwise, you clearly aren’t up to date on Maine politics. Very biased.

    • David Hollis

      Whatever they may disagree upon is not the issue at hand. The issue is a disgusting on air remark and a personal attack on a legislator by our state’s chief executive. The article is, therefore, not biased. It happened and it is reported as it happened.

  • terrilee2830

    He’s republican trash, in other word, typical. Why do voters vote for crap like him? Repulsive idiot!

  • Buster

    Can we start a donation drive to send vaseline to LePage? Please send vaseline to his official work address to help alleviate his pain.

    • jchastn

      I dont think that LePage goes anywhere without his Vaseline. He probably leaves the house in the AM, pre-lubed.

  • maxiemom

    What a vile piece of trash.

    Yet one more prime example of why I hate Republicans.

  • CathyElle

    Yeah. I saw Governor Paul LePage’s powerful, heartfelt presentation about this at Bohemian Grove.


    Will the good people of Maine show this guy the door back to private life in 2014?

  • LadyDeerHeart

    When an elected official speaks he speaks for the people, not himself. This man had no right to spout his own personal opinion and make the people of Maine look bad. He represents them and I doubt the majority would be glad he made such a degrading comment. The people of Maine deserve an apology. He works for them and should not forget it.

    • Rrddbb

      Your progressive daddy oblammo has done the same thing for years.
      The fraud works for the American people, he should apologize for enslaving their great great grandchildren w/ hopeless debt!!
      He should apologize for acting & traveling & spending like a king!!
      The Maine gov is a refreshing breath of truth America hasn’t heard in 7 years. Good for him.

      • gentry

        lol..i know your are saying this to get a rise out of someone..will not give a retard anything but respect for themselves and the lack of brains you poor soul

      • Rrddbb

        No, U R wrong. As usual the libs despise truth, as you have proved, yet again, w/ YOUR “retarded” lib statement. You’ll think poor soul when your elderly Mother gets shut in a closet w/ an ailment that onblammo shit care won’t pay for. I WISH this on all of you freedom hating lib sheep. As for my brains, I’ve forgotten more than most oblammo voters ever knew. I have enough money to pay for my own care and food and childrens needs and whatever else I wish to do. Oblammo the joke ass fraud will not get it, nor will your types that want the wealth I’ve aqquired on my own, which you turds cannot do as “progressives”. U R thieves of peoples drive, initiation, and self rule. You libs suck. Every lib country, state, city, U name it, is a POS toilet of despair. I’m try to see the “progressive” lib point of view, but I can’t get my head that far up my ASS!!!

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Typical rightwing nut response; nothing of substance, no facts, (as they tend to confuse righties) and just a lot of nasty insults. SO enlightening…..so tell me, Oh Enlightened One, why is it that the red states are lower in education, higher in teen pregnancies, higher rates of uninsured, higher rates of unemployed, etc., etc., etc…..The red states take more from the federal government than they pay in taxes, meaning that they are being supported by the blue states. Those are facts, but I’m sure that you will come back with something insulting and childish, and in no way factual or informative. Proceed….

      • Rrddbb

        My oh my. Aren’t the cities of NE America so well off with your lib welfare, food stamp policies? You fools have destroyed families, work ethics, and made your “voters” dependant on your stinking govt. handouts. BTW, 1/3 of oblammo voters are on public assistance, and will be 4ever. They should not have been allowed to vote. I’ll bet U R also. Show me the welfare take of say, Texas, compared to demoncrat Calif., or demoncrat NY. You are FOS as your dear leader is.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Thank you so much for proving my point. Now be quiet; grown ups are trying to talk.

      • Rrddbb

        STILL facts mean nothing to a mentally ill lib. They mean NOTHING. Sleep in your misery of slavery idiot. U R brain dead and haven’t seen light for decades

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Keep right on talking, genius; you show your true self with every hateful word you post. Keep right on going…

      • William Carr

        You know NOTHING about FACTS.

        You recite the talking points dictated by the Koch Brothers; you’re a good little sheep.

        You blame Progressive policies for the disaster we call Reaganomics, and the fallout from the Bush Crash of 2008.

        That’s intelligent !

        You rant about Obama running up Debt, when it was the Bush Tax Cuts that starved the Government, as was intended; and the Bush Wars, never paid for, and the Bush Crash, that put so many people out of work that when Obama came in 750,000 people were losing their jobs overseas per MONTH !

        Obama acted immediately, turned that around and we’ve had 39 straight months of Private Sector Job Growth.

        You have the “Tribal” mentality of all Conseratives. You MUST believe what they tell you to belong to the Tribe, and what they tell you are lies founded on lies.

        So you go looking to blame America’s problems on the poor, who didn’t create the problems, and imaginary scenarios that don’t exist to attack the Affordable Healthcare Act.

        Listen, peabrain; there are ALREADY over 30 Million Americans that can’t go to the Doctor when they’re sick.

        Now, I don’t hear you ranting about THAT.

        Instead I heard you ranting about ‘your poor elderly grandmother shut up in a closet because ObamaCare won’t pay for her ailments’.

        Well, first, we have MediCare and it’s been doing it’s job for generations.

        Second, “ObamaCare” isn’t going to cut eligibility for Seniors, it expands it.

        This is just more Palinesque “Death Panels” crap.

        The unavoidable conclusion is, you have a mental illness. You’re incapable of understanding Reality, so you cling to the manufactured Fau-Reality Fox News, Limbaugh, and Beck supplied you with.

        That comment about “you shouldn’t be allowed to vote” is sweet… because it pins you down as one of the anti-Democracy losers that are going the way of the Dinosaurs… and the Dodo.

      • Vivian E McPherson

        Mean and destructive!! Texans have the sickest people running for office than in any other state in United States of America. They are broken, just like you and your teabagging, redneck,repiglicans. I will pray for you, carrying that much hatred in your heart must be a terrible burden!!!!

      • Point out the facts.

        If only you had facts. You display a better use of grammar than a use of anything knowledgeable other than biased opinions and statistics you most likely hope exist in some alternative universe, and that’s saying something. “U R brain dead” Funny, I’ve never seen anyone who isn’t a pre-pubescent teenager type like this, but I guess that’s all Republicans are. By the way, when you finally do hit that “special time” tell Bush I said hey.

      • jchastn

        Prove it. You have nothing. You are a Fox Spews shill, and an uneducated fool.

      • jag0581

        You and your Republican friends want to double my student loan interest rates. You and your Republican friends want to make it harder for me to get a decent education and actually make a decent living. In your Republican friends eyes if someone is not wealthy they are scum and should be shot. I find it funny how Republicans claim they don’t want Government assistance and want to get rid of it but the minute they need it for something they are real quick to jump on it. These Republicans care only about themselves and the super rich, if you are not in that group then these Republicans can care less about you. They are the lowest of the low and frankly I wish all Ultra Conservative people should be shot dead.

      • Angela Monger

        None of us want your welfare checks.

      • jwald1

        You are exactly what republicans hoped for when they cut education.

  • Paul

    How about it, you Republican Terrorists? Want to do something for We the People for a change? Here’s a chance to better our country and the entire globe. Goodness like this is too far over your head, though, you can’t reach up that far from the pits of hell, and we’re not joining you down there.

  • voice of reason

    Does it hold all politicians ‘accountable’ or just point out errors and/or dumb statements by republicans? Has this website ever criticized a democrat for making a ridiculous comment? if not, then stop thinking that is a place to get your news. Stop being lemmings and feigning outrage. You are better than that.You are smarter than that. You are more fair than that . . . I hope, but perhaps I am mistaken.

  • voice of reason

    Does this website hold all politicians ‘accountable’ or just point out errors and/or dumb statements by republicans? Has this website ever criticized a democrat for making a ridiculous comment? if not, then stop thinking that is a place to get your news. Stop being lemmings and feigning outrage. You are better than that.You are smarter than that. You are more fair than that . . . I hope, but perhaps I am mistaken.

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    He is a republican after all, all he thinks about is anal penetration of the people and his pallies. Recall the toe tappers and log cabin conservers…. That’s LePage boyee

  • BBK713

    Typical, and we can all see where this hypocrite’s mind is. Open the closet and step out, Paula!

  • gailillly

    Boy the repukes are really stooping to all new lows. Is there no low they won’t go to??? they are disgusting and shameful. I have NO RESPECT FOR THESE CLOWNS.

  • coolmind

    If a teacher were to say that in a classroom, he’d be fired. Fire LePage! What a crude, unprofessional, immature thing to say!

  • Jeremy Stephenson

    That asshole should be stripped of everything he has, especially his money, and brought down to the level of us poor folk. Let him have first-hand experience of what it’s like to be poor! Him and everyone like him should have that happen! He calls anyone who helps the poor a black-hearted snake? Well…Jesus helped the poor, so, when this asshole calls those who help the poor black-hearted snakes, he’s also calling Christ a black-hearted snake! I remember His sermon on the mount well and not once did He ever say “cursed are the poor, for they shall burn in Hell!” Jesus said, “blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.” LePage is such a pathetic, clueless, vile DOUCHEBAG!!!! That also goes for everyone else who “thinks” the same way this prick does!

  • Dale

    You are all just mad because what he said is true. You are all talking about hateful remarks and lies? what about the things Democrats said about Bush or the hateful things you have said about many republicans recently? you can dish it out just fine but someone throws it back in your face and you cannot handle it.

    • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

      “Waahhhh, they’re gonna hit me, so I hit them back FIRST!” Typical rightwing response….

    • lee

      Please, give us specifics so we can learn from them.

  • bobo

    La page, La piere, fa la la la la

  • mmmmikkimac

    The GOP will keep doing this sort of thing and people will wake up and vote these jerks out of office. At least I hope the voters will do this.

  • Charles Vincent

    Oohhhhh the sky is falling…. Please democrats do plenty of name calling but I guess that’s ok. Double standard much?

  • Bobsuruncle

    I think this is the same governor who has decided not to talk to a specific news group in his state as well after they exposed him for some wrongdoings. His office has declared all out war against the press.

  • Josy Coke

    Aside from all the political stuff. Nice of him to him to use make rape references in a public speech. Possibly setting off triggers to anyone in the room that may be victims. Classy.

  • sanduchi

    When are these disgusting, poor excuses for human beings going to be voted OUT!!!!!!! I am for human beings and I support my fellow human beings, all of them, every color, every shape, especially the sick and poor as that is what makes me feel especially good when I lend a helping hand. Capeesh you greedy selfish, self cented bastard.

  • Taylor

    Vaseline??? Just shows you what century he’s living in.

    Does he not know that there are wondrous lubricants now available…that make you tingle. Not to mention ones that taste yummy too!

  • Diana

    Yes it is all about prosperity for his well to do friends and himself. He has no compassion for the people who are truly struggling to stay a float, which makes him a typical Republican!!