With One Speech, Jeb Bush Just Destroyed Any Chance He Had at the GOP Nomination in 2016

It’s quite obvious that the Bush penchant for gaffes isn’t confined to George W. Bush. In his remarks at the annual “Faith and Freedom” conference in Washington this past week, Jeb Bush stated that immigrants were “more fertile, and they love families, and they have more intact families, and they bring a younger population” as part of his argument for immigration reform. It was a relatively humorous remark to refer to immigrants as “more fertile,” but I don’t believe his true intention was comedic relief.

What the former Governor of Florida was actually trying to say is that immigrants are desperately needed in this country as our population of Baby Boomers exits the job market and starts to collect Social Security, which is projected to start paying out at less than the current 100% after 2036.

And while Jeb (who actually has the IQ that his brother missed out on) is correct in his overall message, he just killed any chance of winning any GOP primaries in 2016 if he were to actually run. You see, this is a common sense and moderate approach to solving both our financial and immigration issues — and having common sense and being moderate just doesn’t resonate with the hardcore GOP voters who turn out for primaries.

The primary voters in 2012 were an illustration of how rabidly intolerant and out of touch the current GOP base is. In the 2012 debates, they cheered at the hypothetical death of someone without health insurance, got positively giddy at the thought of a war with Iran and even booed a gay soldier. There’s just no way that Jeb can win when the base is chock full o’ nuts like this.

This is a dwindling, hateful base that will be almost completely gone in the next couple of decades, thanks to old age. Hispanics have a lot in common with moderate Republican policies, but in every single election since they’ve become a voting block to be reckoned with, they solidly side with Democrats. Governor Bush knows all of this and his message is an attempt to take the GOP appeal beyond the retirement communities and gun shows, and to the expanding demographic which will dominate. He’s a lot like Jon Huntsman in the sense that he’s got some common sense which he isn’t afraid to display on certain issues — and we all saw how that worked out for Huntsman in his quest for the GOP nomination.

Unlike his bumbling brother, Jeb knows how to actually run a state, and possibly all 50 of them as president. Do I want him to? No, not really — but he wouldn’t be the worst possible outcome if the GOP somehow did pull out a win in 2016 (perish the thought). I’m not a fan of Jeb Bush, but I will give credit where credit is due. He’s not a hateful xenophobe and he’s pragmatic enough to understand that immigrants have always been the lifeblood of this country — and that is why he’ll never get the GOP nomination.

Besides, as Barbara Bush so eloquently put when discussing Jeb’s future, “There are other people out there that are very qualified, and we’ve had enough Bushes.”

I can’t say I disagree with that one bit.


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  • teamrn

    Is there some reason that the liberal progressive blog “Forward Progressive” ALWAYS sees and feels the need to print articles about conservatives and the GOP? WHY not fix and comment and discuss issues of their own ideology? Conservatives are grown ups and can take good care of themselves without the continuous snide, inaccurate attacks by “Forward Progressives”

    • John OccupyTogether Mccoy

      actually if it were left up to you misinformed idiots humanity would still be living in caves !

      • Kiltedbear

        John, speaking of idiots, the OP had a very interesting point to make and you resorted to ad hominem. You lose by default. You might as well have broken Godwin’s Law…

    • Kovah88

      Same reason Faux news is always on the conservative side.

      • Kiltedbear

        OP has a point. The title of the blog is “Forward Progressives” not Bash the Ignorant or similar to the many combative named groups out there online and on Facebook.

    • Randell Cinnamon

      “Inaccurate attacks”? As opposed to all the inane bullshit the poisonous right wing retards do? Talk about the pot and the kettle.

      • hiatt111

        Like what? Be specific.

      • Randell Cinnamon

        If you have to ask for examples, then it would be a waste of time, because you seem to myopic to see them.

      • Kiltedbear

        I don’t know if you have been paying attention, but fact check some of the posts by Liberal blogs recently in the last month or so. They haven’t been spot on, jumping to conclusions, etc. Just look at this article title “Just destroyed..”. Really? Because it seems to me Romney said a lot of really idiotic things and he lost fairly handily, but still had he won Ohio and Florida, he might have taken it. Definitely he would have come a LOT closer. This gaffe is nowhere close to campaign killing like FP suggests. Obama should have had a landslide and it was nowhere near that, despite what many liberal news outlets said after the 2012 elections. It seems to me that right wingers don’t care about “truth” as much as us Liberals and just more often goes with “what feels right”. If our party takes truth as the sole answer for winning 2016, we could lose in 2016. That’s how Obama won. Not only did he have mostly truth on his side, he appealed to the feelings of wellbeing with the base and the moderates.

      • hiatt111


      • kissyface

        Romney did not win Ohio

      • Kiltedbear

        That’s my point, but it wasn’t a landslide like it should have been.

      • xnerd


      • Kiltedbear

        When Romney said a ton of ridiculous things with no basis in fact, to the point where even Fox was calling his campaign out. When you are Republican and Fox is calling you out, you know you have gone way too far.

      • Kiltedbear

        Funny that I get voted down for speaking fact. Just goes to show maybe we just like to hear what we want to hear, just like Republicans…Give me some non-partisan fact based reporting any day over partisan driven reporting.

    • Guest

      You’re right. They should pay less attention to stupid, ignorant people. Great point.

      • ChrisB

        Exactly! I erased that comment because I felt it was “too mean” at first, but the more I think about how the religious whackjobs in this country make people’s lives miserable, the less “bad” I feel about that statement.

    • ChrisB

      I guess you’ve never seen FOX news. You can actually get the truth on FOX if you just assume the opposite of whatever they “report” – it’s usually closer to the truth that way.

      • hiatt111

        Example please?

      • ChrisB

        Give me a break. Just watch your favorite hateful FOX pundits all day with your blinders on. I think the title to this article is a bit silly, but nothing inspires hate like Rush, Beck, Hannity, and Oreilly.

        If you can’t see that plain as day, there’s absolutely nothing anyone can show you to remove those blinders even for a second. BTW I was for GWB so don’t go telling me I am a typical Liberal. I switched sides a few years back after I realized how hate/AM talk radio inspired my own hate without even knowing it.

      • psbintl

        Bravo to you! Thanks for the honesty!

      • Kay Napier

        that Romney was going to win by a landslide..

      • Al Smith

        Romney winning the election? Obama using the WH to target his, “enemies”? Obama using the NSA to target his, “enemies”? Obama using the DOJ to target his, “enemies”? Obama using The Muslim Brotherhood to target his, “enemies”? Obama using the second amendment to target his, “enemies”? Obama using health care to target his, “enemies”? Do I need to go on? I will…

      • lindylou

        Well, then, you daft shithead, you are doomed. Goodbye.

    • korhal

      No, it’s pretty obvious that conservatives are NOT grown-ups and cannot take good care of themselves.

    • Pepo

      I have no doubt the Conservatives can take good care of themselves as you put it, the problem is that they have a lousy record (and build on it every month) on taking care of the country!

    • hdtex

      concern troll says what?

  • kate baker

    The words “faith and freedom” really are mutually exclusive. You cannot possibly be free if your life is bound in total slavery to a book written by bronze aged goat herders and you refuse to see even the slightest flaw in it. Well, unless it suits you to of course.

    • hiatt111

      Not just a lib, but an atheist lib. Something to be proud of. pfft.

      • kate baker

        Not remotely a lib, you on the other hand, are a judgmental mental midget. Burn in your dirty pervy hell.

      • hiatt111

        ez there girl

      • kate baker

        You started it. I merely corrected you, and pointed you in a more familiar direction.

      • ChrisB

        Exactly. Typical example of one who can dish it out freely ALL DAY but once you say ONE thing in mere defense of yourself..it’s all off a sudden completely under their skin. Mental midget indeed.

      • hiatt111

        22 likes? Can you say blinded lockstep lemmings? I can ……. Liberals. Hurry and turn your sets to MSNBC so you will know what to think for the day…. Hurry!

      • Dosbilliam

        Yet you turn it over to Fox News and get told what to think for your lives…

      • xnerd

        Youre just pissed off because the republican party is evaporating faster than bon bon’s at a sewing circle.

        Have fun with being among the 23% left

      • hiatt111

        I tend to vote a split ticket. I do my best to do some research and base my decision on what the candidate promises to bring to the table and his past leanings. I am, however, a conservative because I take a higher moral road than most of the “if it feels good, do it” liberals. Liberals, on the other hand would vote for a German Shepherd if it were on their party’s. You people speak of tolerance, acceptance and any other mushy word that will help mask the intolerant, mean, immoral ideology liberals represent. Oh, they are accepting if you totally agree with their BS, but if you stray from the liberal lemming parade you are treated with all the ill will they can muster up. It must easy being active in a party where no one is accountable and lying is simply a way of getting your lame opinions heard. Such a sad, mean group of people you are. I’m not sure can even see it, if so, I’m sure you cannot control the viciousness your bunch represents. I would ask for mercy on your souls, however, it appears that most of you have already traded yours in.

      • RRuin

        I believe you just described the Republican Party.

      • tl cox

        you got that right …

      • theabby

        Only by your subjective standards. It seems you’re not very tolerant of people who hold different religious and political beliefs than you. Rather narrow minded and narcissistic
        of you.

      • Chris915

        Respecting one’s right to believe something is different from respecting one’s beliefs… I am only obligated to the do the former… after all, do you tolerate the beliefs of the KKK? Neo-Nazi’s? Etc?

        If ideas were always tolerated and accepted, there’d be no progressive, because no one would question anything… which is exactly what religious people do… they don’t question, they just accept…

        Well, if you can read the Bible or any dogmatic holy book and still accept and/or condone what’s in it, you’re wiring is messed up…

        “Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.” – Isaac Asimov

      • Chris915

        Haven’t met too many conservative atheists… met a few, not many.

        Well, reality does have a well known liberal bias.

    • psbintl

      Completely agree!!!

    • Dave Lockhorn

      Good Lord,

      Just open the closet door and let Mr. Marley out. He probably stumbled in by accident. When he’s gone, all the clanking noises will go away.

      In the silence that follows, you will be free to choose how you will respond to the gift of life. Say hey to Jacob as he exits.

    • Doy Bowers

      You Go Miss Kate. You Da’ Girl. I like how the “Judgmental Mental Midget” was completely unable to dispute the facts you raised but was lightning quick to try and slander you. Standard M.O. for the “Compassionate Conservative” types.

    • Andrew DiNanno

      Well said Kate. Well said.

  • Exiled Felon

    Leave Jeb alone. He is balanced and one of the moderates in the GOP. His comments were based on fact not intended to be an insult. The sad part is many lberals crack that statement as a joke on the regular. Stick to the agenda not the sensationalism!

    • Paula Payne

      I don’t think it is a fact that immigrants are more fertile, ditto head.

      • Sams__Computer

        Well, It’s unusual for me to side with a Felon & Not side with a Pain, I mean Payne – Paula I forgive you if you’ve not found out yet that Hispanics – Whether or not they are Immigrants or long time Citizens are very productive in Both workrooms AND bedrooms. But please don’t you dare! – As Felon says,”Leave Jeb Alone.”

        Because Felon is correct again. Jeb Bush is of the good moderate GOP that our Hispanics like to vote for. Plus Jeb is probably the ONLY Republican that can destroy the TeaBag Extremist & then give Hillary & Bill a strong battle for President in 2016.

        It’s unknowing remarks from our own Democrats on this page that can make us just as wrong as they can be.

  • Jeanie Gorley Taylor

    Unbelievable! I guess when the US is paying for all the babies their fertility brings…I suppose they don’t have to think twice about making children like Americans do…that have to pay for their own children! No one gonna subsidize!

    • Paula Steiner

      All through the generations, people have made trotted out that canard about immigrants–you know, about their fertility. Jeb praising it is kind of new–previously, when people started ranting about the supposed vices of immigrants, part of their criticism would go: “….and they breed like rabbits…”
      Actually, within a few years of their arrival, they start taking advantage of education and become eager to take advantage of family planning. And then their alleged fertility falls into line with that of people who’ve always lived here.

  • Timothy Sexton

    Yeah…umm….Dumbya was also considered a moderate before he stole the White House…two Bush disasters is enough, thanks…a third strike policy could permanently send America to the jail of ideological stupidity.

    • Doy Bowers

      The Bush Family Monarchy in the White House is like “Friday the 13th.: movies, They should have stopped at one.

  • hiatt111

    Such evil venom the lefties spew. I will pray that you find some hint of peace in your dark hearts and minds. No happy, content person could ever be that negative. So sad.

    • ChrisB

      So the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Anne Coulter, and Glenn Beck are the beacons of light and truth to you?

      If they were true examples of the lessons of Christ, then you would see swarms of people convert to Satanism. Just sayin.

      • hiatt111

        Nah, we conservatives like to think for ourselves which is no doubt a foreign concept to many on this page. We don’t look to the Rachel Madows and the Bill Mahers to tell us what to think.

      • ChrisB

        I don’t watch those pundits either, but nothing inspires hate like your FOX heroes. Reagan, FYI, would be considered a die hard Liberal by today’s GOP standards.

      • Diane

        Reagan actually started the demise and destruction of the US which the Bushes continued and GWB continued on steroid along with his puppet master, “Darth” Cheney

      • Kay Napier

        Yes, you thought us right into a war with Iraq under the false reporting of WMD’s that have cost us thousands of lives in military personnel. I’ll take some Bill Maher comic relief on the hypocrisy of the GOP any day.

      • hiatt111

        Comic relief? I almost forgot who I was dealing with here. Maher making fun of special needs children calling women the big “C” word is typical liberal comic relief. Tree hugging baby killers. What a bunch!

      • leemd46

        hiatt111: boy you sure do move from A to B in fast…from ignorant to just dumb. Tree hugging baby killers? REALLY? All of us? LOL! You are all the comic relief we need. What’s next?

      • Chris Watts

        again…bill maher didn’t cause and create the deaths of thousands of american citizens…..that’s the point…it’s a shame you can’t see that…but as is usually par for the republican course…just sweep all the negative things to the side as if they never happened…

      • hdtex

        Pity hiatt’s mother didn’t spit…..or swallow instead.

      • Diane

        A complete oxymoron is conservative linked to thinking. There is no such thing as a “thinking” conservative. A Conservative is a sponge that can only soak up venom, falsehoods and bigotry.

      • Paula Payne

        Don’t think too much. You just might realize the entire basis of your being is one big fairy tale…

      • Chris Watts

        no…you blindly follow the rantings of the aforementioned people as gospel truth….

      • Fullerene

        You’ve never heard of a dittohead?

        If you know anything about politics on the left, you know it’s like cat herding, which is why the left doesn’t win as many elections as it would if people would fall into line as the right has for the past few decades.

        But then, you’re just throwing rhetorical firebombs, right?

    • Al Smith

      Ah, yes, the last, martyrish, throes of the incorrect conservative.

    • leemd46

      hiatt111: oh please save a bit of that pray for some of those at the far right…now they can hate, and pray, and preach. They hate people of color (with our President being at the top of the list), homosexuals, transgendered, regendered, and all of us on entitlements like Social Security, VA benefits, Medicare, and medicaid. But they love all those entitled big entitled not to grow farmers…not so much the itsy bitsy ones. And they love the constitution except when it doesn’t fit their AGENDA and then they hate it. So say a few of those prayers for them.

    • brandon a.

      I Would Appreciate If You Kept Your Prayers To Yourself And Did Not Waste Them On Us Athiest Liberals. You Seem To Need All The Help You Can Get, Maybe Rub That Bible Of Yours And Ask The Genie For A Brain On Your First Wish. From Reading Your Comments On Here You Could Use one.

  • macabr

    Jeb may have what it takes to be a decent president despite being a Republican but his idiot brother guarantees that no one named Bush will have a chance until all who remember W are dead and gone.

    • Fullerene

      His direction of voter suppression in Florida was appalling — and disgusting. I hope he never returns to politics.

      As governor of Florida, he was a partisan hack who somehow maintained an appearance of moderation to those outside of Florida. Perhaps compared to the current governor, he was. What a scary thought.

  • James Westbrook

    While I would never vote to put another Bush in the White House, it is really a shame that Jeb had to be third in the Bush line. I do think he has more common sense and IQ than his older bub bub and daddy, he has a LOT to wear off from that Bush name.

    Between his daddy’s involvement in the Iran/Contra affair, and his brother’s non existent WMD’s. The Bush name will forever be thought of as one major Mideast failure… IMHO

    • tl cox

      Don’t leave out Prescott Bush and his Nazi friends …

      • lindylou

        The bigger the nut, the closer to the tree it falls.

      • tl cox

        yes sir that’s right

    • Fullerene

      Don’t forget about brother Neil Bush, the bank fraudster instrumental in bringing down Silverado Savings & Loan, and who was then banned from acting as a bank officer.

  • mistaglass

    hebus chebus, oy vey’! not another bush!!! we already had one dick , a bush, and colon in office and they were in term at the same time…. coincident….? naw naw naaahh……. we were fucked once by a bush, we seemed to like it…. so the second “Bush”…. well…. he just had to up the anty….. so we all got fucked for generations….. well… ya know what… whatever… I am never voting again, not until it is taken as serious as money its self….. and speaking of which, We are responsible for letting big government decide what to pay there employees with…. I say we base there pay on there actions, less actual good law and order debates that really mean what they are, no 30 word essay title….. ENGLISH!! any ways, I could go on for days but my meds are finaly starting to set and I need to rest my boggled mind……

  • KCescapee

    Well, what good does having a big workforce in a country do if they can’ find jobs because there is a shortage of jobs which provide a living wage???? I’ll tell you what good it does, it depresses the working wage. That’s what. it makes it possible for businesses to pay crap wages when there is a surplus of workers. And that, my dears, is exactly what he wants to have happen. So his one percent business buddies have a workforce desperate for work.

  • Michele Whittam Giacobbi

    Remember No Child Left Behind? Or should I say no child left untested? This stupidity was from JEB, not George. Jeb has stake in testing companies and charter schools. It was in his finiancial interest to push this through in Florida as Governor and then get his big brother to push it through nationwide. It is all a scheme to privatize education to make money for the big education companies and not improve education. Do not elect this man to anything, or your money will end up in his and his friends pockets.

  • Carl

    Dumb article, people will have forgotten about this by 2016 and Jeb isn’t confirmed to run. Some of the left-wing stuff is just as stupid as the right wing stuff

  • poliver

    Why is it only republicans have conferences revolving around religion & politics? Where’s the separation of church & state? Why the hate in religious right?

    • Paula Payne

      Because we don’t believe in fairy tales.

      • poliver

        Sorry, I don’t understand your reply.

      • Dustin Neumann

        I’m guessing their confusion stems from the missing word “that” in the first sentence. And the words “from the” are missing from the last line.

        “Why is it THAT only republicans have conferences revolving around religion
        & politics? Where’s the separation of church & state? Why the
        hate (from the?) religious right?”

  • jeczaja

    I met Jeb once-pure politician. George was much more lovable. Charlie Crist was a good Republican FL governor-so they ditched him and now he’s a Democrat.

  • glebec

    Agreed. Jeb Bush is better than most Republicans. However, his actual beliefs would be totally irrelevant if he were to be elected, as would Chris Christies’. Any GOP President will have to cater to the Wingnuts and pursue and implement the insane policies they want. There has not been such an obedient, heel-clicking group of politicians since Germany in the 1930s.

  • Marie Marr

    I think this gaffe will guarantee him the nomination. The crazier the better—the new Republican motto.

  • watchdogg2007

    That fishy smell is coming from that dirty unshaved Bush.

  • Sams__Computer

    Manny Schewitz – If you take a little peek at the method of Jeb’s madness -OR- Just wait & see who gets nominated, Jeb Bush will be the most electable for the same reasons you believe he won’t.

    By outraging the Fox’s, the LimpBrains etc. he will get nominated with possibly the very best approval rating & perhaps the only one who can compete with Hillary. Don’t count the Bush Dynasty & Rove out just yet. Bush & Rove know The Smart Party that wins over the hardworking, fast growing Hispanics has a very bright future.

    So let’s just give Fox & Company the Big Ear of America and let’s hope Jeb Bush joins them – In their Extreme-isms & Exclusionary-isms. I truly believe They’ll comite Suicide while we simple stand aside & amusingly watch.

  • Tgmoore

    You know, looking at all the responses to this article has made me sad to be an American. We have Republic/Conservative and Democrat/Liberal trolls. Both are calling the pot black and accusing each other of the exact same things. Both claim the other is intolerant of others, while the rhetoric from both sides here shows that both sides are completly intolerant of the other. What we need to do is come together as equals and meet half way. We can’t all have our hippie frollic parties and we all can’t have our xenophobic get togethers, let us come to the middle an compromise a bit, you know like our founding fathers wanted.

  • WolfHalton

    One thing – This is only a fact from the last census. The baby-boomers are not the biggest generation. Gen X has about the same population and the Millenials have more – so the SS crisis is an illusion, and all the worries about the boomers retiring is a hoax.