I Have a Few Words for Those Defending the Violent Abuse of a 4-Year-Old by Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson mugshot.

Adrian Peterson mugshot.

Where do I even begin? While I understand that spanking a child as a form of discipline can often be a controversial topic, I really never thought I’d see the day where people were supporting the blatant, and disgusting, abuse of a 4-year-old boy.

But that’s exactly what I’ve seen.

If you haven’t heard by now, Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse.

When I first heard this story I thought it might have been a case of the “PC police” run amok. After all, while it’s perfectly legal for a parent to spank their children, there are many who believe “corporal punishment” is essentially child abuse. But then I saw the images taken of the child after Peterson brutally beat him and I was absolutely appalled.

Notice the world “allegedly” is missing from that statement. That’s because this brutal beating isn’t up for debate. Adrian Peterson admitted that he beat his son. Though he apparently doesn’t believe the beating was excessive.

Though I’m not even sure that simply saying Peterson “beat” his son works in this instance. When you strike a 4-year-old child with some kind of wooden stick to such an extent that it leaves whip marks, bruises and causes the child to bleed – that’s assault.

There’s absolutely, positively no excuse, under any circumstance, where it’s acceptable for anyone to strike a 4-year-old child to such an extent that the child suffers open wounds and extensive bruising.

According to doctors, the boy had lacerations on his thighs, marks on his back, buttocks and cuts on his hands and injuries to other parts of his body.

Again, this is a 4-year-old child. 

But what I think has shocked me even more are the numerous comments I’ve read from people commenting on this story defending this horrific abuse.

Comments such as these:

I still think it’s blowed out of proportion . I guess you can’t discipline your kids anymore huh?

My mom made me pick out this switch she would beat us with. This is the problem with how much Social Media blows everything out the water.

he disciplined an unruly asshat kid get the hell over it

what he did is hardly abuse. like he said, that is how he was disciplined as a kid and I think he turned out ok.

So they are arresting him for disciplining his child? No wonder people are so screwed up.

I support Adrian all the way! Keep your head up bro! I got you!!

This is a sad day when a parent who actually takes the time to love and discipline their child is punished for it.

STOP TRYING TO MAKE AMERICA A SOFT ASS COUNTRY!! Every kid needs a good ass whoopin!

Dude. That’s called DISCIPLINE. I swear if NFL bans him or suspends him, I’m done.

Good old fashion discipline….kids need more of it now….I got your back AP….a good ass whooping never hurt anyone

Somebody ACTUALLY disciplined their child. NO WAY. I didn’t know people still did that. Kudos A.P. As usual, media blowing stuff WAY up

Pardon me while I stand and applaud AP for being a good father

I’ll stop there, but I think you get the point.

Now, with those posted, let’s take a look at some of the pictures posted by CBS 4 Minnesota of Peterson’s son following the attack:

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.57.11 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.57.31 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.57.49 AM


Again, those are wounds on a 4-year-old child.

Now I’ll admit, I’m not against parents spanking their children as a form of discipline. But this isn’t discipline. This was a violent attack of a 4-year-old boy.

What I found most interesting is how so many people are defending this attack because they were abused. Well, if you justify child abuse because you were abused, I feel sorry for you. I’m not talking about basic spankings or simple discipline. What I mean is that if you had done to you exactly what these pictures show, then you weren’t disciplined – you were abused. If your parents beat you with some kind of a weapon to the point where you had multiple lacerations that actually bled, that is child abuse. 


For anyone to try to defend this physical abuse toward a 4-year-old is appalling.

And trust me, I’m not some super politically correct person. Not at all. In fact, I’m fairly well-known for speaking out against “outrage addicts” who seem to spend most of their lives just looking for something to be offended by. But this situation has nothing to do with being politically correct. Because there’s absolutely zero excuse for striking a 4-year-old child to such an extent that you cause them to bleed.

If you want to support the right for a parent to discipline their children, that’s fine. Like I said, I’m not opposed to spanking children who are misbehaving. But child abuse does exist. And if any parent feels the need to beat their child to such an extent that they leave wounds similar to those depicted above, I feel sorry for that child.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Richard Verdejo

    There is a fine line between ‘discipline’ and ‘abuse’….and I have to say after looking at these pics that the line was severely crossed.

    I’m from the “age of disciplining” as well, and deserved every spanking I ever got…but I was never left looking like those pics – and no child ever should because THAT is how abusers are MADE.

    • Gabriel Gentile

      “Abusers”? Ha! That’s putting it lightly. Do research on serial killers sometime.

    • LMB

      That’s actually one of the saddest parts of this story for me; the fact that Peterson truly believes he did nothing wrong. This makes me certain that he was also a victim of child abuse and was just doing what he believed to be normal. This is in no way an excuse for what he did, rather a look into his reasoning, and he deserves full punishment for his auctions. Hopefully he will serve time for this so that little boy will KNOW “THIS IS WRONG” and the cycle of abuse will stop for this family.

    • Lo Carter

      Well said.

    • MonaLS

      Not all children who are abused become abusers. No one knows yet why one abused child turns into an abuser while another abused child doesn’t.

      • Guest

        I suppose that makes abuse just fine and fucking dandy, tgen. Right?

      • Nani Lawrence Weasley

        I suppose that makes abuse just fine and fucking dandy, then. Right? (I’d also like to point out just how much mental abuse counts, too.)

  • Jim Valley

    Should these sports figures be screened more carefully before being given these high-paying jobs? So many sports stars are turning up in the “Crime and Punishment” section of the paper these days. Here in Columbus, there has been a long succession of current and former OSU Buckeyes brought up on charges over the years, many for violent crimes. What exactly is going on here?

    • Anne Morgan

      Professional sports athletes are so often raised in a culture that reveres sports skills. Beginning when they are very young, they are praised and set on a pedestal for their uncommon sports abilities. In high school and college, the “jock culture” sets them apart from the rest and smooths their way in so many areas. It sets a feeling of entitlement, which just continues to grow as their prowess becomes more evident. Class privileges, schedules, tutoring, even grade fixing is not uncommon so the college football or basketball hero can always be available to play on game day. This gets even worse among the few who make it to the professional ranks. They have never learned to temper their behavior, since whatever they have done has been excused all their life. It is no wonder they get into trouble so often. Not all of them, but still, all too common.

  • Mainah

    That’s appalling! If my boys’ father had ever touched our boys that way, let’s just say he’d be begging the police to take him away. How could any parent let alone human beings think that a 4 year old little body should have whip marks all over their bodies??? Tiny little bodies. And by a huge parent that looks even bigger to a tiny little 4 year old. That’s not a swat on the butt.

  • gatorfan

    Agreed. No excuse for this. As a side argument though, I’m not sure it’s fair to say this and other criminal acts by players is endemic to the NFL or football in general. You have abusers (of women, children and substances) in every profession. I’m a lawyer and every month in our state bar journal there are lists of lawyers disciplined or disbarred for theft, drug abuse, and other criminal activity. Now, blaming the NFL’s response to these incidents is another topic.

    • Mainah

      Where in the article did you see the author state anything about this being endemic to the NFL or anything about the NFL’s response? Did you bother reading it?

      • Anne Morgan

        To risk being berated, did you even read the comment you are replying to? He specifically started his comment about other criminal acts “As a side argument,” meaning it was suggested by, but not included in the article.

      • Mainah

        I saw that. Then I reread the article because I thought I might have missed it. Nowhere in the article does it say that. That is why I asked where it was. It wasn’t meant to be snarky, I just didn’t understand where they got that from. I don’t really follow football but it seems like they are in the news a lot lately for serious issues.

      • gatorfan

        Yes I read it. No the author doesnt blame the NFL. Nevertheless I’ve seen comments and heard things mentioned in the press along those lines. So I mention it hear.

    • Cemetery Girl

      Criminal behavior is absolutely not limited to the NFL or sports. It certainly does not help the NFL’s image that less than a week ago footage of another player knocking his wife out was also exposed. Personally, I don’t feel that the NFL has any interest in the behavior of their players, but want to keep people appeased enough when the bad behavior becomes well known. That isn’t saying that every player is like that, but the ones that are can feel secure that unless it gets major public attention they will not face any big punishments with the NFL. And it never fails, regardless of how horrific of a crime there will still be some NFL fans that will object to any form of punishment.

  • Duke Ravenwood

    A good spanking will leave a mark. The lack of discipline in this country is what is appalling. This young boy not only has a father who is involved in his life but actually cares enough to make sure he knows what’s right and wrong.
    Just watch any news channel on any day, too many undisciplined people doing terrible things every day.

    • Mainah

      Did you see those pictures? No one is saying that spanking is bad. What they are saying is that whipping a 4 year old to the point that you are ripping skin is a bad thing. My boys have gotten a swat on their butts but I never had to whip my children. That is the hallmark of a person, an adult even, whose lost control of their temper. That doesn’t teach a 4 year old anything. Remember, the boy is 4. I don’t know if you’ve had kids but 4 year olds have really limited processing and even shorter memories. All that kid knows is the person he loves most just hurt him badly. That isn’t discipline.

      • Janice la Pinta


    • AJ

      Did you even read the article? See the pictures? There is discipline and there is abuse. Blood equals abuse. And if you don’t get that you’re a moron.

      • Mainah

        Says the man who doesn’t even know how to hit reply to the poster who posed the question. derp

      • AJ

        What are you talking about? I replied to Duke, not you.

      • Mainah

        So, you’re talking to yourself? Holy crap.

      • AJ

        Seriously, what are you talking about? I replied to Duke. And might I add agreeing with your stance on the subject, and you reply back to me with this
        “Says the man who doesn’t even know how to hit reply to the poster who posed the question. derp”.

      • Mainah

        Yes. Because it read Duke Ravenwood replied to Duke Ravenwood and if someone is going to say I’m a moron and then reply to themselves, let’s just say I’m not going to let that one pass. Then I had to refresh the page and then it said AJ replied but then both of the profiles went black. I couldn’t check them and I find that odd.

      • AJ

        Where did I say you were a moron? I said Duke was a moron for thinking this isn’t abuse.

      • Crystal Allen-Malone

        It appears that the issue is on your end. You may want to look into what’s going on with your screen before you dump anymore insults out.

      • Mainah

        Nope. When a poster profile is in black it’s logged out. Like yours, I was able to check your profile just like you can look at mine. I wasn’t dumping insults but responding to being called one. You may want to reread that exchange and note whose profile you can’t click on.

      • Beverly Ann Nelms

        I find it creepy that you are checking people’s profiles when you disagree with them.

      • Mainah

        Why bother having a profile then? I check everyone’s profile on disqus. At no point did I state I check people who disagree with me. That’s kind of a broad leap there. And sometimes, it is hard to understand a person’s perspective and it helps to see what type of person they are. I leave my profile open in case someone doesn’t quite get me. If you find that creepy, then that’s your opinion. I have learned the hard way when a really nasty troll used several “sock puppets” to trash some posters that I talk to using their avatars and disqus names.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        it may also mean they are private
        he responded to duke; so U owe him an apology

      • Greg Baker

        Lol you’re an idiot.

      • Pat

        what the hell is wrong with you??? you’re jumping down someone’s throat for agreeing with you… I guess you actually ARE a moron…..

      • Mainah

        Nice over reaction and failure to read the entire exchange. Have a lovely day.

      • Nancy B

        I read the entire exchange and who responded to whom. I seriously don’t have a clue how you saw what you saw. A glitch maybe?

      • Mainah

        It read that he was replying to himself. When it comes to abuse of kids, as a mom of two boys, I was kind of peeved that I would be called a moron if I didn’t know the difference … so, I replied. Then both posts went black and the page froze which has happened to me before when a poster changes avatars. Then boom, it became AJ. Then the subsequent posts from AJ go black right after they posted. I check profiles because I’ve found that some people go out of their way to create “sock puppets”.
        I don’t get it but some people have a bunch because they banned at a site. I try not to “hurl” insults but I won’t sit idly by when someone flings one my way.

      • dosntplaywell

        He already said he wasn’t talking to you. A simple, oh ok, works just fine. No need to be an over dramatic child. Seems like you actually would of liked him to call you a moron, without that you would have no conversation. I hope your day gets a little more entertaining for you. 🙂 good luck hun

      • Nancy B

        Ah, I see. I’m certain that the “moron” label and other comments came from others seeing what I saw, and not from your stance on the subject. Regardless, the nastiness was uncalled for.

        For what it’s worth, I spanked my daughter once, and that was to jolt her out of a tantrum when I was losing my grip as she insisted on running into the street at the age of 3. In retrospect, I could have used that hand to get a better grip on her. But I was in panic mode. She’s 30 now, and a fine productive citizen I couldn’t be more proud of her. Hitting a child isn’t disciplining, it’s instilling fear, and unnecessary in raising a child.

      • Mainah

        I try not to get sucked in. Some people just love to troll but I do like to try to give everyone a chance. I have spanked my oldest when he hid on me in Sears in a rack of snowsuits and thought it was funny. He was 4 and apparently my yelling for him while stripping racks of clothing apart was amusing. He scared the crap out of me. He’s 15 now and is on the honor roll. We’ve been through a lot but I have never had to “beat” either of my children. I just don’t understand that. My kids went through the typical stages that makes you want to rip out your own hair and I’ve never lost it to the point of having to hit them. I agree, it is instilling fear. I prefer to teach them respect for themselves and others. I teach them the consequences of their choices. I’m not saying it’s easy and that kids will always respond but no one ever said raising another human being was easy. Congrats on your daughter! 🙂

      • Janice la Pinta


      • Mainah

        I have the right to have a conversation with another person and to reply to them when they are speaking to me. Why are you yelling? Or is your caps lock stuck? Either way, have a good day.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        all of us have seen you are in error, try 2 apologize- all U are doing is adding dirt to dirt
        save your energy for the regressive rightwing scumbags who pollute these blogs

      • Janice la Pinta


      • Mainah

        Your entitled to your opinion but why are you yelling? This conversation was hours ago dear. I wasn’t upset then and I’m not upset now. An overreaction would be someone asserting emotions to a response with hyperbolic language such as “jumping down people’s throat.” when that simply isn’t the case.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        maybe she is dictating and her schnauzer has a key stuck?

      • Pat

        It is absolutely OBVIOUS to everyone reading this that YOU are the one who needs to go back and read the entire exchange…

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        read my reply to him

      • yenisthebae

        I was spanked as a child too but damn at 4 years old????? fuck u all who think its alright not even a teenager yet wtf. Some older kids now a days are super nasty and disrespectful and need a good ass whopping to straighten up but a 4 year old is a baby who don’t know right from wrong yet point blank period!!!!!!

      • yenisthebae

        its fuckin abuse when blood is visible!!!! spanking only shows marks not pressured blood marks again its abuse!!!

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        what does your rant have 2 do with what I wrote?

    • Katana Hoene

      It is NEVER excusable to hurt a small child. No mater how ‘unruly’ or ‘undisciplined’ they may be. He is four years old! The only stuff he knows is what his parents teach him. Maybe the dad should beat himself. I can’t believe people would defend this sick and demented behavior.

    • Pipercat

      Do you guys eat a cereal named “Strawmen in the morning?”

      • Nathan Aldana

        The guys defending adrian peterson certainly are given they all seem to think even the slightest critique of hitting a kid with a switch till he’s bleeding in multiple places is “STOOPID LIBRULS PUSSYING UP MAH KIDS”

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        that would explain why regressive trash such as BECK cries so much

    • Laura Hurt

      When my children would be unruly, they would receive a smack on their hands. I would warn them in advance that if they didn’t stop that behavior, they would receive that punishment. Not ever have I smacked them anywhere else and most usually the smack on the hands was not necessary either because they knew I would do it and they knew better than to continue their behavior.
      Giving your child a smack on the hands or bottom for unruly behavior is one thing. It teaches them discipline.
      Beating the hell out of them is something else completely. Beating the hell out of them makes the children scared, insecure and usually scarred and scared for life.
      When a spanking leaves a mark, you are definitely in the second category. You are failing as a parent, because the beating has to make up for your lack of parenting skills to get your children to show appropriate behavior.
      My children are 22 and 20 years old and VERY well behaved, friendly, kind and generous.

      • Janice la Pinta


    • Janice la Pinta


    • generallyconfused

      No, no they do not. I have had to spank both of my children… I got the point across WITHOUT making them bleed or leave bruises. What the heck is wrong with you??

    • Beverly Ann Nelms

      Are you saying you have given good spankings to your children?

    • pablo duvnjak

      There is a reason why you hide your face: 100% sure you are an abuser.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      wow– so marks on his SCROTUM warrants getting beaten in multiplicity? HE IS F*CKING FOUR YRS OLD. what did he do =to get mauled? eat too many cookies? pee in the lake? tear the newspaper in pieces? laugh in church? drop a glass of milk? say a “naughty” word ( such as shit or goddamn?) maybe he didn’t come when he was called? HEY DUKE– sorry that YOUR “dad” beat u so senseless. PHYICAL VIOLENT beatings from ” loved” ones send the message to kids that PHYSICAL VIOLENCE is ok. U probably ant the USA to bomb bomb bomb the ISIL moslems until there is a hole in the middle east

    • Greg Baker

      We should keep an eye on Duke and those defending him… They have the potential to abuse their own children.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      hes 4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he didn’t deserve to be brutalized— what does a 4 yr old do 2 be laced with a tree branch? eat the final donut? pee in the lake? change the channel on the TV? answer the phone incorrectly? tear up the newspaper comics? spill his milk on the floor? put a pencil in the goldfish bowl?? REALLY?? BEAT A 4 YR OLD and leave a series of welts? you DUKE are an imbecile

  • LMB

    What really irks me are the people defending this or any other type of spanking/beating as discipline. If you saw someone beating their spouse like this, it would be abuse, no questions asked. If you saw someone beating an animal like this, it would be abuse no questions asked. If someone was beating an elderly person like this, it would be abuse, no questions asked. If someone was beating someone else’s child like this, it would be abuse, no questions asked. But because it’s
    his own child it’s discipline. Think about that for a minute.

    • Tom

      All of those situations are different than your own child. Because you are raising that child and are responsible for his or her actions. While the wounds look a little excessive, do any of you believe this child was in any real danger?

      • LMB

        It’s not any different than your own child; for some reason it is simply excused because it is your own child. In every case the abuser is trying to control or correct another person or animal through aggression. Spanking or beating someone does NOTHING to correct their behavior long term. Do some research on it. I have three kids and though I was on ocassion spanked as a child I have NEVER raised a hand to them and strangers often tell me how well behaved my kids are. There are much better more productive ways to handle misbehavior. And even though this child’s physical well being was not permanently scarred there is no doubt that his mental and emotionall well being has been.

      • Nancy

        I’m with you but we still must differentiate between spanking & hitting in anger.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Remember when, “wait in your room until your father gets home” was more terrifying than the thing that goes bump in the night under your bed?

      • Andre Robinson

        There is no real difference. That’s the point. Once you’ve resorted to physical punishment you’ve lost all real authority and stooped to using great and intimidation. It teaches nothing good…for long.

      • Kid: *sneaks out pass curfew*
        Parent: Finds out and tells them not to do it again
        Kid: Sneaks out again anyway
        Parent: Finds out and whips them with a switch
        Kid: *Thinks about sneaking out again but then looks at the scars on his leg and remembers the pain from his whipping. Decides to stay inside….

      • natesweet

        People can learn those kinds of lessons without getting physically scarred up. Less resentment in a lesson learned without violence too. Big difference between a 4 year old kid and a teenager too. Teaching through violence and reward are tactics that go back a long ways in history. Just because it is effective does not mean it should be defended. Sure, the 4 year old kid will learn, but the psychological trauma could just be ensuring another abusive father passing on a poisonous trend. That kind of “discipline” in my family encouraged me and my brothers to beat up my step-dad and threaten him to prevent him from doing the same harm to my littler siblings as he did to us. I am not grateful for my step dad giving me a concussion one time because it helped me learn a lesson. I resent it because the punishment rarely fit the crime. Just as in this case with Peterson. 4 year old kid shoves brother off of video game, dad whoops him overzealously to the point of bleeding. Punishment does not fit the crime.Even our whack judicial system is not that brutal.

      • Kathleen

        Anyone can see this was not a spanking.
        I was physically “disciplined” as a child (not nearly as visibly as this poor kid) and I absolutely still bear the emotional effects.
        I am a 32 year old woman, and to this day, I literally cower in a situation like an argument over the dishwasher with my roommate (who is my best friend and hardly likely to hit me.) My crime was usually a cluttered room.
        I can speak from experience that this sort of behavior modification only instills in the child the instinct to hit also, and I’m a well-off white girl from a nice suburb. What will happen to this boy in the courts if he gets into a skirmish someday?

      • LMB

        Unfortunately it does not work that way. Studies show that spanking is NOT effective in correcting behavior long term. Look it up. If it was, kids wouldn’t have to be spanked all the time. And if a kid is spanked so hard that he/she has scars to remind them of the bad behavior (as you described), the spanking was way too hard. Parents actually have to work with their kids to correct problems if they want them to grow up to be responsible, function well in socitey, learn how to make good decisions and think logically, not just beat them into submission.

      • Stephen Barlow

        And the third time he sneaks out, do you use a propane torch on the bottoms of his feet?

        What would you do if he or she was sneaking out to have GAY SEX with stangers for money?

      • ”What would you do if he or she was sneaking out to have GAY SEX with stangers for money?”

        O.o What just happened here?

      • Stephen Barlow

        WHY the kid was sneaking out must have SOME influence over the parents choosing a punishment ‘to fit the “crime” ‘.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        KID grows up and does same things to other people who don’t ” behave”……………….. kid ( now adult) goes to prison. has same things done to him in prison. Finds ” god” ( praise jesus) and learns how to ripoff lemmings and becomes FOX “news” contributor; lying as much as they all do

      • Jeremy

        Yeah that’s a nice anecdotal and clever scenario thrown around a lot. I was a rebellious, smart assed kid and teen and while not destructive or hateful I disobeyed and disrespected my parents expectations. When that happened, I was hit. Pretty soon I just learned to weigh it out, “ill do this now, and deal with spanking later on” it really was a nice system for me. I figured some biting pain on my ass or mouth could be a small price for the fun or craziness I was about to take part in. So perhaps my dads spanks and wielding of cut off hose/belt/spoon/whatever was near wasn’t “discipliny” enough. Maybe he spanked me wrong. Please….

      • sally van gysel

        this child is four years old dumb ass

      • Kerry Woods-Relf

        Actually, yes. This child was in real danger, because this father doesn’t know enough to calm down before he administers a spanking. You send the kid to his room or make him sit still in one spot until you are calm enough to decide if the offense truly merits spanking so that if it you decide it does, you are in a place to make your point without inflicting any lasting physical harm. That’s a spanking.
        This is a rage beating.
        Children sometimes are permanently maimed when a parent is this angry. Sometimes, kids die.

      • Garrett Dean

        are you kidding me??? do you really think he was even in danger? Adrian Peterson, a NFL RUNNINGBACK, could have killed that child in one strike if he wished. These “wounds” are nothing more than a lesson being taught to a kid. People like you are the reason that many kids grow up, with no respect for any sort of authority. People like you are turning this word into a bunch of little B******. All that was left was scratches, maybe the size of bug bites. Not a broken arm, or nose or leg. Nothing serious was done. If you are going to raise children with the mentality of trying to use words to let them know how it should be. Your kids will stomp all over you.

      • Ren Chant

        you think something has to be BROKEN? on a 4 y/o CHILD?? before it’s actual abuse? you’re REALLY fucked up.

      • B. Maurene White

        So it’s OK to wound as long as you don’t kill? The lessons of violence produce more violence. It is simply not true that children can’t be taught respect in gentle ways. Violence is the ultimate expression of DISrespect, for heaven’s sake.

      • Ghastly

        Horse Hockey! My mom never beat me. She was a kind, loving, and gentle soul. I didn’t get in trouble, didn’t do drugs, held a job for 35 years, married for 39 years, and I do volunteer work. I was my mom’s sole caregiver in the last years of her life. You cannot demand respect…..you have to command respect. The military is all about discipline and respect and you better not lay one finger on the people under your command. Beating someone doesn’t make them respect you. Civilized people don’t beat each other. The best dog trainers don’t hit their dogs and the average 4 year-old is smarter than a dog. If someone can’t raise a kid with out beating them they need to be sterilized.

      • Shar Sherman

        I have raised two children without EVER hitting them in any way. They are very respectful, law abiding citizens.
        Those marks left on that child are NOT scratches the size of bug bites! Why would you want to teach your child to solve issues with hitting?
        If my children misbehaved they were punished with the same kind of punishment they are going to get if they committed a crime in this country. I took their freedom from them and anything else they valued – tv, phone, game systems, etc.
        Hitting a child teaches them that it is OK to hit someone who’s behavior you disapprove of.
        I do believe that people hit their children because they are too lazy to actually try to teach children to behave.

      • John

        Yeah i remember being told to go to my room, or sit on my own, etc…then I remember doing exactly what I had done to get in trouble in the first place. I also remember having my ass whooped with a switch, and I sure didn’t go do that again.

      • B. Maurene White

        You make YOURSELF sit still in one spot before you try to sort out a little boy’s normal childish behaviour.

      • mms

        “Raising” your child to think that violence is a way to deal with things? Piss poor, lazy parenting.

      • kimmcamp

        Exactly. Why does a man who is over 250 lbs heavier than a young 4 year old boy, have to use a switch to punish a child? Because his social skills are so poor that violence is all he knows, and that will be all his sons will know if it is allowed to continue. If I was the mother of those children, he would no longer be allowed to see them unsupervised.

      • Ghastly

        Thank you!!!

      • Jo

        Yes, physical and emotional danger BOTH!

      • inny Meeny Miney mo

        You’re kidding right?????

      • Greg Baker

        Like I said… We should keep an eye on those defending him… They have the potential to abuse their own children.

      • kimmcamp

        Potential? He has already abused his child.

      • sally van gysel

        I agree 100% and have the mentally of a barbarian

      • nana

        yes I DO!!! what happens when he really does something wrong and the dad looses his temper? this is how kids get killed on accident… even if he wasnt in any physical danger he was and is in mental danger..this kid will grow up to be a bully

      • nana

        A grown man weighing over 200 pounds and angry should not be hitting a 4 year old.. if the 4 yr old is doing something to get his father that mad.. the father needs to teach him how to act by example

      • Stephen Barlow

        The father needs to CONTROL his anger!!!

      • kimmcamp

        Sadly he is teaching him by example, he is teaching him that violence is the way to deal with frustration.

      • Stephen Barlow

        YES! BEcause his father actually LOST CONTROL and really believes what he did was NOT EXCESSIVE. Was the Michael Brown killing EXCESSIVE FORCE for walking down the street?

    • parkerjohn5

      What irks me is that people like you are quick to call out disciplining children in this manner, but you support infant male circumcision, you support pee-wee and HS football, you support allowing boys 17 years old to be allowed to join the military

      • LMB

        I would’ve just ignored this if you hadn’t made such snap and so COMPLETELY WRONG assumptions about me, based on absolutely nothing. I absolutely do not agree with spanking and I was spanked, on occasion, as a child. I research and I read and I learn. As I have stated before, and you should do some reading yourself, spanking DOES NOT correct behavior long term. It is a quick fix to solve the situation as it occurs but does not teach the child anything. Time outs work similarly. They solve the problem in the moment but don’t do much in the long term. Why cause a child pain when you just remove them from the situation temporarly snd get the same resilts?? Long term solutions take time, patience, consistency and discussion with your child. Show them respect and they were will learn to be respectful. Teach them to hit and they will learn to hit. It’s not rocket science. And beating a child to the point that he has open wounds and bruises more than a week later is disgusting and in no way disciplinary. If he did this to his wife he would be in jail and publicly demonized, no questions asked. And as far as the other things you baselessly accused me…. No my sons will not be playing football of any type to protect them from head injuries, I don’t want my children to join the military (though it is their and every individuals choice) and I researched every avenue and talked in extreme detail with doctors and other moms before deciding whether or not I wanted my sons circumcised (and after extensive research IMO it is personal choice and I don’t care either way). Next time you want accuse a person of believing in or behaving in s certain manner, make sure you have actual facts to support accusations

      • Ren Chant

        well, no, if he’d done that to his wife it would still have been ok, and defended by many, many people. but a REAL person, maybe.

      • LMB

        And too elaborate on 17 year olds in the military… I don’t agree with that and actually it might be more beneficial to raise the age to 21 so the young adults brains have more time to develop better cognitive thinking. Just a thought. And also I don’t want my daughter to play soccer as girls playing soccer receive more head injuries than boys who play football.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Maybe 10 swats over 4 times in his life. Once when he was under the kitchen sink, twice when he lied to me and once when he insulted his mother, even though he was telling the truth. But certainly NOT for being a kid and CERTAINLY with nothing more than an open palm.

  • geminijeanna

    ban him from sports – and jail time

    • Andy Baker

      Don’t ban him from sports that’s Ridiculous to take away someone’s job for doing something completely unrelated! If you’re going to take something take the child and a big chunk of child support away from him! What good comes from leaving a child with a father that has no job or parent skills?

      • geminijeanna

        pro athlete equals role model = he no deserves the job

      • mms

        His contract specifies that he not commit criminal behaviour. He can get another job. Just like the rest of us.

      • Jo

        I agree.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Is there a line that can be crossed worthy of banning (in your opinion)? This is an issue I have with sports, if a player does something horrific there is an outcry if banning is mentioned. “It’s their livelihood.” “What will they do if they can’t play?” I get that they have spent years turning their talent into a job. I get that athletes take a physical toll on their bodies, hence the big pay checks (although still higher than it should be, in my opinion, since we have other careers that take a special set of skills and take a toll, like firefighter, that do no pay remotely close to an athlete.) Per the NFL, the average football career lasts SIX years. Pro bowl players average closer to 12. It is not a career that anyone should go into planning to play for 20 years, save up, and then be set for life. Not that players should start expecting to get banned, but there is a real possibility of injury that could make them unable to play or effect their playing severely enough they aren’t desirable to a team. Athletes aren’t encouraged to pursue back up career options though. Few have the encouragement to cultivate a back up option (like education), instead it’s jump into pro while you’re in your prime and haven’t been effected as much by injury.

  • Katana Hoene

    You can teach someone what is right and wrong without causing them physical harm, ESPECIALLY when they are 4 years old. You can never, ever, EVER, justify literally beating a small child. That is a tiny person who is just learning about the world and life. And then this huge person who supposedly loves and cares for them is going to beat them until their bloody?!!! I can’t ever imagine an instance where someone would think this is okay.

  • Bre Conlon

    I’m just glad that he admitted to it. He explained what happened and is doing what he needs to do to resolve the issue. How many people do this to their kids and get away with it? He is being made an example because he is famous. At least he isn’t denying it happened or expecting to get away with it.

  • Nemisis

    These are my guidelines.

    Knowing the difference between punishment and discipline is very important as a parent.

    Discipline is what someone shows when they do not do something because they know it is wrong.

    A lack of discipline is the result of doing something knowing it is wrong.
    Punishment is the result of a lack of discipline.

    Teach your kids through example.
    Remember kids are kids not miniature adults, but they want to be.

    If you do not teach a child, how can a child be expected to know.
    If you have done your job as a parent and taught a child what is right and what is wrong and the child demonstrates a lack of discipline then a punishment is required.

    There are many ways to punish and escalation is certainly acceptable.
    IE: 1st time, 2nd time and so on.
    Consider the age of the child and tailor the punishment.

    Never hit a child. Remember this is just my way parenting.
    Alternate methods of punishment are far more effective.

    Grounding is the best. Remove the reward for good behavior, take away privileges, but never take the comfort toy or “blanket” . The child mind needs something on their side when their parent is against them.
    Always take age into account for the level of punishment. Grounding a four year old for a month from tv may turn into a 4 year old that does not watch tv because they moved on from it due to lack of it. Sounds like a good idea when at first, but the point here is a four year old will become used to no tv and the punishment is no longer effective.

    When you do need to punish make certain you explain exactly what the punishment is for and exactly what the punishment is.

    Reprieves are encouraged as a reward for good behavior during a punishment. IE grounded for a week from tv, after a few days give an hour or 2 back. What your doing is encouraging good behavior while maintaining the punishment and showing you still care.

    The older a child gets the harder it becomes to teach a child.
    So start early, but be careful not to stifle a child.
    Children need a time to just unwind and go nuts. Adults do to. Why not teach the kids when and where a good time and place to go nuts is by going nuts with them somewhere.
    Like a park or playground. Get on the monkey-bars too.

    How to tell if your doing your job as a parent.
    Your kids like you, they talk to you, they confide in you.
    The real indicator is if they are teenagers and doing all that.

    Doing all the above is just my method. It worked for my I do not guarantee that works with everyone but so far it’s been pretty effective for my 4 kids.
    My kids are far from perfect and I have had my share of “wtf were you thinking” moments.

    If you ever feel the need to strike your child or any child as punishment take 15 minutes and then come back to the issue. If you still think corporal punishment is warranted, use an open hand. Never hit with anything. Never hit with anger still in your mind.

  • Maureen Farrell

    I worked for DCF investigating child abuse for over 30 years. I never once told a parent they couldn’t spank a child but I warned them that if it was hard enough to leave marks it was excessive, especially on younger kids. Despite what you may believe it takes a significant amount of force to leave a bruise. This parent was clearly out of control and he should face consequences. There are so many other ways you can discipline a 4 year old and make your point without resorting to this. Physical Child abuse is defined in the law as an action that leaves temporary or permanent disfigurement and a bruise is considered a temporary disfigurement. Clearly breaking the skin, leaving possible scaring, has met the definition.

    • Joshua Sajec

      It doesn’t take much force at all to leave these types of marks on the skin when using a switch. If AP had used force these would have been much worse.

      • Vince Duggan

        Remember, those pics were taken a week after the incident.

      • Maureen Farrell

        And that makes it OK? Why would a huge adult need a weapon to hit a small child? And when you hit when you’re angry it doesn’t take much for your judgement on how hard you’re swinging that weapon to get out of control. Have you ever seen a young child who was beat to death. I have. Sometimes it doesn’t even look that bad on the outside but the internal injuries can be horrendous.

      • Joshua Sajec

        Who said it was okay? I just pointed out that a switch will do a ton of damage with out force being applied. It’s basically a whip. Someone who investigated child abuse for 30 years really should know this.

      • Keri

        I am sorry, but you are incorrect. It takes a great deal if physical force to inflict bruising. This is a young child, a 4 year old, probably about 35-40 pounds. How can ANYONE think beating ANY child like this is acceptable? I won’t get into a debate of spanking being right or wrong, but this clearly extends far beyond what anyone should consider as acceptable discipline.

  • Debbie Cutshaw Lawson

    “Discipline” means “to teach”. What was the lesson, exactly?

    Spanking is for the lazy and intellectually stunted. YOUR parents (& theirs…) used spanking as a parenting tool? You use your great grandfather’s tools to make repairs to your house? You use your great grandmother’s tools to make Thanksgiving dinner? Effective parenting in the modern world does not use physical violence.

    • Anne Morgan

      Actually, yes, I do use several of my great grandmother’s kitchen tools in preparing our Thanksgiving dinner. Some of the old ones work much better than the cheaply made modern versions. Similarly, an occasional foray into old-fashioned child-reating practices can also be beneficial. While I do not advocate a spanking, or even a swat, as a common occurrence, I have also seen the effect on children of the modern parenting method of explaining everything to death. Everything has to be explained, because the child is hurting Mommy’s feelings, and of course you don’t want to have either Mommy or child to have any hurt feelings. A clear statement–Do not do that!!! in a stern voice will go a lot farther in getting the message across.

    • Keri

      Exactly! We are teaching children when you are angry, or someone does something you don’t like, physical violence is a acceptable remedy.

  • Anne Morgan

    There is also a difference between a swat on the butt and a spanking, both of which are different from this attack. A swat on the butt, especially on a child still wearing diapers, is more to surprise them out of the undesirable behavior. A full fledged spanking requires more interactions so that the child realizes why the punishment is being given–and it should rarely be needed if other discipline is being applied properly. If and when it is, an open-handed spanking is best because you also feel how hard you are hitting, and aim for the back f the thighs, so if you miss, all you hit is still the butt. If you aim for the butt and miss, you might cause an injury to internal organs.

  • JB

    I think the problem with the debate is , only TMZ yesterday was showing the pictures on line. Every article I read before made it sound as if he just spangled him with a switch on his butt. After seeing pictures mine and other peoples opinions changed about the incident and it was definitely excessive. At no point should you spank in a rage!!

  • Sean Jones

    What had to be going through the kids head? After all his brother was beat to death less than a year ago, he had to be terrified the same would happen to him

    • Janice la Pinta

      His brother was beaten to death? o wow,, how? Yes,I know what was going through that little child’s mind, confusion, terror, and thinking its their own fault, and just fear that it will never end

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Is spanking justified? I suppose it depends on circumstances such as severity of behavior and whether or not milder forms of reinforcement have been attempted and proven effective.

    Is drawing blood justified? Never.

    • Greg Baker

      We should keep an eye on those defending him… They have the potential to abuse their own children.

      • Gabriel Gentile

        My dear Mister Baker, if we were to “keep an eye” on everyone who held the potential of wrongdoing before the fact, then every citizen in this nation would be under a constant state of surveilla-….

        Oh, yeah, right.

  • Karen Ladanye

    Child abuse is wrong and it’s illegal. He’ll have his day in court and my guess is it won’t be pretty. And yes, a large number of child abusers were abused themselves. That’s how it gets “passed on” from generation to generation.

  • Avatar

    I wholeheartedly agree with this article. Vikings is my beloved NFL team. I bleed purple and gold in my whole life. My personal opinion, it doesn’t matter if AP is the best player on that team, he should be suspend for this whole season. If Vikings decide to let him go, I would support that decision.

    Vikings need to shred it’s image from its incidents of Kulwe, Lake Minnetonka Boat, and highest arrest rate of any team in past 10 years is enough.

    AP should’ve not bled that kid if it’s his intent to discipline. PERIOD.

    To these who are defending him, you all are fricking hypocrites.

  • Dirk Suave

    This is the dumbest crap I’ve ever heard. Because the kid was only four, he doesn’t deserve to get his ass whipped? GTFOH!! Look you whiny babies, switches leave bruises and cuts. Whippings leave bruises and cuts. It isn’t your child. AP seems obviously old school. This is how we do it. Had that big lived I bet he would’ve learned his lesson. I am appalled at today’s American society. This world and this nation need MORE ass whippings. It’s why so many youths lack respect for each other and their elders. Light handed parent or parents unwilling to do what as done to them. It’s a shame we as a nation have come to this. Until people pull up their boot straps and start whipping some ass? This nation is gonna go further down the crap hole… Ugh…

    • Beverly Ann Nelms

      Yeah, I’m sure you really believe that and aren’t just trying to get people all riled up.

    • Jeffrey Zamora

      Awww look “Dirk” was desperate for attention and decided to come troll to look for some. How sadly pathetic.

      • Dirk Suave

        Sorry been away. Let me reply to this real quick… I don’t troll. I tell it how it is. Kids get spanked. I did. I did it to my daughter and my nephews as well as other punishments. All have grown up as fine young men and a beautiful thoughtful woman. So the people calling me a troll or an attention seeker? You can all kiss my behind. Real parents teach their kids right from wrong. Sometimes it’s taking away toys/games/electronics and sometimes it’s handing out a whipping. All you people sound coddled. To put it in perspective? My grandfather was tied to a tree and whipped with a real whip. My father was beaten with cords cut from clothes irons and I was whipped with police Tac belts. I am a better man because of how I was punished. Respectful, honest, considerate and tolerant. Sure some kids can be handled with. A simple time out but most of those kids that are treated with kids gloves grow up spoiled, entitled and disrespectful to anyone. Keep it real people.

      • Jeffrey Zamora

        I’ve never had to spank my son and he is one of the most well behaved kids that I know. Never have even had to raise my voice. I guess if you have to spank then maybe you’re just bad at parenting in the first place. Bye troll.

    • Kaatje Van der Zee

      Violence is as American as apple pie, righ Dirk. Go troll somewhere else.

    • Greg Baker

      Hopefully Dirk doesn’t have kids… And if he does, an eye should be kept on him… He definitely has the potential to abuse his own children.

    • Cemetery Girl

      A four year old (or any child) does not deserve to have their genitals “whipped”. There is a difference between a spanking and a child having injuries over their body, including to their private parts. What kind of spanking leaves a child bruised and bleeding on their hands, ankles, and genitals?

  • Eg Kbbs

    Washington Post is reporting:

    The beating allegedly resulted in numerous injuries to the child, including cuts and bruises to the child’s back, buttocks, ankles, legs and scrotum, along with defensive wounds to the child’s hands. Peterson then texted the boy’s mother, saying that one wound in particular would make her “mad at me about his leg. I got kinda good wit the tail end of the switch.”

    • Cemetery Girl

      I don’t oppose spanking (my kids know that getting a spanking is a possibility), but that is obviously not a spanking. Cuts and bruises on the child’s ankle and scrotum? Ankle tells me that he was probably curling up, because how else were the ankles being hit if it was only spanking? (Preschoolers are small, but that’s still a good distance from the thighs or butt. If you’re so furious that your aim for a spanking is way off then you’re too mad to be spanking.) The scrotum? I’ve been hit with a switch, it causes bleeding if it hits bare skin. Why have any harm to the scrotum? It sounds like the child either had no clothes on from the waist down or was hit so viciously that it still seriously harmed his privates through the clothes.

  • Lmfao

    This is crap. When I was younger and acted up I was disciplined. Not beat or abused, but deserved the punishment for my actions. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to sit down for up to an hour but it tough me respect, and knowing right from wrong. My great grandmother used to make me go pick out my own switch for her to use on me. Of course if you get spanked or whipped with something it will leave bruises. Honestly in this day an age more kids need to be disciplined like this, cause they’re all a bunch of disrespectful little sh*ts. For all who think this is so wrong, ask your parents or grandparents how they got disciplined. The world has changed so much that parents aren’t even parents anymore

    • Nancy

      I agree that kids need teaching & discipline but, beating is not the answer.

  • mms

    “A 2-year-old boy who was reportedly the son of Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson died … of injuries he suffered after allegedly being abused, police said.” So this thugs one son is beat to death, and he beats the hell out of the other. This is proof that football causes major brain damage. And the female breeder that laid down with him is too stupid to have children.

    • polliwogg

      He has SEVERAL children. By SEVERAL different women.

  • Ernie

    I’m sorry I grew up and had whelps worse than that many a time. I grew up perfectly well adjusted and not once thougt I was being abused. I was hit with beads coat hangers whatever my parents could get their hands on. And yes even a switch from a tree that I was made to pick and being back to my parents. I don’t defend child abuse but saying one reported incident of whelps that look for less sever than most I had had when I was whipped is I fact blowing it out of proportion. I don’t care much for fort so but it seems his status is cause for outrage. Now if this happened daily and for no reason maybe I could agree. Would I spank my children like this? No. It’s not my style not have I ever felt the need. But this type of punishment has existed for a long time and does still but as time has gone on any form of corporal punishment is frowned uoin for some reason

    • Jo

      It is your belief that you are just fine and well adjusted. I think there are those who would disagree with you on the basis of this post alone.

      • Greg Baker


    • Nancy

      There’s well adjusted & then there is well adapted, as I am. Just because some of us had it worse, is no reason to condone this.

    • Greg Baker

      We should keep an eye on those defending him… They have the potential to abuse their own children.

    • Nick Henderson

      If what you say is true, you were abused. Sorry it happened to you. And I don’t say this to rag on you, just to be honest about what you are implying. Unless English is your second language or you are posting from a cell phone, you don’t present yourself as a person people think of when we think of doing well for our selves. That’s harsh, but I’m sure you know you’re not where you want to be, and I’m willing to bet your abusive parents set you back a bit.

  • Ernie

    And what’s really sad is people decrying this with children I can bet either have children who run all over them or have left a handprint or bruise on their child form spanking at least once.

  • Dno

    If we could smack our kids asses or slap them in the mouth when they smart off
    They’d grow up with something I did. Respect

    • Nancy

      I had more respect before I was slapped across the face.

  • Nancy

    I’ve been slapped across the face, hit on my bare butt with hands, hit all over with shoes, spatulas, & wooden spoons (& I was a responsible, respectful kid) & those events had lasting, harmful, consequences, even though they never drew blood. Drawing blood definitely crosses the line.

  • inny Meeny Miney mo

    Look old doingat the hand of this four year old child. Look at his hand. Tell me the violence inflicted on his tiny body was necessary? What was the four year old doing? Building Weapon of Mass destruction?

  • inny Meeny Miney mo

    Look at the hand of this four year old child. Look at his hand. Tell me the violence inflicted on his tiny body was necessary? What was the four year old doing? Building Weapon of Mass destruction? The man who violently beat his son is his father?!

  • Angry Guy

    I thought a four year old child had the right to privacy in this country? Are the authorities trying to trial this case by media?

  • Winona Kitto

    It’s very simple. Parents can be good examples for 18+ years, which is what discipline really is, or they can make a child pay dearly for honest mistakes, which is what is happening to this child. The result of physical punishment year after year gives the same result as with an abused pit bull. Someone down the road gets a lot of rage unleashed on them. Some parents see a child’s age appropriate mistakes as an opportunity to hit them. To bring up a well rounded and well disciplined child, one needs self-discipline first.

  • ShanaLeBeau

    Discipline should *never* draw blood or leave welts/bruises. Period. If there is visible evidence of a ‘whupping’ an hour after the event, it’s not discipline.

  • Greg Baker

    We should keep an eye on those defending him… They have the potential to abuse their own children.

  • nana

    it’s this kind of punishment that lead to parents not being able to discipline their kids.. I was never hit and I didnt hit my kids they turned out fantastic..what I did was sit them down and tell them exactly what they did that was wrong and why it was wrong..I saved spanking for the serious stuff, thankfully I didnt need it.if you beat your kids over small stuff whats left to do if they do somethng bad? punishment should be used to teach a child not just force them to do what you want. this is the biggest point..NEVER EVER spank your child when mad..that teaches them violence..when my kids were small I stood them in the corner for a minute so I could calm down then id ask them why was that wrong and go from there..they learned lessons instead of hitting is the answer. this poor kids needs to be taken away..

  • christine589

    Do you know how hard you have to hit someone to make them bleed? He’s a baby! What could that little baby do to cause a beating like that? Our society is sick ! If your famous than let them do anything…really? ??? How could people defend that! When is it abuse ? Black eyes? Broken bones? Making them bleed? Oh.. he did make that baby bleed!!!!… my God

  • Nick Henderson

    Excellent article. The scariest part is Peterson believing this Is normal. That part makes me fear for the child and hope Peterson faces jail time.

    To all the spineless men defending him bc you’re not responsible enough to deal with a child, you are absolutely pathetic. Violence is the last resort, it is a reaction of fear or panic, congratulations your fight or flight response can be triggered by children.

    To all the “I got whooped and turned out ok” losers, if you’re anything like the losers on my fb and twitter that I know, you are not ok. You have a dead end job, no talent or skills, have an addiction of some sort, and couldn’t be trusted to run a Mcdonalds.

    • Maureen Farrell


  • bvg

    I am not going to defend disciplining your child with a switch or to excess. But I do feel quite a few opinions on the matter are rather biased. I really don’t think Adrian Peterson comes off as a person who meant to maliciously attack his child, he personally felt it was a successful way to discipline his child. My parents actually were raised that way, and they did spank us, not with a switch, but my parents weren’t as a few have said screwed up mentally or physically because such. And my own personal experience and observation of parent/ children interaction I have yet to see a situation where proper a child properly obeyed or followed a parents without proper discipline ( in which case I mean a spanking). So for those who’ve spoken against spanking, in my experience in retail and other jobs, I’m the opposite I’ve yet to see proper discipline in any case which a parent refused to spank their child. So at least on spanking ( like I said not beating or anything excessive) it’s better to judge each case on your own or individual basis?

  • boo

    looks like old and new scares…looks like a whipping from a slave master!!! like how many scares?? on a 5 year old…son!!!! it’s one thing to( correct) and teach right from wrong!!! but, this is a BEATING!!! and yes this looks like it happened before….poor kid!! there is enough crap going on it the world ..and then have your own BLOOD..beat the hell out of you !!! is SICK!! what kind of generation do you want?????????????????????????? this is our future generation??? treating your child like a Pit Bull??when he doesn’t do what you want???

  • Clarence LeBlanc

    I have a 4 year old and he’s never received a spanking, and never will. He gets time outs and privileges taken away then the entire thing is explained. Is there times I would just like to whoop him…of course…but I would never. That being said and speaking of the word never… He’ll probably never assault someone, he’ll probably never get arrested, he’ll never hit his wife, he’ll never be unemployed and he’ll never stop school until he’s employable in 10 different ways.

  • Eddie

    I am not defending him in anyway shape or form, but maybe instead of throwing him under the bus why not issue him mandates to parenting classes. Anger management or other forms of alternative parenting. There is no guide to raising a child and I do think it is up to the adult to choose their form of punishment. We need to hold those accountable but also use these as teachable moments.

  • The scar doesn’t even look THAT bad. You guys are acting like a bunch of pussies. From what I heard, the kid pushed another kid off of a bike and tried to SUFFOCATE them with a pillow. What was Peterson supposed to do? Put him in timeout and take away his snacks? The guy has a clean track record and you can tell he has a good heart. Give the guy a break.

    • LMHtfd

      “You can tell he has a good heart” HOW? From watching him play football every week?

  • sheila2203

    trouble is, what you end up remembering is the beating your parent gave
    you, not what you did wrong. Fear will eventually give way to resentment
    & fighting back if you’re healthy enough.I finally took my last
    beating by grabbing the end of the belt & refusing to let go…but
    by that time I was 12 and had had to endure years of abuse as a victim
    before I could even think about defending myself. The worst damage is
    feeling you are a victim of those you love, and that (lifelong) mistrust
    is devastating. Spankings, beatings…whatever you call them are the
    wrong way to discipline any child. No tolerance of child abuse , whatever the excuse.

  • Darby Stricker Flood

    Slave owners also whipped as a form of “discipline”. There is no doubt that it is effective.

  • lilyannerose

    If the only way you can “discipline” your child is to hit them you are the problem.

  • Connie Kay

    He beat a FOUR YEAR OLD CHILD. No excuses for him. It sickens me to see some people make excuses for this guy. He BEAT A FOUR YEAR OLD CHILD!

  • parkerjohn5

    It wasn’t that long ago that teachers used paddles and rulers for discipline, so i think this has more to do with the time and culture Peterson grew up in then him hitting his child for entertainment(which it wasn’t)

  • jewelsmaid

    This is a 4yr old child. There is NOTHING that a 4 yr old can do to deserve this. Lets also keep in my he had a 2 yr old son who died from abuse. You would think that would make him more aware of child abuse.

  • Stephen Barlow

    I have been with some really hot women into the Maso side of BDSM who don’t take marks like that from their Dominants. I know some who really would feel that consensual sex that leaves marks like the ones on this poor child experienced IS assault.

    I am not very clear on exactly WHAT the child did that was this horrific. Maybe this criminal was just “trying to make a man” out of his 4 year old.

  • meliora

    this child should not only be taken away from its father but if the mother knew and/or witnessed she should be in jail as well and the child removed and placed not with family but up for adoption because apparently family did not stop the abuse either…not familiar with the entire story but the pics speak for themselves….YOU MONSTER…Let’s see what kind of beating you get.

  • Andre Robinson

    I can almost agree with the author up to the point where it appears @Allen thinks that beating, oh say, a 12 year old child so harshly would be acceptable. Spend any time with the incarcerated? They were almost all beaten. Can’t discipline a child with out striking them? You’re a punk as a parent. Where do you think the idea of beating black children came from anyway?


    I find it interesting how the author is outraged by Peterson and the people who grew up in a culture where it’s a norm to discipline a bad child and yet he supports abortion and safe-haven(legalized abandonment).

  • ldykismet

    Okay I have an odd take because I am involved in the BDSM lifestyle and I can tell you this those marks say alot about the state of mind of the father when he took that switch to the child. The fact he had little control as evidenced by the severity of the marks and the fact he hit the kids nuts. This was more than a correction this was a flat out beating. The only time I ended up with marks that bad was when it was a prolonged beating with a flexible item. He is lucky that he only hit the kid once on the nuts since he could have caused serious damage that could have led to losing a testicle.

    This is something even in the lifestyle is not taken lightly since you can cause permanent harm if one is not careful or you don’t know what you are doing. The fact he thinks it was nothing is what bugs me the most. Sorry I know how hard and how often it would take to get those kind of marks and that is not from some light few swats. I figure this was about 30 strokes at a minimum, hard to be sure on the exact number unless I saw all the pictures. These were hard lashes from a good enough distance to get the full swing in you can tell that from the depth on the edges and the fact that there was some wrapping of the switch. This was done in anger and with violence and it makes me sick. I may choose to have that done on occasion but no child ever asks for something like this even by misbehaving. This was not punishment this was abuse.

  • “When you strike a 4-year-old child with some kind of wooden stick to such an extent that it leaves whip marks, bruises and causes the child to bleed – that’s assault.”

    So, if you leave no visible signs for neighbors or teachers or other parents to see, well then it’s just “a spanking”.

    “There’s absolutely, positively no excuse, under any circumstance, where it’s acceptable for anyone to strike a 4-year-old child to such an extent that the child suffers open wounds and extensive bruising.”

    Emotional wounds and bruising on the other hand is just fine. Just don’t leave any marks, dammit!

    Does the author even see what he’s doing with his “I’m not going to say spanking is bad” timidness? What happened to this 4 year old really is just a matter of degree.

    If you strike a child out of anger or retribution or punishment, visible or not ,you *will* damage them.

  • Mike Roberson

    I admit, that’s a little extreme. You should never bring blood. But red marks happen. Hell, I’ve had my ass beat in school by a teacher that was worse than that. Guess what….. I got over it and didn’t do what I did to deserve it anymore.

  • Mum

    Very well said.

  • Brenda Couch Feltner

    I’m sorry but those wounds are child abuse, punishment should not leave marks like these and cause bleeding…

  • B. Maurene White

    All physical violence is a failure of personal integrity and communication. I hope the full extent of the law is brought to Peterson’s correction.

  • kg

    Oh I definitely remember “wait in your room till your father gets home” because I sat and thought about the a**whooping I was about to get. I realize abuse exists and I see it frequently as a school teacher. However, I had marks after a good spanking when I was young and I have NEVER felt abused. What I felt was loved by parents who had higher expectations for my behavior than I sometimes exhibited. Was this a case of abuse? I don’t know. All I have seen is pictures posted online of ‘alleged’ abuse. I know I have seen murderers get more “innocent until proven guilty” treatment than AP. I think I will leave judgement in the hands of those more qualified to judge.

  • Jared Hoke

    I was, myself, a victim of something like this. My alcoholic father went way over the line, and it took DEEP therapy, years later, to repair the damage. If any parent cannot understand the difference between discipline and abuse (such as the photos of Peterson’s son reveal), they need to be taught. Or have their children removed from their care, as they are then, a priori, unfit for the job.

  • Devin Baillie

    Before you decide to “physically discipline” your child, ask yourself this:

    Do I want my child not to do something because he’s afraid of me, or do I want to go to the effort to teach my child not to do something because it’s the wrong thing to do?

    Personally, I’d like to teach my son not to steal (for example) because stealing is morally reprehensible. I don’t want the only reason my son doesn’t steal to be fear of punishment.

  • jrb

    There is a difference between popping a kid on the butt and beating them. I was spanked as a child. Never did anyone draw blood. Never did I have bruises. And never did I feel like I was being abused or in danger. I grew up in a very loving but old school family. I don’t do drugs. I rarely drink and have two beautiful kids.
    What AP did was wrong. There should never be a point where you leave bruises or draw blood. That is when you need to realize you have anger management issues..

  • Bryan W.

    I have to admit. I’ve been a life long, die hard Vikings fan. Since finding out about the rampant corruption in the NFL I’ve since stopped supporting and started boycotting the NFL. Not only are they horribly corrupt but they also somehow seem to be a non-profit organization. They pay ZERO taxes! How is that even possible considering the billions of dollars they rake in every year? That aside, I’ve been a supporter of Adrian Peterson from day one. I too was disciplined/abused with a switch, belt paddle, hands, fists and feet. Not to mention the sexual abuse I endured at the hands of my ex-stepfather and his group of friends. I can understand how he can view this punishment as being a valuable type of punishment. Am I condoning it? Of course not. Its reprehensible. But, remember, people who suffer this type of abuse often go on to abuse their children in the same manner thinking its the norm. My mother was whipped with a switch from a rose bush at her bare legs then tied to a tree in the front yard for all the boys and girls to see what a bad little girl she was. Its no wonder she ended up being so abusive as well. I luckily am one of the few that has been able to break this cycle of violence towards my child. Of course, its taken upwards of 27 years of therapy and medication. I’m not sticking up for Mr. Peterson here. I’m just asking you folk to take into consideration his upbringing. He at least has the honesty and integrity to be honest and say yes he did it and is showing what I believe to be genuine remorse. My mother also expressed genuine remorse after every beating I endured but it continued non the less. I do believe he needs to be kicked out of the NFL permanently and be made to donate a significant amount of money to child abuse prevention charities. He should also face jail time and mandatory anger management therapy as well as weekly psychiatric sessions. I do believe he truly has a sense of honor. This is just my idea for him to get the help he needs to get help and become a better parent and person. Who knows, I maybe wrong. According to my wife, I’m wrong all the time!

  • patty

    I’m with you Jonathan…..This turns my stomach. Just because he is a Football star it is okay like it was okay for O J Simson to brutally murder two people? I never thought I would post on facebook but this has to be said.

  • Kipco

    Speaking as a ‘survivor” of a physically, mentally and emotionally abusive childhood, there is absolutely NO defense whatsoever for this type of behavior. I’m well into my fifth decade of life and I still bear the scars and wounds inflicted upon me by an abusive father as does my sibling. I’m still undergoing therapy and still have not fully recognized what living in an environment of perpetual fear did to me. When you are in that position, you do whatever you have to do to survive, which sometimes means lying, hiding, running away or simply numbing yourself to it while you wait for it to stop. You don’t trust the environment and you don’t trust the people in it. Those same survival techniques carry over into your adult life and effect the way you interact with people, including those whom you are supposed to trust and who need to trust you. In my case I turned to drugs as a way to cope with the pain and three years ago I finally cleaned myself up after having numbed myself with them for over thirty five years. Seeing anyone offer up even the most half hearted defense of this type of abuse is enraging. When the success of a sports franchise is considered more important than the well being of a child caught in something they cannot escape, a thorough examination of your priorities needs to happen…now.

  • LSTH67

    If He were to lose control and abuse his child, I would think that the child would be much more seriously injured with or without a swith. Those welts are superficial capillary injuries that look much more severe than they really are. Also the target of the switch was on the most heavily muscled areas of his body (thighs and buttocks). This has always been the target of parents who choose to use corporal punishment. It minimizes the chance of severe injury to the child. just that intention alone and the small size of the switch added to the physical strength of Adrian Peterson and the fact that he refrained from using even a fraction of his strength in disciplining his child should show most people that this is not a man who was intending to abuse his child.

  • randy

    You are kind hearted. Your feelings are warranted. You live in utopia. You won’t be there in any way shape or form when children not disciplined are murdering, stealing, raping, drugging, mean……lost. I was switched as a child. Same marks. I knew right from wrong and knew of consequences to my bad actions. I am a loving father of 3 and I love my parents so much. I don’t murder, rob, rape etc. People like you and those who are upset by this fathers discipline are responsible for decline of society and the disrespectful little punks living in it. Yes, many go overboard and should be held accountable but this aint it. Now unless you wish to take over for this father, and raise this child with your money and time and be held responsible for any and all bad actions then shut it and quit your over dramatizing. Praise God and his word. Spare the rod………….

  • Dale

    Thats not even worse than what my father did to me. He would take any object whether its a chair a wooden pole or a metal pole and he would also kick me while I’m on the ground or put his foot on my chest so i could hardly breathe. If he wanted to discipline me he didn’t have to hit me with random things. My father’s punishments were far worse than a 4 year old child. I’m not saying that I’m defending A.P but not all parents have to do these types of thing. The hitting wouldn’t stop until he yelled at me to go somewhere. They are just cruel, abusive, and lazy. They never have time to teach their children discipline without hitting the child. It’s insane that people would do this type of thing to a child. My father would even say that he might murder me or he was going to go to jail for me. But that’s fine by me. He would never stop spanking me. It’s all he ever does. So if he wants to go to jail for abusing me that’s fine by me. I hardly ever cared for him since he started beating me. It never occurred to me that he doesn’t care for me but now I know. He would rather spend more time cheating on other girls than spending time with his own flesh and blood. That’s just wow. And to have a pro football player do that to a child. As I said before it was cruel, insane, sick, abusive, and lazy.