I Have a Few Words for Trump’s Hypocritical Call for Unity to ‘Restore Trust’ this Thanksgiving

In case you haven’t heard, Donald Trump issued a Thanksgiving message where he said that we need to work to “restore the bonds of trust between citizens.” Yes, the same guy who ran one of the most vile, hateful and negative presidential campaigns in U.S. history had the nerve to say that we need to “restore the bonds of trust between citizens.” The very same guy who blatantly pandered to racism and bigotry to such lengths that he triggered a resurgence of white supremacy in the United States had the gall to say we need to “restore the bonds of trust between citizens.” The same guy who embraced white nationalist heroes like Steve Bannon, while often pushing outrageous conspiracies driven by the alt-right, actually told Americans that we need to “restore the bonds of trust between citizens.”

Donald Trump is out of his damn mind.

Here’s a rule: You can’t spend well over a year pushing hate, fear, bigotry, racism, sexism and the promise of an apocalyptic future, while embracing chants calling for the imprisonment of your opponent, then come out a couple of weeks later claiming you care about unifying the country.

You don’t get to run the type of campaign Trump ran then act like you didn’t embrace the worst aspects of our society to achieve your victory.

A person doesn’t get to call for unity when they launched their presidential campaign by calling most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, spending the next year terrorizing millions of families by promising to rip them apart with an SS-like “deportation force.”

This is someone who basked in the flowing hatred of his crowds as they repeatedly chanted their desire to see a 69-year-old grandmother put into prison even though the FBI cleared her of any wrongdoing. This is someone who fed off that irrational hatred of his political opponent to such an extent that he stood on stage during a presidential debate and promised (though he’s since backed off) that he would do everything he could to find a way to put his opponent in prison.

You can’t vilify an entire religion to gin up support and genuine enthusiasm from those supporting you, then claim that you care about restoring “the bonds of trust between citizens.”

Since Trump launched his campaign, we’ve seen a rapid increase in hate crimes against minorities in the United States. Then, after his victory, we saw another drastic uptick in this horrific behavior.

Donald Trump successfully pandered to racism and bigotry to such an extent that we’ve seen the KKK plan a parade to celebrate his win and neo-Nazis staging public showings all over this country in a show of support for our next president.

This is a man who, for months, pushed the ridiculous conspiracy that if he didn’t win — the only reason he wouldn’t win — is because the election was rigged. We literally had people openly talking about some sort of armed response to a potential Clinton victory. He attempted to undermine and erode the trust in our democracy just to protect his massive ego incase he lost.

Donald Trump ran such a deplorable campaign that, on several occasions, leaders from his own party had to publicly condemn his behavior.

Our next president, the man who just said we needed to unite as a nation, is someone who’s lashed out at anyone who’s dared to criticize him. Often calling his critics and opponents names like “loser,” “crooked,” “crazy,” “Pocahontas,” “disgusting,” and “weak.”

Donald Trump is a man who spent most of President Obama’s time in office pushing the absurd racist conspiracy that he isn’t an American citizen, then had the audacity to try to blame it on Hillary Clinton.

The same guy who basically called Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife ugly; pushed conspiracies about Hillary Clinton’s health; completely fabricated a story about personally seeing thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on September 11, 2001; spent a week lashing out at a former Miss Universe; attacked Gold Star parents; and mocked a reporter with disabilities — that guy — is the one calling for a restoration of “trust between citizens.”

I’m sorry, but Donald Trump doesn’t get to run a campaign that:

  • Was launched by attacking Mexican immigrants.
  • Used irrational fear, hate, and anger to galvanize his supporters around him.
  • Has as one of his “right-hand men” an alt-right/white nationalist hero like Steve Bannon.
  • Blatantly pandered to bigotry, racism and prejudice to such an extent that white supremacists are celebrating his victory.
  • Repeatedly pushed conspiracy theories to fear-monger against opponents and critics.
  • Frequently belittled others with childish, petty names.
  • Tried to undermine our democracy because he was afraid of losing.
  • Constantly attacked the media for calling out his lies.
  • Was one of the most negative, divisive and hateful political campaigns in our nation’s history.

You don’t get to do all of that (and much more), then stand there a couple of weeks after the election is over and act like you care about restoring respect and “trust between citizens” to try to unite the nation.

If that’s something Donald Trump really cared about, then he damn sure wouldn’t have run the type of campaign he did or surrounded himself with the type of bottom-feeders he continues to have around him.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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