Yahoo News Shares Photo of Clintons Holding New Grandchild, All Hell Breaks Loose in Comments Section

It’s no secret that the Internet is the place where scumbags go to post things they’d never have the guts to say in person. If you want to see how sad, pathetic and ignorant people are — just head to the comments section of practically any article on the Internet.

Well, on Monday, I saw an article posted on Facebook by Yahoo News titled Clintons Share First Photo of Chelsea’s Second Child, Aiden. While I should have known better, I ventured into the comments section anyway hoping that, because this concerned a brand new grandchild, maybe… just maybe a little of my hope in humanity would be restored.

Again, I should have known better.

Here were some of the disgusting things I read on both the Facebook post and in the comments of the article itself:

Wow Yahoo. You only take a break from bashing TRUMP to highlight Killary, who btw could care less about babies and kids. It’s all a show you you’re promoting the film. Yahoo, you’re a joke.

291,000 Americans are murdered each year with the weapon of poverty, by psychopathic money hoarders that these two support. But their baby is better than all of those.

Has anyone asked Hildabeast if that new grandchild was just a bunch on unimportant cells a week ago? Just wondering.

If that is not the most awkward posed looking photo I have ever seen. It was said that Bill was in the delivery room for the birth. I guess he knows a lot about vaginas, so I guess it makes sense?

A male heir to continue the sexual assaults just like grandpa!

I would never let bill around a child no telling what his perverted self would do to it.

Of course they will show this…wish those guys from banghazi were given the same opportunity

another yahoo fluff piece for Hillary

More like Clinton, exploits the birth of their grand daughter.

Timed just perfectly for the campaign.

I wonder how Monica feels about being a Grandmother now??? LOL!!! They are all a joke!


Perfect publicity stunt.

That poor little child will be growing up in scandals and lies

Look at her sucking out it’s soul.

Crooked Hillary is going to need another distraction. How about this? Crooked Hillary knows Billary is a rapist. Crooked Hillary is enabler for Billary’s sex parties.

Time to put granny in a rest home for the criminally insane yet?

Oh who cares what the ugly little Clinton ape looks like. He will probably grow up and be like his sleezy grandfather, that is if Slick is his grandfather.

Hillary will do anything for a vote… This photo op was approved by the elect Hillary campaign fund.

The newest member of the Clinton crime syndicate.

As a liberal I’m so happy the image this kid portrays of Hillary as a caring, loving, doting grandma. It humanizes her so this kid will help her appeal to swing voters. This is critical to making sure she wins key states, particularly Florida which has a lot of old people who can relate to the grandma thing. So fortunate for her campaign that the daughter found a husband and properly timed a couple of kids.

Baby wears the same diapers as grandma.

Even this babies birth was timed by the Clinton’s to try and help the despicable Hillary.

The Hillary Beast called every news media outlet after the birth and said they could have “exclusive rights” to a photo op! Of course, with the usual Clinton Price Tag!

killery will say or do anything to get her way: (Now killery is feeding ISIS Recruitment video) killery is a pathological liar. killery is evil. (Killery helped found the Islamic State to kill Americans)

I wonder who he pretends Chelsea is when they fool around. She’s so ugly she could be a modern art masterpiece.

Hillary is so fake. She probably wiped the baby off her the moment the camera was down.

The horrible, despicable person who whupped on Chelsea with the Ugly Stick showed no mercy whatsoever.

Just think of how much money she could have made if she had chopped the littl #$%$ up and sold of the body parts. Then she could have given the money to her mom’s foundation.

I have read several articles that state that Hillary hates children and only had Chelsea because they needed a family for political reasons…. I bet she has to limit her time with the grandkids because she has no real interest in them. She’s a fraud and criminal and should be in jail.

Everything’s a photo op for the Crooked Clinton’s. They make me sick.

Literally about 95 percent of the comments on that one article (over 1,400 as of writing this) were along the lines of what I just listed above. Yes, there were a few nice ones, but the overwhelming majority of them were absolutely disgusting – and some of the most abhorrent comments had hundreds of “likes” to go along with them.

It really is a sad and pathetic statement that, even when a story is nothing more than a “fluff piece” about Hillary and Bill’s second grandchild, people still feel the need to act like vile, bottom-feeding jackasses.

I don’t care what you think about Hillary Clinton, to use a photo of her holding her grandchild as an excuse to post these types of awful things is appalling.

Then again, when a family has literally had hundreds of millions (if not billions) spent trying to slander their name for the last 20+ years, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone how irrational so many people are about the Clintons. The only person who I can think of who even comes close to having the same sort of irrational fear-mongering thrown his way is President Obama, but he’s only dealt with it for eight years — the Clintons have dealt with this nonsense since the early 90’s.

This is why so many people who are “new” to politics who don’t know the history of all the millions spend trying to slander the Clintons (these people don’t think they spent millions of taxpayer dollars on Benghazi “investigations” for 4+ years because they really thought there was something nefarious about that night, do they?) don’t understand why some of us who have followed politics for years laugh off this nonsense. But many of these folks took the bait hook, line and sinker because there were those who used this anti-Clinton fear-mongering (many of which was being fed to the left with the hope that liberals would use it to do the GOP’s work for them) because they had an agenda. This was the first time in my life I saw liberal websites and social media pages using blatant right-wing propaganda.

Some people seem to believe the Clintons are the most powerful human beings who’ve ever lived. A family which has been able to circumvent countless laws, strong-arming their way from ever being convicted or found guilty of anything, while carrying out feats usually reserved for a James Bond villain. These people don’t seem to realize (or care) that Republicans have spent hundreds of millions of dollars for over 20+ trying to slander their name because Bill absolutely owned them in the 90’s and they’re afraid Hillary’s going to do the same thing starting in January.

The way I look at it is, if you have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars over 20+ years attempting to slander people, clearly you’re trying to fabricate some sort of “truth” that doesn’t exist.

As for the birth of little Aiden, I would like to congratulate the whole family which I’m sure is thrilled with his arrival.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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