Yes, Fox Nation Really Tried to Attack President Obama for Saluting Two Marines

obama-salute-marinesProving once again that they’ll use anything to attack President Obama, Fox News’ Fox Nation used an Instagram video of the president saluting two Marines as he landed in New York to ask the question, “Was Obama’s Salute Disrespectful?”

While I know this isn’t “big news,” I guess it just hit me the wrong way. When I saw it I really just wanted to scream, “Are you freaking kidding me?!” With everything that’s going on in the world, when this country really needs to be trying to come together, Fox is going to push this kind of garbage?

He saluted two Marines while holding a cup of coffee… what disrespect! Screw it, let’s impeach him. I guess he should have sent thousands of them to die in a war based on a lie, then conservatives would think he was a good president.

It remind me of the other times Republicans have flipped out on President Obama for trivial things, such as:

Heck, they even flipped out because Michelle Obama dared to say that drinking water is a good thing.

And in every single one of these instances, Fox News was the driving force behind this ridiculous anti-Obama (both Barack and Michelle) outrage.

I just don’t see how anyone can take Fox News seriously. When they seem as “outraged” over how President Obama is dealing with ISIS as they do over the fact that he wore blue jeans in the Oval Office, it’s so sad it’s comical. And it is actually funny – until the reality sets in that tens of millions of Americans are buying into this laughable absurdity.

It’s like I’ve often sadly joked, President Obama could cure cancer and Fox News would say he’s “waging a war on oncologists.” Pretty much no matter what he says or does, Fox News and other various conservative media outlets are going to try to find any way to wage some kind of ridiculous attack on him.

Even when it’s something as ridiculous as this.

Check out the Instagram video of the salute below:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Paul Pritchard

    What’s even more disturbing is the two Kasich-Taylor campaign ads that flanked your article. This is one of the reasons why I hate clicking on outside links while viewing your posts on Facebook.

    • Avatar

      You must be living in Ohio. I lives outside of New Hampshire yet I’m keeping receiving zombie ads of desperate Scott Brown. He is losing yet he outspend her opponent in ads by 4 to 1.

    • eddie

      Ad Block Plus. Just sayin’…

    • Pipercat

      You issue is with Google.

    • Thomas Attonito

      Paul, the ads that display on your pages are custom according to your cookies from sites you visit. Clear your cookies at the end of each session.

    • Gary Smith

      Adblock Plus.

  • Avatar

    Fox News’ outrage doesn’t mean anything to me at all. They are losing their base viewers and can’t pull in youth viewers. Who cares about Fox honchos.

    • Ivan Renko

      Who cares about Fox honchos.

      This website and most of its acolytes.

      Deeply. Integrally. And as a matter of near daily necessity.

      Not just the honchos, either. All the way down to the Saturday morning business guests. Even to the chyron operators.

  • Mike Crowder

    Allen, I am as liberal as they come. But this lazy afterthought half salute with coffee in his hand kind of pissed me off too.

    • Frooble Rippers

      As the POTUS is not actually in the US military (He’s a civilian) he’s not required to salute anyone, including the military. He may have chosen to salute them but there is no requirement for him to do so….

      • Macdoodle

        Then the marines should just refuse to salute this civilian in the future.

      • robingee


      • sonia

        affordable health care for one!

      • Gary Smith

        That civilian is the Commander-in-Chief. If they refuse to salute, they are in breach of military protocol and could be slapped with a summary Article 15 under the UCMJ for insubordination.
        — A US Army Veteran

      • DavidD

        He is thier Commander in Chief but is a civilian who can either salute or not.The marines as military took an oath to follow the Constitution and to obey the Commander in Chief’.They have to salute in aknowledgement of these facts or face serious charges.
        This President was elected under that Constitution twice and will be followed in office by another Democrat.
        You don’t know much about civilan control of the military or perhaps you wish it the other way around?
        Are you ignorant or a traitor.You can’t be niether and most likely are both.

      • Ivan Renko

        The issue isn’t that he did or didn’t salute. It’s irrelevant to point out that he doesn’t have to. He chooses to. This time he chose to with a coffee cup in the hand that he saluted with. On a day when he chose to bomb yet another country.

      • sonia

        get over it maybe he has a few things on his mind!

      • Sandy Greer

        I’m sure he does have things on his mind.

        Easy to take for granted courtesies done us, and respect paid us, by strangers. Especially when we’re in a hurry, and things on our mind.

        But just as you and I smile and thank the man who holds a door for us – It’s never wrong to really ‘see’ those who serve us:

        That they know they’re important; not taken for granted – and are not invisible to us.

      • sonia

        I don’t think his intentions were to take anyone for granted just as when I see a family member I care about very much every day I don’t always greet them with enthusiasm as I should it doesn’t mean I think less about them. I get busy, and have a lot on my mind and I’m not always thinking like a perfect mom, wife or daughter should at all times …thank goodness I don’t have the press ( or Fox News) following me around every public moment and judging me for every little thing I do, perhaps you would do everything perfect all the time I’m pretty sure I would not.

      • Sandy Greer

        It’s never our intention to take anyone for granted – it just happens when (as you say) we get busy with things on our mind.

        Family/friends – We make up for it in different ways.

        But strangers – We’ve only the one Opportunity to let them know we ‘see’ them – and they are not invisible to us.

        Simple kindnesses, costing nothing – often mean the most to others.

      • sonia

        That is true kndness cost nothing, and like I said and perhaps in some people’s eyes he made a mistake and perhaps some people are just nit-picking everything he does, I have my opinion on that one and I don’t believe for one minute he meant to show any disrespect. The amout of disrespect showed to this president is unlike any other I have ever seen but it really doesn’t matter what you or I think it won’t change anything, he was elected twice and like it or not he is our president. Given the choices out there I would vote for him again!

      • Stephen Barlow

        It would be a court martial offense.

      • Theresa O’Hagan

        All military members are required to salute the President, their commander-in-chief. Not the other way around.

      • felipe63

        wrong, the president is the Commander-In-Chief of the military, as anybody who has had to memorize the chain of command will tell you.

    • mandate0

      I just saw a picture of Bush saluting a marine with one hand while holding a dog in the other. Does that pss you off too.

      • Ivan Renko

        The one where he held his dog in his left hand and saluted with his free right hand? No, doesn’t piss me off.

    • sonia

      seriously…you guys are just looking for crap. He probably has a few things on his mind these days and realized at the last minute “hey I better salute” Get a life if this bothers you. I come from a military family and I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. I want my president deep in thought about important issues in the world I not worried about stupid crap like this!! Give me a break!!!!!!

  • Margaret Adame Trott

    Presidents did not start returning salutes until 1981,when Reagan started this tradition. Even Eisenhower did not return any salutes when he was president.

  • Frooble Rippers

    Well as far as I know the POTUS is not required to salute the military and I’m pretty sure that if he hadn’t saluted at all no-one would have noticed! The fact he attempted top salute them while holding a cup of coffee speaks volumes – at least he was making the effort….

    • Kovah88

      I disagree, I think if he had not saluted all Faux news would have tried to make an issue of that too. There is nothing he can do that they do not attack.

      • repanimus

        Foxtoons Entertainment, also known as the theatre of the absurd. Mountain makers from minutiae.

    • Ivan Renko

      His left hand was free, he didn’t make the effort to move the cup so that he could make the proper salute with his right hand.

    • Gail Weaver

      It is NOT required. In fact it is something that good old Ronald Regan started. If Eisenhower didn’t salute the military attached to him, then no President should have to salute the military. He was a General from cripes sakes. Regan made it up and all the Presidents since have done it. It does not mean a thing. The story goes that Regan was disappointed when he found out it was not necessary and might even be considered offensive he consulted the comandant of the Marine Corps who basically told him that he was the President of the United States and he could salute anyone he pleased so the custom started and has stuck.

    • ayungclas

      Was her wearing the flag pin while saluting?

    • Stephen Barlow

      I think he should have swapped hands to make the salute. But it’s not disrespect.

  • DebraAnn Carruthers

    Sometimes, I really think that Fox News is meant to be a satirical program, sadly, they are not. They really believe in what spews out of their mouths…what a shame. I used to watch Fox years ago, but ever since President Obama came into office and I saw just how biased and prejudiced each and every one of them are, against their own President…..well, let’s just say, I’ll NEVER watch them again. Believe me, I’m one of a million!

  • Rick Snow

    First off, the PotUS is not required to salute the troops. Second, kudos for Obama attempting to be respectful of our service members. Third, W Bush saluted while holding a dog, where was the outrage then? I don’t recall hearing anyone say a word about that. And fourth, I’ve personally witnessed, while serving in the military, several instances where officers were saluting while holding a cup of coffee (just not under formal circumstances like a visiting dignitary and such). So this outrage over Obama’s salute is just plain stupid.

  • FD Brian

    hey Allen, just post the picture of Bush saluting while holding his dog.

    • Guest

      23 hrs ·

    • Guest

      not sure if this picture will show up but here it goes!

  • I wonder if the President has other things on his mind…
    And besides, while it is a nice tradition, you’re not supposed to salute when you’re in ‘soft’ (ie not uniform) clothes.

  • BkDodge42

    I see New York Post, USA Today, CNN, SFGate, ABC News Huffington Post also reporting on the event. Looking at Fox news and the other sources, most are reporting it as what has created some criticism after the White House posted the clip on its instagram account. To me the tone of Fox News coverage is about the same as the other sources.

    • Arelgee

      The real issue is……..he’s just an idiot bastard that shouldn’t be president of the local quilting club. He needs to disappear.

      • Cal D.

        You wish. He was RE-ELECTED and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it except bitch.

      • JimNauseam

        And he didn’t need the Supreme Court to stop any recounts.

  • Amanda

    That’s how it works with ALL Presidents. Republicans fault the Dems for everything. Dems blame the Republicans. It’s ALL sickening.

  • forpeace

    The United States President is a “civilian.”

    Yes, he is the Commander-In-Chief, but still a “civilian.

    The Military regulations are very clear, you do not salute while in civilian clothing, period.

    Ronald Reagan started this on his own without even knowing and understanding the military protocol. Maybe he thought he was playing in another Hollywood movie!

    • Ivan Renko

      Nearly every one of his defenders seems to be repeating this as a defense.

      Obama chooses to salute. This time he chose to salute with a coffee cup in his right hand, his saluting hand, while his left hand was free. And his advisors put the photo on Instagram. On a day that he chose to bomb another country. The fact that he didn’t have to salute at all is of no consequence. If he doesn’t want to, I’m sure he knows he doesn’t have to, and he can tell Fox News to F Off if they don’t like it. He chooses not to do that, though.

      It was a half-measure. From a semi-retired president.

      • forpeace

        And nearly every one of those who do not like him seems to be repeating this as a broken record.

        Please learn how to read and how to comprehend.
        I did not defend, approve, or disapprove of what he did. It is all in your head.

        I just posted the facts which is so hard for people like YOU to understand.

      • Ivan Renko

        I understand it as a fact.

        I do not understand its relevance to the discussion.

      • forpeace

        If you still don’t understand facts that are relevant to this discussion, then there is no hope for you.

  • Sandy Greer

    I think – If you’re going to salute – Do it right:

    Right hand; head up; look them in the eye. As if they deserve respect.

    This looks like a half-assed afterthought.

    Taking time to really see those who serve us (in any capacity) is always the ‘right’ thing to do.

  • Debra Baker

    Fox News grow the f__k up

  • MsYellowDog

    They don’t seem to remember Dingbat Bush saluting with a Scotty dog,inspiring no comment whatsoever.What could be behind that?

    • themadkansan

      History Started On January 20, 2009. Nothing Existed Before Then.

      Remember: Etch-A-Sketch! *shakeshakeshake!*

  • Leaning Blue

    Yep, the video was circulating on Facebook yesterday and depressingly, even people I know that are not right-wing crazies were outraged by the video. I was like “are you f***king kidding me? You people are outraged over a “disrespectful salute”? How about being f***king outraged that thousand of vets were sent to war based on nothing but f***king lies and then come back and can’t get the services they were promised and so desperately need? Yeah, that’s what worries me the most, that people are so easily persuaded to be outraged over the simplest shit but are in “la la land” when it comes to being concerned over serious matters.

  • Nemisis

    Never salute with a cup in hand…

    Reason: You wanna pour hot coco in your ear?

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “I guess he should have sent thousands of them to die in a war based on a lie, then conservatives would think he was a good president.”

    No, then they’d decide war is wrong… Until the next Republican President declares one without Congressional consent.

  • Rudewaitress

    This is mild compared to Tell me now….They are attacking Obama’s daughter…nothing but hate filled rants against her!!

  • Ron

    While I am generally supportive of President Obama the Teabillies happen to be right about this one. Regardless of whether or not the POTUS is obligated to salute military members or not if he is going to do so he should have enough respect to do so correctly. This was just laziness and only feeds the ConTrolls who are always eager to find any excuse to disrespect the President. Nice job of handing them something on a silver platter Mr. President!

  • Nemisis

    HEY! Guys, Gals, Respected members of something not Fox News…..
    We are missing the real story here.

    FoxNews personalities had a moment where they thought they were being clever and invented a something from nothing.
    In doing so they once again stuck a penny in the wall outlet.

    Watch the video.

    Remember the commenter all happily announcing the arrival?
    “When he arrived yesterday, on Air Force One…”
    He then proceeded to mock the Commander in Chief for a poor salute.
    Dude is a civilian, not supposed to salute.
    However when Reagan started this tradition the Commandant of the Marine Corps said “He’s the Commander in Chief and can salute whoever he wants and however he wants.”

    But even that is not the funniest part of this…

    The President was not getting off of Air Force One.
    He was getting off Marine One.

  • RayandFannie Esparza

    Heck I thought it was “W” saluting while holding his dog and holding his head down… Now I find out it was President Obama……