You May Hate Them, but Let Me Tell You Why Palin, Beck and Limbaugh are Great for Liberals

1492897_10152095824312489_1259289771_nWhenever I write a story covering Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, or Glenn Beck, two things happen.

  1. I get quite a few comments more or less saying, “Who cares, why are we giving these fools attention?”
  2. Around 9/10 times those stories are the most popular and widely shared for the day.

For those who loathe seeing headlines with any of their names mentioned, trust me, I feel your pain.  These people infuriate me with their utter stupidity just as much as they do you.  Hearing any of their voices for too long would probably make my ears bleed.  If there’s a such thing as a hell, for me it would include these three and a 24-hour loop of them speaking about—anything.

That being said, there’s a reason why I’ll still write about these people.  I love these people being some of the first people the majority of Americans think about when they think about the Republican party.

While most Americans would loathe the idea of a Republican party built entirely of people like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz — it would be the best thing for the liberal movement.

These people are so completely ridiculous that only their hardcore base of conservative voters even listens to them.  I know a few more moderate Republicans and they can’t stand any of the three.  But I know quite a few “far-right” conservatives and they love all three of them.

When a moderate or independent voter thinks of the Republican party, I want people like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh to be some of the first people they think of.

I want Palin’s comments about calling Pope Francis “too liberal” or “atheists aborting Christ from Christmas” to be something that’s nationally known.  I want Glenn Beck essentially calling Pope Francis a Marxist to be one of the first things that pops into their minds.  And I definitely want basically anything Rush Limbaugh says to be a main talking point that represents the entire GOP.

Because while these ideas might not represent the more moderate Republicans, they do represent the far-right leaning conservatives — and paint a great picture of the type of nation the tea party hopes to mold the United States into.  So, as hard as it might be for many to swallow, it’s vital that the true nature of the conservative movement is put on full display.  While there are moderate Republicans who don’t agree with these public figures, I believe the majority of conservatives do.

So, the more these people speak (and make headlines) the easier it is to convince independents of true right-wing radical behavior.

Because one thing I’ve learned is that no amount of well articulated writing or any mountain of factual knowledge I can assemble showcases conservative ignorance quite like simply quoting exactly what conservatives say and believe.

Which is a great thing for the liberal movement.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • John

    When the least intelligent person is in the drivers seat, they’re bound to have an accident. Now we just need to wait.

  • Jim Bean

    Beck predicted Obama was anti-American, arrogant, and a narcissist and that it would be a catastrophe for America if they elected him POTUS. They elected him any way and he proved Beck correct. How is that ‘great’ for liberals?

    • Mimi Farmvill

      Because he isn’t and you are an idiot

    • GL

      Because it wasn’t the election of Barack Obama that was catastrophic for America, but rather the overrunning of the House and Senate by the Tea Party?

      • Jim Bean

        In January of 2009 and again in October of 2013 Obama made comments to the Republicans that were in essence, “I won, you lost. Go win an election if you want to have a say in public policy.” Those comments reveal his belief (or desire) that the minority party has an obligation to defer on everything to him. That’s not the way our system of government works nor should it be, and I believe it has been this arrogance (or ignorance) that has been causing the Congressional dysfunction all along.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        I might’ve been that haughty also knowing that republicans demanded ” we will NOT vote for ANYTHING from this ( new) president ,,” that was stated OVERTLY in late 2008
        silly barack!!

      • Jim Bean

        Hasn’t been an issue since he changes laws, makes new ones, and revokes the ones he doesn’t like at will. If he were a white Republican, Libs would have tarred and feathered and ran him out of town on a rail long ago.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        you have ( again) adroitly sidestepped what I am talking about. repub statement in 2008 about NOT working with Obama ever———–
        anything after that is water over a dam
        you remain very consistent

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      allow me to agree with jimbo here— “catastrophic for America”
      stock market sizzled to record highs
      housing returning to nice sales ( and price) levels
      deficit shrinking (NOTE: debt climbing)
      equal pay for women
      unemployment dwindling ( statistically)
      inflation very tame
      less and less soldiers getting killed and maimed
      economy recovering from disaster ( slowly yes)
      health insurers now FORCED to actually “insure” ( what a concept)
      gays getting ( deserved as americans ) equal rights; in military and slowly in other areas
      more illegals deported in a LONG time
      rush Limbaugh/glen beck/ sarah palin/ sean Hannity/ eric bolling and and THE N.R.A. making gobs of money :))

      • Jim Bean

        Stock market sizzling on an artificially induced quantitative easing bubble that will cause a market nose dive when Fed stops making new pretend money.
        Consumer’s buying power dwindling because of quantitative easing which devalues the dollar.
        Employment dwindling. Labor force participation at 40 year low.
        Poverty up (good for Democratic Party politicians)
        Food stamp distribution at record highs.
        Credit for shrinking deficit goes entirely to Pubs
        Inflation tame but seniors living on safe investments devastated by interest rates being down to around 1%
        Equal pay for women (for equal work for equal periods of time) has always been the law (see EEOC)
        People who were promised lower health insurance premiums seeing them going up and up.
        Energy prices going up and up.
        Military strength decimated to pre WWII levels.
        Gubment recording your phone calls.
        President arbitrarily making new laws and ignoring laws he doesn’t like.
        Democratic Party using government agencies/tax payers dollars to punish political opponents.
        I guess whether these are ‘good times’ is just a matter of perspective.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        my portfolio up 176% since 2008 “mark Haynes” bottom
        equal pay for women NOT always law– please read better
        many premiums going up- many down. the BS “insurance ” provided before on the ‘cheap’ was garbage– do not write BS to me when knowing this
        military levels NEED to go down( bloated overspending on military)
        energy prices up( yes) and in line with inflation,,,, stable. gas prices in comparison to before????? oil at 150.oo a barrel ( now 96 and change)
        labor participation number skewered by baby boomers retiring ( please read up on this b4 You get back and overshow your ignorance)
        food stamps feed 74% under 13 and over 65. why don’t YOU tell them to get jobs and stop being “moochers” (NOTE: 78% of food stamp recipients Caucasian,,,read on this B4 U get back to me) segued to the seniors living on loss of iras etc- caused by republican administration housing bubble ( dems participated also)
        where were U when GUBMENT was recording PRE Obama?? no where as it didn’t fit YOUR narrative ( but many on right and left did bitch)
        president constitutional law professor and attorney- another reason crybaby rightwing trash cries: he knows enough to pull this off.
        credit for shrinking deficit goes to repubs? would that include the 24.2 billion wated in closure of GOVT last yr by house? NO??? ( note: that which happens on presidents ‘watch’ is given to said administration; hence- ”9/11′ bush,,,, losing AAA rating Is on obamas resume,,,killing bin laden is obamas,,,, 2 unpaid wars ? repubs,…. turning surplus( Clinton) to biggest deficit ever? repub ( bush) ,,,, shrinking deficit>? Obama,,,,17 trillion ( 7.1756 trillion) Obama
        still wanna play stats with me? your regressive crybaby “CHRISTIAN” ass backwards party is dead,,,or should I accurately say dying. you do not even have a candidate yet…..they hate all thet is NOT old /white/chrsistan/ republican MALE trash,,,
        the new whigs are brooding and soon extinct- and I F*CKING love it
        ————-and Im middle aged and white!

      • Jim Bean

        – Your portfolio is up due to the quantitative easing bubble. Its going back down, guaranteed.
        – Equal pay for women is part of the 1964 civil rights act so its been there as long for them as anyone else.
        – Obama’s Bronze plan is garbage. If that’s all you can afford to buy then you have nothing because you can’t afford to use it.
        – Our current military strength is below pre-WWII levels. How much lower do you think it needs to go?
        – Inflation rate is 1.6%. Energy increase is 2.1% (the reason Dems took fuel and food out of their inflation calculation was to fool folks like you. It worked.
        – Boomers have retired early because the O administration stifles job creation. I know. I’m one of them.
        – I didn’t call food stamp recipients moochers. That’s your term.
        – 15% of whites have received food stamps. 31% of blacks of have received food stamps. 10% of food stamp recipients identify as Republican, 22% identify as Democrat. You are too slick by half.
        – Everyone know Obama has credentials as a constitutional attorney. Everyone also knows he has no respect for rule of law.
        – Sequestration (refusal to let Dems spend at will) = deficit decrease.
        – I’ll take you word that your middle aged and white. Please take mine that you’re delusional is most regards and psychotic in your relationship with Christians.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        a- fuck all religions– and Christians especially as they are all over America demanding we be identified as a Christian nation. they CLAIM they all (ALL) who do NOT adhere to THEIR scumbag elitist thought/mantra ( Christians only go to “heaven– what a carrot) will burn in hell. F*CLK them; F*CK that! your numbers are idiotic in the assimilation of food stamps,,,,, more whites than non whites– been that way for decades. pull more ersatz numbers from your ass. sequestration not only reason for deficit shrink. both sides voted for it; inclusive military shrinkage– so U cannot have both to your argument.. only one allowed-
        im delusional and psychotic?? wow– im offended!
        you seem alcoholic which means that transpositionally those two terms stick to you as they do glenn beck and rush Limbaugh( note: both of those two “patriots” have had serious (!!) issues with chemical dependency)
        coup de gras: my portfolio has risen because of my schooling ( stock/option/futures classes$$$$) and ability to recognize trends and successful selling of covered calls when a downturn shows; thus shattering my overall cost while raising my net worth. I doubt money managers have my track record in those 5 yrs. ( one year .13% down; so the other 4——————–!!!)
        again; in other posts in this thread U have eagerly sidestepped my topic ( where was tea (shitbag) party pre 2009???) your constant doing this tells me everything I need to know about you.

  • Bigdog

    Unfortunately, way too many people do listen to these pundits and worse yet, believe their diatribes! You’re talking about having rational people listen to these blabbermouths and think, “yeah, they are nuts.” But there aren’t as many rational people out there as you want to believe.

    • MsYellowDog

      You’re right,I’m afraid.I lived for over 40 years in what is(now)Louis Gohmert’s congressional district in East Texas. There,no Democrat bothers to run for any local office,and Gohmert’s opponent got 25% of the vote in 2012. It is downright hazardous to your health and that of your yard/house/car if it is known that you are a supporter of Democratic candidates.Sign stealing and defacing property are the least of what might happen to you.It’s positively frightening,the degree to which they don’t bother to hide their racism and their hideous contempt for President Obama. Glad I don’t live there anymore.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        then they hit the confessional box in church and lo and behold??? NO SIN !!!