You Want a Perfect Example of Government Waste? You’re Looking At Him

cruz-wasteFollowing Ted Cruz’s 21 hour sideshow on the Senate floor the other day, I couldn’t help but view him as the ultimate example of government waste.

After all, what is his purpose in the Senate?

He obviously doesn’t understand the rules of the Senate, as his fellow Republican senator from Tennessee tried to politely point out.  In their more than 10 minute back and forth, Ted Cruz simply didn’t understand what Tennessee Senator Bob Corker was trying to explain to him.

During the back and forth they discussed a few mundane details of Senate procedure, with the basic reality being this: The majority of Republicans weren’t ever going to support a measure to defund “Obamacare” that called for a government shutdown.  This was never going to happen, so why even risk the backlash?  They voted for the House bill knowing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could add an amendment that continued to fund “Obamacare,” and they didn’t wish to support a filibuster because, as I just said, most of them weren’t going to threaten a government shutdown over what would end up being a losing battle.

Repeatedly the Tennessee senator tried to explain this, in very simple terms, and repeatedly Ted Cruz simply appeared unable to understand.  Senator Corker even went on to basically say he fully understood Senate procedure — the same procedure that had been around for decades — but Senator Cruz seemed confused.

It’s obvious Cruz has absolutely no idea how our government works.  Somehow in his mind he feels that shutting down the government will force President Obama to agree to defund his landmark piece of legislation.  Something that will never happen.

These simple, and indisputable, facts didn’t deter Cruz from wasting 21 hours on the Senate floor in a fake filibuster that ultimately—did nothing.

Okay, well it did one thing.  It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s an idiot.

The glaring irony from this entire spectacle was his reading of the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham.  A book with a moral to the story that someone shouldn’t judge something before they’ve tried it.  And being that “Obamacare” hasn’t gone into full effect yet, that’s exactly what most Republicans have done.  It’s basically a story about how ignorance prevents someone from experiencing something they might enjoy.

And while Republicans like Ted Cruz like to talk in length about government spending — particularly wasteful government spending — Cruz seemed to have absolutely no problem letting taxpayers fund his 21 hour spectacle which he knew (or should have known) wouldn’t accomplish anything productive.

Then again, this is the man who’s basically letting taxpayers fund his entire 2016 presidential campaign.

Because it’s widely apparent that Ted Cruz has absolutely no intention to govern while he’s a senator.  Sure, he might claim that’s what he’s doing, but taking political stances that completely contradict reality isn’t governing.  Unless you have the intention of compromising and working with your opposition, it’s not making an effort to govern.  And since he’s been elected to the Senate, Ted Cruz has shown absolutely zero effort to try to work with Democrats to pass any kind of meaningful legislation.

I mean, most Republicans for the last few years have viewed the word “compromise” as the enemy, but Ted Cruz takes it to a whole new level.  He’s been a senator who defines what a tea party-led Republican party looks like.  It’s something that’s devoid of reality, unapologetic in its ignorance and absolutely unwilling to work with anyone who supports anything they oppose.  It’s a party which basically tells over half the country, “Screw you, it’s our way or the highway!  And if you don’t like that, we’ll make you suffer, long and hard.”

Because that’s basically what Ted Cruz’s goal was.  Shutting down the government in the face of a law which was passed by Congress, signed by the president and supported by our Supreme Court.  He and his fellow Republicans hadn’t gotten their way, so they decided to try to blackmail the president.  Who cares if millions of Americans would suffer—he was determined to try to get his way.

But of course, he failed.  Like everyone with any common sense knew he would.  It’s why even his fellow Republicans called him out for his antics, essentially calling them dangerous and stupid.

So while Ted Cruz might speak often about government spending and government waste, the first thing he needs to do is look in the mirror.

Because he absolutely epitomizes true government waste.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pjs8200

    I think most of us agree, that yes, Ted Cruz is an idiot. Personally, I don’t know how someone like him gets elected.
    Actually, that’s a lie, I do know how, but what I really can’t figure out is how so many people in this country have become so blind to blatant stupidity is beyond me. I live in the 4th cong. district in Tennessee. My congressman, DesJarlais’s fb page was all awash with constituents brow beating Corkers stand in the senate. Corker was trying to play grown up politics and Cruz, whiny, cry-baby politics. From what I’m reading, it seems the whiny cry baby politics seems to be what this breed of conservatives wants and supports. God help us all if they ever get any more power.

    • strayaway

      Cruz is one of those idiots who was a high school valedictorian, graduated from Princeton cum laude, was the 1995 national college individual debate champion, and graduated from Harvard Law School magna cum laude. I think what you are instead trying to say is that you disagree with his positions thinking them to be idiotic.

      • skyesailor

        It’s possible to get good grades in school and still have a screw loose..

      • Jeff

        That explains Obama.

      • Loki61089

        *That explains about half of all politicians.

        I fixed it for you, Jeff. Purely because, if Obama’s a psycho, as you seem to claim, then the republican party, specifically the tea party, makes him look perfectly sane.

      • Yolanda Acosta

        His name should be Loose Cruz!

      • skyesailor

        Good one Yolanda 🙂

      • Cathryn Sykes

        Gee, gosh, I thought that kind of record didn’t impress y’all on the right. You know, there’s another guy who graduated from Harvard Law with honors and he won the Nobel Peace Prize as well. Glad to know that you admire him for that. You do admire him for that, right?

      • strayaway

        I think that President Obama is intelligent but probably not as intelligent as Carter, Clinton, Putin, or Cruz but much smarter than Bush. His first executive order locked up his college records so it is impossible to compare those. The Peace Prize turned into a joke though.

      • Alyx

        Actually that is a birther myth that has been debunked. There is nothing in Executive Order 13489 that seals his pre-Presidential records. As a matter of fact, this executive order has nothing to do with pre-Presidential records, but Presidential records and was first signed in 1989 by that bastion of conservative ideals, Saint Ronald Reagan. Everyone’s college transcripts are protected under the Privacy Act. He didn’t have to “seal” anything. Nice try though. I give you a big fat “E” for effort.

      • strayaway

        Obama’s executive order 13489 replaced EO 13233. One difference is that 13233 has wording allowing Congress to go through presidential records. The most transparent President ever remedied that. Reading up on this, I think you are generally right about your main point assuming that the President doesn’t interpret “presidential records” to mean official and personal records of the president as that executive order really doesn’t spell that out. He did interpret a UN resolution allowing the protection of Libyan people to mean bombing Libya and overthrowing its government after all. It was interesting that you compared President Obama with President Reagan to justify President Obama.

        Back to our most transparent President ever, I’m relieved to know that he is preventing the knowledge of whatever he did or wrote in college from the public by means of the Privacy Act instead of EO 13489.

        By the way, where are executive orders mentioned in the Constitution? Presidents are commanders in chief and they have executive offices they preside over but beyond that, only Congress is empowered to legislate. Making rules to oversee one’s own behavior…that’s rich. Justification that Reagan or bush did it too to justify President Obama is even richer.

      • 65snake

        Invoking Reagan and Bush is not “justifying” Obama, it is simply pointing out the hypocrisy of some, who think it’s fine when it was Reagan or Bush, but it’s apparently a horrible abuse of power if Obama does anything remotely similar.

      • strayaway

        Ok, I understand. You are inferring that Obama can horribly abuse power too because Reagan and Bush did. To suggest otherwise is hypocrisy. I get it. That means that obscuring personal records, spying on Americans, ignoring the War Powers Act in Libya, and overriding congressional legislation with executive orders is sort of acceptable.

      • 65snake

        What an incredible misrepresentation of what I said.
        Where, exactly, did I say that any of those actions was okay, by anyone? Here’s a hint – I didn’t.
        What I DID say is that if you slam one person for doing something, and you have no problem with it when someone else does it, THAT is hypocrisy, and pointing out said hypocrisy is NOT justifying that action by anyone.
        Perhaps a reading comprehension course would be of benefit to you.

      • Thelastwarrior

        Vladimir Putin is an evil man, a bigot, discriminating against gay, lesbians, bisexauls and transgenders. Those are human rights, Putin shouldn’t be in any government, even bush attended a gay wedding. EVEN BUSH.

      • Kim Ferrari

        Yes, but that was “Daddy Bush”, not “Dubyah”. The social policy of Daddy Bush was MUCH different than that of his son.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        Cruz is plenty smart – he is just devoid of all humanity. We will ignore him at our own peril. One article I read about him showed that the minute his name was mentioned, people were known to exclaim “Oh that prick …. asshole …. bastard … sob. ” The most common claim was asshole…..
        These same people readily claimed that he was very smart.

        So really, it is his personality that seems to rub people the wrong way – because HE IS an asshole. His positions are bad for America & anyone who isn’t white, Anglo-saxon, Protestant…

      • strayaway

        He must have been talking about other politicians. Under President Obama, black employment, home ownership rates, and savings have declined by percentage more than those of whites. Perhaps Cruz will be even worse.

      • William Jackson

        Whenever you have a major downturn in the economy the last hired first fired effect, comes into play as black people are normally last hired and tend to live in areas that suffer more economically during downturns this is not new. This difference has been noted in every major turn down, only in this case have we seen the President blamed. I personally have no doubt Carnival Cruz would be a very bad president.

      • Shalom

        And if the Birthers decide to play by their own rules and not be so blatantly hypocritical, Cruz never will become president. He was born in Calgary, which is in Alberta, Canada. This is common knowledge–the President must be born in the United States of America, to two parents who are both American citizens. Senators, Representatives, and officials of local or state governments don’t have that requirement. Senators and Representatives simply have to be American citizens residing in the state they are representing. There are other qualifications, such as age, legal history, platforms, etc. but they do not have to be American-born. If Cruz knew jack about the U.S. Government, he’d know that he cannot run for President–and if he does, he’ll just be handing the Democrats an easy win, since as any Supreme Court Justice (or any birther, for that matter) will tell you, you cannot serve as President of the United States if you were not born in America, as an American citizen, to two American citizen parents.

        Sorry, Sen. Ted Cruz. No White House for you.

      • William Jackson

        Wrong, as was pointed out to me earlier your parent or guardian needs to fill out some minimal paper work to inform the government, but an american mother or father makes you an american citizen so as in the case of Senator McCain, born in Panama, Carnival Cruz is eligible for the presidency. But I think he would be better fit for the Carnival Cruz Clown show with Bachmann and Palin in the clown car.

      • James Rodgers

        Actually, one does not have to be born on American soil to be a natural citizen and eligible to become President. A natural citizen is merely one who does not have to be naturalized to become an American citizen. I was born in Germany, and I’m a natural American because of the citizenship of my parents. I even have a certificate from the US Dept. of State proving that. Cruz has the same thing, and IF Obama HAD been born in Kenya, he would have one also, based on the American citizenship of his mother. There were candidates in the past who were natural citizens, even though they were born overseas, including George Romney. So, you get no points, there.

      • Mainah

        Book smart doesn’t always translate into reality of common sense. If the man can’t understand the procedures of the Senate …

      • Pjs8200

        No, I’m flat out telling you that his positions and antics are idiotic. The tea party has done nothing but drive a deep wedge between the citizens of this country, has produced NOTHING of value and honestly, they can’t even be called rational. Ted Cruz is a sociopath, plain and simple.
        This paragraph illustrates my thoughts exactly…..
        I mean, most Republicans for the last few years have viewed the word
        “compromise” as the enemy, but Ted Cruz takes it to a whole new level.
        He’s been a senator who defines what a tea party-led
        Republican party looks like. It’s something that’s devoid of reality,
        unapologetic in its ignorance and absolutely unwilling to work with
        anyone who supports anything they oppose. It’s a party which basically
        tells over half the country, “Screw you, it’s our way or the highway!
        And if you don’t like that, we’ll make you suffer, long and hard.”

        Now, that’s someone who really knows how to run things doesn’t he?

      • strayaway

        “Compromise” is the enemy? What positions have Democrats compromised to end the budget stalemate?

      • Pjs8200

        “We know going to a conference means that we have to compromise —
        that’s what a conference is,” Murray said just before midnight. “But
        we’re not going to do it with a gun to our head that says we’re shutting
        government down and we’re going to conference over a short little
        six-week C.R. We have to deal with the longer-term budget. We have asked
        many times to go to conference on that.”

        Indeed, Murray and her colleagues asked 18 times. They have been
        blocked by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and a group of
        tea party Republicans led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

      • strayaway

        I read that but what compromises have Democrats put forth? Republicans have made at least six compromises so far to no avail and offered to get together with Senate Democrats. However, because Republicans announced they were bringing in some issues already vetoed by democrats, Harry Reid refused to begin negotiations with them. I think that Republicans should have taken up Murray’s offer and I also think that Harry Reid should have accepted the House Republicans’ offer. They can point at each other all they want but if neither side will sit down, Americans suffer.

      • Pjs8200

        Negotiate what? The absurd list of demands that have been tacked on the CR? In addition to holding off on ACA for a year, they’re trying to ram through the XL Keystone pipeline, extend the debt ceiling for a year and defund ACA. Why? Why should this country be held hostage by a minority fanatical faction of corporate shills hellbent on serving the Koch Bros in direct opposition of their constituency? You don’t legislate by acting like a domestic terrorist group, not giving a crap about the REAL American’s whose lives are being affected. If they want to repeal ACA, then they need to get a republican president, and control both houses. And maybe you should be asking yourself why is this particular issue being pressed full court and so hastily? Congress has shown this country over and over it could careless about the citizen’s or their lives. Are you telling me now, all of sudden they care? My congressman tried saying that on his fb page, and a whole lot of us are calling him out for the bold faced liar that he is.
        Truth is, if this was sooooo bad, the GOP would just step aside, go along and not fight it. That would be the smart long game. Come next elections, a year out…….wait, wait a second…..didn’t the GOP want to wait a year to implement ACA in this last CR? I wonder why that is…? That just doesn’t make any sense, ….unless…….OH YEAH, that’s right…. Right before the next elections a year out, ACA will have had a year to get millions of American’s access to health insurance like they’ve never had before. And come the 2014 mid terms, America is going to realize how badly the GOP and in particular the Tea Party blatantly lied their asses off. Do you honestly think the GOP will stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting control of the senate or keeping control of the house? Not likely.
        So no, Harry Reid should only accept a clean CR, period. And if the GOP is really concerned about America, why wouldn’t they agree to that? I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that this will finally be the death knell for the Tea Party.

      • strayaway

        I’m still waiting for my family health insurance premiums to go down $2,500 annually as President Obama promised they would by the end of his first term for the average American family when he was promoting this thing. Today, I read in the NY Times, that millions of poor blacks would not be eligible for Obamacare coverage. These were the people it was designed to help. Illegal aliens, soon to be put on the path to citizenship and Obamacare coverage, weren’t even considered in the article. To make it work, it apparently requires a lot more funding and becomes an societally unaffordable health care act.

        So why can’t improvements be negotiated? Unions are screaming, small businesses have reduced hiring, big corporations are removing spouses from coverage. If a one year delay on just some provisions would help make ends meet, that seems like good cover for the long term viability of the program. But if any delay or compromise is unacceptable, then Democrats could propose another tax increase or some other budget cuts to arrive at a budget.

        My understanding was that the original Republican offer which eliminated Obamacare funding did allow the debt ceiling to rise so you may be wrong on that point. I don’t suggest that Republicans care although some Republicans might care more about the debts being foisted on the next couple of generations.

        Obamacare is the flushed out essence of corporatism even if the Koch Brothers don’t support it.

      • Pjs8200

        Dude, I work in a very large medical center / school and have for 11 years. At least every two and for the past couple it’s been each year, our benefits reduce, our premiums and out of pocket costs have shot way up. This year is about ridiculous, but it didn’t have anything to do with ACA, nor does any company reducing hours, benefits or whatever else is going on. It’s more to do with profitability and bottom lines. Many companies are reducing hours so they can eliminate offering benefits of any kind, not just health insurance. Are you aware that currently the US ranks 46th in the world in healthcare? Poor people can’t afford to get sick and they damn sure can’t afford insurance, so why would you want to deny people the ability to get it? Is it great? Probably not, but it’s sure as hell beats not having anything. And just so you understand, my wife and I are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy right now because of medical bills. All it took was for her to loose her job and 2 unexpected hospitalizations for a condition she didn’t know she had completely wiped us out and we’ve been struggling for 3 years with 2 to go to get back on our feet. The trustee lets me keep $600 a month of my paycheck….you get that, I bring home $600 a month. If one more thing happens, we’re going to end up losing everything and as it is, our medical center has fired hundreds of people in the past few months with hundreds more positions to be cut. So the very real possibility exists that we may end up needing to purchase insurance through one of these exchanges. At my age, I have a few medical issues that if not manage will absolutely kill me and fairly quickly. So, from that perspective, you bet your ass I’m going to support this.
        Besides, if the GOP was really concerned about us peons, they’d let it go into effect and work to make changes that actually benefit the citizens instead of their corporate masters.

      • strayaway

        I understand that your situation as an expression of the decline of our Country. I grew up in Detroit. I decided that I had no future there. I moved to California to do construction there. I left there because of the horrendous amount of bureaucracy that I sensed was crushing small business and workers there. This week, I had guests from California. My friend had spent his entire life in construction mostly building houses there. He was crushed by the system and did go through bankruptcy. I survived two bullets but I now sense that what I sensed about my City, and later my adopted State, is happening to my Country. Like everyone else, I am in the crosshairs but really have no place to go this time.

        I do not, however, confuse my oppressors for my saviors. I have not contracted the Stockholm Syndrome nor have I yet been cornered with only my oppressors’ version of salvation. There is a strong possibility of that still happening. You have been cornered and your response is reasonable given your situation. I think I would be grasping at Obamacare if I was in your situation too. It would be the reasonable thing to do under the circumstance.

        Most politicians from either side of the aisle have shipped our jobs abroad and favor bringing in cheap labor to undercut the wages of remaining jobs. first, wages go down for those whose jobs were sent abroad or have to compete harder for jobs in their field. Lower wages in one field spill over to other fields and will eventually effect even government workers. When the British and Ottoman empires collapsed, a lot of this sort of thing happened as those societies adjusted to lower standards of living. Its easier to blame the tea party but the problem runs deeper and will continue to do so until the disease is recognized for what it is. Those politicians of either party who sign treaties to give away our jobs, and the greedy 1% they work for, are much more to blame.

        The only medical fields in which prices continue to decline are those that insurance doesn’t cover; lasix and cosmetic medicine. Doctors who refuse to accept insurance have been getting their office visits down to $50 cash. Our government forbids us from importing drugs at much cheaper prices. Obamacare bureaucrats would not let Vermont have the type of affordable single payer health care it wanted. Those are bits and pieces of solutions on the left and right to get the price of health care reduced. The answer is in there somewhere for most of us but in you situation, I recommend looking into Obamacare.

      • dave.lefevre

        So what. If he’s a corporate puppet then he deserves the moniker of idiot.

      • strayaway

        Goldman Sachs was Candidate Obama’s second largest contributor in 2008. Other mega banks were up in his top twenty contributors. Have you ever seen a list of former Monsanto lobbyists and executives in the Obama administration? Obamacare was written by corporate lobbyists. President Obama is right up there with the Bush’s as corporate puppets. I’m concerned that Senator Cruz’s wife is employed by Goldman Sachs but having a corporatist puppet of a president would be nothing new. We already have one.

      • Terri Holland

        I think Pjs is pointing out clearly that one can be smart and graduate with great honors and still become an idiot when you put your personal gain ahead of the greater good. It seems all his smarts aren’t worth much if he doesn’t use them.

      • strayaway

        I couldn’t find any information on Sen. Cruz’s tax returns but an article showed up saying he made over $1M the year he ran for the Senate as a lawyer. The Obamas made over $5M in 2009 mostly on book sales. Last year, the Obamas paid taxes based on $606,000 of income. Former President Clinton has made $101M giving speeches since being President; $17M just in the last year. Hillary is charging $200,000/speech since leaving as Secretary of State. It would be interesting to find out what all these Republican and Democratic leaders do with all their money toward improving the common good.

    • odie91

      Re: “Actually, that’s a lie, I do know how, but what I really can’t figure out is how so many people in this country have become so blind to blatant stupidity is beyond me.” Just a little food for thought: Anthony Weiner came was last with 5% of the
      votes in New York City. 5% is one heck
      of a lot of votes, go figure!

      • Pjs8200

        You lost me there slick. What’s Wienie boy got to do with this?

      • odie91

        Maybe I wasn’t clear. You wrote ” but what I really can’t figure out is how so many people in this country have become so blind to blatant stupidity is beyond me.”; 5% of New Yorkers voted for Weiner (a very large number of people); blind to blatant stupidity wouldn’t you say?

      • Pjs8200


  • Heather

    Cruz is a genius. He doesn’t believe the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. His reading of Green Eggs and Ham proves that. He is playing to the highly ignorant populace of America. He is hoping their is enough self hatred (the poor hate the poor and they are all leaches (well except themselves), homophobic, racist, crazy Americans to just get him his bid for presidency. He has the ignorant thinking him some kind of folk hero for the American people. He isn’t stupid. He is playing his cards perfectly. And fools are falling at his feet. Just. Like. He. Planned. He isn’t the idiot. Just his sheeple. I mean people.

    • Heather

      I really think he actually gets off on the ignorance of his followers. I really truly do. At least when he has fund raisers he can truly say and be right in saying “I’m the smartest man in this room”. I admit I am enjoying how he mocks his own followers myself. It’s hilarious. Though I need to view it as sad. This is the result of defunding education. Keep em dumb and malleable. Cruz you damn genius.

    • Guest


    • Cathryn Sykes

      You’re right. He isn’t an idiot. He’s a vain, power-hungry liar, clever enough to tell certain people exactly what they want to hear. That’s exactly why he’s so dangerous.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    Absolutely. This is all about garnering fame and adulation for Cruz. He so reminds me of Joe McCarthy. Another man who had no interest in actually doing the job he was elected to do. It was all about him. Getting the cameras focused on him. Getting the country focused on HIM. And no interest at all in actually service the people who elected him.

    • Nikkiru

      Cruz even LOOKS like Tail-Gunner Joe, as well as using his tactics of the big lie and the big smear.

  • radsenior

    This arrogant faction holding the nation and the Republican party hostage must be excised in every future election! Rafael Eduardo Cruz does not speak for Americans! Rafael Eduardo Cruz does not speak for Republicans! Rafael Eduardo Cruz does not speak for anyone other than TEA-types who are working to take over the Republican party. This little Napoleon is looking out only for himself. Defying Republican leadership, he has alienated many while playing to his TEA party choir back home and across the nation. Trying for the presidency, he forgets he is totally ineligible as he was born in Canada! TEA party factions have taken over localities and states and have proven they are out to Talibanize states, regions and the nation. Hostage taking and “scorched earth” tactics is all they know. They must be removed. TEA-types will vote! Will You? Wake up, America! The 2014 Mid-term is a-coming! As is 2016, and 2018! V.O.T.E.(Vote Out The Encumberance) Sweep the states and Congress clean in 2014! YOUR VOTE ONLY COUNTS WHEN YOU VOTE! IF YOU DO NOT VOTE, THAT IS JUST LIKE VOTING FOR THE OPPOSITION! I think massive voter regret has set in!

    • William Jackson

      I am sorry but as his mother was a american he is too, by birth fully eligible to be president that is why the birther’s are so silly. Even if President Obama had been born in Kenya he would still be president because if you are born to an american citizen you are an american citizen.

      • arsailman1

        To be president, you must be born in the United States of America, regardless of who your parents are…

      • 65snake

        Actually, no. You must be born an American. That does not mean you must be born physically in America.

        Also, William Jackson – not quite. If you are born to American parents while abroad, you are not automatically an American citizen, the parents do have to fill out some basic paperwork.

  • Kevin Koehler

    I wish the author could tell us how many millions on tax payer funds Cruz blew on this one. I would imagine, it is over 6 Million.

  • Mainah

    How is it that we have so many in Congress that have no clue how it works? Or what the powers of each body is? How our economy works? This really sucks that I have to explain to my kid that there are people who would cut the nose off of all to spite his face.

  • UsedtoBE

    Don’t forget, the GOP in the Senate LET HIM DO THAT!! They stood by and watched him make a mockery of the Senate, the GOP & America. ALL GOP are a waste. The reason they are there is because WE DO NOT GO VOTE!!! It IS that simple!!

    • Pjs8200

      And that asshole congressman in my district has it all over his fb page. Jeez

  • shane98

    Ted Cruz is an intelligent and skillful politician who knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s giving the Tea Party a face and winning over droves of independents to the Democratic Party. You go Ted!

    • Jennifer Read

      Love the comment, but the punch line is lacking. What’s in it for Ted if we Democrats benefit? Because the bottom line for Cruz is that Ted benefits. I don’t think that the concept of public service exists in his warped psyche.

      • shane98

        The punch line is that Cruz is a plant by the Democratic Party to put a face on the Tea Party. The more outrageous Cruz gets, the more outraged the electret becomes. Eventually, even the most staunch conservatives will come out from under the ether and realize that a small minority should never be allowed to dictate to the majority through means of intimidation.

  • odie91

    It’s ironic that I just watched a PBS episode of “Oregon Experience” on Sen. Wayne Morse (1944-1968). He went in as a Republican, switched to Independent and then wound up a Democrat. He really was bipartisan in his voting. He also holds the record for the second longest filibuster at 22 hours &
    26 minutes; and without once getting off the subject. He was one of two senators who voted against LBJs “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” which was pretty bold in those times. A sad commentary for our society at the end of the program was that he could never have been elected today!

    • Pjs8200

      Hell, Ronnie Reagan couldn’t get elected today, especially by the GOP.

  • Michael Siever

    They say a broken clock is right twice a day. But, when it comes to Ted
    Cruz, I don’t think anything that comes out of his mouth is at either of
    those two times on any given day.

  • Deanna Lightner

    I am glad he is around… one of the few voices that see the real reality of this forced Oduma health care bill. I would rather see them shut the government down then be forced to accept what 99% of people DON’T want…Obviously the MASSIVE raise in our health premiums and the potential loss of health care because I CANT AFFORD to 325% per check nor can i pay the 300% hike on my co-pays either!!!! Might as well NOT have Insurance! Shut the government down!!! Then don’t pay them till the unfund Odumbo’s forced health care is OUT!!!!!!!!!

    • Pjs8200

      Quit listening to the Koch Brothers BS scare tactics. Polls this week show that 37% of American’s want Obamacare. That number jumps to 45% when you call it ACA.
      You should also realize that shutting down the government won’t do anything to ACA, it will still be funded.
      But keep on screaming that nonsense, and when regular citizens who work for the government and depend on their paychecks to keep food on the table, clothe their kids, and provide for them won’t be getting paid, at least they’ll know who to thank for it, great American’s like you.

    • Adam

      Funny, there’s only a massive increase in the cost of health premiums in states that have refused to move forward with the ACA. Everywhere else, premium costs have dropped. You’d know that if you stopped drinking Koch Kool-Aid, presented by Monsanto.

    • Yolanda Acosta

      So you want our servicemen to not get paid? How unpatriotic of you. You believe that ACA will be defunded? How idiotic of you! You think that 99% of people don’t want this, and that Ted Cruz is doing this b/c he thinks it’s for the best? How ignorant of you!

    • Jennifer Read

      How about stopping screaming and starting to get the facts about the Affordable Care Act?

  • Darrell West

    Senate and Congress who want to Defund Obamacare must for got that is the Tax Payer who is paying for there Health Insurance and there aids too.Congress should be a shame seating up there with the best Health Insurance
    and they do not want the American People to have a the Health Insurance.Shame on Congress

  • Arbie Bonfatti

    he is not stupid but he is a Koch Brothers

  • This article completely misses the point. This had nothing to do with defunding the AHA. This was Cruz positioning himself for the 2016 election with tea party and other extreme idiots that tend to vote heavily in the primaries.

  • dave.lefevre

    The worst waste is Corporate Welfare. Cruz seems to like that just fine.

  • imapayne

    They are already making us suffer long and hard. See ya in hell Ted

    • William Jackson

      As a Teaparty guy Cruz really don’t care whether the Republican party thrives or dies, the southern strategy resulted in the old dixicrat’s taking over the GOP in the south leaving the southern Democratic party a pale remnant consisting of the more liberal elements and some former Republicans who could not stomach the wolves inhabiting the old elephants tanned hide. That is what happened to the party of Lincoln. Teddy Roosevelt, the Taft’s and Everett McKinley Dirksen eaten by wolves in elephants clothing. Some even talk of leaving the union and an independent dingbat nation,I say when hell freezes over.

  • hoser4

    Fidel Cruz is working in the wrong century and place. The Cuban thing was last century (better late than never?).