You Won’t Believe What Facebook Suspended Me For This Time

shocked-facebookWell before dawn yesterday, the dog woke me up as he usually does. Apparently waiting for the sun to break over the horizon (before repeatedly licking their human’s face in order to go outside and do everything but use the bathroom) is a concept lost on nervous little canines. Half awake, I tapped the power button on my phone and went to see if any messages had come in on Facebook from my brother regarding my father who recently suffered a stroke. With a family that is spread out around the globe, Facebook chats are the easiest way for all of us to get important information like Dad’s current medical status.

This morning, my phone told me my Facebook account was temporarily unavailable and I needed to log in via a regular computer to restore access. For those of you who haven’t experienced this aggravation before, this is a sign that someone reported something you posted on Facebook and you’re temporarily blocked from posting for anywhere from 12 hours to 30 days – depending on some bizarre algorithm that could have only be designed by 2 dozen squirrels fed a strict diet of Red Bull and crazy pills.

So what was this horrible thing posted on our page that Facebook decided to make me pop open my laptop and log in to see? Nude photos? Violent threats against elected officials? Perhaps one of our profiles was hacked by a spammer who posted a meme showing some child with a terrible birth defect and telling people that Facebook would donate a dollar for every “like and share” it got? Nope. It was this completely non-offensive post from one of our admins.

Yes, let that sink in for a minute. We got suspended for 12 hours for a post that contained no nudity, no calls for violence, no bullying and no spamming. So what gives? As I have previously discussed, Facebook relies on an incredibly faulty system that uses automated reporting and outsourced foreign help that will suspend accounts based simply on an algorithm of the quantity of complaints received in a certain time period, regardless of whether or not the post actually violated Facebook’s “Community Standards.”

Take a look at those “Community Standards.” Did that post violate any of them? No, it certainly did not. Yet, Facebook constantly allows racist and sexist posts, along with images which exploit kids with cancer or wounded soldiers. They allow people to post comments which encourage violence against the LGBT community or the president, but a post like this gets the admins of a page a 12 hour timeout? Facebook claims to care about privacy, but yet they¬†removed the ability for people to hide themselves from abusive ex-partners or cyber bullies?

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook has removed some incredibly offensive posts in the past, but they’ve also censored breast cancer survivors while at the same time allowing content far more objectionable to remain.¬† This incident is completely indicative of a prime example of Facebook’s reliance on faulty automated reporting systems, which can be abused and manipulated by organized liberal and conservative groups to silence voices of dissent. Mr. Zuckerberg, I hope you read this article. You probably won’t but if you do, consider changing your systems. If you want page owners or potential stock owners to spend money with you, allowing a fiasco like this to happen certainly does not inspire confidence in your product.


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