Is “Zombie Ex-Girlfriend” a More Acceptable Shooting Target than “Zombie Obama?” You Decide.

theexThis past weekend, at the NRA convention in Houston, we saw the crazy on parade once again. We had the usual appearances from Caribou Barbie, Wayne LaPierre and their new darling Ted Cruz.

That was to be expected, but what went mostly overlooked was the even crazier stuff that was for sale by vendors.

I am a gun owner—I have a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with #00 buckshot just in case some poor schmuck ever decides our house is worth breaking into. We also have a .22 rifle and a .22 pistol for plinking cans. Adding a couple of other weapons to that collection would be cool but I have no interest in putting any more money into the pockets of the gun industry.

So, while Sarah Palin and others were shooting off their mouths about how their members needed to buy even more guns and “defend freedom,” there was some pretty creepy merchandise for sale.  At any gun sale, you’ll have people pushing everything from Neo-Confederate literature, to John Birch Society memberships, to Nazi WWII collectibles. You’ll also find patches for your motorcycle or flight jacket that state thinly-veiled racist and secessionist slogans. Don’t forget targets, those are always fun. I’ve seen some cool zombie ones, and at one time I was pretty tempted to drop a few bucks on one that had Osama Bin Laden’s face on it.

This year, there was a vendor by the name of Zombie Industries that had a target which resembled President Obama. The NRA wisely requested for it to be removed from the convention. I’ll give them credit for having that removed, even if it was just to keep us web bloggers and the media from having one more thing to write about.

However, they probably should not have allowed this to stay.

Yeah, isn’t that just a little bit disturbing? For those of you who are wondering, that’s not a just a zombie target, that’s “The Ex” (now conveniently rebranded as “Alexa” on their website). They also sell exploding targets of zombie terrorists, zombie Nazis and zombie clowns, among others.

I don’t think anyone would have a problem with a female zombie. I’m all for diversity, even when it comes to targets. But to name a target “The Ex?” That goes beyond the boundary of bad taste and straight to the dark alley intersection of screwed up and blatant misogyny.

To be honest with you, I’m not surprised by anything the NRA does or allows these days. When they’ve managed to repel potential members like myself, normal people who enjoy guns and using them for sane purposes, you know they’ve decided to cater to the most insane in our midst. This is just further proof of it.


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